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November 17, 1979  At the sports palace of the "Red Boilermaker" factory in Taganrog continued the USSR youth championships of sport gymnastics.

In the competition for 13- and 14-year-old girls, virtuous exercises were found only in the master of sport category.  They began with compulsory exercises.  There were 24 gymnasts in this category.  But there were more than 90 girls in the 8- to 12-year-old group.  They displayed optional exercises only.  The optional exercises of these girls were even more interesting than those of adult sportsmen in big competitions.  But this is understandable.  Now the coaches are preparing for Olympiad-84.

In Taganrog the optional routines in the master of sport category were not very gleaming -- there weren't many virtuous exercises with finished elements.  The girls didn't collect high scores.  Only the talented  N. Karamushka from Kharkov worked easily and unconstrained.

However, the candidates for master of sport mastered complex exercises.  Of course, these performances still need to be polished, but already there is a big group of young, talented gymnasts who are among the strongest.

The gymnasts from Spartak were pleasant to watch.  In a sharp rivalry with the sportsmen from Trud and Dinamo, they finally went in front.

Technical results
X Youth Championships of the USSR for Sports Gymnastics. Girls, team: 1. Spartak - 152.16; 2. Dinamo - 148.9; 3. Trud - 148.43. Individual competition, Master: 1. N. Karamushka (Trudovie Reservi) - 36.65; 2. V. Selezneva (Dinamo) - 35.95; 3-4. O. Korepanova (Zenit) and T. Skutina (Army Club) - 35.9. Candidate for Master: 1. E. Brazhnikova (Trud) and O. Bicherova (Spartak) - 38.5; 3. E. Vazhenova (Spartak) - 38.0.

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