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  1. Go U.S.A.!!!
  2. Women Pod Tr PART II
  3. Drug use among gymnasts (2)
  4. Whoops!
  5. Chusovitina's first pass...
  6. Great Olympics Links
  7. Tidbits from Podium Training...
  8. Disregard
  9. Scott & Brandy / SeaWorld


Date:    Sun, 21 Jul 1996 00:31:11 -0400
From:    ***@ISMI.NET
Subject: Go U.S.A.!!!

Hey all!

Well, I hope that all you who doubted the men's team now have gained some
respect and confidence in them, they were awesome!  If the men are this good
then I can't even imagine how great the women will be, I have a feeling we
may have a lot of medals, mens and womens, in the near future!



Date:    Sun, 21 Jul 1996 00:49:00 EDT
From:    ***@PSUVM.PSU.EDU
Subject: Women Pod Tr PART II

I got back to the GA Dome after being held up with 10 million people
which caused me to miss 1.5 rotations, including most of the Ukrainians'
Floor routines.  So I'll start from where I came back...

HUNGARY--One of them is doing a nice double twisting Yurchenko, Onodi is
throwing her front pike half.  Onodi did work optional bars, doing
pretty much her same old set without all of the full turns on the low
bar, I think.  She did throw a double layout dismount that is better
than the one she did before.  However, her beam brought a new skill--a
beautiful one-arm handstand in her mount, and she held it for a good 4
seconds.  She also did her Onodi, and a backhandspring layout
backhandspring.  Like I said before, Balog looks much improved from
Barcelona, and Ovary looks amazing.  It's too bad no one knows how old
she is or else she'd get as much attention as Boginskaya.

BELARUS--They were all over the place on beam.  Many missed their front
on mounts.  That can be attributed to youth and inexperience, I suppose.
On floor, Boginskaya fell on her 2 1/2 twist, but she does have new
music--kind of.  It's Spanish again, and it's amazing--she hasn't
changed a thing of the choreography.  I'm really serious.  Everything is
where it was with the other music.  You'll believe it when you see it.
Too bad, because when I heard different music I was looking forward to a
new routine.  Oh, also, Tarasevich punched a Rudi off beam instead of
her old double front--it looked pretty good and anything out of the
ordinary is a good thing.  On floor, Tarasevich threw a double twisting
fornt punch front--great!  Her dance is very reminiscent of Gutsu's at
the '92 games.  And Piskun looked strong with her whip to triple twist
and 2 1/2 twist punch LAYOUT front.  UKRAINE--Knizhnik is still strong
on vault with her front pike 1/2.  Mirgordskaya does the same vault, and
although Anna gets a lot of height and distance, her form is in need of
help.  Lilia is strong as ever on vault, and vault looks to be a very
strong event for the Ukrainians.  Mirgordskaya does her 2 German Giants
to a tkatchev and also a very high jaeger on bars.  I saw that good old
leg separation on Lilia's Geinger, but her dismount looked improved from
European's--it wasn't slung out anymore.  All in all, the Ukraine looks
strong and may sneak into the medals...

EILEEN DIAZ--I only saw her bars routine, but it looked good.  She's
probably not in contention for finals due to her weak compulsories, but
she's a delight on and off the floor.

