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  1. FAQ (Part 4 of 4)
  2. Virginia State HS championships
  3. American Classic (2)
  4. Peactree (2)
  5. gymnastics on WWW
  6. Jennie Thompson's Vault
  7. World Event Finals
  8. Jennie Thompson's bars
  9. signatures
 10. video advertised during the peachtree invitational last night
 11. Meet Reporters
 12. College meet on TV
 13. peachtree
 14. Florida vs. LSU
 15. "A Very  Young Gymnast" Update
 16. Peachtree on ESPN Questions.
 17. GYMN-L Digest - 22 Feb 1996 to 23 Feb 1996
 18. oops
 19. American Cup
 20. New Home Page - Updated Judging Info


Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 12:21:47 -0500
From:    ***@CLOUD9.NET
Subject: FAQ (Part 4 of 4)


Floor Exercise:

-  Full twisting back layout
     Nobuyuki Aihara, Takashi Mitsukuri & Takashi Ono (JPN),
     '60 Olympics
-  Tucked double back
     Lasse Laine (FIN), '67 Europeans
-  Double twisting back layout
     Takashi Ono (JPN), '68 Olympics
-  Triple twisting back layout
     Eizo Kenmostu (JPN), '70 Worlds
-  Piked double back
     Nikolai Andrianov (URS), '73 Europeans
-  Piked full-in
     Vladimir Marchenko (URS), '74 Riga Intl.
-  Double layout
     Nikolai Andrianov (URS), '77 World Cup
-  Double front salto
     Jiri Tabak (TCH), '77 Europeans
-  1.5 twisting 1.5 side salto
     Kurt Thomas (USA), '78 Worlds
-  Triple back
     Valery Lyukin (URS), '87 Europeans
-  Double twisting front layout
     Neil Thomas (GBR), '90 Europeans

Pommel Horse:

-  Flairs
     Kurt Thomas (USA), '76 Olympics
-  Magyar Travel
     Zoltan Magyar (HUN), '76 Olympics
-  Handstand in the middle of a routine
     Bart Conner (USA), Peter Vidmar (USA), Alexander
     Ditiatin (URS), and Yuri Korolev (URS), '82 World Cup
-  Flairs to handstand and back down to Flairs
     Sven Tippelt (GDR), '88 Olympics
-  Tucked back salto dismount
     Lance Ringnald (USA), '88 Olympics


-  Tucked full-in dismount
     Nikolai Andrianov (URS), '73 Europeans
-  Double back layout dismount
     Nikolai Andrianov (URS), '77 World Cup
-  Triple back tucked dismount
     Yuri Korolev (URS), '81 Europeans
-  Double back salto to a hang (Guczoghy)
     Gyorgy Guczoghy (HUN), 82 World Cup
-  Double front salto to a hang (Yamawaki)
     Kyoji Yamawaki (JPN), '84 Olympics
-  Double front salto with 1/2 twist dismount
     Yuri Balabanov (URS), '84 Olomouc
-  Layout Guczoghy
     Paul O'Neill (USA), '92 Worlds


-  Handspring, 1/2 twist to tucked back salto (Cuervo)
     Jorge Cuervo (CUB), '73 University Games
-  Cartwheel, layout side salto
     Roberto Richards (CUB), '80 Olympics
-  Handspring, double front salto
     Ricardo Richards (CUB), '80 Olympics
-  Layout Tsukahara with full twist
     Ron Galimore (USA), '78 (?) NCAA Champs.
-  Layout Tsukahara with double twist
     Artur Akopian (URS), '81 Worlds
-  One-arm handspring to front tucked salto
     Laszlo Boda (HUN), '82 Junior Europeans
-  Layout Cuervo with full twist
     Lou Yun (CHN), '84 Olympics
-  Handspring, front salto with 1.5 twists
     Sylvio Kroll (GDR), 85 Europeans
-  Layout Yurchenko
     Li Jing (CHN), '89 American Cup

Parallel Bars:

