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  1. Coverage (2)
  2. new gymn commentator? (2)
  3. Dominique Moceanu
  4. Nationals coverage (my thoughts) -- long (2)
  5. comments from meet reporters...
  6. [US Nationals] coverage peeves
  7. Commonwealth Games
  8. Where was Gail? and other comments
  9. Nationals
 10. Nationals-short
 11. Nationals Comments
 12. From TPTB at NBC (2)
 13. Nationals Day 4
 14. New gym help
 15. penpal
 16. Opinions on USA Champs (delete if you're sick of this subject)
 17. Nationals coverage
 18. Sveta & Bela
 19. Nationals Coverage


Date:    Sat, 19 Aug 1995 22:14:00 -0500
From:    ***@VIPER.NET
Subject: Re: Coverage

I totally agree that the coverage was terrible. I wished we had seen more of the
others...not that I didn't enjoy seeing Shannon and others but I would have
enjoyed seeing the other girls also.


Date:    Sat, 19 Aug 1995 23:42:26 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: new gymn commentator?

>Ryan didn't have much to say about the scoring, but his mommy would love to
know what kind of special bonus rules they were using to allow Dominique D.
and Shannon to get 9.95's on less-than-spectacular renditions of admittedly
hard vaults.

Don't take this as gospel, but I think there are two 'incentives' for the
gymnast to attempt a 10.0 start-value vault.

(1) [this one I know definitely] landing deductions are halved
(2) [this one Tim D. claimed - but then he also claimed Dom D. invented
double tumbling runs] 0.1 bonus for attempting it



Date:    Sat, 19 Aug 1995 23:43:06 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Dominique Moceanu

>PS- I was disappointed that Shannon changed her floor music.  The music she
used at the Kodak invitational was GREAT!  Anyone else share my feelings?

Actually I think her music here suited her *much* better


Date:    Sat, 19 Aug 1995 21:10:40 -0700
From:    ***@DANA.UCC.NAU.EDU
Subject: Nationals coverage (my thoughts) -- long

        First of all, i would like to comment on the coverage. While my
wish list was indeed a pie-in-the-sky fantasy, the coverage of the top
four was *very* good, I got to see 3 of Jaycie's routines, and nice
features. David Michaels wrote me a nice note too say that he did indeed
read my letter, but to remember that there was only *44* minutes
avaliable air time each night. I wanted to see Kerri, Doni, Amy, Mary
Beth etc. -- but I really understand why NBC was only able to show the
top 4.
        I think it is proper to say that one wishes for more coverage of
the top 8 individuals, or that some of us would prefer two solid hours
during the day than 1 hour prime time at night. Personally, I feel that
it is rude and inarticulate to say that the coverage "sucked".
        Now having said that, I still couldn't believe my ears when Tim
Dagget said that Dominique Dawes had practically "pioneered" the
back-to-back tumbling passes. If he can't follow the development of
women's moves more, I would encourage him to refrain from comment.
        And someone *please* inform Elfi Schlegel that a hop-full on bars
is not called a "Miller" and that she was not the first one to do it. I
would credit her with popularizing the move, like Shushunova popularized
a Rulfova on beam.
        Back-to-back junior/senior champions include Dianne Durham
('82-'83), Kristi Phillips ('86-'87) and Kim Zemeskal ('89-'90). I think
that 1989 was the year that the Olympic Sports Festival was used as
Junior Nationals. And it is interesting to note that Kristi won
back-to-back-to-back national titles in the children's, junior, and
senior competitions.
        Gosh, didn't Moceanu's beam in AA look incredible? I really liked
how Elfi noted the exactness of her upper body and how she was attacking
every move. But why, during the Kim/Dominique profile, did they say that
Kim and Dominique were the only two gymnasts that Bela was coaching? has
Svetlana retired? It would be such a shame if she did - I, for one, was
*really* enjoying her comeback.
        I liked Dom's new floor - it's definetly in the same vein as
Podkopayeva's - though the choreography is better than Lillia's. I like
Kerri's floor _far_ better than the country one she used last year - she
is not an exuberant competitor, and she needs more mature music than
that. I like this years routine.
        For Jaycie's floor, when they said she had switched to rock
music, I was really afraid that she would get downgraded, bouncy,
inarticulate choreography. I was wrong! She retains that classical,
balletic style in her routine, but with cool, dramatic variations. And I
can't believe she took *two* steps into that front hs double front -- wow!!
        I like Dom M's presentation and tumbling but she needs ....
cough... cough.... better choreography... cough...  ;) Hopefully next
year's routine will show that off.
        And could someone please inform Shannon that she looked much
better than last year -- four tumbling passes, hit oak trees, sharp on
bars and much cleaner on vault. It was the first time that I really liked
her "Miller" on beam. And long live beautiful back extension rolls on
beam! Now if she got some music that did anything - I'm sorry, the piece
is pretty but lacks energy and musical interest. But I think she is
definetly doing what she needs for '96, and she doesn't need to hit
everything now, and I would love to see her smile during tomorrow's coverage.
        Robyn - you should look into getting Ryan a press pass for
Atlanta. I can see the headlines -- "2 1/2 year-old youngest commentator
ever! Now has daytime talk show in development...
        A special thanks to Lisa and Rachelle for doing such wonderful
meet reports!
        One more thing - *I* like the tenth bonus rule on vault, because
then the US might be able to actually *medal* in this event. No top US
gymnast was commonly competing two vaults since Brandy Johnson, and this
will help the US in the long run, though for now it looks absurd for Dom
D. and Shannon to score 9.95s on their vaults. This is like the 60%-40%
compulsory/optional rule at nationals, that helped get our teams into the
'final four' in team finals at worlds in the late 80s and now, the 90s.

