It's Simply Discipline

1984 USSR Sport Calendar

Gymnast Olga Bicherova - the youngest merited master of sport in gymnastics. This title was awarded to her in November 1981 when the 15-year-old Moscow schoolgirl became the all-around world champion.

Presently, in 1984, Olga is completing the 10th grade. She receives grades of "5". She remains the leader of the national team.

Olga is an example to her friends in the classroom and on the team. Olga is a person who's balanced, solid, thoughtful and, most importantly, very disciplined. Therefore, she always manages her time wisely.

Let's ask our champion how she's a diligent and hardworking student in the gym?

"I don't understand those people who complain that there's not enough time and they are always busy. You have to have self discipline - it's that simple. The main thing is to not be lazy. It's necessary for me to get up early, review my school lessons in the evening (I sometimes stay awake until midnight with my text books), to train carefully even when I'm not in the mood, to pay attention with all my senses."

"I find it easier to do all I can, and I never put off until tomorrow what I can do today. Although I train twice a day, I plan carefully: homework, competitions at sports events with my text books, literature."

"You know, if you really want something, then it's possible. Just don't think that strength is enough. Naturally, I get tired, but for a change of pace I rest, collect stamps, like to ride on a horse-drawn tram, and read. Along with training, studying is my life. And I have learned everything from my parents. They are electronics engineers. And mushroom pickers and readers who love to ski and skate..."