-  Tucked double back
     Mauno Nissinen (FIN), '67 Europeans
-  Piked double back
     Bodgan Makuts (URS), '79 Worlds
-  Backwards giant swing to double back salto between
   the bars
     Koji Sotomura (JPN), '81 Worlds
-  Backwards giant swing with full twist
     Yuri Balabanov (URS), '84 Olomouc

High Bar:


-  Back salto straddled and piked with 1/2 twist to recatch
     Stoyan Deltchev (BUL), '77 Europeans
-  Reverse Hecht over HB to recatch (Tkachev)
     Alexander Tkachev (URS), '77 Europeans
-  Piked back salto with 1/2 twist to recatch
     Eberhard Gienger (FRG), '78 Worlds
-  One-arm giant swing to Tkachev
     Miguel Arroyo (CUB), '79 Worlds
-  Tucked double back salto over bar to recatch
     Kovacs (HUN), '79 Europeans
-  Full-twisting Gienger
     Jacques Def (FRA), '81 Worlds
-  Tucked front salto over bar to recatch
     Mitch Gaylord (USA), '81 Worlds
-  2 consecutive Tkachevs
     Yuri Korolev (URS), '82 World Cup
-  One-arm giant swing to Deltchev (one-hand recatch)
     Zsolt Borkai (HUN), '84 Olomouc

-  Double twisting back layout
     Gerhard Dietrich (GDR), '66 Worlds
-  Piked double back
     Andrzej Szajna (POL) & Mitsuo Tsukahara (JPN),
     '70 Worlds
-  Tucked double back with full twist
     Mitsuo Tsukahara (JPN), '72 Olympics
-  Tucked triple back
     Nikolai Andrianov (URS), '74 Worlds
-  Double back layout
     Nikolai Andrianov (URS), '77 World Cup
-  Double back layout with full twist
     Yuri Korolev (URS), '81 Europeans
-  Double twisting double layout salto
     Mas Watanabe (JPN), '83 Worlds
-  Tucked triple back with full twist in 1st salto
     Maik Belle (GDR), '87 Europeans
-  Triple twisting double back layout
     Alexander Fedorchenko (KAZ), '95 Worlds

[E.3]  Who are the current champions?

Team: Men (EUN), Women (EUN)
AA:   Vitaly Scherbo (EUN), Tatiana Gutsu (EUN)

Women's events:
V:   Lavinia Milosovici (ROM) and Henrietta Onodi (HUN)
UB:  Lu Li (CHN)
B:   Tatiana Lysennko (EUN)
FX:  Lavinia Milosovici (ROM)

Men's events:
FX:  Li Xiaoshuang (CHN)
PH:  Vitaly Scherbo (EUN), and Pae Gil Su (PRK)
SR:  Vitaly Scherbo (EUN)
V:   Vitaly Scherbo (EUN)
PB:  Vitaly Scherbo (EUN)
HB:  Trent Dimas (USA)


Team: Men (CHN), Women (ROM)
AA: Li Xiaoshuang (CHN), Lilia Podkopayeva (UKR)

Women's events:
V: Lilia Podkopayeva (UKR) and Simona Amanar (ROM)
UB: Svetlana Khorkina (RUS)
B: Mo Huilan (CHN)
FX: Gina Gogean (ROM)

Men's events:
FX: Vitaly Scherbo (BLR)
PH: Li Donghua (SUI)
SR: Yuri Chechi (ITA)
V: Grigory Misutin (UKR) and Alexei Nemov (RUS)
PB: Vitaly Scherbo (BLR)
HB: Andreas Wecker (GER)

Team:  Men (BLR), Women (ROM)
AA:   Ivan Ivankov (BLR), Gina Gogean (ROM)

Women's events:
V:   Lavinia Milosovici (ROM)
UB:  Svetlana Khorkina (RUS)
B:   Gina Gogean (ROM)
FX:  Lilia Podkopayeva (UKR)

Men's events:
FX:  Ivan Ivanov (BUL)
PH:  Marius Urzica (ROM)
SR:  Yuri Chechi (ITA)
V:   Vitaly Scherbo (BLR)
PB:  Alexei Nemov (RUS) and Rustam Sharipov (UKR)
HB:  Aljaz Pegan (SLO)

AA:  John Roethlisberger and Dominique Moceanu

Women's events:
V:  Shannon Miller
UB: Dominique Dawes
B:  Doni Thompson and Monica Flammer
FX: Dominique Dawes

Men's events:
FX:Daniel Stover
PH:  Mark Sohn
SR:  Paul O'Neill
V: David St. Pierre
PB: John Roethlisberger
HB: John Roethlisberger

[E.4]  Who are the former champions?

