GYMN-L Digest - 23 Jun 1996 - Special issue

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Topics in this special issue:

  1. Bill Roth and Blaine Wilson.
  2. floor music, US men
  3. training in China
  4. Gymnasts in New York Times
  5. Rhythmic Worlds EF (Day Three)
  6. Belarus' Olympic Trials
  7. floor music
  8. Romanian tidbits
  9. questions (2)
 10. Russian Olympic Team contenders
 11. Yvonne Tousek
 12. US Nationals:  Junior Women


Date:    Sun, 23 Jun 1996 07:58:15 -0700
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Bill Roth and Blaine Wilson.

                            Bill Roth and Blaine Wilson both stopped by
my gym yesterday to pick up our mini tramp. They were doing a exibition
nearby and thiers wasn't shiped in. I wasn't there yet but my coach was
and he said that the guys hung around for awhile to sign autographs for
the gymnasts who were there. Bill Roth commented on his disappointing
nationals results by saying "Oh well, it happens...." He has a great
attitude about it. Maybe we'll see him in 2000?



Date:    Sun, 23 Jun 1996 11:01:51 -0400
Subject: floor music, US men

     One of the worst floor music selections I ever heard was Kristie Phillips'
1987 routine - that hoedown number: too loud, too fast, too annoying in
general! I didn't much care for Gurova's 1987 music either (did she ever even
have other music? She was using that selection at age 12 too!). Tatiana Gutsu's
Olympic 1992 music was not among my favorites either.
     My favorites are both of Oksana Omelianchik's routines and choices of
music, since they fit her perfectly and she interpreted them so well. Also,
Natalia Lashchenova in Stuttgart. And another top favorite is Natalia Frolova
in 1986. That piece of music (don't know what it's called) is just beautiful,
and her choreography fit it to a T. On the other hand, when various other
gymnasts have tried to use the same piece, it's been pretty much of a failure.
Kalinina in 1989 is a good case in point. Grosheva can interpret it well, if
she remembers to bring her tape to the competition! :)

     For US men fans, I noticed in TV Guide that there's some sort of "where
are they now?" show on CBS Wednesday night at 8:00. One person who'll be
featured is Mitch Gaylord.
     Also, the other day a local radio station here in Columbus interviewed Kip
Simons (4th at Nationals). Don't know where No. 1 Blaine Wilson was! Anyway,
Kip gave a really nice interview and was incredibly patient considering the DJs
clearly didn't know anything about gymnastics! They asked Kip if he could do an
iron cross, and he said "yes." And he mentioned he could actually do it two
ways - he could do it upside down as well. This sent the DJs into mild shock,
and one of them asked if that was harder. Kip said, "well, yeah." Then they
wanted to know if he ever competed on floor! Kip very patiently explained that
gymnasts have to do all 6 events in AA. Five minutes later they asked if he did
high-bar... Then - and who knows where this came from - they asked him if he
shaved the hair off his body! Perhaps they were confusing gymnastics with
swimming and diving. He said, "no," and they then wanted to know if he had a
lot of hair. He again said "no," and the DJs asked why it seemed that most
gymnasts aren't hairy. It was the strangest line of questioning I'd ever heard!
And I give Kip a lot of credit for putting up with it with such grace and
politeness! Earlier in the interview he mentioned Blaine and how happy the OSU
guys were that he won Nationals and unseated 4-time national champion John
Roethlisburger. One DJ asked if John had been "pissed," and Kip said that yes,
he had been. It was not said in a mean way at all - Kip just mentioned that
he'd spoken to John after the meet and he was mad, and Kip had also observed
John watching Blaine prepare for and perform rings. Kip said John was trying to
stare Blaine down, intimidate him and psyche him out, but Blaine was in his own
world and never even noticed! I think it was all just friendly rivalry though,
because Kip said everyone on the team gets along well.
     One reason the interview was done in the first place was to get local
offices to "adopt an Olympian" - namely Kip - so the money contributed can be
used to help his parents, brother and trainer (someone he's been working with
the past 2 months) go to the Olympics. Kip's expenses are paid for, of course,
but his family has to foot their own bill. This seems rather unfair to me, but
it's apparently what the rules are. Right now Kip is facing the prospect of
making it to Atlanta and then having no friends or family there to share his
achievement with! I hope the "adoption" program works out.