ahhhhh - pant, pant


Date:    Sat, 19 Aug 1995 21:14:12 -0700
From:    ***@DANA.UCC.NAU.EDU
Subject: comments from meet reporters...

One more thing -- when there was meet coverage that would be followed by
TV coverage, in the past on the list we've put <spoiler> somewhere in the
subject line. Did we stop doing that for some reason, or are we just
forgetting? Rachele? Anyone?
        I personally want results ASAP, but some like being in suspense
during TV coverage a day or a week later....


Date:    Sun, 20 Aug 1995 01:35:29 -0400
From:    ***@CORNELL.EDU
Subject: [US Nationals] coverage peeves

        Okay, a few of us have already chewed on the really thin coverage.
Other than the top four, did they show anyone?  Noooo...

                I couldn't help but think of Cara Tramontamo's "Wish
List"... wish on.  The AA coverage, unfortunately, was another one of those
show-the-leaders-only features.  Plus, it seemed that half the show was made
up of those nice little fluff segments on Dawes, Moceanu, and Miller.  Yes,
the coverage of those three was good, but there *are* other people out
there.  Anyone else have the sinking feeling that what we just saw was a
preview of the Atlanta '96 coverage?  Oh my.

        Though, through the wonderful work of Rachele and the others who are
there, you already know what happens before NBC airs the thing on 24-hour
tape delay.  Nice to be up to date.

        ...Hmm, you don't get credited much for creating a reverse planche
on the UB.


Date:    Wed, 16 Aug 1995 13:06:54 -0700
Subject: Commonwealth Games

Did anyone tape the Commonwealth Games' gymnastic?  I was out of town and
didn't have a chance to catch it.  If you happen to tape it, I love to
hear from you.  I will be glade to cover your expense for making me a
copy.  Please e-mail me.  Thanks!



Date:    Sun, 20 Aug 1995 14:39:20 BST
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: Re: new gymn commentator?

> perhaps he has a bright future as a gymnastics commentator.  Not a single
> comment about how wide the beam is, or how much pressure these girls are
> under... I think I like his style :)

Yeah but he's a bit mad on mentioning the sponsors though (Coke-Cola)...

I'm just kidding, Robyn, I think Ryan's comments are pretty cute. :)

A friend of mine told me that once the TV was showing the news and they
were mentioning some Middle-Eastern leader Nadir, and her daughter
went, "They're talking about Nadia!"



Date:    Sun, 20 Aug 1995 09:53:13 EDT
From:    ***@LEO.VSLA.EDU
Subject: Where was Gail? and other comments

Could someone tell me why Gail Katchura (sp?) wasn't in
the Nationals?  Sorry if the reason was given earlier and
I missed it.

My favorite routine of last night's broadcast of the Optionals
was Dominique Dawes' FX.  Wonderful performance, both in
tumbling and in dance.  I agree that Shannon's new music wasn't
very interesting, and at times her movements seemed just a tad
too quick to match it well, but she was still very beautiful to
watch.  As much as I admire Dominique Moceanu and see great
promise in her for the Olympics, I have to admit her FX was
inferior to Dawes' and Miller's, and I'm not saying this because
her tumbling was watered down.  I always have this problem with
many of the Karolyi gymnasts' FX routines:  they often seem
boring and too cutesy in the dance movements, qualities that
will not play too well to international judges, I suspect.
I wish the media would back off from Moceanu a bit and let
her develop without the overhyping spotlight on her now
(didn't they learn anything from their treatment of Kristie
Phillips and Kim Zmeskal?), but I suppose that's a forlorn
hope, since the media likes to make superstars in every sport.
Now, will someone somewhere PLEASE introduce Tim Daggett
to Oksana Omelianchik?