These are just the most recent results.  For more complete
results, read the results files found at


The USSR women won the team title in every Olympic Games in
which they took part.  The exception is the '84 Olympics,
which the USSR boycotted.  Romania captured the gold on this
occasion.  Three men's teams have won Olympic gold.  Japan
has won 5 times ('60, '64, '68, '72, and '76), and USSR 4
times ('52, '56, '80 and '88) and the USA once ('84).

AA (women,men)
1952:  M. Gorokhovskaya (URS), V. Chukarin (URS)
1956:  L. Latynina (URS), V. Chukarin (URS)
1960:  L. Latynina (URS), B. Shakhlin (URS)
1964:  V. Caslavska (TCH), Y. Endo (JPN)
1968:  V. Caslavska (TCH), S. Kato (JPN)
1972:  L. Turischev (URS), S. Kato (JPN)
1976:  N. Comaneci (ROM), N. Andrianov (URS)
1980:  E. Davydova (URS), A. Ditiatin (URS)
1984:  M. Retton (USA), K. Gushiken (JPN)
1988:  E. Shushunova (URS), V. Artemov (URS)

World (men team, women team, men AA, women AA)
1954: URS; URS; V. Muratov (URS); G. Rudiko (URS)
1958: URS; URS; B. Shakhlin (URS); L. Latynina (URS)
1962: JPN; URS; Y. Titov (URS), L. Latynina (URS)
1966: JPN; TCH; M. Voronin (URS); V. Caslavska (TCH)
1970: JPN; URS; E. Kenmostu (JPN); L. Turischeva (URS)
1974: JPN; URS; S. Kasamatsu (JPN); L. Turischeva (URS)
1978: JPN; URS; N. Andrianov (URS); E. Mukhina (URS)
1979: URS; ROM; A. Ditiatin (URS); N. Kim (URS)
1981: URS; URS; Y. Korolev (URS); O. Bicherova (URS)
1983: CHN; URS; D. Bilozerchev (URS); N. Yurchenko (URS)
1985: URS; URS; Y. Korolev (URS); E. Shushunova & O. Omelianchik (URS)
1987: URS; ROM; D. Bilozerchev (URS); A. Dobre (ROM)
1989: URS; URS; I. Korobchinsky (URS); S. Boginskaya (URS)
1991: URS; URS; G. Misutin (URS); K. Zmeskal (USA)
1993: [no team]; V. Scherbo (BLR); S. Miller (USA)
1994: CHN; ROM; I. Ivankov (BLR); S. Miller (USA)

1955: [no women]; B. Shakhlin (URS)
1957: L. Latynina (URS); J. Blume (ESP)
1959: N. Kot (POL); Y. Titov (URS)
1961: L. Latynina (URS); M. Cerar (YUG)
1963: M. Bilic (YUG); M. Cerar (YUG)
1965: V. Caslavska (TCH); F. Menichelli (ITA)
1967: V. Caslavska (TCH); M. Voronin (URS)
1969: K. Janz (GDR); M. Voronin (URS)
1971: L. Turischeva & T. Lazakovich (URS); V. Klimenko (URS)
1973: L. Turischeva (URS); V. Klimenko (URS)
1975: N. Comaneci (ROM); N. Andrianov (URS)
1977: N. Comaneci (ROM); V. Markelov (URS)
1979: N. Comaneci (ROM); S. Deltchev (BUL)
1981: M. Gnauck (GDR); A. Tkachev (URS)
1983: O. Bicherova (URS); D. Bilozerchev (URS)
1985: E. Shushunova (URS); D. Bilozerchev (URS)
1987: D. Silivas (ROM); V. Lyukin (URS)
1989: S. Boginskaya (URS); I. Korobchinsky (URS)
1990: S. Boginskaya (URS); V. Mogilny (URS)
1992: T. Gutsu (UKR); I. Korobchinsky (UKR)

[F.1]  What is the IOC? FIG? USOC? USAG? USGF? NCAA? AAU?

