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China Pictorial
Gymnastics' Latest Child Star (Chen Cuiting)
China Sports
A Gymnastics Hopeful (Li Li)
Li Ning Today
Has the Degree of Difficulty Reached its Limit?
A New Tendency in Gymnastics
Gymnastics: The 1982 Nationals
A Teenager Rises to Stardom (Xiang Yu)
Bursting Like a Bombshell (Yang Yanli)
The 1983 National Gymnastics Tourney As I See It
Czechoslovak Life
Eva Bosáková: What Does She Do Today?
Gymnasts of the Future
Miscellaneous Articles
USSR Gymnasts
That Amusing Kid (Tamara Lazakovich)
Olga Korbut: Whiz Kid
The Tantalizing Ideal of Perfection

The Inimitable Latynina
Twice All-Rround Champion (Viktor Chukarin)
The Inimitable Latynina 
The Perpetual Motion of Gymnastics
Nelly Kim: A New Gymnastics Star
Nikolai Andrianov: It's Tough to be a Champion
New Dress for the New Year (Galima Shugurova)
The Star of Modern Gymnastics (Irina Deryugina) 
Natalia Yurchenko
Natalya: The Russians' New Golden Girl (Shaposhnikova)
Soviet Women Win Meet (1971 USA-USSR)  
Romanian Gymnasts
The Little Girl who Died for Gold (Adriana Giurca)
Olympic Champion Nadia Comaneci
Only Four Days with Their Parents (L. Milosovici and C. Bontas)
Lavinia the Millionaire
Chinese Gymnasts
I Love Gymnastics   
Gymnastics - A Popular Sport   
USA Gymnasts
Kim's Olympic Eligibility Questioned    
Kim Chace's Amateur Status Reaffirmed  
Alternate Gymnasts Gain Experience at Camp

Cathy Voted Berth 
International Meet Means Good Will Through Sports (BUL-Penn State)
GDR Gymnasts
 Risk and Elegance?
Moscow News
New Overall Champs in the Recent National Gymnastics Tournament
Four Days in the Olimpiisky
I Decided to Make a Debut
Gymnastics Premiere at the Olympiisky
1st International Gymnastics Competition (1974 Moscow News Tournament)
A Word by the Winners...And by the Coaches (1974 Moscow News Tournament) 

2nd International Gymnastics Competition (1975 Moscow News Tournament)
A Gymnastics Gala in Moscow (1976 Moscow News Tournament)
Grand Gymnastics Review (1977 Moscow News Tournament) 
Winners of the Moscow News-78 

6th International Gymnastics Competition for the Moscow News Prize (1979 Tournament) 
Spring Comes to the Gymnastics Platform (1981 Moscow News Tournament)
Champions Competed for Our Prizes (1982 Moscow News Tournament)
Gymnasts Get Together for Their Jubilee (1983 Moscow News Tournament) 
Big-Time Gymnastics: Three Days Galore at Luzhniki (1984 Moscow News Tournament) 

'Moscow News' Prize-85 
Three Days of Gymnastics at the Olympiisky (1986 Moscow News Tournament) 
Olga Strazheva and Valery Lyukin - Winners of the MN Prize (1987 Moscow News Tournament)
Soviet Gymnasts Won the Main "MN" Prizes for 1988 (1988 Moscow News Tournament) 

Many Prize Winners, Too Few Spectators (1989 Moscow News Tournament) 
A Statue Come to Life (Elena Mukhina)
Our Brave Maria
Everything Was Excellent! (1983 USSR Spartakiade) 
And You Call This the Olympics? 
Omelyanchik and Balabanov on Top (1985 USSR Championships) 

