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  1. Kerri Strug
  2. GER Women's Team Champs.
  3. COACHES: Lever position and Tumbltrak
  4. terms / barani
  5. NCAA Out of Control?
  6. GYMN-L Digest - 20 Dec 1995 to 21 Dec 1995
  7. tumble trak
  8. Olympic Gold CD-ROM
  9. layouts
 10. Aeon Cup
 11. Jnr Pacific Alliance Results (finally!!)


Date:    Sat, 23 Dec 1995 08:35:39 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Kerri Strug

Yet another gym for Kerri. I am really surprised because I have never seen
Kerri look so good. She has always been a hard worker in the gym but been
inconsistant in competitions. I think that was one of the reasons she left
Nuno. With Bela out of retirement for now I would not be surprised if he was
up to his old tricks of recruiting. I do believe that Kerri will do very well
back with the Karoli's.


Date:    Sat, 23 Dec 1995 15:40:15 GMT
From:    ***@CLOUD9.NET
Subject: GER Women's Team Champs.

>From the DPA, some brief results from the German Women's Bundesliga (Federal
League) Team Champs., which were held December 16:

1.  SC Berlin            146.55
2.  KTG Frankfurt/Main   145.30
3.  TV 08 Baumbach       137.65
4.  PSV Rostock          135.50

Yvonne Pioch (SC Berlin and winner of 5 golds at this year's GER Nationals)
didn't compete.  Her teammate, Grit Hoffmann, had the highest AA score
(37.50), followed by Kathleen Stark of KTG Frankfurt (37.00).



Date:    Sat, 23 Dec 1995 14:36:03 -0500
From:    ***@EAGLE.LHUP.EDU
Subject: Re: COACHES: Lever position and Tumbltrak

.4 for each B that is missing.


> I am a Level 8 Optional gymnast that trains at the Las Vegas Flyers
> Gymnastics Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I'm responding to the question
> about a tumbltrak.  My gym just recently purchased one, and I absolutely love
> it.  We use it for all kinds of things, but mostly to train harder skills
> like double-backs, fulls, double fulls, ect.  We have a portable pit that we
> placed at the end of the trak for softer landings.  It is definitely worth
> purchasing!!!  Off the subject a bit, if there are any judges or coaches
> reading this, could you please tell me how many tenths are taken off for
> missing a "B" skill in Level 8? THANKS!!!
> Sincerly,
> Alll


Date:    Sat, 23 Dec 1995 15:31:59 EST
From:    ***@PRODIGY.COM
Subject: terms / barani

On Wed. Dec. 20   Christian wrote:

>In the world of trampolining (well the UK one anyway) a barani is a

  front >somersault with a late 1/2 twist; a rudi a front somersault
with a
  late 1 1/2 twists, and a randi is a front somersault with 2 1/2
> A triffis in trampolining is normally any twisting triple
somersault, and a
  fliffis any twisting double somersault - no distinction is made for
the amount
  of twist, or direction of rotation (that is normally obvious from
the amount
  and >placing of twist), eg. rudi-out triff (forwards triple with 1
  twists in  the end somersault), or full-in full-out triff (backward
triple with
  full twist into the first, and out the last somersault).
> Finally, I think a triple twisting triple back is called a miller?
> Are there any other 'nick names'
>people know of? (If there are any mistakes in the above please feel

> free to correct all you trampolining gurus out there).

>Of course I suspect that in gymn all the names are muddled :-)



Barani = front with 1/2 twist
Brandi = aerial lifted roundoff  (in gymnastics, this is almost
always misrepresented as a barani)
rudolph (rudy) = front with 1 1/2 twist
randolph (randy) = front with 2 1/2 twist
adolph = front with 3 1/2 twist
Kissoff  =  yeah right if you think you can do 4 1/2

fliffus = double somi with twist
triffus = triple somi with  twist
quaffus = quadruple somi with twist
Holy shiffus    :-}     = any trick harder than those
(these have come to usually mean a barani out of the skill - but not

Miller = triple twisting double somi (not triple triple)  -  he
 performed it as a 2 1/2 in - barani out
Elliot = triple twisting double somi on floor - he performed more of

 a 1/1 twist in 2/1 twist out

When doing multiple somersaults:
twisting during the 1st somi is referred to as twisting "in"   ex. =

 1/1 in, back out

twisting during the last somi is referred to as twisting "out"   ex.

 = back in, 1/1 out

twisting in the middle somi of a triple is referred to as twisting
 "within"   ex. = back in, 1/1 within, back out

Hope that this helps to clear it up a little




Date:    Sat, 23 Dec 1995 16:42:33 -0600
From:    ***@SASKNET.SK.CA
Subject: Re: NCAA Out of Control?

