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  1. puck jumps
  2. IRC
  3. Learning to coach.....
  4. CORRECTION: RESULTS: Am Classic, National level
  5. Wolf /Fish Leaps and Hops on Beam
  6. ADMIN: Listserv Stuff
  7. <No subject given>
  8. L. Portacarrero
  9. learning to coach... (2)
 10. Doni Thompson/ Am. Classic
 11. learning to coach......
 13. Team Gymnastics to be cut as Olympic Sport? (2)
 14. Amy Scherr
 15. Team Competition
 16. GYMN-L Digest - 15 Feb 1996 to 16 Feb 1996


Date:    Thu, 15 Feb 1996 23:36:49 PST
From:    ***@AMDAHL.CO.ZA
Subject: puck jumps

A puck jump does make sense because it is a cross between a tuck and pike


Date:    Thu, 15 Feb 1996 23:36:39 PST
From:    ***@AMDAHL.CO.ZA
Subject: IRC

To anyone who has not beean on the IRC, I suggest you do it quick! I got up
at 5 AM to do it but it is definitely worth it!
Helen.   (gymbug)


Date:    Sat, 17 Feb 1996 08:29:30 -0500
From:    ***@ARGONET.CO.UK
Subject: Re: Learning to coach.....

Regarding Aaron Walters mail on learning to coach.....


Don't be to hung up on the feeling that the coaches would not have time to "
take you under their wing ".

In my experience, as a coach, I am only too glad to have more people in the
gym to help out. This may be for spotting or just ' another pair of eyes '.

I would be very suprised if a gym would turn you away given the commitment you
appear you want to give,

best of luck,



Date:    Sat, 17 Feb 1996 07:48:00 MST
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: CORRECTION: RESULTS: Am Classic, National level

I sent the wrong file last time, sorry.

1996 American Classic
8-10 February 1996
Tulsa, OK
Oral Roberts University, Mabee Center

Junior Nationals

1 Nicole Lyme          Cincinnati                                   70.940
                       Comp          9.050 8.400 7.875 8.300 33.625 26.900
                       Optl          9.350 9.125 8.825 9.400 36.700 44.040

2 Whitney Cashwell     Ocean Tumblers                               70.020
                                     8.675 8.800 7.575 8.175 33.225 26.580
                                     9.350 8.775 8.975 9.100 36.200 43.440

3 Annabeth Eberle      Gym Nevada                                   70.008
                                     8.725 8.450 8.335 8.600 34.110 27.288
                                     9.025 8.900 8.750 8.925 35.600 42.720

4 Caroline Fluhrer     Cascade Elite                                69.950
                                     8.525 8.625 8.500 8.725 34.375 27.500
                                     9.225 8.875 8.500 8.775 35.375 42.450

5 Sarah Dipasquale     Parkettes                                    68.890
                                     8.800 7.800 7.775 8.525 32.900 26.320
                                     9.075 9.275 7.975 9.150 35.475 42.570

6 Tamara Diles         Puget Sound                                  68.682
                                     8.190 8.775 7.700 8.650 33.315 26.652
                                     9.000 8.500 8.650 8.875 35.025 42.030

7 Kristen Uransky      Gymstrada                                    68.518
                                     7.925 9.250 7.460 7.725 32.360 25.888
                                     9.050 9.000 8.725 8.750 35.525 42.630

8 Tami Harris          Ocean Tumblers                               68.070
                                     8.825 8.575 7.725 8.325 33.450 26.760
                                     9.250 8.750 7.900 8.525 34.425 41.310

9 Linsey Lines         Starfires                                    67.150
                                     8.075 8.550 7.200 7.950 31.775 25.420
                                     9.300 8.275 8.200 9.000 34.775 41.730

10 Lindsay Conerly     MS Gym of Dreams                             67.140
                                     8.850 8.950 6.650 8.175 32.625 26.100
                                     9.175 8.550 7.725 8.750 34.200 41.040

11 Mary Skokut         Indy School                                  66.050
                                     8.275 9.000 6.750 6.675 30.700 24.560
                                     9.350 8.525 8.300 8.400 34.575 41.490

