International Gymnastics Meet

Gymnastik und Turnen, May 1952. Great achievements at a five-nation meeting of gymnasts. The Olympic program was well mastered by all participating countries. Hungary's gymnasts showed a very high level of performance in both the compulsory and optional exercises. The representatives of the Czechoslovak Republic were impressive in their mastery of the exercises. Ingrid Piepenburg took 8th place out of 42 competitors.

We are obligated to give big thanks to our Hungarian friends for giving us a sports meeting of five countries to mark the seventh anniversary of the liberation of Hungary from the Fascist yoke. This gymnastics competition was very instructive for us.

How were the Olympic compulsory exercises dominated by the individual nations? Those who know the composition of the Olympic compulsory exercises, know that very difficult elements are present in the women's exercises as well as in the men's. It is such that even the average gynmnast needs to pull himself together and must exert himself repeatedly if he wants to be in safe control of these exercises. But it is also important that the exercises are performed cleanly and with elegance, as the Hungarian and Czechoslovak gymnasts showed. It was a pleasure to see such elegant gymnasts, and especially to watch the Czechoslovak gymnasts.

The Olympic compulsory routines were not as well controlled by our team as their optional routines were. An example that was made clear: Latzer performed his compulsory parallel bars routine for only 7.75 points. His optional routine scored 9.1 points. Muller scored 6.4 for his compulsory pommel horse routine. In optionals, he scored 9.3 points. Muller's compulsory total was 50.85 points, but 56.00 points for his optional total.

The same was also true for our female gymnasts. The level of training, especially in the compulsory exercises, must be recognized if they want to achieve success.

In contrast, Hungary and the CSR were consistent. On floor exercise, Keleti (HUN) scored 9.75 compulsory and 9.85 optional. On parallel bars, Danis (CSR) scored 9.7 compulsory and 9.8 optional. On parallel bars, Pataki (HUN) scored 9.55 compulsory and 9.75 optional. These are some examples that apply to almost all Hungarian and CSR participants.

The evaluation of the exercises was carried out very strictly according to the International Olympic Competition Rules, and only a few modifications were needed. Our gymnasts learn a tremendous amount at such international meetings. They are educated on good order and discipline, they learn to perform their exercises cleanly, and to overcome difficulties as well. At the Good Friday competition between Berlin, Hamburg and Leipzig, you could tell the international-level gymnasts very clearly. Scores were too high in that competition.

Joint training! The match lasted 4 days and was very stressful for our delegation, as the utmost concentration is necessary for such a competition. It must be said at this point that most of the delegation succeeded in concentrating, which was especially important for those who realized how important this competition was for our gymnastics section. Some still don't have the appropriate international format, but we are convinced that the meeting of the five nations in Budapest that everyone on our delegation learned a lot.

On day five, a joint training session was conducted under the leadership of our Hungarian friends. The Olympic compulsory exercises were discussed jointly and were performed, and all remaining differences were corrected. Through discussions about different training methods, the national coaches learned how to get the fastest and safest successes. Individual training plans, often combining the teams, good guidance by the trainer, films, photos, regular training and will power are all necessary in order to be able to have a say in the international top class.

On day six we accepted the invitation of our Hungarian friends to a large international banquet, which closed the large event and sealed our solid friendship. Not only did gymnastics represent our country at big festivals and events, but it partipates in society and in the struggle for the preservation of peace and is guided by the great USSR.

With a firm handshake and a vow of eternal friendship, we said good-bye to our hosts.

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