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  1. More about Barani on a tramp, etc.
  2. Rock and Roll Challenge
  3. IG blows it!


Date:    Tue, 26 Dec 1995 22:11:44 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: More about Barani on a tramp, etc.

Heres some more stuff about baranis on a tramp that I forgot to put in my
earlier message.    My friend Jennifer who is very good at doing them can
also do a baraini to get off the tramp.  After she does baranis one after
another landing every one exactly on the center cross, I have seen her take a
couple of extra bounces and do a baraini dismount right off the end of her
trampoline onto the grass which looks really cool.  (I have also seen her do
a barani and land on some mans shoulders who was also bouncing on her
trampoline.  But I do not know who he was.)  Once I asked her to explain how
you could learn to do a barani off the trampoline onto the ground and she
said I shouldn't try it or I would get hurt because I don't know it well
enough and because you have to learn to land a little differently on the hard
lawn than on a bouncy trampoline mat but she explained how you could do it
and here is what she told me.  She said you could do either spotter baranis
or aimed baranis.  A spotter barani is where you start the trick and finish
it exactly on the center cross without moving off this center cross by hardly
so much as an inch when you do it.  This is the way she said to learn a
barani at first.  But then she said that if you practice enough you can learn
to throw a barani and aim it to land anywhere you want to land.  She said
that unlike most other twisting tricks, a barani is done without ever losing
sight of the trampoline mat as you twist, so if you practice it enough, you
can aim your barani just like an arrow if you want to instead of doing an
ordinary spotter barani which is what you learn to do first.
To prove what she said is true she had me pick a letter on the end of her
trampoline.  (On each end of her trampoline, there is the word BACKYARD PRO
written all the way across the mat in big letters and next to it a warning
because she has a Backyard Pro trampoline)  So when I picked the letter K in
the word BACKYARD PRO, she would do a barani but land right near the letter K
instead of on the center cross.  Then I picked the letter O and she would aim
her barani to land over nearer the corner of the mat right by the letter O.
 Then she did something even neater.  She told me to stand on the lawn about
8 or 10 feet out in front of her and not to dare to move or duck and she did
a barani dismount and landed right next to me.  Then she got back on the
trampoline and told me to move to a different spot on the lawn and she did
the barani dismount again and landed right next to me again when I had moved
to stand on this different spot on her lawn to prove to me that you can aim a
barani like an arrow to land wherever you want to.   She said that once you
have practiced your barani enough, all you do when you want to aim it rather
than spotting it is --instead of focusing straight down on the center cross
as you twist--you throw the barani and focus on the exact spot that you want
to land on, for example a spot on the lawn or a letter from the name BACKYARD
PRO on the mat or focus on somebodys shoulders and then that is exactly where
you will land out of the barani because when throwing a barani correctly, you
never lose sight of the trampoline mat at any time.
     She also showed me two even more advanced tricks which you can learn
after you have mastered a barani.  One she called a fliffis barani in.  Thats
where you throw a barani but instead of opening to land, you instead continue
right around over into a second back flip so it is like a double flip that
begins as a barani and then finishes with a second back flip.  The next trick
is a trick that starts like a front double flip except in the middle of the
second front flip you open into a barani so that you finish the front double
flip with a barani half twist out of the second front flip.  She called this
a fliffis barani out.  Both tricks are supposed to be done spotter style by
starting and finishing on the center cross  according to her and the way she
showed them to me.
This is about all I can think of to say about baranis for now.

until later,



Date:    Wed, 27 Dec 1995 00:29:17 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Rock and Roll Challenge

Does anyone know when this took place? My TV Guide said it was in July, but
the announcers were talking about Dominique winning the silver on beam at
Worlds and about being Nationals champion, so the two don't make sense



Date:    Tue, 26 Dec 1995 23:36:57 -0800
Subject: IG blows it!

Hi everyone,

My ears are burning.

Eagle-eyed Christopher Scott noted the absence of Competition I results for
the Spanish men in the December IG. . .  Well, they weren't the only ones.

I grabbed the original results (good thing I left 'em for Hall of Fame) and
checked it out. Looks like we left out a couple of countries who had more
than one gymnast in the meet (and in the past have sent full teams).

We had to wait for the individual results to arrive by mail, then marked
the individuals to be typed (they weren't separate), and missed a few in
the rush. I didn't proof carefully, since Dwight (the editor) doesn't
usually make that kind of error. (Like almost never - he's hand-typed all
world/Olympic/national results for IG since '82, and you can count the
mistakes on one hand.)

Anyway, that's what we get for doing the issue in one week.

The missing individuals:

    Jesus Carballo          9.075  9.100  9.300  9.325  8.975  9.475
55.250  (32)
(Spain)                 9.512  9.375  9.375  9.000  9.375  9.562  56.199
(19)   111.449  (23)
Omar Cortes             8.925  8.725  9.150  9.250  8.950  9.175  54.175
(Spain)                 8.350  8.975  8.750  9.300  8.700  8.925  53.000
(88)   107.175  (61)
Jurgen Van Eeetvelt     8.975  7.675  9.000  9.325  8.825  7.850  51.650
(Belgium)               9.000  8.250  9.250  8.800  8.850  9.425  54.125
(64)   105.775  (73)
Miguel Garcia           9.200  8.000  9.050  9.275  8.950  8.050  52.525
(Spain)                 9.400  7.750  8.650  8.900  8.675  9.325  52.700
(94)   105.225  (82)
Jean-Mathieu Zeebergh   8.650  8.825  8.625  9.225  8.600  7.875  51.800
(Belgium)               8.600  9.350  8.000  8.750  8.600  8.825  52.825
(91)   104.625  (84)
Marco Monteiro          9.000  8.875  8.000  8.975  8.325  8.825  52.000
(Brazil)                8.600  8.750  8.925  8.800  8.275  9.025  52.375
(101)   104.357  (86)
Jose Mario Barbuto      8.800  8.800  8.825  9.200  7.500  7.975  51.100
(Brazil)                8.500  8.875  8.800  9.050  8.650  8.775  52.650
(95)   103.750  (95)
Olivier Lefebure        8.875  6.975  8.200  9.275  8.075  8.200  49.600
(Belgium)               8.875  9.025  8.375  9.200  8.575  9.200  53.250
(81)   102.850 (100)
Heron Bambirra          8.775  4.700  8.400  8.975  8.225  7.450  46.525
(Brazil)                8.625  8.400  8.500  8.600  8.325  8.525  50.975
(124)    97.500 (125)
Eduardo Haro            8.875  4.300  8.900  8.875  8.750  8.975  48.675
(Mexico)                8.400                                      8.400
(208)    57.075 (196)

I'll check the girls tomorrow. I have to go water my cat now.



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