My Usenet filter brought this article up which I thought might
interest some of you.  It could certainly spark some debate.
For the record, from what I make of this post there is no
debate at all.  Extremely unfair to the athletes IMHO.
Happy Holidays to all.  DORY

> Article:
> Message-ID: <>
> From: (Michael Barnes)
> Subject: NCAA Out of Control?
> Score: 100
>  Did anyone else here catch the article on the front page of the sports
>  section in Wed. USA Today?  It was about a couple of high school students
>  from the suburban Chicago area.  She is the defending state champion in
>  gymnastics in the all-around category and he is the state defending
>  champion in the 100m fly or free (I forget which).  Anyways, both are
>  obviously prime candidates for athletic scholarships.  Both meet the grade
>  point average and minimum standardized test scores set by the NCAA.  Both
>  are ineligible to receive athletic scholarships at Div. I-A schools
>  according to the NCAA.
>  It seems, that what makes these two students different is the fact that
>  they have diagnosed learning disabilites.  I forget exactly what his
>  disability was, but they were very specific.  She has a flawed long term
>  memory, which the paper claimed made test taking difficult for her
>  (obviously!).  Anyways, these kids apparently attend school in an
>  excellent district, as the school system had classes available
>  specifically designed to assist students with learning disabilities.  The
>  NCAA claims that these classes, since they were taught at a slower pace,
>  did not count as meeting several of the core curriculum requirements
>  established by the NCAA.  Both kids will graduate this year with
>  respectable grade points and normal diplomas (i.e. they are not being
>  given special diplomas denoting that the classes they took were different
>  from those that the majority of students took) so the school obviously
>  believes that those classes met the content requirements of their standard
>  curriculum.
>  I've been busy the last couple of days and really half expected to log in
>  this morning and find something posted about this already, as one of these
>  kids is a swimmer.  Anyways, it was probablly pretty naive of me to assume
>  that I'm the only one busy during the holidays =]>
>  I've got quite a few thoughts on this subject, but I wanted to see what
>  anyone else might have to say about it.  I will say that I am totally
>  against the NCAA's stance on this case and would especially relish hearing
>  from someone who supports them. (Too bad Martin is away over the
>  holidays)  I will try to dig up the paper (it wasn't my copy) and post the
>  names as well as the hearing date before the NCAA comittee responsible for
>  ruling on this matter.
>  lator
>  mike
>  --

Date:    Sat, 23 Dec 1995 19:24:31 -0500
From:    ***@DELPHI.COM
Subject: Re: GYMN-L Digest - 20 Dec 1995 to 21 Dec 1995


Nope... I don't coach Lisa & Lana.  My partner Jeff Wood does.
 I can tell you that one of them has dropped out of the sport
and although I have known both of them since they were little
girls, (I was their Phys. Ed. teacher in elementary school) I
still can't tell them apart!  Sad yes but true.  So, I don't
honestly know which one is still competing!  I think it's
Lisa... at least I hope it's Lisa... I've been calling her Lisa
for the last two months...

Take care!



Date:    Sat, 23 Dec 1995 22:00:40 -0500
From:    ***@AECOM.YU.EDU
Subject: tumble trak

I am a new member to the gymn group. I have noticed several messages
discussing the benefits of the tumble trak.  I have stoped taking
gymnastics lessons for a few years and i was wondering what a tumble trak
is. Furthermore i would like to get back into gymnastics
classes but my schoolwork takes up alot of my time. I live in queens new
york and i was wondering if anyone knows of  a place that meets once or
twice a week (it does not have to be competative) I am 17 years old
(already old for competative gymnastics) I am not on such a high level
but i enjoy recreational gymnastics alot.  If anyone has any information
please let me know.
thank you


Date:    Sat, 23 Dec 1995 17:38:16 -10
From:    ***@ALOHA.NET
Subject: Olympic Gold CD-ROM

Hello out there!!!
Has anyone purchased the Olympic Gold CD-ROM distributed by the
Discovery Channel Multimedia?  It was advertised on IG for $39.95
and I believe was mentioned on the List some time ago.

I would like to know how extensive the gymnastics portion is
especially concerning RSG.  Would appreciate any input you can


Date:    Sat, 23 Dec 1995 22:00:44 -0800
Subject: layouts

Hi. This may seem like quite a simple question to some of you, but for
those of us who never got much past back handsprings, it still remains a
mystery. :) I was wondering what the correct positions and techniques are
for a layout on floor and a layout flyaway off bars. i've seen them done,
even trained them a bit myself, but i never could quite figure out when
to arch, when to hollow, etc. etc. etc. If someone could enlighten me
(with as detailed a desciption as possible) i would be very grateful.
Feel free to respond directly to me. Thanks!