All of these cryptic abbreviations represent organizations
or "governing bodies" in the sport of gymnastics.

IOC - International Olympic Committee.  President is Juan
Antonio Samaranch.  Headquarters are in Switzerland.
Organizes the Olympics.

FIG - Federation International de Gymnastique (International
Federation of Gymnastics).  President is Yuri Titov.
Headquarters are in Moutier, Switzerland.  International
governing body for the sport of gymnastics.

USAG/USGF - "USA Gymnastics" (operating name) or "US
Gymnastics Federation" (legal entity).  President is Kathy
Scanlan; Chair of the Board is Sandy Knapp.  Headquarters
are in Indianapolis, IN.  National governing body (NGB) for
gymnastics in the USA.  USAG is a member of both the USOC
and the FIG.

NCAA - National Collegiate Athletics Association.  President
is Cedric Dempsey.  Headquarters are in Kansas City, MO.
Governing organization for collegiate sport in the USA.

AAU - Amateur Athletic Union.  Headquarters are in
Orlando, FL.  Former national governing body for the
sport of gymnastics in the USA.  Presents the Sullivan Award
each year to the best amateur athlete in the nation.

USAIGC - US Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs.

CGA - Collegiate Gymnastics Association.

[F.2]  How do I get tickets to...?

You can e-mail USA Gymnastics at to request
more information, or call them at (317-237-5050).

[F.3]  Why don't gymnasts really compete as a team, all at
once on the mat?

There is another sport called "acrogymnastics" or "sports
acrobatics" in which gymnasts do compete with each other on
the mat.  Divisions are women's pair, women's trio, men's
pair, men's four, and mixed pairs (one man and one woman).
Acrogymnastics in the US is governed by the US Sports
Acrobatics Federation.  There are world championships held
for sports acrobatics but it is not yet an Olympic sport.
It's quite popular, however, and is hoping to be a
demonstration sport soon.  Sports acro also includes men's
and women's tumbling.

[F.4]  What is rhythmic gymnastics?

Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that demands a high skill
level in manipulating and controlling various apparatus
while performing a routine on the floor mat.  Gymnasts (only
women participate in RSG) are not allowed to flip or perform
acrobatic elements but rather concentrate on expressing
their choreography, demonstrating mastery of the apparatus
and performing leaps, spins, rolls, and other elements.
There are five apparatus (hoop, clubs, ribbon, rope, and
ball) but only four are competed each year.  Gymnasts either
perform alone or in groups or five.  The group event will be
added to the Olympics for the first time in 1996.  Sometimes
artistic gymnasts will turn to rhythmic gymnastics in favor
of the lower rate of injury in the rhythmic version of the

[F.5]  How do I get involved?

To enroll in gymnastics classes, check your yellow pages for
gymnastics schools.  Good questions to ask the gym are if
their instructors are USGF safety-certified, what type of
insurance coverage they have, and what programs they offer
(competitive, recreational, etc.).  Speak to parents at the
gym for references.

[F.6]  What do gymnasts wear?

Yes, most gymnasts do wear underwear, if you were wondering.
Also called "briefs," they often match the color of the
leotard.  Generally, in practice, girls wear tank leos and
biker shorts.  Men will wear shorts and a t-shirt (or
whatever is handy).  In competition, the women wear long-
sleeved leotards, and men wear a jersey that resembles a
tank-top leotard ("comp top"), with either shorts or
competition pants, depending on the event they are
competing.  Some gymnasts will wear special shoes; if
swinging bars or competing on rings, they will wear "grips"
on their hands to help the secure their grip of the bar or
ring.  On parallel bars, men may wear tubes of fabric on
their upper arms to prevent from ripping off the skin (which
happens when they catch a double or other flighty skill).

