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1943 AAU Championships: George Szypula's winning tumbling runs  
1949 AAU Championships:  Irving Bedard's winning tumbling runs  
1954 AAU Championships:  Dick Browning's winning tumbling runs  
1955 AAU Championships:  James Sebbo's winning tumbling runs  

1956 USSR Spartakiade: List of Participants, Men and Women 

1959 USSR National Team Members:  Men and Women NEW!
1968 USSR National Team Members: 
Men and Women 

1969 USSR National Team Members:
  Men and Women    

Innovators in Gymnastics

The Rungs of Prowess: An Introduction to the Unified Sports Classification System of the USSR 

Judges' Assignments at the 1977 European Championships for Women 

Romanian Gymnastic Federation Expresses Concern

USSR Medals and Orders Awarded to Gymnasts and Coaches

1969-1972 Compulsory Uneven Bars Exercise

Why Are They Better (1981)

40 Years of USSR Champions (1943-1983): Women, Men's AA/FX/PH/RG, Men's VT/PB/HB

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