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March 19, 1976  The GDR women gymnasts had a series of international matches.  First, a meeting with the Norwegian and CSSR gymnasts, and afterwards GDR and Cuba (382.3 to 361.15) and GDR and Budapest (377.6 to 367.5).

Practically all the best GDR gymnasts competed in these meetings.  Only Richarda Schmeisser and Kerstin Gerschau were the exceptions.  They are getting ready to take part in the country's championships, at which the the Olympic team will be determined.  What was the most interesting thing from the meetings with the Cuban and Hungarian gymnasts?

Fifteen-year-old Karola Dombeck received for her vault the highest score -- 10 points.  Her vault, a tucked front salto, was very high.  Dombeck also did well on beam and on floor exercise, where she demonstrated a double twist.

We must also name 15-year-old Steffi Kraker, who won 3rd place at the Chunichi Cup in Japan, behind Escher and Turischeva.  Steffi, like Dombeck, demonstrated a tucked front salto on vault.  On beam, she performed a double salto dismount, a Korbut loop in bars, and a double tuck and double twist on floor exercise.

We haven't seen the gymnast Annelore Zinke for 10 months.  On June 11, 1975 she received a serious injury.  Now Zinke is again in good form.  She competed well on beam and bars, and showed a double twist on floor exercise.

Angelika Hellmann showed a new routine on beam and a new floor exercise.  She is now the best GDR gymnast even after a meniscus operation (similar to Erika Zuchold), and  hopes to become the captain of the Olympic team.

Technical Results

1. Kraker - 77.00; 2. Dombeck - 76.85; 3. Escher - 76.75; 4. Kische - 76.35; 5. Deihl - 74.80; 6. Schalk (all GDR) - 74.15; 7. Martinez (CUB) - 72.70.

GDR-Budapest: 1. Hellmann - 76.40; 2. Zinke - 75.75; 3. Gerisch - 75.65; 4. Kunhardt (all GDR) - 74.90; 5. Ovari (Budapest) - 74.40; 6. Trantow (GDR) - 74.05; 7. Nagy (Budapest) - 74.00.

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