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  1. WAG: AA Superlatives!!
  2. Superlatives...
  3. Gutsu/Galiyeva/Marinescu
  4. The AA....
  5. All Around eMagazine 2.25ww
  6. glimpse of medals on CBC
  7. the Nuno contraversy
  8. Women's AA scores from the USAG Web site (SPOILERS)
  9. Olympic comments #2,034 (2)
 10. Flashback (Kim Zmeskal)
 11. Not about the Olympics
 12. Steve Nuno
 14. NBC's "Gymnastics review"
 15. Turishcheva
 16. Womens AA Comments/MAG ?


Date:    Fri, 26 Jul 1996 17:29:36 -0600
Subject: WAG: AA Superlatives!!

Best Gymnast: Pods.

Gymnast who most television announcer's could not prounce her name: Pods

(As a note, CNN had two different name spellings for her. One which
went Pod... and the other went Pop....

Best Use of the wrong flag for a country: Romania. CNN used the Russian
republic's flag when showing the medalists for the AA finals. They
used the russian flags for all three romanians!!!

Most sincere tears: Galieva's after her FX.

Most neglected gymnast: Gogean. Again, NBC did not show all the routines
of a medalist. And this was NOT live so there was no

Biggest dissappointment: Moceanu. These were suppose to be 'her olympics'.
Why didn't Tesh say things like that about her? Is he getting soft now.

Coolest Move We only saw by accident: The TEZA on beam. Anyone
else see her throw it in BB warm ups while Miller was on
FX warming up?

the-silver award: Alexandra Marinescu and Dom. Moceanu. NBC showed
a graphic that said Moceanu was the silver medalist from the 1996 Worlds
on BB. It was 1995 and Alexandra was the silver medalist in 1996. So,
I sat let'm fight it out. (Go Alex!)

Best Dancer: Pods

Most Artistics: Bogi on FX. She can still sell it.

Best Tumbler: Amanar.She's so mechanical.

Best Sportsmanship: Milo

Best 'take it like a man' speech: Nunno to Miller. And she deserved it. He
was trying to make her do the best she could. It wasn't abuse, and she's no
longer a child so it's no longer child abuse if you want to call it.

Best question I'd like to ask Pods: How does it feel?

Best question I'd like to ask Moceanu:

'After your dissappointing finish in the preliminaries and your
lack luster performance in the AA, don't you feel like a complete
idiot for signing all those autographs saying you'll be the 1996 Olympic
AA champ?

Best editing: NBC. They didn't have the coach's mikes on.

Most gratious: (tie) Bogi and Piskun who were hugging and
kissing Pods after she won.

The you called it award: Elfi. She picked Gutsu in 1992 and Pods in 1996.
She's two for two.


Dina, Dina, Dina.


Date:    Fri, 26 Jul 1996 17:37:38 -0600
Subject: Superlatives...

I left this one out:

Biggest Grin: Belu's after AA. With all the problems he has had, I
hope he stood there and grinned at the American coaching staff (basically
the 30 to 40 people whom Miller et al have traveling around with them
at any given second) and could take grear comfort in seeing all three of
his AA gymnasts wear a medal. A history making moment, adn I hope he
enjoyed it.


Date:    Fri, 26 Jul 1996 19:09:34 -0400
From:    ***@KENT.NET
Subject: Re: Gutsu/Galiyeva/Marinescu

>Did anyone else notice how much more attractive and natural Tatiana
>Gutsu looks today?  She also looks healthier -- now that she's being
>allowed to eat!   And apparently that gold medal bought her a beautiful
>home in the U.S.  What a contrast to that tiny apartment in the Ukraine,
>where her parents were raising 6 kids.  It's interesting how 12 one
>thousandths of a point can completely affect your economic status for
>the rest of your life.  Poor Roza Galiyeva -- she seems to be such an
>intense, sensitive girl.  We all knew she had no knee injury in '92.

