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  1. Gymnastics club/competition in Russia
  2. Kim Zmeskal, Brandy Johnson
  3. eating disorders
  4. Olympic EF Tix
  5. Gymnastics in Media


Date:    Sat, 28 Oct 1995 01:01:42 -0400
Subject: Gymnastics club/competition in Russia

     The following is a message that Rachele and George forwarded to me from
the owner of a gymnastics club in Russia. He is interested in corresponding
with coaches from other countries, plus he would like to issue an invitation to
any clubs that would be interested in participating in a competition his club
is sponsoring in December. I've cleaned up his English ever so slightly just to
make everything as clear as possible. But his command of English is excellent,
so no one should have any trouble communicating with him. I think it would be
great if some Gymners could go to his club's competition. And if any of you do,
make sure to set aside time for a trip to St. Petersburg. It's one of the most
beautiful cities on earth! :)

[Dmitry's message:]

Dear George,

         I am a new member of Gymn from Novgorod GymClub, Russia [in a later
message Dmitry said he had to unsubscribe because it turned out to be too
expensive for him. :(]. Novogorod is an ancient city, more than 1,100 years
old, and just 200 km from St. Petersburg.
         The GymClub has 400 members, 30 of them are elite, and 3 boys & [1]
girl are members of the Russian national team.
        I have many contacts in Europe (about 80 GymClubs) and a gym-friend
in Philadelphia, PA.
        Every year we hold an international gymnastics camp during the
summer holidays and an International Tournament in December (15-17th December
> |         I'd like to make contacts with middle and young GymClubs.
> |         Please send me addresses of any gym clubs that you know.
> |         My E-mail address is
> |         Fax (8162)621400
> |         Tel (8162)253838
     [For fax and telephone, you'd need to dial 011 first, at least when
calling from the US. I assume 8 is the country code for Russia. You MIGHT need
to put a 0 in front of it. You can call intl directory assistance to make sure.
The time difference is either 6 or 7 hours from the US East Coast, with Russia
being ahead of us.]

> |         Dmitry A. Trofimov, president of Novgorod GymClub,
> |         member of the Council of the Russian National Gymnastics
Federation, director of State Gymnastics School for Olympic Reserves.
> |
> |                                   CUP OF PINOCHIO-BURATINO
> |                                        Technical rules
> |         DATES--15-17th December 1995
> |         LOCATION--Sport Centre, Novgorod, Russia
> |         PARTICIPATION--1st boys group-13 years old and older;
                           2nd boys group-9-12 and older;
> |                        1st girls group-12 and older;
                           2nd girls group-9-11 and older.

> |         PROGRAMME--15.12.95 - arriving, training, coaches & judges meeting
> |                    16.12.95 - individual competition
> |                    17.12.95 - mixed-team competition

> |                                   INDIVIDUAL COMPETITION
> |         1st boys group     any 4 apparatus   3C4B3A    FIG code of points
> |         2nd boys group     any 3 apparatus   3B5A      Vault - as 1b
                                                         (optional exercises)
> |         1st girls group    any 3 apparatus   2C2B3A
> |         2nd girls group    any 2 apparatus   1C3B3A

> |                                   MIXED TEAM COMPETITION
> |         Teams can consist of 2-4 gymnasts regardless of age, sex,
class/level, nationality and club. The exact number of teams will be decided
after the individual competition.
> |         Difficulty of exercises - as in the individual competition. All the
 participants will start on any two apparatus.

> |         AWARDS-trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each group in the
> |  individual competition. Team trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the
mixed team competition.

> |         EXPENSES-all expenses for transportation, accommodations and meals
are the responsibility of the guests. (BUT IF NECESSARY WE WILL PROVIDE MEALS
AND ACCOMMODATIONS). [I am sure Mr. Trofimov does not mean to be rude here
about the expenses. Bear in mind that the Russian economy is in *terrible*
shape, and there is just no way a club in Novgorod could afford airfare, etc.
for participants in the competition. But once you get to Russia, foreign
currency usually goes a LONG way, so expenses shouldn't be too bad.]
> |         Trophies and other competition fees will be paid for by the
Novgorod gymnastics club.