Date:    Sun, 20 Aug 1995 10:27:50 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Nationals

For some reason, I havn't been getting any mail for the last three days.  If
anyone posted the Nationals results or comments, can they please repost or
forward them to me?  I really want to know where gymnasts like Kerri Strug
and Amy Chow finished and what other things happened.  Thanks!


Date:    Sun, 20 Aug 1995 10:28:55 -0400
From:    ***@ECLIPSE.NET
Subject: Re: Nationals coverage (my thoughts) -- long

Since I got to watch this "on time" for a change, I thought I'd use Cara's
post as a foundation for my comments...

>        I think it is proper to say that one wishes for more coverage of
>the top 8 individuals, or that some of us would prefer two solid hours
>during the day than 1 hour prime time at night. Personally, I feel that
>it is rude and inarticulate to say that the coverage "sucked".

Agreed, given what the scheduling gurus are willing to permit.  However,
since  this seems to be "humdrum rerun" season, surely NBC could've done
better than a mere single hour on each night for a significant pre-Olympic
competition.  Or is NBC feeling cocky enough that, thanks to its existing
Olympics experience, it doesn't need "test events?"  Recall the "CBS
Winterfest" - it was basically a series devoted to getting the CBS crews
(and viewers) prepared for covering the Winter Games.

Interestingly enough, after watching NBC's coverage, I watched the tape of
"American Sportswomen" - in which one of the female sports executive types
(may have been the one from Nike) suggested that the best way to get more
women's sports on TV is for people to keep pestering the powers that to get
them on the air.  Hint...hint...

>        Gosh, didn't Moceanu's beam in AA look incredible? I really liked
>how Elfi noted the exactness of her upper body and how she was attacking
>every move. But why, during the Kim/Dominique profile, did they say that
>Kim and Dominique were the only two gymnasts that Bela was coaching? has
>Svetlana retired? It would be such a shame if she did - I, for one, was
>*really* enjoying her comeback.

Yes, I agree that Moceanu's beam routine looked awesome!  Actually, except
for FX, I felt her entire meet (as shown on NBC anyway) was awesome.  As
for the Karolyi profile, perhaps one minor detail was left out - like
Kim/Dominique being the only AMERICANS Bela's coaching?  As I recall,
Swetlana plans to compete for her native Belarus.

Of course, how many others were thinking "How many more routines could've
been shown instead of that feature?" ???  Ken estimated an entire rotation.
Perhaps an entire MEN'S rotation???  What a concept...  ;-)

>        I liked Dom's new floor - it's definetly in the same vein as
>Podkopayeva's - though the choreography is better than Lillia's.

I liked Dawes' new FX routine too; however, I felt it needed a little more
bounce to better interpret the "folksy" parts of the music.  I also felt
many of the arm movements didn't go along with the music as well as they
could.  Well, it is a new routine - it can only get better (we hope).

>        For Jaycie's floor, when they said she had switched to rock
>music, I was really afraid that she would get downgraded, bouncy,
>inarticulate choreography. I was wrong! She retains that classical,
>balletic style in her routine, but with cool, dramatic variations. And I
>can't believe she took *two* steps into that front hs double front -- wow!!

Maybe it was me.  Although I liked Jaycie's style, the music didn't seem to
go with her movements very well.  Perhaps I need to catch up on more

>        I like Dom M's presentation and tumbling but she needs ....
>cough... cough.... better choreography... cough...  ;) Hopefully next
>year's routine will show that off.

Was it my set, my lack of hearing, or NBC's technology (or lack thereof)?
I had a great deal of trouble hearing the music.  It was a good number of
seconds into the routine before I could begin to recognize the music.

>        And could someone please inform Shannon that she looked much
>better than last year -- four tumbling passes, hit oak trees, sharp on
>bars and much cleaner on vault. ...Now if she got some music that did
>anything >- I'm sorry, the piece is pretty but lacks energy and musical

I liked Shannon's new beam routine - now, if she can only do it cleanly!  I
also fell in like with her FX.  Although I've never been a great fan of the
music she's been using, she interprets it very well (IMHO).  And how about
that "recovery" on the UB???

That's it from here for now...


Date:    Sun, 20 Aug 1995 11:10:15 -0500
From:    ***@Q.CONTINUUM.NET
Subject: Coverage

One would have thought that coverage of Kerri Strug, another possible repeat
Olympian, would have also been included in the NBC broadcast, but
apparently, TPTB found it more important to fill the time with fluff
coverage as usual.  I also find the repeated discussion of "little girls"
and their "dreams" patronizing - they may be small but they are powerhouses
and work harder than most adults.

