Absolutely First

1975 USSR Sport Calendar

The name of Ludmila Turischeva is well known to sports fans. And not only in our country. Mexico City and Tokyo, Ljubljana, Munich, New York and London, and many other major cities in the world have applauded her amazing artistry and her strong-willed character.

Ludmila Turischeva clearly demonstrated endurance and courage at the XX Olympiad in Munich.

One last step remained before the completion of the arduous gymnastics marathon. Ludmila prepared for the floor exercise. Everything depended on her performance. In fact, Karin Janz of the GDR was leading the all-around and could block Ludmila Turischeva from the gold medal. The Soviet athlete had to win back five hundredths of a point.

USSR team captain Ludmila Turischeva approached the floor mat after a gymnast from the GDR scored 9.7 for a difficult uneven bars routine. Her task became more complicated. She had to perform her floor exercise not only with characteristic shine, but without a single mistake. And Ludmila did a good job. In this culminating moment, she was able to fully reveal her talents and performed her routine so well that the hall resounded with long and enthusiastic applause. The judges were not stingy. The numbers lit up - 9.9. This is a victory.

The absolute champion of the USSR, Europe and the world - and now at the Olympics - was absolutely first.