12 Nicole Romano       Parkettes                                    65.380
                                     8.350 6.650 6.825 8.000 29.825 23.860
                                     9.200 8.650 7.750 9.000 34.600 41.520

13 Cassie Cosgrove     Gymcarolina                                  65.080
                                     7.900 7.625 7.700 8.250 31.475 25.180
                                     9.200 7.150 8.200 8.700 33.250 39.900

Senior Nationals
(seniors did not compete compulsories)

1 Mary Ann Esposito    Hills               9.450 8.875 9.275  9.050 36.650
2 Giselle Boniforti    American Twisters   9.025 9.200 8.875  8.950 36.050
3 Jennifer White       Krafft Academy      9.275 8.950 8.725  8.900 35.850
4 Michelle Hess        Buckeye             9.325 8.625 8.950  8.800 35.700
5 Britnee Bowden       Olympus             9.375 8.150 8.650  9.050 35.225
6 Amy Ringo            Xtreme Team         9.100 8.075 8.875  9.025 35.075
7 Annie Campbell       Leading Edge        9.175 8.800 8.600  8.450 35.025
8 Alisa Beckerman      North Stars         8.725 9.100 8.350  8.700 34.875
9 Tiffani White        NASA                8.875 7.800 8.975  9.150 34.800
10 Emily Prichard      Puget Sound         8.750 8.675 9.125  8.100 34.650
11 Autumn Jeffries     Krafft Academy      9.275 7.675 8.500  8.800 34.250
12 Katie Hornecker     Illinois Gym        9.450 7.500 8.000  9.125 34.075
13 Alexis Norman       Karon               9.200 7.900 8.625  8.200 33.925
14 Rhonda Robinette    Desert Lights       8.350 8.450 8.100  8.800 33.700

# # #


Date:    Sat, 17 Feb 1996 09:59:08 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Wolf /Fish Leaps and Hops on Beam

Leaps or Hops with one leg extended and one leg tucked.

I would tend to agree that it makes no difference what you call a particular
skill as long as it is described properly.  This is simply to avoid

Please be aware, however, that the material coming out of USA Gymnastics
describes the postion of these leaps and hops as the Wolf Position.

 Just a couple of weeks ago USA Gymnastics upgraded the Wolf Hop 3/4 turn on
Beam (#S-2.323 in the J. O. Supplement) to a D element.  This brings us in
line with what has been given internationally.  The element is clearly
described so there should be no problem in recognizing the skill.

The "1996 Junior National Elite Testing Program, 2nd Edition," also has 2
wolf hop 1/4 turns described on Page 14.  These elements are part of the
Floor Exercise Testing Program and are, again clearly described.



Date:    Sat, 17 Feb 1996 07:13:36 -0800
From:    ***@NETCOM.COM
Subject: ADMIN: Listserv Stuff


If you are having trouble with subscribing, unsubscribing, receiving
mail, etc., please DO NOT send your questions to the entire list or to

The correct address for listserv questions/problems is:

Using another address may mean that your problem won't be resolved for
quite a while.


Debbie :-)


Date:    Sat, 17 Feb 1996 10:59:49 EST
From:    ***@IONA.BITNET
Subject: <No subject given>

This is my first time subscribing to a list.
Does your list have a frequently asked questions document?
What type of volume does this list generate per day?
What type is your general audience?
Is your list moderated?
Please respond to me and not the list. Thank in advance.
Thank you,


Date:    Sat, 17 Feb 1996 11:20:00 EST
Subject: Re: L. Portacarrero

Indeed it's her. Luisa will be attending UCLA, along with her ex-gymmate
Leah Homma. We're very proud of them here at Sport Seneca! And the very best
to them!


Look for their pictures at


Date:    Sat, 17 Feb 1996 11:25:43 EST
Subject: Re: learning to coach...

More coaching information can be obtained at the Seneca web site at

click on the GYMNASTICS image and choose "Coaching".