Before the Montreal Championships 
Boosting Gymnastic Fans' Interest
They Gave It Their All (1985 World Championships)
Gymnasts Hold a Big Meet (1982 USSR Championships)
Gymnastics Cup (1983 USSR Cup)
Pogorelov and Mostepanova win the USSR Cup (1984)
'MN' Prize Participants Set the Pace (1986 Jr. European Championships)  
A New RSG Star (Marina Lobach) 
News from the Stadiums (1981 USSR Jr. Championships)  
Bilozerchev is the Best Gymnast in Europe
Yurchenko Prepares for MN-83
Zeturidze and Gogoladze Win in Riga
Neue Berliner Illustrierte (NEW!)
The Sparrow Maria Filatova
Small Girls, Big Vaults
Before You Leap

New York Times
Rift Over Underage Gymnasts
Gymnastics Champion Eliminated (1978 American Cup)
Johnson Makes Her Choice
12-Year-Old Steals Gymnastics Show (1979 American Cup) 
A Dream for Gymnastics (Muriel Grossfeld) 
15-Year-Old Girl Hailed in Soviet (Larissa Petrik) 

19,000 Go Wild Over Olga (1974 USSR Tour)
Gymnasts on Move to Seek Coaching 
Galimore, Black Gymnast, Bent on Attaining Major Objectives 
A New-Look Miss Comaneci at the Garden (1977 Tour) 
Miss Comaneci, 19, Makes a Fresh Start (1981 Tour) 
Soviet Gymnasts Keep Crowd in a Whirl (1975 Tour) 
Neatness Pays in Gymnastics (Julianne McNamara) 
Dianne Durham Vaults from Obscurity 
A Young Gymnast's Hopes are Dashed (Gina Stallone/1982 American Cup) 
Gymnast Fifth After Reprieve (Gina Stallone/1982 American Cup) 
U.S. High School Gymnast Tops World Stars (1976 American Cup)  

U.S. Women Gym Meet's Top Stars (1977 American Cup) 
Olga Korbut's Style Not Cramped...Yet  

Miss Kim Captures Laurels 
Touring Gymnasts Are a Hit (1984) 
Gymnast Posts Top Mark (1976 American Cup)
12-Nation Gymnastic Meet Here (1976 American Cup) 
Starting Out Early to Beat Olga (Schnarrs Gymnastics)  

Gymnastics' Tiny Toy Champion (Bart Conner)
Romanian Gymnast Takes Up Coaching (Augustina Badea)
For Czech Athletes, the Door to Future Games May Have Two Entrances 
Golden, Gifted and Confused About Her Future (Boginskaya) 
Romanian Coach Keeps Up the Fight 
Love Conquers All, Eventually (Li Donghua) 
Soviet Life
Champion in Pigtails (Maria Filatova)
Girl Brought up on Gymnastics (Elena Mukhina)
Grace and Charm (Larissa Latynina)
Gymnast Ludmila Turishcheva
A Real Coaching Talent (Vladislav Rastorotsky)
The Gymnastic Charisma of Galina Beloglazova
Alexander Dityatin: A Profile
The Youngest Champion (Olga Bicherova)
Story of an Olympic Champion (Elvira Saadi)

He Would Not Give Up Until He Won a Gold (Nikolai Andrianov)
Sovetskii Sport
The Passion of Maria Filatova (1979 Riga)
Virtuous Exercises (1979 USSR Youth Championships)
And Again "Ultra C" (1977 Sports Schools Championships)
Exploring the Orbit (1977 Siberian Cup)
Not One Mistake! (1977 USSR Cup)

And Confidence Returned (1979 USSR Spartakiade)
Gymnastics Is Happening at Luzhniki (1976 Moscow News)
Who Marches in Step?  (1976 Moscow News)
Time of White Bows (1976 Riga) 
Until the Final Event (1978 Riga)
Declaration of Readiness (1976 USSR-CSSR) 
Storms and Suffering on the Podium (1978 USSR Championships)  
Inspired Repetoire (1976 USSR Championships)   
In All Shapes (1976 Druzhba) 
Bright Colors on the Podium (1978 Moscow News) 
Who Came, Discovered (1978 Riga) 
Difficulty and Still More Difficulty (1976 Jr. USSR Team Championships)
Everything is Logical (1976 USSR Championships) 
One More Trophy for Olga Korbut (1976 Belarussian Cup)
What's Interesting on the Podium (1976 GDR meets) 
Not Even One Mistake! (1977 USSR Cup)