[F.7]  What is the chalk for?

The chalk that gymnasts rub on their hands and sometimes
feet is magnesium carbonate.  It absorbs any sweat on the
hands and/or feet and enables the gymnast to improve their
grasp of the apparatus.

[G.1]  Are there any gymnastics resources on the Net?

Quite a few!  Check out Gymn's web page,

for more information.

[G.2]  Are there any good magazines to subscribe to?

Magazines about the elite/international arena of gymnastics

Gym Stars
44 Fitzjohn's Avenue
London NW3 5LX

International Gymnast
P.O Box 721020
Norman, OK 73070

USA Gymnastics
Pan American Plaza
Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46255

Other magazine addresses can be found at



Many thanks to the following contributors, who provided
helpful corrections and suggestions:

Deb, Dory
Grace, Myra
Mayland, Richard

This FAQ can be found at:

FAQ Maintainers:


1.02 --  AAU is in Orlando, FL, not Indianapolis, IN.
         Expanded list of international invitational meets.
         Updated address for "International Gymnast".
         Boginskaya returned to Karolyi's gym.


Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 12:38:47 -0500
From:    ***@EROLS.COM
Subject: Virginia State HS championships

The Washington Post really has been doing a nice job covering (Virginia) high
school gymnastics (though I don't think I've ever seen anything about
Maryland or clubs), and today topped it off with an article on the HS
championships in Va; I thought I'd forward the results to you folks (for
article, including big pic of Cara Dougherty, a freshman at Robinson HS who
took 2d AA, in a pose on FX, see 2/25/96 Post at D6 (local edition, don't
know what will show up elsewhere)):

AA:  1. Brooke Sawyer, Kellam, 38.05; 2, Cara Dougherty, Robinson, 38.00; 3,
Gillian Cote, James Monroe, 37.95; 4, Merritt Noble, Herndon, 37.8; 5,
Shannon Osborne, Varina, 37.65.

Noble has gotten quite a bit of coverage over the last year in the Post
not only because she is a local gymnast, but because she is coming back from
having broken both ankles in a meet last year.  She won the Northern Va.
regionals this year; most of the year, though, she was stuck with reduced
difficulty on account of the injury.

Cote was in third despite a 9.0 on beam following a fall on a front tuck;
without the fall, she thought she would have beaten the state record of 38.2
in the AA (and was pretty peeved at herself for the fall on what is normally
a solid skill for her).  I mention the move because it's the only indication
of the level of difficulty being done in this meet.

Bars:  Cote, 9.8; Christina Jones, Lake Braddock, 9.75; 3, Osborne, 9.7
FX:    Cote, 9.7; Davinia Roberts, Salem, 9.55; Michelle Alexander, Kellam,
BB     Noble, 9.7; Sawyer, 9.65; Jones, 9.6
Vault: Osborne, 9.7; Sawyer, 9.55; C.C. Fisher, Herndon, 9.5

Team championship:  Lake Braddock 147.6; Frank Cox, 146.7; Kellam 145.05;
Herndon 143.5; Atlee 140.55.

Thanks to reporter Lori Van Lonkhuyzen for her thorough coverage all season
long -- nice mix of human interest stories and actual results.  But why just
Virginia?  It looks like she might be a freelancer ("special to the
Washington Post"), so maybe if someone tried covering Maryland, they'd cover
that, too -- but the photo credit is to "Larry Morris--The Washington Post".
 Anybody up for leaping into the fray on Md and club gymnastics?



Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 13:03:42 -0500
Subject: American Classic

I was just wondering if anyone knew who was going to be competing at the
American Classic next weekend?  Also, will the rosters for the mixed
trios be the same as the American cup (like mixed pairs and am. cup were
usually the same in the past)?


Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 13:09:59 -0500
From:    ***@GNATNET.NET
Subject: Re: Peactree

> Does anyone know what Jenny Thompson's floor routine was worth?  It seeme4d
> that it wasn't even worth a 9.825- how could the judges think of that score.