            For more information contact:
> |         Apt. 32 Kochetova St. 27, Novgorod, 173025, Russia
> |         Fax (8162) 621 400;
> |
     [If you write to Dmitry, the Russian postal service will have an easier
time figuring out the address if you do it "backwards" compared to the Western
system. A Russian would write it like this:

               RUSSIA   173025
               g. Novgorod
               ul. Kochetova 27, kv. 32
               Trofimov Dmitry

Using the Roman alphabet shouldn't be a problem. But if you want it in
Cyrillic, let me know and I can write it out and fax it or snail-mail it to
you. Then you can either copy it or, an easier strategy, xerox it and tape it
to the envelope. (BTW, this is also a good technique to try if ex-Soviet
gymnasts give you their addresses in Cyrillic).]
     I hope this can be the start of some new int'l gym friendships! :)

Beth, with thanks to Rachele and George for providing the info


Date:    Sat, 28 Oct 1995 01:51:00 -0400
From:    ***@YORKU.CA
Subject: Kim Zmeskal, Brandy Johnson

        Has anyone heard anything on Kim Zmeskal's comeback?  I was
surprised, and a bit disappointed when she didn't appear at US Nationals.  I
would like to make some predictions as to what Kim will include in her
routines when she comesback (keeping in mind that the code is much different
now).  On floor, I think she should open with a double layout, followed by a
whip through to piked full-in, and for a last line (just like Moceanu and
Boginskaya), a 2 1/2 punch front.  On bars, I imagine that she'll do an
uprise into two giant fulls Geinger, a Tkatchev and probably a double layout.
I would suspect that she'll start with the Hristakieva vault (I hope I
spelled that right!) and hopefully she'll learn a 10 vault soon.  I think her
beam will be about the same, and she'll probably add a front, an Omelianchik,
and a switch side (maybe even a side somi, a la Kristie Phillips).  I would
love to hear from others who might like to make some predictions of a similar
manner.  I can't wait to see Kim compete and see how close my predictions
        I've read different things concerning Brandy Johnson's comeback.  IG
said that she had ended her comeback, but then they printed that, according
to her mother that she hadn't given up on Atlanta.  Does anybody know
anything?  I hope for some responses soon!


Date:    Sat, 28 Oct 1995 16:33:46 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: eating disorders

>A third thread focused upon deficiences in gymnasts' diets.  The latest
>mentioned was conducted by Coleman in 1986 indicated that 30% of the
>gymnasts surveyed ate foods that provided less that 50% of the RDA and 60%
>foods that provided less than 80% of the RDA for at least one nutrient.
>The complete citation to this study is listed below:

While this is certainly evidence of something to be concerned about, I'd hate
to see what that study would have proven about my own diet!  I suspect that
the average person's diet would also fall short of the RDA for at least one


Date:    Sat, 28 Oct 1995 18:11:27 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Olympic EF Tix

Thought the attached message might interest someone . . .

Subject: Gymnastics/Soccer/Athletics
Date: 24 Oct 1995 19:29:39 GMT

I have received the following tickets in the lottery:

(4)  Women's Individual Gymnastics F

(4)  Men's Soccer final  (gold medal event)

(4)  Athletics (Track and Field)  Finals

I really wanted to obtain some tickets for a Tennis
 Event of similar level (ie.  any men's, women's or mixed,  single or
doubles,  =
medal events).   I need two of these.

I am willing to buy
tennis tickets outright, or to trade/negotiate using the tickets described
 If you can help, please co=


Date:    Sat, 28 Oct 1995 16:58:51 -0700
From:    ***@MCN.ORG
Subject: Gymnastics in Media


I watched a cheesy action movie with Charlie Sheen last night called
Terminal Velocity, and he played a gymnast-turned-skydiver. It showed a
faked picture of him doing an iron cross on the cover of Sports Illustrated.
His character had qualitfied for the 1980 Olympic team but missed out due to
the boycott and retired. He said he had "qualified in two events", so they
apparently didn't do any research. How can you qualify in two events if you
don't attend the games? Plus it takes a lot for a gymnast to be on the cover
of Sports Illustrated.

It's not a good movie but I thought I'd mention the reference.



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