Date:    Sun, 23 Jun 1996 11:46:04 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: training in China


Someone asked about training in China.  My karate teacher has been to China
three times for martial arts training.  Once he visited the gymnastics
training center.  I watched the program with him last night, and he did tell
me that the training in China is pretty brutal.  If you ever rent the Chinese
movie "Farewell my Concubine" the martial arts and opera performer training
depicted is pretty brutal there, too.



Date:    Sun, 23 Jun 1996 14:05:32 -0400
From:    ***@AIX2.UOTTAWA.CA
Subject: Re: Gymnasts in New York Times

Hey everybody!

        Jeez, it's just four weeks until the Olympics, and our sport gets
its wonderful, alloted minutes in the sun before fading completely into its
customary obscurity. Did anybody get the Sunday NYT magazine on female
Olympians? The whole issue is dedicated to great women athletes, past and
present, and of course there is the obligatory blurb on Dominique
Moceanu. This one is not terribly fascinating as she is just wearing a
multicolored leotard, standing with her leg stretched up in the air.
There's a funny little aside on her new "autobiography", and the author
says that the hype alone is deserving of a medal.

        The piece that I did find quite interesting indeed was that with
Svetlana Boginskaya, subtitled "Giantess among the pixies." Sveta is
wearing a jazzy black, dare I say catsuit, lying on her bed with a large
tiger-print blanket. She has this come-hither look, but is of course
holding the standard (ex-) Soviet gymnast prop of a stuffed animal, hers
being a white dog. Cute. The text, like all the others in the mag, is very
brief and simply mentions her comeback, going to Karolyi's and "extraordinary"
relative size. Nothing new, but hey, we can use all the attention we can get!
Nice photograph, too.

        Just thought that I'd share that with you all, since not EVERYONE
reads the New York Times. Hope I am not wasting valuable space here.



Date:    Sun, 23 Jun 1996 14:46:10 -0400
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: Rhythmic Worlds EF (Day Three)

Rhythmic World Championships 1996

Budapest, Hungary               21 - 23 June, 1996

(Day Three of Three)

Groups Event Finals:


 1. Spain                       (ESP)   19.816
 2. Russia                      (RUS)   19.800
 3. Belarus                     (BLR)   19.700
 4. Ukraine                     (UKR)   19.366
 5. Italy                       (ITA)   19.183
 6. China                       (CHN)   19.032
 7. Bulgaria                    (BUL)   19.000
 8. Japan                       (JPN)   18.666


 1. Belarus                     (BLR)   19.866
 2. Russia                      (RUS)   19.816
 3. Ukraine                     (UKR)   19.733
 4. Spain                       (ESP)   19.699
 5. Japan                       (JPN)   19.500
 6. Hungary                     (HUN)   19.433
 7. Italy                       (ITA)   19.258
 8. Bulgaria                    (BUL)   18.833

Individual Event Finals:


 1. Amina Zaripova              (RUS)   10.000
 2. Elena Vitrichenko           (UKR)    9.950
 3. Maria Petrova               (BUL)    9.933
 4. Eva Serrano                 (FRA)    9.916
 5. Magdalena Brzeska           (GER)    9.883
 6. Eugenia Pavlina             (BLR)    9.766
 7. Irene Germini               (ITA)    9.716
 8. Alina Stoica                (ROM)    9.700


 1. Elena Vitrichenko           (UKR)   10.000
 2. Janina Batyrchina           (RUS)    9.983
 3. Eugenia Pavlina             (BLR)    9.950
 4. Diana Popova                (BUL)    9.866
 5. Katia Pietrosanti           (ITA)    9.750
 6. Alba Caride-Costas          (ESP)    9.716
 7. Viktoria Frater             (HUN)    9.616
 8. Maria Pangalou              (GRE)    9.600

Well, Maria Petrova was correct in thinking that the four apparatus
finals would be won by four different gymnasts, but she wasn't among
one of them receiving the gold. The four golds went to Lukianenko,
Serebrianskaya, Zaripova and Vitrichenko. One thing I've noticed is
that each gymnast seem to be only able to take part in TWO apparatus

Another TV interview today by Cornelia Hodeige the DSF-TV presentor,
this time with Russia's Janina Batyrchina. Again the interview was
conducted in English.

CH (Cornelia Hodeige): Janina, congratulations to the silver medal.

JB (Janina Batyrchina): Thank you.