Well, the Peachtree Classic, unless I am mistaken, was judged from level
10 rules, not from the elite rules, and although her only back tumbling
was a double tuck and a double twist, perhaps her front-full punch front
and her front-full were enough to give her a 10 start value under level
10 rules, since a front-full is a "D".
Does anyone know what a double tuck is valued under level 10 rules?  I
am wondering if it might be valued at "D", since I know that a double
tuck or pike is a "D" in collegiate competition.  I once heard a
commentator say that NCAA falls under J.O. guidelines.  Does that mean
that collegiate women's is judged by the level 10 Code?



Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 19:46:08 PST
From:    ***@AMDAHL.CO.ZA
Subject: gymnastics on WWW

I found a new web site today (via Sherwin's page!) and I thought some of you
might like to check it out.
The location is :
That's all folks!


Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 13:16:40 -0500
From:    ***@GNATNET.NET
Subject: Re: Jennie Thompson's Vault

I assume you're talking about Jennie Thompson.  The vault she performed
was definitely not a Hristakieva, although it's possible she meant for
it to be one.  She performed a Yurchenko-1/2, which is much easier
because most of the rotation in the vault is backwards, and the twist is
made right before landing.  In a Hristakieva, the twist is made right
off the horse, and the flip is done forwards.  In elite rules (which the
Peachtree was NOT scored under), a Yurchenko-1/2 is valued a 9.7, while
a Hristakieva is valued a 9.9.

LeeAnn - wrote:
> I just finished watching the Peach Tree Invitational and I was wondering what
> her vault was scored as. Maura Driscoll, who can never be counted on for
> accurate information, seemed to think she was doing the Kristeava (I know I
> spelled that one wrong.) vault, but the twist came far to late for it to be
> technically correct.


Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 13:39:44 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: World Event Finals

Does anyone have an itinerary for the World Event Finals this April. My
sister and I are thinking of going, but we would likely  miss the last day,
Sunday, of competition. What is usually competed on the last day? Thanks,


Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 09:08:22 -0700
From:    ***@ASU.EDU
Subject: Jennie Thompson's bars

        Her dismount is great but I was disappointed to see her use the
feet-on low bar transition twice.  This broke up the flow of her bars
routine because everything comes to a complete halt while she stands there
for about two full seconds I would guess.
        I'm sick of this.  I want to see .1 deduction for every feet-on
transition. Glide jam to high bar is not an interesting or difficult
transition, but it is not nearly so distracting, ugly, or momentum-breaking
as feet-on.  Some people have noted that the little girls cannot do any other
transition moves because the bars are so far apart.  Well, TOUGH.  There are
lots of gymnastics skills which are difficult for "big" girls to do.  For
once let height be an advantage.  Besides, if I recall correctly, the tiny
Chinese girls like Mo Huilan do fantastic transition moves.



Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 13:43:59 -0500
Subject: signatures

>Subject:      Nadia in New York
>To: Multiple recipients of list GYMN-L <GYMN-L@PSUVM.PSU.EDU>
>I, too, heard about this PR thing, and happened to find out that my gym
>rented a beam to Lord and Taylor to use for the exhibition.  A particular
>little story about the exhibition which I thought everyone might like was
>that during the show, someone told Nadia to stand by the beam, and she
>thought they meant "sign the beam", so she took out her marker and signed the
>beam in giant letters.  I heard about this when, on Friday night, I was
>walking by the beams and I happened to see that one of my gym's beams managed
>to end up with a giant "Nadia Comaneci" signature on it!
>----Lisa Harris

Our gym in Lexington has a pommel horse signed by Peter Vidmar (three times)
and Bart Conner.  Not bad for a gym that doesn't even have a boys' team!


Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 16:07:34 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: video advertised during the peachtree invitational last night

I don't know i anyone has the video tape they advertised last night,  but I
was wondering if anyone has any info. on it? First of all, I'm talking about
the one that had Dom M. on it and what looked like Shannon during the
Olympics? Is it just a competition, like the america's Best, nationals
videos, or is it pieces of tapes combined, similar to the ABC gymnastics
greates stars video.

