GYMN-L Digest - 18 Dec 1995 to 19 Dec 1995

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  1. WMU men's gymnastics


Date:    Mon, 18 Dec 1995 23:40:05 -0700
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: WMU men's gymnastics

I would have sent this in the collegiate Update but since we have a
while till the next issue, and I wanted to catch people before they
left for the holidays, I am sending this straight to Gymn.  Please

Some of you may know that Western Mich. Univ. is in danger of losing
their men's gymnastics team.  They have been successful with low
resources, claiming four All-Americans in the last five years.  This
is a petition to save their program.

If you are interested in issues affecting men's collegiate gymnastics
in the USA, such as gender equity, and would therefore like to join
the CGA-L mailing list, please send me a note and I will sign you up.

Please note that signing this petition will not subscribe you to CGA-L
or anything else.  You can lend your weight to this petition, if you
are so inclined, without fear of unwanted mail.

Your efforts for this petition are greatly appreciated.

To Ms. Lana Boldi, Chairperson, Board of Trustees, Western Michigan

We, the undersigned, are amazed to hear of the decision to terminate
the men's gymnastics program at Western Michigan University.  This
team has provided many student-athletes with the opportunity for
collegiate competition in their chosen sport; they are outstanding
representatives of your institution.  We support the retention of this
exemplary team that has brought accomplishment and prestige to your


To sign this electronic petition:

Send an email to with the following info:

1. Name
2. Connection to gymnastics [optional] (eg, "Head Coach, XYZ Gymnastics")
3. Email and/or snail mail address

You are certainly more than welcome to send in signatures for friends,
teammates, and family.


This petition will be distributed to CGA-L, Gymn, USA Gymnastics
Online!, and AOL forums for gymnastics.  Please feel free to repost
this in its entirety.

# # #


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