CH: We saw you at the beginning, smiling. Are you nervous? Or aren't
you nervous?

JB: I'm nervous but I must smile because when I smile I'm not scared.

CH: Janina, it was a very nearly perfect performance for you, but you
told me you had a little problem at the end of your performance. What

JB: In the end I have balance and after balance I do a little step
front. It's maybe... <left unfinished>

CH: We see it here (TV re-showing part of her ribbon routine), is it
this part?

JB: Yeah. Before. Before this.

CH: Janina, to win a gold medal, I think the way is not so long for you.
do you think you can win a gold medal in Atlanta? Or do you have to

JB: Yeah I want to take first place and to take gold medal, but I must
more training and not nervous and not mistake.

CH: Who is your, how do you say, idol... what do you think who is
someone very special in your eyes?

JB: I like Maria Petrova because she have very good emotion and when
she do excercise it's like dance. Not just sport, not just rhythmic
gymnastic it's like dance. If she do Carmen, it's Carmen dance.

CH: Just one little question at the end. You had a problem with the
ribbon and this air-condition here or?

JB: Yeah I have problem but we train in this gym we have training in
this hall and I'm now OK.

CH: Now OK, but it was air-conditioning...

JB: Yeah, before when first training my ribbon like this (waving her
arms in the air indicating that the air-conditioning must be blowing
her ribbon all over the place).

CH: Ha ha. Janina, thank you very much for being here. You have to go
to your ceremony. Thank you and congratulations.

JB: Yeah. Thank you.

[End of interview]



Date:    Sun, 23 Jun 1996 15:09:43 -0400
Subject: Belarus' Olympic Trials

     Sovetsky Sport just reported the results of Belarus' Olympic Trials, and I
thought gymners might be interested in the selection process, since it makes
the US system look completely uncontroversial and downright fair!
     Shcherbo, Ivankov and Kan did not have to compete at the trials at all;
they were just named to the team. Places 1-4 in the competition went to
Aleksandr Belanovsky, Ivan Pavlovsky, Aleksandr Shostak and Vitaly Rudnitsky,
so that's the team. I agree that the first 3 DEFINITELY belong on the team, but
so do the top 3 American guys, and they still had/have to compete. Well,
     The women's event was even stranger. Everyone had to do compulsories.
Boginskaya, Piskun and Polozkova finished 1-3 (I think in that order) and then
"by decision of the coaches, the first two were exempted from optionals." Well,
that's a new one. Polozkova went into the optional round, got 9.8 on bars, and
the coaches then decided she didn't need to do any more routines - she was just
placed on the team with Bogy and Piskun. So, Yulia Sobko ended up winning,
followed by Olga Yurkina, Yulia Yurkina and Svetlana Tarasevich. And that's the
team. I'm sure it would have been the same team even if everyone had competed,
but the Belarusian methods make the US petitioning process look pretty


P.S. I have tentative teams for Russia if anyone is interested. What Arkayev
did was choose 10 girls and 10 guys after Russian Cup to participate in a
training camp. Eight girls and eight guys will travel to the US for the camp in
the States. Then 2 unlucky people get sent back to Moscow. Six of the girls'
slots seem pretty much set, with 4 girls' competing for that 7th spot. Of the
10 guys listed, all have a decent shot. Aleksei Bondarenko and Oksana
Fabrichnova are out of the running - they were not even selected for the
training squad... I can post the 10 girls and 10 guys later if there's interest
(I need to look them up in Sovetsky Sport again).


Date:    Sun, 23 Jun 1996 16:32:28 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: floor music

The floor music that I find the most disappointing are Amanda Borden and
Jaycie Phelps, because both of them *can* do lyrical, classical routines and
carry them off well.  It's sad to see them use such average music, especially
Amanda Borden's which makes her seem like a Karolyi gymnast.


Date:    Sun, 23 Jun 1996 15:43:02 -0400
From:    ***@FOX.NSTN.CA
Subject: Romanian tidbits

Apparently Mirela Turgurlan will be on the Romanian team in Atlanta and
Gina Gogean will be competing for another year after the Games until she
finishes high school.



