Subject:  GYMN-L Digest - 20 Jul 1996

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  1. Ironic little story!


Date:    Sat, 20 Jul 1996 03:39:31 -0400
From:    ***@ISMI.NET
Subject: Ironic little story!

Hey all!

Well, something happened to me about 4 weeks ago that I thought I would
share.  I was in the hospital having foot surgery.  Well, due to the extent
of the surgery, I had to stay overnight to make sure there were no
complications.  My hospital was a special foot hospital so there was only
one nurse there on duty and I was her only patient.  As I was lying in bed,
I heard my mom and her (the nurse) start talking, suddenly the subject of
gymnastics came up so I immediately woke up and joined in the conversation.
The nurse mentioned that her daughter did college gymnastics, so I asked for
which school.  She said the U of Georgia, and i was shocked.  I asked her
what her daughters name was and to my shock her daughter is Leslie Angeles
(sp?).  I thought that that was the coolest thing, needless to say to made
my night.  She showed me Leslie's senior picture, she is very pretty.  I am
from MI which made the whole story even more ironic, afterall who would
think that someone from here would go all the way to Georgia to go to
college, not that I can talk seeing as I go to school in Tenn., but it was
still shocking.  Anybody else out there have any interesting stories to
share?  Sorry if this bored y'all but I found it very exciting at the time,
and to be honest still do.  To think that I had had 3 surgies before this
one (yeah, I had really bad feet problems, but not anymore, YEAH!) and she
had been there all three times, and I never knew who she was.  Well, i'll
leave y'all be for now!
Later all!


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