Thanx in advance,

Hopefully we'll see the US on the podium in Atlanta!!!!


Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 15:27:00 MST
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Meet Reporters

Gymn will be doing double duty this week!  Debbie Poe, our list
administrator, will be at the American Cup in Fort Worth, Texas, while Dory
Dynna will be attending the French International in Paris.

Both will be submitting commentary about their respective meets and adding
photos to the Gymn photo archive.  (Yay!)  Expect Dory's submissions to be
late because he will not be able to type up the reports and results until he
returns to his home in Canada.



Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 17:33:28 -0500
From:    ***@DELPHI.COM
Subject: College meet on TV

Dear Gymners,

     I just finished looking thorugh my TV guide.  It has college gymnastics
listed tomorrow at 4:00 pm on ESPN.  Does anyone know what meet this is?

Gymnastically yours,

ps- SEC-WEEKLY (LSU-FL meet) will be airing Saturday at 11:00 am Est.  Yes!
Two gym meets on the same day (American Cup at 4:00 pm).


Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 18:44:42 -0500
From:    ***@SCRANTON.COM
Subject: peachtree

Ok first of all I think Maura Driscollwas sniffing glue or something! she
was a gymnasther self and she still doesnt know what she was talking
about. Jennie thompson looked pretty  good, boy did she grow! jennies
vault was a layout half right not a half twist to a front layout. and did
anyone else notice that her front fulls on floor were really weird?  but
what a bar dismount.  anyone going to the american cup??~?


Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 18:02:56 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Peactree

>I am going to kill Maura Driscoll.  How does she breathe?  She is the most
>unknowledgebal person I have ever seen.

I can't stand her!  Does anyone remember her saying that Dom Dawes won *four*
events (at 95 Nationals?)?  Even I know she won four events+AA.  I noticed a
few other stupid mistakes, too, like comenting on someone's beam mount and
calling it a dismount.
                                                Dawn :)


Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 18:02:29 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Florida vs. LSU

>I don't know anything about Primesports showing FL v. Lousiana State,
>but ESPN will be broadcasting it on Monday, Feb. 26 at 4pm EST.

I thought that was the time for LSU vs. Florida.  I think someone posted
                                                     Dawn :)


Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 18:02:29 -0500
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Subject: Re: American Classic

Does anyone know if and when the American Classic will be televised?  Thanks!
                                                   Dawn :)


Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 19:32:49 -0500
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Subject: "A Very  Young Gymnast" Update

Last time I wrote:

Next, I would like to know if anyone out there has ever read the book "A Very
Young Gymnast". by Jill Krementz. If so e-mail me. Has anyone ever heard of,
or does anyone know what happend to Torrance York? She seemed like a very
talented gymnast. At ten-years-old she won the NY City Championship (1978 I
think). Also, has anyone ever heard of or know about Jackie Cassello? She was
a Junior National Team member in 1978, and I'd like to know if she ever made
it to seniors. She was coached by Muriel Grossfeld, but grew up in NY.

Thank you for your time, hope to hear from you all soon, at either e-mail

Now, heres the update. First, thanks to all who e-mailed me, I really
appreciated it!! (No joke!). After recieving a few e-mails, including one
from her coace, I found out the following:

Torrance York went on to Harvard University. She competed on their team, but
her coach said that although she was a very good gymnast, she never really
had it in her mind to go to become world class.

Oh well. I think she would've been a great gymnast. Anyone with anymore book
comments, please still e-mail me!! Also anyone with more info. on Jackie
Cassello, e-mail me!! Thanks to all!!


Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 21:11:59 -0600
Subject: Peachtree on ESPN Questions.

1) why were there those tid-bits about Dawes, Miller, Strug, etc? I missed
the first 15 minutes, so did they explain why they were doing that? I know
that they are all in the run for Atlanta, but why did they show those snips?

2) I must be ignorant, but what exactly did Maura do wrong? I tend to toon
out the commentators unless its worlds or Olympics.

3) Was Kurt Thomas there? I didn
't cath him. Doesn't he do commentory for ESPN?

