GYMN-L Digest - 22 Jul 1996 - Special issue

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  1. Compuls.
  2. Russians lead, USA second
  3. Furnon in Opening Ceremonies


Date:    Mon, 22 Jul 1996 10:02:56 -0300
From:    ***@CCN.CS.DAL.CA
Subject: Re: Compuls.

Kelly wrote:

However, I want to COMPLAIN about not seeing one Canadian performance.  I
just saw them in the back ground.

Nods, I wasn't impressed that NBC wasn't showing the athletes in the
mixed teams either. Well they showed Joanna Hughes on floor but failed to
give us her score. The CBC and SRC showed all of our girls routines at
least once :) Tousek was awesome on floor! She scored a 9.600 which was
our highest score of the day.

If anyone knows what Hughes got as a score I would love to's
one of those things that just won't stop bugging me!


Date:    Mon, 22 Jul 1996 09:08:09 -0400
From:    ***@GRFN.ORG
Subject: Russians lead, USA second

I'm going to say it, I'm shocked, really shocked, almost pleasantly
so. I think the US should be leading, but it could be going either
way, and the Russians deserved it for no better reason than they
hit compulsory beam. A couple of comments...

1) I said I felt the US should be leading. I REALLY feel the scores
were in line last night. I don't think they were over scored, or
that any one else was appreciably underscored. The judges did a
good job of rewarding and keeping in line. However, my comment is
based on this...Shannon could've and should've gone higher on at
least two events and possibly a third (the third being comp beam,
which was low for everyone). Shannon was the only athlete I saw
who keep good form on the preflight of the piked tsuk, and she stuck
it. Also, she really hit the nicest handstand before  the straddle
back to handstand (which was, IMHO, just a little short). Shannon
could've picked up another .1-.15, which could've given the US
the lead. However, very close and the Russian team hit beam.

2) Apparently Octavian Belu was complaining the judges were conservative
with his team. I don't see why he is complaining. Amanar fell off beam,
the rest of the team (with the exception of Marinescu) looked slow
and cautious, and Milo apparently got a gift on vault and definitely
got one on bars. And Gogean stumbled on floor. The fact of the matter
is, they blew compulsories yet again, a real disapointment.

3) Shocked and sad for the Chinese. After all the talk about their
compulsories on beam, they blew the event. And then, nothing else
went particularily well. I felt for Mo and Liu. Neither will be in
bars finals, which really stinks.

4) SHAME ON NBC!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!! You show us Eileen Diaz
(who came as close to falling on comp floor as I've ever seen) and,
with her and her teammates clear in the background, NO YVONNE TOUSEK!!!
WAAAAHHHH!!! :( And apparently she hit comp floor.

5) On the same thread, no routines from Spain or France?

6) And finally, NBC needs to get their act together. If you show us
a routine, SHOW US A SCORE!!!! If you are talking about a specific
country, or athlete, or topic, keep the shot there, too (more a
complaint in other sports). And a little background on Eileen and
Joanna would've been nice, especially on Joanna, since she was
injur-ridden and that's why she missed 92.

7) Elif, John and Tim did a very solid job. SOLID> :)


Date:    Mon, 22 Jul 1996 09:14:14 -0400
From:    ***@FLX.COM
Subject: Furnon in Opening Ceremonies

I also saw Ludevine Furnon in the opening ceremonies.  The camera
focused on her for about 10 seconds.  She jumped up and smiled and
looked completely joyous.  How wonderful that she decided to march in
the opening ceremonies and really complete her Olympic experience!


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