I wonder how Shannon Miller feels about the whole Gutsu/Galiyeva thing.
I mean, if they had played by the rules, Shannon probably would have
won the gold in Barcelona!


Date:    Fri, 26 Jul 1996 19:09:37 -0400
From:    ***@KENT.NET
Subject: Re: The AA....

>                            Second, I thought that some of the judging
>was kinda off. Mo's beam was no where near deserving of a 9.8. Moceanu
>made a mistake of about the same callibur and was given only a 9.6. I
>also think that Dawes routine wasn't bad enough for a 9.000. Isn't a
>fall only .5? And Rosa's floor routine wasn't bad at all and she was
>only in the 9. range? I don't understand that at all.
I thought that there was something fishy with the UB scoring.  Dawes got
 a 9.812 with a fairly serious mistake on the landing.  Mo got a 9.8
with a tiny step on the landing and IMO, a better routine.

>                            I think that this AA was about taking
>advatage of others misfortunes. Some of the greatest gymnasts took a
>beating out there but that doesn't make them any less in my book.

I disagree.  I think that part of what makes a gymnast great in the AA is
consistency.  If you can't perform four clean routines then you don't
deserve to win.  That's wat the AA is about.   I agree that the results may
 have been different if everyone had performed cleanly, but when does that
ever happen? Mo/Dina/Shannon/Svetlana/Dominique are still great
gymnasts and I hope that they will each pick up a medal (or two) in the

>                                        Laura
- Megan


Date:    Fri, 26 Jul 1996 19:09:40 -0400
From:    ***@KENT.NET
Subject: Re: All Around eMagazine 2.25ww

> 2. Gina Gogean (Rom)        39.075
>    v  9.775     bb 9.800
>    ub 9.700     fx 9.800
She got a 9.8 on bb and fx, won the silver medal, and these two routines
weren't shown on CBC, SRC, or NBC!! What's with that???

> 3. Simona Amanar (Rom)      39.067
>    v  9.843     bb 9.725
>    ub 9.762     fx 9.737
> 3. Lavinia Milosovici (Rom) 39.067
>    v  9.743     bb 9.775
>    ub 9.737     fx 9.812
> 5. Mo Huilan (Chi)          39.049
> 6. Dina Kotchetkova (Rus)   38.905
> 7. Rozalia Galiyeva (Rus)   38.905
> 8. Shannon Miller (USA)     38.811
> 9. Dominique Moceanu (USA)  38.755


Date:    Fri, 26 Jul 1996 19:09:44 -0400
From:    ***@KENT.NET
Subject: glimpse of medals on CBC

I happened to catch CBC's opening to their prime-time show tonight.
The theme was victory and defeat.  Among other things, they showed
Dom D crying after her FX, and PODS WITH THE GOLD!!!!!!  It was only
for a few seconds, but it was enough to bring me to tears.  It was a close
up shot from the shoulders up and she was kissing the medal.  I still
hope to see a shot of the four of them on the podium.  Maybe if we
keep watching non-gymn coverage we'll catch another glimpse!

- Megan


Date:    Fri, 26 Jul 1996 19:09:47 -0400
From:    ***@KENT.NET
Subject: the Nuno contraversy

We've all been squabbling about whether or not Steve should have said
what he did to Shannon, but I really don't think we should have heard
it in the first place.  I mean, it's nice to know what a coach says to a
gymnast when she finishes an event, but not that often and not at a time like
 that.  What he says to her is between the two of them.   I also think
that networks are beginning to give a bit too much attention to the
coaches.  The gymnasts are the stars of the show and the winners of the
medals, not the coaches.  I also think that certain coaches could be a
little more professional - ie.  not jumping up and down and cheering
as if it's a personal victory.