USA--I have way too much written about them--but here goes.  Amy was up
first on beam, but all 7 girls competed it, so I'm not sure who will be
odd person out.  She did backhandspring-layout-backhandspring (fear from
trials?), her full was solid, a korbut (took out full twist on Rulfova),
and a roundoff backhandspring 2 1/2 twist, which she may have meant to
be a triple twist, but hey--it looked good as a 2 1/2!  Jaycie was up
second with her front on (still great--nice high landing),
backhandspring to 2 layouts, punch front, and a small step on her double
back.  Shannon was up 3rd, and she threw a punch front, backhandspring 2
layouts, Miller, and a full-in which was really low and she took a big
step back from pulling it around so much.  Moceanu was solid with her
backhandspring to 3 layouts--she landed the third layout a little low
but didn't panic- -she just brought her back leg in front of her other
leg--that's really admirable, being able to do that under pressure.  Her
punch front was good, and she had a small hop on her double back.  She
looks good on beam.  Kerri was up next with her backhandspring layout
backhandspring layout, but she was very shaky on her first double stag
jump.  Then she FELL on her Popa, which I've never seen her even wobble
on, and then I saw her do something else I've never seen--she stuck her
double back.  Dawes was really off after throwing her backhandspring to
3 layouts, hit her punch front, and almost stuck her full-in.  Last up
was Borden, and I don't know if that means that she's anchor or if she
won't be in optionals, but she had a great front on, her backhandspring
backhandspring 2-foot layout was solid, she had a small wobble on her
full turn, but her punch front and 2 backhandsprings to double back were
both solid.  In floor warmups, Kerri had a fwe problems with her front
full-front full.  Dawes led off with her good double layout, her 2 1/2
punch front stayed in bounds, and ended with her piked full-in.  Jaycie
was up next with a big step on her double front but kept it in bounds (I
do think that if she 1/2 twisted out of it she'd be able to land
better), her second pass was FINALLY as good as it should be with a
front full to a front LAYOUT, and ended with a full-in.  Borden rocked
her arabian double front, 2 1/2 twist, and ended with her front full to
front layout.  Moceanu mounted with a piked full-in, did a Rudi, front
full to front layout, and ended with a 2 1/2 twist.  Her landings were
really pretty weak and she was noticable limping after her routine.
This is definitely a very weak event for her with her leg problems.
Mileer mounted with a single layout, did her 2 front passes, and ended
with a full-in.  She also looks weak, and not just her wrist.  Kerri's
double layout was great but almost out even with a perfect landing, she
hit her front ful--front full, and her ending full-in was also stuck but
again almost out.  Amy did not perform floor ex--I guess she's out on
that event.  On vault, Jaycie missed her hand on her first vault and
crashed it, but did a great second vault.  Moceanu was up next with 2
1.5 twisting Yurchenkos which were landed, not stuck, and really low and
close to the horse.  Amy then did two double-twisting Yurchnkos with 1
step apiece.  Dawes did 2 1 1/2 yurchenkos, both with steps, and Shannon
only performed Hristakievas, which weren't as dynamic as before but she
stuck the second one.  Kerri threw two Yurchenko 1 1/2s with small steps
on each.  Amanda didn't perform on vault but did a good job adjusting
the boards.  On bars, the order was Moceanu (with a new full in double
layout and a good Pak and Shaposhnikova), Strug, who has the same old
routine with a stuck dismount, Borden with her high releases and a small
hop on her double front, Chow (who looked off on a lot of those
Stalder-pirouette combos but stayed on and had steps on her double
double dismount), Jaycie did a PERFECT routine, stuck dismount and all,
Miller did her same routine except again just dismounted with a layout,
and Dawes anchored with a small hop on her dismount but a great (as
usual) Hindorff.  I have no idea who they'll take off on this event, but
I think it should be the same person they take off of compulsory bars so
that the other girl has an opportunity to make event finals.  So that's
the USA.  In a nutshell...

And while the entire crowd didn't notice anyone else--I did...

SPAIN--Another team that is on the rise.  They all showed great
musicality on floor, with maybe the exception of Gemma Paz (who I did
see stand still for a few seconds).  Joana Juarez is really one to watch
if she hits...a double layout on floor plus her dance is beautiful.  On
bars, the girls whoed great form and were just awesome with their big
release moves--I think I say a huge piked Jaeger from inverts.  Juarez
seemed to have a few problems on beam, as did the rest of the team.
Their dance on beam is nice, though, and toe point is great--maybe it's
in the water--remember Sonia Fraguas?  I couldn't see that much of them
and I do feel that they were overlooked--too bad for the really partisan
corwd.  I felt at times that I was the only person there to see
gymnastics, not just the US.  I actually got a lot of dirty looks for
daring to applaud Juarez's floor routine...