Date:    Sun, 24 Dec 1995 14:51:00 -0600
Subject: Aeon Cup

          I do not know if these results have already been posted

          Aeon Cup
          (1995 Worldwide RSG Club Championships)

          SNR AA
          1. M Petrova      Levski BUL
          2. Serebrianskaya Derjugina UKR
          3. E Vitrichenko  Chernomorets UKR
          4. Lukianenko     Dinamo BLR
          5. J Barachina    Intercross RUS
          6. O Gontar       Dinamo BLR
          7. D Popova       Levski BUL
          8. A Zaripova     Intercross RUS
          9. V Stadnik      Derjugina UKR
          10.Kliuk'cite     Gracija LTU
          11.L Oulehlova    SK City CZE
          12.K Takahashi    California ACD USA
             Z Xiaojing     Jusco China CHN
          Plus 34 Others



Date:    Sun, 24 Dec 1995 14:40:00 -0600
Subject: Jnr Pacific Alliance Results (finally!!)

          As I promised, here are the results of the Jnr Pacific
          Alliance comp.

          Mens Team
          1. USA
          2. AUS

          OOoops! Seems I made a mistake in my last post. I must have
          been thinking of RSG

          Mens AA
          1. D Leiter    USA   8.90  8.40  8.74  8.95  8.65  7.85
          2. L Fang      USA   8.65  8.35  8.85  8.75  8.35  8.30
          3. D Schneider AUS   8.55  8.50  7.90  8.50  8.20  8.90
          4. S Contreras USA
          5. G Yung      USA
          6. J Ng        AUS
          7. D McNamara  AUS
          8. R Peverell  AUS
          9. D Smith     AUS
          10.G Hugo      COL

          Mens EF

          1. Leiter    9.05
          2. Contreras 9.00
          3. Smith     8.65


          1. Contreras 8.35
          2. Ng        8.25
          3. McNamara  7.90

          1. Fang      8.60
          2. Contreras 8.45
          3. McNamara  8.20

          High Bar
          1. Schneider 8.75
          2. Fang      8.00
          3. McNamara  7.95

          1. Schneider      9.10 (!!)
          2. Katsampes(USA) 8.75
          3. Fang           8.50

          1. Leiter   8.90
          2. Yung     8.77
          3. McNamara 8.60

          David Schneider is the Aussie Under 18 champ for something
          like the 6th time in a row. And he is only 14!!

          Womens Team

          1. USA   114.196
          2. AUS   110.447
          3. NZL   104.799
          4. COL   103.995

          Womens AA

          1. G Kachura   USA  9.600  9.666  9.466  9.766  38.498
          2. Baimbridge  USA  9.300  9.616  9.500  9.223  37.649
          3. A Brion     USA  9.516  9.816  8.533  9.783  37.648
             K Frketic   AUS  9.483  9.083  9.566  9.516  37.648
          5. S Prosser   AUS
          6. K Rowe      USA
          7. S Le        AUS
          8. Rutherford  USA
          9. McLaughlin  AUS
          10.R Wilson    AUS

          Unbelievably close in 2nd and 3rd place!

          Womens EF

          1. Kachura    9.580
          2. Wilson     9.325
          3. Baimbridge 9.125

          1. Kachura   9.787
          2. Brion     9.575
          3. Frketoc   9.125

          1. Baimbridge 9.325
          2. Brion      9.05
          3. Prosser    8.825

          1. Kachura  9.632
          2. Brion    9.474
          3. Frketic  9.281

          Almost a sweep by Gail Kachura, proving she deserved the AA
          gold. Good effort from the Aussie girls too.

          RSG Team

          1. AUS  105.3  (Really? Wow!!)
          2. USA  101.2
          3. MAS  95.5
          4. COL  89.0

          So thats what I was thinking of! Well Done AUS!!

          RSG AA

          1. S Johnston  AUS  8.9  8.4  8.8  8.9  35.00
          2. D Leray     AUS  8.8  8.5  8.8  8.8  34.90
          3. A Grey      AUS  8.4  8.5  9.1  8.7  34.70
             L Illy      USA  8.9  8.0  9.0  8.8  34.70
          5. N Carbone   AUS
          6. K. Kemper   USA
          7. T Chee Klat MAS
          8. S. Palacios MEX
          9. N Lacuesta  USA
          10.C Aua Yong  MAS
          11.C Chan      MAS
          12.C Congora   COL
          13.K Perez     COL
          14.Y Pinzon    COL

          RSG EF

          1. Illy     8.8
          2. Leray    8.5
          3. Nacuesta 8.4

          1. Carbone  8.5
             Kemper   8.5
          3. Johnston 8.3
             Illy     8.3

          1. Johnston  8.7
          2. Illy      8.5
          3. Chee Klat 8.3
             Grey      8.3

          1. Grey     8.9
          2. Leray    8.7
             Nacuesta 8.7

          Who is the Jnr RSG Champ from the USA? A Grey is the AUS Jnr

          Apparently the Pacific Alliances were not very well
          organised. China, Chinese Taipei and Mexico brought senior
          gymnasts because they were told it was a senior competition.
          this explais why they were missing from the results.
          Also the EF went from 4pm until 12.30am! I would certainly
          not like to be competing HB then!!

          Hope you enjoy reading the results and thanks to all the
          people who emailed me.




End of GYMN-L Digest - 23 Dec 1995 to 24 Dec 1995