4) I really dislike ESPN. Those updates are really annoying. I don't like
having everything squezed into the corner so that I could see that my
undergrad school lost it's first place ranking!!!

5) Was it me or was that gym empty? I have been to the Omni before to
see gymnastics. I went to the '93 American Cup Mized Pairs and they
basically just sat everyone on one side of the gym. I really wonder what
is the purpose of using such a large facility if it will be empty. It looks
stupid on TV (just my opinion).

6) Anyone else notice:

        a. Only one gymnast did not do a 'stoop-on', jump to the high
        bar transition on bars (that I saw; I missed the first 15 minutes!)

        b. Jenny's tucked full was the best I have ever seen.

        c. Jenny's dismount was high, but is it original? Won't it
        just be judged as a half in half out? I guess I am missing something

        d. You never see gymnasts piroute in handstand on the beam any more
        I miss it.

        e. Not one of Jennie Thompson's straddle leaps went to 180 degrees.
        Barely 120. Still, no real deduction?

        f. Double layouts off bars were common, but they aren't at the Elite
        International level. The majority of gymnasts prefer twisting doubles.

        g. They used electronic display of the scores. I was surprised, since
        this wasn't a 'big meet'.

        h. The gymnast who did not do the stoop on also scored the highest
        on that event (Monica Flammer).

        i. They started to show Andree Picken's bar routine, but then cut away.

I am sure there were more things I missed.....



Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 22:08:32 -0500
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Subject: Re: GYMN-L Digest - 22 Feb 1996 to 23 Feb 1996

In a message dated 96-02-23 20:18:16 EST, you write:

>I am wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what I could do my OAC
>Kinesology independent project on.  Last year I did Eating Disasters in the
>Sport of Gymnastics, so I can't do that again - I have the same teacher.

How about a report on the developmental benefits gymnastics education
provides to
young children in the preschool and elementary age groups? Specifically with
regards to
movement patterns, balance, coordination, and if possible, mental focus
and risk (or fear) management?  How about looking into the skill transfer
value to other
activities or sports?

This type of study would help to educate parents and schools of the benefits
and rewards
of gymnastics as a recreational activity as well as a sport.

Good luck,


Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 22:33:06 -0500
Subject: oops

Sorry, I meant to write American Cup :-)  The American Classic is old news.

> Hi-
> I was just wondering if anyone knew who was going to be competing at the
> American Classic next weekend?  Also, will the rosters for the mixed
> trios be the same as the American cup (like mixed pairs and am. cup were
> usually the same in the past)?
> Thanks,
> emily


Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 23:05:20 -0500
From:    ***@CHELSEA.IOS.COM
Subject: American Cup

Hi all!

In the Houston Chronicle today there was a blurb about gymnastics. It
mentioned that Bela Karolyi was planning to take Strug, Moceanu, and Bogi
to compete at the American Cup later this week. It mentioned nothing of
Zmeskal. Does anyone know anything new about her status?? Also, the
Cypress team will compete at the American Cup, but not at full strength.

The first part of this article was about the Olympic Trials, comparing
the fiasco of '92 to the hopes for '96. You can read about this on the
Houston Chronicle's web page. ( go to the link "much
of the daily printed Chronicle" then go to "search HCI". Type gymnastics
and you'll find it. This article is entitled "New Gymnastics rules
nothing to flip over"---The first half is about gymn, then it skips
around to various topics, but the last 4-5 paragrapghs of it talk about
the American Cup. Happy Reading!!



Date:    Mon, 26 Feb 1996 00:51:18 +0000
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Subject: New Home Page - Updated Judging Info

Please check out my updated home page at

It includes the latest judging information available from the NGJA:
links to: 1997 FIG Summary
              Additional 97 Interpetations
              New JO Interpretation
              Various other doucments for this season

Attention judges: The NGJA's directory will be coming shortly. Please
let me know if your email address is not correct. We will do a
supplemental listing here for corrections.



End of GYMN-L Digest - 25 Feb 1996 to 26 Feb 1996 - Special issue