My question: does anyone know who will be the commentators for the Olympics
on NBC?  If they include John Tesh again, who turns every athlete's life
into an Entertainment Tonight story and is incapable of allowing the expert
commentators get a few words in edgewise, I will scream!  Sorry to vent, but
I look forward to watching these events, and when they are thin on the
actual meet coverage, it is so frustrating.  Does anyone have an address to
write to at NBC concerning Olympics coverage?

On a more positive note, what an amazing new national champion we have!  WOW!


Date:    Sun, 20 Aug 1995 10:40:10 -0500
Subject: Nationals-short

Date sent:  20-AUG-1995 10:37:39
When I get my free line back, expect my longer comments, but for now, I
leave trhis.

First, I just noticed NOONE said a word during JAycioe's floor exercise
in terms of commentary. God, was that nice.

Second, I think Moceanu likes the attention. She seems to thrive on it,
like Mary Lou did. But I have one complaint abotu her., While I do not
like her floor routine, I think the more serious problem I have with her
is her loose foot form. She really needs to focus on that.

Third, and finally, NBC's coverage plain and simply sucked. I too would
rather lose the prime time and get more coverage. This was crap, plus
they wasted at least 10 minutes on fluff pieces.


Date:    Sun, 20 Aug 1995 12:02:38 -0400
From:    ***@WAM.UMD.EDU
Subject: Re: Nationals Comments

>My question: does anyone know who will be the commentators for the Olympics
>on NBC?  If they include John Tesh again, who turns every athlete's life
>into an Entertainment Tonight story and is incapable of allowing the expert
>commentators get a few words in edgewise, I will scream!

Well start screaming!!!! I cant remember where I heard it but Tesh is
suppose to once again cover gymnastics for NBC (last i heard anyway)


Date:    Sun, 20 Aug 1995 12:25:04 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: From TPTB at NBC

Dear Gymn List:

A few random comments about our Nationals Coverage:

1. As many of you know, there were 44 minutes of airtime to show the ENTIRE
all-around. The reason for this is that the corporations of America ---i.e.
the advertisers who pay the bills --- did not come forward to sponsor more
than an hour in prime time. We are fortunate to be able to bring gymnastics
to a huge audience in prime time. We are lucky that some corporations are
sponsoring the sport in prime time.
We would have loved to have shown Amy and Kerri and quite a few more
athletes. But we had to show the routines we aired. And, as I have maintained
all along, the "fluff" is essential if we are to bring gymnastics to a wide
audience. This sport is all about emotion. Those of us who are close to it
have a built in *rooting* interest. The average viewer does not. We must
bring them in to the sport with emotion and passion.

2. We didn't mention Sveta in the Bela/Kim/Domi story because she trains at
Browns'. She and Alexandrov took off weeks ago. It is intriguing that the gym
which once was a factory is now a workshop.

3. We are technologically advanced, but we experienced severe sound problems
during the all-around. It will be better in event finals.

4. And finally, we are not insincere, tie-wearing knuckleheads who format our
shows to make you all angry. Saturday night's show was a great story about a
fresh new face who could change the public perception that gymnastics is a
cruel sport. At a time when *The Book* has corrupted the public consciousness
about the sport it is essential that viewers feel good watching these
athletes. The more we can frame the story and get people psyched about how
great gymnastics can be, the better off all of us who love the sport will be.

And as an actual and final note --- John Tesh.

John Tesh and I have done gymnastics together for 15 years. Sometimes people
forget that John began as a gymnastics and figure skating commentator. He
follows the sport regularly. I believe that because he is the ET guy, people
think that he must not know anything of substance. People sometimes let his
*image* get in the way

When you live with the sport as we do, you get an entirely different
perspective. When we spend 4 days at Bela's or 4 days in Oklahoma or 4 days
with the Colorado Aerials we get a special feeling about the people involved.
All we are attempting to do is to bring to you what we learn. And we are
telling the story to a mass audience.

Yes, John will be back (no groans). He is far and away the best person for
the play-by-play of this sport.

So keep on shouting. I read all the posts. I get a kick out of the writing .
. . . and I listen to your concerns.

Our gymnastics team is trying our best.



Date:    Sun, 20 Aug 1995 14:31:57 -0400
Subject: Nationals Day 4

Yes, I'm just a little late on this one.  Sorry, I had a 7:55 flight out of
New Orleans and I didn't feel like staying up till midnight.  In a few
hours you'll be able to see for yourself on TV, but contrary to NBC's
belief, there *is* such a thing as men's gymnastics (sorry David, I know
you do your best)...