The Problem: Virtuosity (1979 USSR Youth Championships)
Sparks of Talent (Natalia Tereschenko)
Small Actress on the Big Stage (1978 USSR Cup)
Into Orbit (1976 Siberian Cup)
There is Talent (1976 Jr. USSR Cup)
A Sensation of Lightness (Elena Mukhina)
Storming the Heights (1977 Riga)
Troublemaker (1976 USSR Championships)
It Turned Out to be a Difficult Finish (1976 USSR Championships)
The Need to be Persistent and Obstinate
,Duel (NEW!)
, Best Sportsman of October: Dmitry Bilozerchev(NEW!)
Five Assets, Two Liabilities (NEW!)

Sport in the USSR
I'm in No Hurry to Say Goodbye (Dmitry Bilozerchev)
When All Seemed Lost (Elena Shushunova)
Time to Win (Alexandra Timoshenko)
Belenky's Crucifix and Lambada (Valery Belenky)
Lagging But Still Managing to Keep Up (Elena Shevchenko)
I Want to be Myself (Svetlana Boginskaya and 1986 Soviet junior team)
Her Husband's Coach (Olga Bicherova and Valentin Mogilny)
Always in the Shadows (Anatoly Kozeev, head coach of jr. women's team)
Sveta Boginskaya's Tsukahara? (1983 Soviet junior team) 
Foreign Sports Stars: Anelia Ralenkova 

Foreign Sports Stars: Zoltan Magyar
A Dialogue of Champions (Elena Mukhina and Nikolai Andrianov) 
Oksana and Gymnastics (Oksana Omelianchik)
Gymnastics: Youngsters Take Over (Turishcheva, Lazakovich and Korbut) 
Larissa, Natasha and Zina (Petrik, Kuchinskaya and Voronina)
Do Favorites Always Win? (Natalia Kuchinskaya and Elena Shushunova)
A Successor (Elena Davydova)
What Does Olga Mostepanova Dream Of? 
Will New Stars Appear?  (1987 European Championships)
Acrobatics and Choreography
The Star with the Ribbon (Lena Tomas)
Olga Korbut
Gymnastics: In Search of a Path

A Winner (Vitaly Scherbo)
Sports in the GDR
Favorite Gymnast at the Age of Eleven (1973 Druzhba Tournament)
Olympic Competitors in 1976: Their Thoughts Today 
Michael Nikolay -- A Name that Guarantees Top Quality 
Elegance on the Gymnastics Mat (Angelika Hellmann) 
Magnificent Gymnastics Festival in Varna
From the Declaration of the National Olympic Committee of the GDR
A Chat with Olga Bicherova
7th International Gymnastics Tournament in Cottbus
Youth Was Responsible for Quality (1983 GDR Championships)
The Bottom Line - Juniors are on the Rise (1983 Women's European Championships)
Six Questions for Hubert Brylok
With Risk and Virtuosity, the Victory (1982 SKDA Championships)
Diana Morawe: A Gymnast with Temperament and Risk
Gala Show on the Olomouc Stage
Gymnastics Fireworks in the Dynamo Sports Hall (1984 GDR-USSR men's dual meet)
Ravil Adeev: Outstanding Talent on Pommel Horse
The Victory of the Guy from Gera (Bernd Jensch)
USSR Sport Calendar
My Friend Viktor Klimenko
Meet the Inventors
It's Simply Discipline (Olga Bicherova)
Beautiful Composition
Absolutely First (Ludmila Turischeva)
Absolute Champion (Ludmila Turischeva)
Gymnastik und Turnen (NEW!)
International Gymnastics Meet: HUN-CSR-ROM-POL-GDR

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