- Megan


Date:    Fri, 26 Jul 1996 19:17:41 EDT
From:    ***@BBN.COM
Subject: Women's AA scores from the USAG Web site (SPOILERS)

Women's AA scores

                                        VT    UB    BB    FX     AA
        1 Lilia Podkopayeva      UKR 9.781 9.800 9.787 9.887 39.255
        2 Gina Gogean            ROM 9.775 9.700 9.800 9.800 39.075
        3 Simona Amanar          ROM 9.843 9.762 9.725 9.737 39.067
        3 Lavinia Milosovici     ROM 9.743 9.737 9.775 9.812 39.067
        5 Mo Huilan              CHN 9.799 9.800 9.800 9.650 39.049
        6 Dina Kochetkova        RUS 9.581 9.787 9.825 9.787 38.980
        7 Rozalia Galiyeva       RUS 9.681 9.762 9.825 9.637 38.905
        8 Shannon Miller         USA 9.724 9.750 9.862 9.475 38.811
        9 Dominique Moceanu      USA 9.706 9.762 9.600 9.687 38.755
       10 Oksana Chousovitina    UZB 9.631 9.687 9.675 9.750 38.743
       11 Qiao Ya                CHN 9.718 9.600 9.725 9.675 38.718
       12 Yelena Piskun          BLR 9.687 9.712 9.675 9.575 38.649
       13 Isabelle Severino      FRA 9.562 9.675 9.587 9.700 38.524
       14 Svetlana Boguinskaia   BLR 9.687 9.675 9.537 9.600 38.499
       15 Svetlana Chorkina      RUS 9.706 9.262 9.787 9.700 38.455
       16 Elvire Teza            FRA 9.493 9.687 9.687 9.587 38.454
       17 Monica Martin          ESP 9.556 9.475 9.625 9.662 38.318
       18 Dominique Dawes        USA 9.681 9.812 9.825 9.000 38.318
       19 Ludivine Furnon        FRA 9.606 9.425 9.462 9.750 38.243
       20 Mao Yanling            CHN 9.693 9.700 9.200 9.650 38.243
       21 Vasiliki Tsavdaridou   GRE 9.518 9.562 9.687 9.450 38.217
       22 Lioubov Sheremeta      UKR 9.468 9.637 9.587 9.512 38.204
       23 Svetlana Zelepoukina   UKR 9.512 9.650 9.325 9.537 38.024
       24 Joana Juarez           ESP 9.568 9.575 9.300 9.512 37.955
       25 Alena Polozkova        BLR 9.587 9.162 9.450 9.600 37.799
       26 Yvonne Tousek          CAN 9.493 9.100 9.575 9.625 37.793
       27 Mercedes Pacheco       ESP 9.462 9.625 9.137 9.562 37.786
       28 Adrienn Varga          HUN 9.606 9.187 9.312 9.487 37.592
       29 Risa Sugawara          JPN 9.412 9.475 8.950 9.562 37.399
       30 Adrienn Nyeste         HUN 9.575 9.462 8.925 9.275 37.237
       31 Anastasia Dzyundzyak   UZB 9.512 9.275 9.125 9.312 37.224
       32 Nikolett Krausz        HUN 9.612 8.837 8.912 9.575 36.936
       33 Giordana Rocchi        ITA 9.418 9.075 9.337 8.987 36.817
       34 Joanna Hughes          AUS 9.456 8.350 9.162 9.600 36.568
       35 Ruth Moniz             AUS 9.256 9.525 8.937 8.700 36.418
       36 Lisa Skinner           AUS 9.375 9.412 8.475 8.937 36.199



Date:    Sat, 27 Jul 1996 09:51:10 +1000
From:    ***@OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Subject: Olympic comments #2,034

Time for an Australian perspective on things!

Our coverage of AA came 6 hours after the actual event!  Not nice if you've
been up since 6 am waiting for it.

Anyway, I thought the American crowd were only marginally better behaved
than in team optionals.  I'm sorry, but I can't condone booing in any
sporting event.  It's disgusting.  Dawes FELL on FX and went out of bounds.
Well, there's 0.6 gone already.  And they booed Moceanu's score of 9.762 on
VH (although this wasn't shown, you could certainly hear it).  She got the
same score on AB and that was booed.  Now, this was shown on TV, and I think
it was the right score, given her obvious leg separations.  But at least
this time the other non-American competitors got some applause.

