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March 19, 1977   Today ended the competition of Children's and Youth Sports Schools.  This tournament could not have been better.  Many of the participants were members of the country's youth teams.

The young standout of the master's program was S. Romanenko (Avangard Donetsk - 104.05).  He demonstrated a triple salto dismount from the high bar and a double salto stretched dismount (!) on rings.  These are unique elements.  Muscovite A. Morozov (Trud) collected 103.75.  In third was A. Balaev (Burevestnik, Leninsk-Kuznetsk).

The candidate for master program was won by A. Saifulin (Sport Club "Sibir," Novosibirsk) - 109.65.

For the girls, the all-around was won by T. Piskun (Sport Club Zarya, Voroshilovgrad) - 73.7.  E. Safonova from Leninsk-Kuznetsk (Burevestnik) scored 72.8.  In third was L. Milovanova (Spartak, Voronezh).  She also participated in all four event finals.

The team competition was won by male gymnasts of Voronezh (Spartak) and female gymnasts of Leninsk-Kuznetsk (Burevestnik).

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