Date:    Sat, 22 Jun 1996 23:08:41 -0400
From:    ***@SCRANTON.COM
Subject: questions

i have a couple of questions:
      1.a bail to handstand on ub, is it the same as an overshoot to hand???
      2. what is the name of the move when (ub) you do a counter swing on
the highbar to a hand stand ( i thought that was a bail to handstand)
      3. is an  (sorry for the spelling) omlianchick a handspring quarter
      4. what is the yurchenko mount and yurchenko loop on beam?
      5. what is  a markalov on bars
      6.whats a full twisting reverse hecht- a shushanova?
 thanks a lot guys!!!!!!! see ya at the trials!!!!!!!!!  donny


Date:    Sun, 23 Jun 1996 17:04:02 -0400
From:    ***@YORKU.CA>
Subject: Re: question

On Sat, 22 Jun 1996, Donald wrote:

> i have a couple of questions:
>       1.a bail to handstand on ub, is it the same as an overshoot to hand???
          Yes, and it's a D.

>       2. what is the name of the move when (ub) you do a counter swing on
> the highbar to a hand stand ( i thought that was a bail to handstand)
         Do you mean a back uprise to handstand, like Dawes and virtually
all the other girls did on bars at USA's?  ALso a D.

>       3. is an  (sorry for the spelling) omlianchick a handspring quarter
> turn?
        Yes, but I refuse to call it that, since that's not what Oksana
did, and Oksana was a cool gymnast and she never would have done such an
ugly looking skill (although when Miller does it, it's worth watching).

>       4. what is the yurchenko mount and yurchenko loop on beam?
        Natalia Yurchenko doesn't have a mount officially named after her
in the code, but some erroneously call a RO ff mount a Yurchenko (Maxi
Gnauck was really the first to do this) since it resembles her vault.  A
Yurchnko Loop is a back handsprind sideways on BB to a back hip circle,
also a D as far as I know.

>       5. what is  a markalov on bars
        This is what Khorki does on UB: from a front giant,a straddled
hecth 1/2 turn to catch the bar.

>       6.whats a full twisting reverse hecht- a shushanova?


Date:    Sun, 23 Jun 1996 18:09:58 -0400
Subject: Russian Olympic Team contenders

     In response to popular demand :) here are the 10 girls and 10 guys being
considered for the Russian team. As of June 11, two have spots locked up
(barring injury): Aleksei Nemov and Roza Galiyeva.

Girls: Galiyeva, Kochetkova, Khorkina, Grosheva, Kuznetsova, Lyapina,
Dolgopolova, Roshchina, Korostelyova and Produnova. The reporter said the first
six are pretty much definite, and the bottom four will fight it out for that
7th spot. Dina Kochetkova did not compete in Trials due to a sore knee, but is
evidently considered to be in good enough shape to be on the team.

Men: Nemov, Voropayev, Kryukov, Trush, Vasilenko, Zhukov, Podgorny, Karbanenko,
Shabayev and Kharkov. Nemov did not compete in Trials because of a shoulder
problem that eventually will require the same sort of surgery Shabayev had, so
I have no idea if he'll be in top shape. But I'm glad he gets to go!

Most unfair aspect of the whole thing: Aleksei Bondarenko, who finished 5th in
Russian Cup (which was basically the Trials) and went to the National Champs in
the EF the next weekend to capture a silver on pommels and vault and a gold on
high bar was not even considered for Atlanta. The newspaper doesn't spell out
why, but I've heard elsewhere that Arkayev just doesn't like him and this is
his way of punishing him. Seems more like Arkayev is shooting the Russian team
in the foot, since Bondarenko would have been a great asset to the team.
Perhaps Aleksei should give some thought to moving to Ukraine and competing for
them! (his last name indicates Ukrainian heritage, so he could just do what
Galiyeva did - move to the country that corresponds to your ethnicity).



Date:    Sun, 23 Jun 1996 18:48:34 -0400
From:    ***@KENT.NET
Subject: Yvonne Tousek

Apparently there was an article on Yvonne Tousek in International
Gymnast recently.  If anyone who read it could summarize it for me I'd
would really appreciate it.

Also, does anyone have information
on how to subscribe to IG or where to get it?  Are they online?  I haven't seen
 IG in  Canada since I was in elementary school (Our School
 library used to get it).  I've looked at magazine stores with no luck.



Date:    Sun, 23 Jun 1996 19:17:25 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: US Nationals:  Junior Women

As I was *finally* putting away one of my travel bags from Knoxville, I
spotted a bunch of notes I had made on the Jr. Womens meet.  Since it wasn't
covered on TV, and some people were asking for more detail, I've decided to
post my notes as info.  Remember, these are the "stream of conciousness" type
notes that get taken when a person's trying to watch all four apparatus at
once <g> i.e. most of these are fragments of routines.  And yes, I make
mistakes like everyone.  If you see one, please feel free to let me know.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions that may arise from these.