Men's Event Finals
Blaine Wilson lead off with a clean routine, tumbling front tuck -->
front layouts (3, I think) --> front full and a tucked full-in with a
small hop (9.50).  John Macready followed with a beautiful routine,
leading off with a clean double layout and throwing two front fulls (not
in a row), but he unfortunately sat down on his double twist-punch front
dismount (8.925).  Casey Bryan was next up and he also tumbled a double
layout and consecutive front layouts, but he stepped out of bounds on his
Arabian double front dismount (9.125).  Daniel Stover, a floor
specialist, followed with a whip back-*immediate* double layout and
dismounted with a whip back-*immediate* double tuck (small step) for a
9.675.  Jarrod Hanks did lots of roll-out tumbling, which I can't follow
very well, but it looked nice.  He dismounted with a full-in (hop) for a
9.275.  Mike Racanelli threw a double layout, a 1.5 twist --> rudi, and a
full-in (step) for a 9.35.
Standings: 1. Stover
           2. Wilson
           3. Racanelli

Pommel horse:
Jair Lynch, John Roethlisberger, and Mihai Bagiu were the first three up,
but not for long, as all three fell.  Jason Bertram got through with no
falls for a 9.65.  Mark Sohn (pommels specialist) did a beautiful
routine.  He started by going around on one arm in a full circle and
later he did something where he just held his feet up and went around in
a full circle on one pommel.  The audience was impressed, and so were the
judges, apparently: 9.812.  Chris Waller followed with a nice routine.
He did some cool flairs where his feet were going one way and his body
was going the other way, but he stepped on his landing (9.562).
Standings: 1. Sohn
           2. Bertram
           3. Waller

Mike Moran did a pretty standard routine, including an L cross which he
lowered into an iron cross, two inverted iron crosses, a tucked Guzchogy
(sp., the flips within the rings) and a full twisting double layout
dismount (step) for a 9.35.  Roethlisberger dismounted with a nice double
twisting double back (small bobble on the landing) for a 9.575.  Blaine
Wilson showed a Maltese and a double twisting double back dismount
(step) for a 9.50.  Chris LaMorte, a rings specialist, showed a great
routine that included the most beautiful inverted iron crosses I've ever
seeon (no arched back, all the way down) but he fell on his double layout
dismount (9.35).  Jarrod Hanks showed two Malteses and a layout full-out
dismount (9.562).  Last up was Paul O'Neill, another rings specialist.
His routine wasn't as cool as Thursday night (he walked in the gym when
the other gymnasts were marching in; don't know what happened, but he
never took full warmups) but he threw his standard Maltese, an O'Neill,
and a *stuck* double layout dismount, good for a 9.812 and the gold.
Standings: 1. O'Neill
           2. Roethlisberger
           3. Hanks

John Macready and Brian Yee both fell on their first vaults (Macready
threw a Yurchenko 1.5; don't know about Yee) but then stuck full-twisting
versions of the same vaults for a 9.175 and a 9.187 respectively.  David
St. Pierre showed his incredibly cool handspring full twist-front tuck
and some Kasamatsu variation for his second vault (I think) for a 9.375.
Steve McCain followed with a Yurchenko 1.5 (fall) and a Yurchenko full (2
hops) for a 9.062.  Steve Marshall, the only qualifier from the junior
division, threw a handspring 1.5 and a full twisting Kasamatsu (I think,
I could be wrong) for a 9.175.  Neil Neimi fell on both his vaults for an
Standings: 1. St. Pierre (and he wasn't even an alternate!!)
           2. Yee
           3(t). Macready, Marshall

Parallel Bars:
Jair Lynch led off with a standard routine.  He scraped his legs on some
straddling move early on and added a .5 twist to his already-cool double
*front* dismount (9.0).  Chris Waller did a pretty pike front and a
double pike dismount with a small hop (9.425).  Brian Yee fell on what
looked like a pretty easy move, but nailed his double tuck dismount
(8.55).  Blaine Wilson took two steps on his double pike dismount, ending
a standard but clean routine (9.4).  Hanks had two Healy twirls (OK, so
did everyone else, but I think they look sooo cool) and dismounted with a
double pike (9.375).  Roethlisberger had a normal, clean routine and
stuck his dismount for a 9.45.
Standings: 1. Roethlisberger
           2. Waller
           3. Wilson

High bar:
Jim Foody messed up on a blind change (I think) and ended up doing some
accidental one-arm giants, then fell on his layout full-out dismount
(8.025).  Casey Bryan showed a Tkatchev-Tkatchev series and dismounted
with a full-out (9.40).  Chainey Umphrey unfortunately fell on his way
cool piked Tkatchev-straddle Tkatchev-straddle Tkatchev-Gienger series
(8.425).  Mihai Bagiu showed nice one-arm giants into a Gienger, but he
caught his Kovacs a little close and took a step on his triple back
(9.30).  John Macready threw two Tkatchevs and a layout full-out dismount
with a step (9.612).  And John Roethlisberger, last up, hit a terrific
set, doing 1 arm giants into a release (he did this twice, with different
releases each time) and a cool dismount that went over the bar with 1.5
twists (I think).  He received a 9.837 and, deservedly, the gold.
Standings: 1. Roethlisberger (AGAIN! :)
           2. Macready
           3. Bryan