Did the American girls do too much partying at Planet Hollywood?

The Canadians will be pleased to know that Yvonne Tousek's vault was shown
on the Australian telecast.  Lost her legs a bit on the post flight.

As for Mo's beam - perhaps the 0.2 was for the landing?  This girl is
amazing on BB, and I couldn't discern any obvious errors.  Compare Mo to
Dawes on beam formwise, and see if you can work out how Dawes managed a 9.812.

The Australian girls weren't even shown on our telecast!  I felt so sorry
for their families and friends.  However, later on there were highlights,
but I've no idea where they finished.  If you want to talk about off
scoring, have a look at Lisa Skinner on bars.  This girl has brilliant form,
great giants, dynamic Gienger, and got a 9.4 odd.  The only thing I can
think of is the SV.

Pods, I can only add, what a champion!  She must be the first person since
Tourischeva to be Olympic, European and World Champion at the same time.
Must be something in the Ukrainian water.  No Chernobyl jokes, please




Date:    Fri, 26 Jul 1996 21:26:28 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Flashback (Kim Zmeskal)

I just thought I should drop a line and tell everyone while I was looking
through olympic pages a come across one from NBC I think it was WWW.NBC.COM,
there was a link that gave a little story of Kim Z 4 years later very good
story has in interview with her. This story covers everything from Kerri's
injury to Kim's first boyfriend so check it out, oh here's the address

By The Way does anyone know really anything about how long the injuries like
Kerri's take to heal. Do you think Kerri will be set to go on Sunday? I hope

GO USA  /// >>> GO Kerri

Tom Vadala


Date:    Sat, 27 Jul 1996 01:40:30 UT
From:    ***@MSN.COM
Subject: Re: Not about the Olympics

Sent:   Thursday, July 25, 1996 6:46 PM
To:     Multiple recipients of list GYMN-L
Subject:        Re: Not about the Olympics

Trinity wrote:
> Does anyone have any suggestions as to what would help me with getting my
> full? I'm just a young gymnast, tumbler mostly, and a full is what I'm
> really lacking. My coach has been trying to help me, but I just can't seem
> to pick up on it. Could someone who can do a pretty good one explain it to
> Thanx in Advance,
> Trinity

If you wouldn't mind, pass it along to my daughter who's also having a
hard time with her full.

Whenever I do them, I just drop one arm.  Are they tucked or layed out?


Date:    Sat, 27 Jul 1996 01:43:28 UT
From:    ***@MSN.COM
Subject: Re: Steve Nuno

----------Okay, I'm on this list in digest form at the moment,
so about a million people have probably already posted
this, but I'm so damn mad I just had to write

Is it possible that Steve Nuno is THE most insensitive
person on the fact of the entire earth?????

I've never seen Shannon cry like that at a competition,
and for him to stand there and tell her what she did
*wrong* . . .  and then tell her to "suck it up and stop
crying". . . .

I also heard him say " stop crying, look how many people are watching".


Date:    Fri, 26 Jul 1996 22:10:55 -0400
Subject: Re: Olympic comments #2,034

With all the sorting I have done through the routines, I decided to save
all my comments for now.
I am so proud of the US team.  I was glad to hear that they joke with
each other.  For those of you who didn't see, the president told bob
costas that when he called kerri thought her teammates were playing
another joke on her!!
However they comraderie goes to the foreign girls.  Every hug that Pod
got was sincere.  Milo couldn't stop hugging her, Khorkina was thrilled
for Pod, and Piskoun!!! The friendship between these two brings tears to
my eyes.  They never trained together, yet are so amazing.  Their embrace
was so touching.
The american audience annoyed me a little.  Now I understand that they
were there to see their americans, but I have to agree with arkayev.  I
think it was a little too distracting.  I don't think there has ever been
a situation in competition(that I remember mind you) that an athelete
couldn't hear her music.  Rosa's tears upset me almost as much as Kerri's
But hats off to pod.  It isn't her athleticism, her ballet, or her
consistency that makes me love her, it is her sincere emotion that just
keeps flowing.