OTHERS--The best individuals were in this rotation too, and also went
unnoticed.  Ludmila Prince of Latvia was really great, with a high
double layout on fldoor and great dance.  Her beam tumbling is huge--she
does 2 backhandsprings to a 2 footed layout that was at least as high as
the Chinese's.  Also, I FINALLY got to see Yvonne Tousek's floor ex, and
I absolutely understand why everyone loves it.  I was mesmerized...and I
clapped my heart out, and actually, some of the little kids around me
figured they should Yvonna got a little support out there.  Her
beam leaps were also works of art.  Also, the Koreans looked good, being
much more expressive on floor, and one of the girls from a country that
I honestly don't remember had a beautiful routine to the music from the
Passion soundtrack--very haunting.  I was really impressed with
everyone's performances, especially the non-Americans since they
competed with absolutely no support.  Sad, but they still showed
beautiful gymnastics.

I'm going to write one more little bits post and then I'll shut up.


Date:    Sat, 20 Jul 1996 23:06:51 -0600
Subject: Re: Drug use among gymnasts

It's interesting that so many seem surprised at the possibility that
gymnasts might use performance enhancing drugs. Here's something to think
about --

If you know anybody who was on or close friends with members of the 1976
Montreal men's gymn team from the USA, ask them about their own parties and
the known drug use at the Games. You may find the stories interesting.

If you don't think the pressure to perform will drive gymnasts to drug use,
watch any group of athletes at any JO meet. Aspirin, Ibuprofen, caffeine,
super high sugar intake ... these low level competitors will try almost
anything to compete better, hurt less, and try "to get an edge". Your
definition of "drug use" doesn't even have to be that loose to see what
they're doing. So, why would an elite athlete not also be tempted?

I'll admit that I don't want to think it's pervasive at this time and at
this Olympics. I would, however, say that winning a gold medal is plenty
enough reason to "push the envelope" a little in an effort to end up on top.
Maybe even use "science" to perfect and to mask drug use.

True, these aren't happy thoughts; but, the chance to win a gold medal or
simply be the world's best in any sport is often more than enough reason for
some athletes (certainly not all athletes) to turn drugs of some kind.

Drug free sports is a dream -- not reality.

-- Andy


Date:    Sun, 21 Jul 1996 01:12:30 -0400
From:    ***@GNN.COM
Subject: Re: Drug use among gymnasts

Joy --

Am I dreaming or did you *really* say Chusovitina was throwing a double
layout full-out punch front through to a double layout?! NBC better show


Date:    Sun, 21 Jul 1996 01:15:10 -0400
From:    ***@GNN.COM
Subject: Whoops!

Just so no misunderstands -- I didnt mean to leave the "Drug Use in
Gymnastics" Subject line on my question about Chusovitina. Sorry


Date:    Sun, 21 Jul 1996 01:21:00 EDT
From:    ***@PSUVM.PSU.EDU
Subject: Chusovitina's first pass...

Yes, to everyone who read Tim's question, Chusovitina did throw a
back-to-back pass of double layout full-out and then a double layout.
Can anyone else who was there confirm that she used a punch front in the
connection after her first double layout?  I'm 99% sure she did--even
without the punch front it's amazing.  How old is she?  21?  Just


Date:    Sun, 21 Jul 1996 01:31:05 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Great Olympics Links

To all:
    I've compiled a list of the best Olympics sites on the Internet. These
are not only the sites that offer the latest news but also offer virtual
reality, spy cameras, video clips and sound clips. The list can be found at:
    Heck, you can even see a picture of me on the page.
    But don't let that scare you away.
-- Ron


Date:    Sun, 21 Jul 1996 01:44:00 EDT
From:    ***@PSUVM.PSU.EDU
Subject: Tidbits from Podium Training...