PS  One interseting thing about Jr.s at USAs is that the age range was 11-16.
 Some of these ladies were Sr. age but are focusing on 1997 (no
compulsories), and some won't be eligible for a Worlds until 1999 or later.

--Btw, some 'codes'
Y=Yurchenko vault
H=Hristakieva vault
P=Phelps vault
PF=punch front
OM=Omeliantchik (when you need a code for this, there's too many!)
First vault comments/second vault comments

Day 1 - Wednesday 10AM

V-Whitehurst- H late twist   lunge/huge but large step
UB-Stoner-good leg form but one break
V-Atler- Y1 1/2 nice extension, feet a little flat   step/didn't see 2nd
BB-MacFarland-3 falls
V-Dantzscher (sp?)- H average distance late twist but good leg form
  step/slight hop
UB-Carrow-nice front giant, pointed toes, pirouette into piked Jaegar
V-Dyson- Y 1/1  slightly piked, much stronger than practice step/step
UB-Ray-gorgeous form, legs tight together
BB-Brion-overall wobbly but really nice FF FF straight body high layout combo
V-Parkinson- H late twist stuck/earlier twist and score reflected it
V-Chock- Vault 2.404 (don't have my table with me right now <g>  huge  large
steps but distance was rewarded/way forward on horse


V-Willis-  H late twist  big step/2 steps
V-Phelps-  pike front gorgeous form toes pointed  small hop/  front pike 1/2
slopping legs, step
UB-Chock-high Tkatchev, needs work on form
V-Kachura- P late twist  step/  earlier tist, step back
FX-Mc Farland, fall, several stumbles, needs work on dance
FX-Beck-full-in  2 1/2 twist into PF, Fiddler on the Roof music, ok dance
V-Taylor- pike front  straight legs  hop/big lunge
FX-Brion- weak dance, great tumbling, dbl layout, 3/1 twist, front full,
full-in pike, struggled for passes but held them
UB-Atler-Tkatchev, nice wrong-way Tkatchev, layout half in-half-out, tiny
step.  Once form tightens up will be a dynamite set.
FX-Baimbridge-Chorus Line music, low full-in, near fall on layout front
middle pass, 3/1 twist dismount
UB-Dyson-nice front giant sequence, double layout feet slightly apart


BB-Dantzscher- FF FF layout (fall), very tentative, 2nd fall
FX-Ray-elegant dance but not fully realized
BB-Dyson-straddle planche mount into 1/4 body twist position held, FF FF
layout, OM, tuck jump into OM, dbl tuck dismount.
BB-Chock-standing full, FF layout layout, back roll extension into switch
leap, 3/1 twist
BB-Atler-nice Yang Bo-type leap, FF FF layout, full turn (near fall), high
split leap into layout stepout, FF FF double tuck


BB-Kachura- 3/1 twist dismount, great form
FX-Dyson-full-in pike, front full RF (near fall), front full side pass, 2/1
twist, nice toe point
BB-Taylor-FF layout back pike

Day 2 - Friday 2PM


V-Kachura-  H ok form
FX-Antolin-music from League of Their Own
V-Martinez-tucked Cuervo
UB-Dantzscher-extended Pak salto, gorgeous form, dbl dbl tuck dismount
FX-Baimbridge-Chorus Line music, full-in, showy dance, 3/1 twist
BB-DiPasquale-nice Rudi dismount, young Monica Seles clone
V-Gingrich-average front tuck
BB-Murphy-nice split jumps, FF layout layout, bailed out of dismount
FX-Brion-gorgeous dbl layout, immediately back down for 3/1 twist, fall on
piked full-in
FX-Beck-whip to full-in
BB-Jensen-tuck jump into Rulfova (fal)
V-Phelps-pike front  step/  pike front 1/2 small step better than Day 1
UB-Alter-high Pak salto
BB-Ray-fought tru, consistent
UB-Chock-hit feet on wrong-way Tkatchev, dbl front dismount (fall)
BB-Glasmire-nice leaps, PF on, polished look
FX-Young-floated out of 2 1/2 twist
V-Willis- H  fell forward/step
BB-Carrow-very confident dance and leaps, OM to stand, OM to split, 2 1/2
twist (step)
FX-White-Rudi FF FF, 3/1 twist
BB-Stoner-press to split handstand, wobbly overall
FX-Wing-  3/1 twist, high split leaps, front full layout front, front full PF