Women's Event Finals
Dominique Moceanu set the pace with a Yurchenko 1.5 (small hop) and a
handspring pike front with a half twist (not much distance) for a 9.756
average.  Heather Brink followed with a Yurchenko 1.5 (small hop) and the
Hristakieva vault with a Tsuk entry (see my last post) for a 9.781.  Next up
was Jaycie Phelps, who also did the Tsuk-entry Hristakieva (a
barely-perceptible leg bend and a hop) and a simple layout Tsuk (9.581).
Shannon Miller did the standard Hristakieva and the Tsuk version, each with
small hops (9.831).  Dominique Dawes took two big steps back on her Yurchenko
1.5 and one step on her handspring front pike for a 9.643.  Mohini
Bhardwaj performed a Yurchenko 1.5 and a tucked Tsuk full (hands down)
for a 9.337.
Standings: 1. Miller
           2. Brink
           3. Moceanu

Moceanu led off again with her routine from the all-around (it's a
Shaposhnikova BTW, not a hecht) but instead of her beautiful double
layout, she peeled off the bar.  She ended up on her knees in a frog sit
at the very edge of the mat.  My father, who has had tons of knee
surgery, just said "It's a good thing she's flexible." (9.262)  Phelps
threw her usual Yaegar, Tkatchev, and double front dismount (step) for a
9.75.  Doni Thompson did a beautiful Tkatchev and, much to the chagrin of
Moceanu, stuck her double layout cold (9.862).  Mohini Bhardwaj was up
next, doing a Gienger, a healy twirl --> straddle back handstand, a
Tkatchev, and a double layout (hop) for a 9.75.  NBC probably won't show
this gymnast, but she was pretty impressive.  Strug followed with a piked
Yaegar, a Tkatchev, and a full-out (step) for a 9.812.  Then Dawes hit
her Shaposhnikova, caught a *perfect* Hindorf, showed her usual 1.5
pirouette, and nailed her full-out dismount for a 9.912 and the gold.
Standings: 1. Dawes
           2. Thompson
           3. Strug

Since so many of the top gymnasts fell on beam in the all around, the
beam finals were pretty diverse.  Monica Flammer started off with a solid
routine that included a flip flop-layout-flip flop, a nice sheep jump, a
front tuck (small wobble), and a double pike dismount (hop) for a 9.687.
Alecia Ingram fell on her roundoff-pike back mount (9.037).  Reagan
Tomasek got through a nice routine that included a front tuck mount, a
flip flop-layout-flip flop, a front tuck, and a (pretty unusual!) Rudi
dismount, but unfortunately she had a couple of wobbles (9.50).  Moceanu,
*finally* not first on an event, looked to be off-center on her flip
flop-3 layout series (I was sitting where I could look right down the
beam) and indeed, as she landed the last layout her foot slipped and she
starddled the beam.  She climbed back up and proceeded to nail a sheep
jump, a front tuck, and a roundoff-double tuck dismount (2 hops) for a
9.10.  Dominique Dawes was up next,  She had a slight bobble early on on
a valdez, but she hit her flip flop-*3* layouts, her double turn
(perfect), her front tuck (she's always right on) and her flip flop-flip
flop-double tuck (a few small hops).  Her score was a 9.60.  Is she
missing some difficulty or something?  Could Adriana or one of the other
judges watch tonight and tell us if she is, because her score seemed
*way* low, as it did in the AA final.  Anyway, Doni Thompson mounted with
a front tuck, proceeded to throw a flip flop-layout-flip flop-layout
series, a front tuck, and a double turn, and landed her flip flop-flip
flop-double tuck a little short for a 9.687 and a tie for the gold.  But
Dom Dawes got robbed, IMHO.
Standings: 1(t). Flammer, Thompson
           3. Dawes

Moceanu, up first *again*, tumbled a piked full-in, a front full -->
front layout, and a 2.5 twist-punch front (9.80).  Miller did two
full-in's (piked for her first pass, tucked for her last), a Rudi -->
layout stepout, and a double twist (9.775).  Kerri Strug showed her
double layout, a front full --> front layout, a tucked full-in (short),
and a front full (9.725).  Heather Brink tumbled a nice double layout, a
Rudi --> layout stepout (but she kind of stalled in the middle of the
pass), a front full, and a 2.5 twist (9.375).  Jaycie Phelps fell on her
double front (too bad) but hit her double twisting front layout and her
2.5 twist-punch front (9.087).  Then Dominique Dawes (who by now had the
support of just about everyone in the audience) hit her back-to-back pass
(which I think is whip-whip-ff-double twist-roundoff-ff-ff-ff-2.5
twist-punch front), her piked full-in, a nice triple turn, and a 2.5
twist for a well-deserved 9.90 and the gold.
Standings: 1. Dawes
           2. Moceanu
           3. Miller

So that's it!  All in all, it was a great week.  After this week, I'm
even more excited for Atlanta, because I really think the U.S. women will
field a *great* team.  Now if they can just stay healthy...