Best Women's Tumbling Pass: Chusovitina's back-to-back double layout
full-out to double layout Worst Music for a Floor Ex: A Korean Girl used
"Cotton-Eyed Joe" by the Rednex.  If you've never heard this, it's a
really awful version with techno and it's just annoying.  You've been
warned.  Most very hyped gymnasts who probably will not win a medal:
Miller and Moceanu do not look recovered enough to do their best.  They
might have been contenders at their best...but...they aren't.  Best
dance on Floor: 1. France 2. Spain 3. Greece Best tumbling (team): 1.
Romania 2. Ukraine 3. USA and China Look-alikes: Cecile Canqueteau
(France) looks similar to Gutsu.  Crowd Favorites: USA gymnasts, Chinese
(especially Li X), Chechi, any stuck high bar or U Bars dismount,
release combos, big vaults, Milosovici, Mo Huilan, Khorkina,
Podkopayeva, and especially Boginskaya, Scherbo, and Mary Lou Retton My
biggest personal accomplishment: Getting a smile out of Svetlana
Tarasevich (BLR) Special quotes overheard: "Do all the girls use the
same music?" during compulsories; "Do all the guys wear the same outfits
on the teams?"; "He's okay, I guess" about Scherbo, more later...  Funny
moment: A Norwegian guy couldn't pull out of his L-cross--his coach
piked his butt with a pincil and that seemed to so a the trick.


Date:    Sun, 21 Jul 1996 01:45:00 EDT
From:    ***@PSUVM.PSU.EDU
Subject: Disregard

Ignore that awful last posts--I'm revising it and it accidentally got sent...


Date:    Sun, 21 Jul 1996 01:35:48 -0500
From:    ***@PRODIGY.COM
Subject: Scott & Brandy / SeaWorld

Saturday, July 13  -  SeaWorld of Florida had an "Olympic Spirit
Celebration" with a "Salute to Gymnastics" featuring Scott Johnson
and Brandy Johnson.

    SeaWorld offered all the local gymnastics clubs a special
discount rate to enter the park on this special occasion.
    The day started with a special luncheon with the stars.   All
participants recieved special Seaworld "Olympic style" medals.
    They did a special show with Scott and Brandy performing as well
as 4 kids from the Orlando area.   They had a level 6 and level 8
girl from Broadway Gymnastics, a Class 6 boy from Broadway and a
class 3 boy from Browns Gymnastics Metro.    Scott performed on PH
and PB and Brandy performed on BB.    Friday was Scott's 35th
birthday and he looked to be in as good of shape as ever (performing
a solid routine including Stutz HS, planche press, kip reverse cut hs,
 and a stuck double back dismount).    Brandy was as graceful as ever
and even included a solid gainer layout stepout.   The children also
performed on these same events as well as  some strip tumbling.
The girls were very polished and poised on beam (biased opinion since
I am the beam coach at Broadway   :-}  ).    The intent was to show
the various stages of gymnastics.    There was also a little bit of
comedy including Scott performing a wipeout off PH when an obnoxious
fan kept distracting him.
     They also brought in the performers from the "Baywatch" show at
Seaworld to show how gymnastics is applied to thier show.    They had
people perform fronts, backs and back fulls from a ramp on skis.
They had high divers perform.   They even had a person perform a back
flip with a bicycle.   This part of the show was very exciting
because they had many performers going at the same time.
    Later in the afternoon there was a time allotted where people
could talk to and get pictures and autographs from the stars.
    At the end of the evening, there was a special tribute to Scott
and Brandy during the Shamu show.   They interviewed them and showed
a video montage of their Olympic experience.

    It is refreshing to see SeaWorld taking such an interest in
gymnastics.    Earlier this year, they also had Mary Lou Retton
perform and then just recently they had Bart and Nadia.    Hats off
to SeaWorld for a job well done.



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