V-Brion-  H  sat/small step forward
UB-Martinez- double layout dismount
BB-Parkinson solid pike front
FX-Murphy- 2 1/2 twist into PF
BB-Rice-OM, FF layout layout, PF, 3/1 twist
FX-Jensen-  full-in (fall), front full PF
V-Beck- Y 1 1/2  didn't see first/step
UB-Phelps-nice handstand, piked Geinger, dbl front (step)
V-McFarland- Y 1 1/2  leg form  stuck/didn't see, good to see her go for the
BB-Atler- PF on (fell forward), FF FF layout feet together, FF FF dbl tuck
V-Young-  H  high  step/stuck
BB-Chock-standing full, 3/1 twist (step)
FX-Glasmire- 40s music, very Parkettes reminded me of Kristin McDermott,
struggled for tumbling
BB-Whitehurst- PF on, FF FF FF, nice dance elements, dbl tuck (hop)
FX-Carrow-  2 1/2 twist, front full PF
V-White- front tuck   didn't see/stuck
V-Wing-  H  step/stuck, reminds me of Michelle Campi
UB-Willis-Tkatchev, front giant, double front, form problems
FX-Stoner-front full mount, triple turn
BB-Beckerman- 2 1/2 twist (lunge)
V-Antolin-  H  didn't see/small hop
BB-Dyson-little wobbles, fought thru, double tuck
V-Baimbridge-pike front  sat/step
BB-Dantzscher- FF FF layout (stuck solid), FF layout full, jump to side
Aeriel (fall), 3/1 twist


FX-Atler-full-in, 3/1 twist, front full PF, improved dance
BB-Gingrich-PF on, FF FF FF, side somi, Rudi off
V-Ray-tucked Phelps
V-Glasmire-tucked front  sat/step
BB-Phelps- OM, PF fought to stay on, dbl tuck, nice form
FX-Chock-piked full-in, 3/1 twist,
UB-Young-German giants (??)
V-Carrow-2/1 twist   step/2 steps
BB-Taylor-  PF nice kick out but fall, FF layout pike, PF (fall), Chen, FF FF
dbl tuck
UB-White-front Stalder, 2 front giants, form needs work, 2/1 twist dismount
V-Stoner-front 1 1/2  step/step
FX-Whitehurst-  whip to full-in, Rudi side pass, 3/1 twist
FX-Beckerman-  3/1 twist, Rudi
FX-Dyson-full-in pike, front full PF, front full, Shushunova, 2/1 twist
BB-Willis-PF (fall), dbl tuck (crash)
V-Stuckey-  2/1 twist  step/didn't see
V-DiPasquale-  Y 1/1 step/knees bent and took hop
FX-Dantzscher-  arabian dble front
UB-Brion- 2 front giants into wrong-way Tkatchev, front giant to dbl front
(big step)
V-Murphy-  front 1 1/2  step/didn't see
UB-Beck- fall on Tkatchev
BB-Martinez (I think) - PF on, FF pike back, PF into jump, Rudi off  (lots of
PF on and Rudi off in this meet)
FX-Parkinson-2 1/2 twist PF, front full PF
FX-Rice-  whip whip 3/1 twist, nice dance


BB-White- FF layout FF layout, Rudi off
V-Whitehurst   H didn't see/step
V-Beckerman-  front tuck   hop/2 huge steps
V-Dyson-  Y 1/1 step/step
V-Dantzscher-  H  hop slightly bent knees/step
BB-Brion- FF FF huge layout, back extension roll to handstand, FF FF full-in
(step), leaps improved
V-Rice- Y tuck 1/1  bailed out/step
BB-Beck-  Rulfova, FF FF dbl tuck
UB-Ray- front giant, Tkatchev, fell on low bar handstand, dbl layout
BB-McFarland-  standing back layout into jump, FF FF high layout
V-Atler-  Y 1/1  / Y 1 1/2 (fall)
FX-Gingrich- whip whip 2 1/2 twist, front full PF, nice dance
V-Chock- piked front 1 1/2


End of GYMN-L Digest - 23 Jun 1996 - Special issue