Thanks for reading this, and thanks for your support!


Date:    Sun, 20 Aug 1995 11:33:44 -0700
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Re: From TPTB at NBC

I know that I probably complained about the coverage of the Nationals
because it was pretty skimpy. I do though appreciate the coverage that
they did give us. I really like the story on Dominique Moceanu too.
Also I think that John Tesh is a great commentator and I would trade
him anyday to replace other commentators. I appreciate the coverage and
I didn't realize all of the problems it took to get it to be longer. I
am sure you tried and wanted it linger too. Thanks for what coverage
there was! Bye!

Margi :)


Date:    Sun, 20 Aug 1995 14:43:50 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: New gym help

Hi, I'm new to Gymn-L.  I'm opening a gym in Michigan and would like
suggestions from anyone out there who has done this before.  I've heard so
many negative comments from people who own gyms here.  Although I'm getting
into this for various reasons, money not being one of them, I still want to
be able to pay my bills and run a good business.  Everyone seems to be
struggling at this, especially when running a competitive team program.  Any
comments, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated.




Date:    Sun, 20 Aug 1995 11:42:00 -0700
From:    ***@HP5200.DESK.HP.COM
Subject: penpal

Hi!  My name is Jessie.  I am a Level 8
gymnast in California.  I am 12 years old.  I would
like to find other Level 8 girls who would like to
be penpals or email-pals ( which ever ).  Please respond
either here or directly to *** .  That's
my Dad's regular genie address.

Thanks a lot!


Date:    Sun, 20 Aug 1995 14:49:06 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Opinions on USA Champs (delete if you're sick of this subject)

My *OPINION on USA Nationals and some of the gymnasts:

Dominique Moceanu:  Typical American gymnast.  No grace whatsoever, and now
the absence of Boginskaya and Aleksandrov from now on will doom her to become
another "Zmeskal."  That floor routine, *yuck*.  Too bad as she has talent.

Her form needs work, and she needs to go up on her toes on the beam.
 Understanding for a 13-year old, but why such big scores?  The Federation is
padding all their gymnasts scores with the ridiculous scoring.  What do they
hope to acheive by this?  Maybe it is just wishful thinking that they have a
gymnast that deserves a 9.912 on bars (and if they did, it would NOT be
Dominique Dawes).

Shannon Miller:  The NBC intro was hideous.  Is she "angry?"  If anything she
looks frustrated, and disappointed with herself.  Her gymnastics is slipping.
 Everything looks very labored and forced.  Of course her presentation was
always very forced.

Jaycie Phelps:  Average.  Of course I have high expectations for a graceful
and artistic gymnast.  Molnar's music does not suit her.  Her toe point is
not that great, but it's just so rare that an American gymnast points her (or
HIS) toes that it is unusual and eye catching.  Nice double front.

Dominique Dawes:  Her gymnastics is somehow getting uglier and uglier.  Her
form is horrible and again, the scores do not reflect it.  Maybe the USGF
should train judges that form breaks and sloppy presentation are DEDUCTIONS.
 Tim Dagget is a fool, saying that Dawes was the first to do back to back
tumbling.  WAKE UP TIM.  That's not even ignorance, it's sheer stupidity.
 How many years has he seen women's gymnastics?

I don't believe NBC showed any other gymnasts, which is okay by me based on
the top four.  And hour is too long to devote to "artistic" gymnasts when
you're covering USA Championships.

* This is just my opinion.  That means you can believe whatever you like.


Date:    Sun, 20 Aug 1995 11:32:46 -0700
From:    ***@ENG.SUN.COM
Subject: Nationals coverage

A public hurrah to Debbie and Rachele for such timely and detailed
reporting at Nationals.  Another hurrah to Lisa for augmenting the
coverage with her fresh perspective.  Reporting is such a difficult thing
to do at meets like these.  Everyone's running around.  You don't have
the luxury of a commentator or instant, slo-mo replay.  The days are
long. You get fed but you don't get paid.  A labor of love. In fact,
let's have ourselves one big group hug right now for being such a cool
forum ;^)

I'd also like to congratulate NBC for their coverage.  Close-ups and
camera choreography are the things you miss when you're up in the
stands (unless you're watching the monitor.)  Those faces! Moceanu's
manner and excitement, Daves and Miller's concentration.  Every picture
tells a story.  (Who said that? Rod Stewart? ;^)

We're such a knowledgeable forum, I think it's easy to lose perspective
in terms of what we'd like to see vs. what a "normal" person would enjoy
on TV. Personally I'd probaby enjoy nonstop gymnastics, no commentators
(though I'd probably forget how wide the beam was, and would have to
invite Tim and Elfie over to watch it with me since I'd miss hearing
their voices ;^) and no commercials.