Date:    Sat, 27 Jul 1996 03:40:07 GMT

        I always thougth that gymnasts were required to perform a major
tumbling combination on beam.  GINA GOGEAN did not appear to fullfill this
requirement in both the team and all-around competitions.  She mounted w/a
punch front; performed another punchfront; a couple handspring 1/4 turn
variations; two handsprings to a double tuck for a dismount.  Both times she
scored 9.8+.  As much as I like I her, I question how is that possible?
Does the 2 handsprings into the dismount qualify as an *adequate* tumbling
series??  Thanx in advance.



Date:    Sat, 27 Jul 1996 00:05:12 -0400
From:    ***@KENT.NET
Subject: NBC's "Gymnastics review"

I was tuned in to NBC for awhile tonight while CBC was off for the news
when I saw what NBC called a "review of the gymnastics competition
thus far";  narrated by Mr. Popularity, John Tesh.    Hoping to catch a
glimpse of the Women's AA medal presentation, I grabbed the remote.
Unfortunately I was disappointed.  What NBCshowed was a five minute
review of the AMERICAN WOMEN'S performence, concentrating on the
Kerri Strug saga (which, IMO, the US population should know all about by
now.)  I could not believe it.  How can anybody review the gymnastics
competition without even mentioning Lilya Podkopayeva or Li Xuaoshung
or the Russian men??  Or, for that matter, the mens' competition in general.
Obviously, NBC feels that the only important performances in gymnastics
were turned in by the "Mag Seven."  Just horrific.  That may be what Americans
want to see, but it's not the truth, it's not a good analysis of what actually
happened.  That just disgusts me.  I think I'm going to have to steer clear
of NBC from now on.

- Megan


Date:    Sat, 27 Jul 1996 00:14:25 EDT
From:    ***@BWALK.DM.COM
Subject: Turishcheva

Turishcheva lived in Grozny when she won the Worlds in 1970, then moved to
Rostov-on-Don (technically Russian Feederation under the USSR). After the 1976
Ol.Games she married the Ukranian sprinter Valery Borzov, and moved to Kiev.


Date:    Sat, 27 Jul 1996 00:50:46 -0400
Subject: Re: Womens AA Comments/MAG ?

>Do Tim and Elfi have any say over which routines get aired on NBC?  I'm
>asking because I was hoping to see a few routines by the French, and maybe
>at least one by Piskun and Chusovitina.  And, I would have loved to have
>seen Tousek's floor (still haven't seen it).  It seems that Tim and Elfi
>would be knowledgeable enough to try to get some of these routines on
>the air.  Maybe they have no say in the matter, but they should!

I've never talked to Tim about this, but I have spoken to Peter Vidmar about
it when he does commentary for CBS.  He says he can recommend which routines
to have a camera on, but he DOES NOT have control over which ones actually
are shown.  I would imagine it is similar for Tim and Elfi.

Does anyone know why Scherbo's vault was scored so low the other night?
I've watched it several times and I have to concur with Tim Daggett's
comment that it was terribly underscored.  I'm sorry Vitaly thought so
little of his Bronze AA.  I guess when you have 6 Gold a Bronze isn't so hot
- BUT, what an incredible accomplishment to earn an Olympic Bronze medal
after being back in the gym such a short time.


Date:    Sat, 27 Jul 1996 13:11:49 -0600
From:    ***@INFOGO.COM

woah.. explosion in Centinnial Park.

Thanx everyone for helping me with my full. I'm still talking to several
people, and it's coming along great. I wonder if maybe I'll be asking about
a double back next <grin>



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