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  1. Barani on a tramp, etc.


Date:    Mon, 25 Dec 1995 00:29:27 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Barani on a tramp, etc.

I'm no expert on the barani or trampoline, but my friend & neighbor  Jennifer
was trying to teach it to me on her Backyard Pro trampoline until the weather
got sort of cold here where I live.  Jennifer is really a springboard diver
but shes really good on her trampoline too and does baranis on her tramp.  I
go over to her house all the time to bounce on her Backyard Pro.  First she
taught me to do a tuck front flip with a half twist but said to do it
properly as a baraini (here in the USA where I live anyway) you should NOT
tuck but start the front flip as a strict pike with no bent knees.  Then you
open out of the pike so you are in a straight lay out when you are upsidedown
over the bed and execute a clean half twist by looking straight down at the
center cross on the bed rather than out to the side of the tramp so that you
never lose sight of the bed as you twist and that you never bend your knees
on the trick except maybe a little when you land when you're done.  Also you
you start and finish right on the center cross without moving forward or
backward.  When she does baranis, they look super clean like off a
springboard and she does them about 15 feet high off the mat.  She can also
do them one right after the other so she lands out of one barani and then
does another right away and just keeps going forever.  Also she can do them
comical by going lower and lower for awhile til she is doing baranis one
after another with her head about 1 foot off the trampoline mat and then she
keeps doing them and starts going back up higher and higher till she is doing
them way up 15 ft high again.  Its really a neat trampoline trick.  I do my
half twist out of a tuck front flip about 5 feet off the bed.  Jennifer says
I am not doing a true barani because  I am still tucking and looking a little
to the side as I twist rather than always focusing on the center cross but as
soon as I learn to pike the flip and straighten out over the top with my legs
absolutely straight while looking down at the center cross, it will be a true
baraini on the trampoline.  I am too scared to try it like that for right now

Happy christmas holidays, everyone.


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