But watching these meets with my Mom brings me back to reality.  She
can't get enough of those human interests stories, loved watching Bela
and Dominique M. do that "blocking dacne" to the dramatic lighting, and
really got into watching Kim Z. swinging on the swingset, looking at
the lake in spiritual reverie.  (For those of you that didn't see the
U.S.  Nationals coverage, the above is a description of parts of an
NBC showcase of Dominique M. and Karolyi's.)

At any rate, I would highly encourage any gymner to go see a live
elite meet any chance they got.  I think a balanced diet consisting
of live meets supplemented by TV coverage would be a healthy

Yours in Gymnastics,



Date:    Sun, 20 Aug 1995 15:38:27 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Sveta & Bela

>perhaps one minor detail was left out - like
Kim/Dominique being the only AMERICANS Bela's coaching?  As I recall,
Swetlana plans to compete for her native Belarus.

Svetlana (and Alexander Alexandrov, the person who was coaching her *and Dom*
all along) is no longer with Bela.



Date:    Sun, 20 Aug 1995 14:41:46 -0600
Subject: Nationals Coverage

[I would first like to state that I did not geta chance to view last nights
show. I went out of town to go out on the town to celebrate my birthday with
a few friends. So, I have to only comment about what I  have read, which is
alot. I am constantly amazed at the amount of mail I get from this list
during competitions. BTW: Special thanks to Rachelle, Lisa, and the others (
the problem with naming names is that sometimes you leave someone out!)
for their reports from the competition. If I was in Atlanta, which I may
be, I may see you there. Still trying to get tickets for the Pre-Olympic
Gala in November.)

1) What I've read about people talk about Shannon is rather incouraging. I
thought that after St. Petersburg that she would just "play it by the code"
and perform, as *I* see, easier routines to just get the ncessary bonus. It is
nice to see that she is upgrading difficulty and returning to her awesome
Barcelona level. BTW: As far as I know, she and Chisovitina BOTH started the
"hop full" on bars. I also agree that she need not win every competition and
there should be an AMERICAN rivalry going. It will help the team and the
individuals better prepare for the American-Russian-Romanian battle in Sabae.
I just hope she stays healthy from Atlanta. She DESERVES to stand on the top
podium at the olympics in either AA or EF. Maybe even team.

2)Dawes' beam scoring could have been justified. Who knows with how the
judging goes these days. Other great beam performances of hers have been
mis judged, too (i.e., Birmingham). I hope she too can stay healthy for

3)Strug: Is she still injured as she was in Boulder a few weeks ago?

4)You may complain about Tim and John, but I think that Elfie is just
great! She calls them like she sees them and she does KNOW WHAT SHE'S TALKING
about with the sport. I am SO glad that she'll be in Atlanta for NBC. And
I think that Tim is okay too. Obviously, John is NOT an olympian like Elfie
and Tim, but I agree that he is a face and voice that middle america
can recognize with and they need him. How many people who do NOT have
a gymnastic's history know who Elfi and Tim are? Not many.

[As an aside: I've never seen John Tesh wear a high bar grip wrong on
NATIONAL television like Gordon Maddux!!]

5)I agree that the USA woman's gymnasts is a star filled arena and there
are many good gymnasts with which to build a great team. The battle in
Sabae and Atlanta could be fierce, though I hope that the US does really
well in Sabae and can stay close to the Romanians, that way if they win
in Atlanta then the press will not be able to say it was all home court
advatange. They are paying their dues for that medal right now.

6)To the person at NBC who reads this list please answer the following question:
It is obvious to you that you see alot of hostile (at times) talk about the
american network's coverage of gymnastics. You hear us complain about the
lack of seeing anyone outside the top 4. Well, we are not just the average
americans and we know what gymnastics is all about. So, my question to you
is: Is it possible for any of us to purchase video coverage of this competition
from NBC? You must have hours of video from all the cameras you have on the
floor, would you sell it to people to view more of what you can't air due
to your time constraints? I am sure, that with an e-mail group of at least
300 people you could find many who would be interested in buying it.

Just my ramblings. Have a great day everyone. Jeff

P.S. Would the NBC sports member please email me! I need to ask him something.

P.S.S. Beth: Thanks for the articles about Khorkina. She's great and so
are you for your efforts.


End of GYMN-L Digest - 19 Aug 1995 to 20 Aug 1995 - Special issue