> Here in Canada we have a National Coaching Certification Program which
> requires you to successfully complete theory & technical courses at 3
> different levels as well as have a certain number of years coaching
> experience in your sport in order to obtain the "Technical"  portion.
> With regards to the "Technical" portion, does anyone know how many years
> you need to have coached for levels I and II?
> Seneca College in Toronto even offers a two year diploma program called
> "Coaching Techniques" specifically designed to train people to become
> level III gymnastics coaches.  If I'm not mistaken, you can even train to
> become a national level skating coach through their program.
> > Learning to coach is, i think, one of the more undefined, un-set in stone
> > things that there is in gymn (at least in the us). I've heard that in the
> > UK they have a training program and you take tests and things (anyone
> > from there want to confirm this?), but in the us, as far as i know there
> > is no formal training program.
> >
> > do you learn to coach?


Date:    Sat, 17 Feb 1996 11:32:27 -0500
Subject: Doni Thompson/ Am. Classic

I have two questions:
1. Why did the Jr. Nationals compete compulsories and the Sr. Nationals
did not?  In the International division only the Seniors did
compulsories.  I thought that only seniors were competiting compulsories
because elite compulsories were being phased out after 1996.

2. Does anyone know anything about Doni Thompson once competing in
Rhythmic?  The USA Today Olympic events index on the www has bios of all
Sr. National Team members, and in Doni's list of accomplishments it list
rhythmic competition through the 1994 Nationals.  Was she really training
both artistic and rhythmic at the same time?  If this is true, I'm amazed
I never heard about it from TV comentators or in IG.



Date:    Sat, 17 Feb 1996 12:13:20 -0500
From:    ***@ARGONET.CO.UK
Subject: Re: learning to coach......

On Friday 16Feb 1996 ***@U.WASHINGTON.EDU requested
confirmation of the U.K. training programme for coaches.

 Here is a brief summary of the BAGA coaches award system. ( with reference to
the 1996 BAGA handbook )

There are six levels of coaching awards in each of the five disciplines :-
Womens Artistic,Mens artistic, Sports Acrobatics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, and
General Gymnastics.

Specialist awards are available to to all coaches wishing to work with the "
Pre school age child " and " Gymnasts with disabilities ".

In addition there are a range of optional modules available as endorsements to
a coaching award and concerning themselves with specific topic areas, i.e.
minitramp work, acrobatics tumbling, display work etc.

The levels range from Class 5 ( assistant coach ) through to class 1, with the
class 4 award split into two parts. Each award is obtained by attendance on a
recognised BAGA course and through successful completion of an examination.

Class 5 is an assistant coaches award and Class 4 part 1 is the first level
which allows a coach to take responsibilty for a class or club.

Each level of award has a syllabus comprising of three sections, namely :

1) Common Core Module ( areas of commonality of topic ).

2) Sport Specific Theory Module.

3) Sport Specific Practical Module.

A brief definition of the levels of responsibilty and participation are :-

Class 5 Coach - To assist in the coaching of a small group of gymnasts, in the
basic gymnastics activities under the supervision of a higher level coach.
minimum age 15 years.

Class 4 Coach ( Part I and part II ) - Class 4 part I is the minimum level of
award permissable to take responsibilty for a club or class in basic
gymnastics. For class 4 part I award both common core and sport specific
practical modules  are examined. Part II is awarded with the addition of the
sport specific theory module. Minimum age 18 years.
The coach will be thoroughly conversant with all aspects of basic gymnastic
preparation, safety and sound teaching methods, to coach gymnastics to inter
club and regional level.

Class 3 Coach - To be involved with county and regional development. To coach
gymnasts to inter regional level.

Class 2 Coach - To coach gymnasts to national level.

Class 1 Coach - To coach gymnasts to international standard.

New coaches commence at Class 5

To prepare for an award candidates are advised to study the syllabus, join a
club registered with the BAGA, for experience and guidance from a qualified
coach, and apply the to attend a BAGA approved course and examination.

I hope this information is of interest



Date:    Sat, 17 Feb 1996 12:13:23 -0500
From:    ***@ARGONET.CO.UK
Subject: Re: YURCHENKO

On Fri, 16th Feb 1996 ***@FS1.HO.MAN.AC.UK requested
comments on coaching the Tsukahara and Yurchenko vaults and coaching dialogue
on the GYMN forum.

I the average club situation, with limited coaching staff and time, the
Tsukahara vault I believe will always be the easier option than the Yurchenko.
The Tsuk has the advantage of being a natural follow on from the handspring
vault, that is having once mastered it then then the addition of the half on
and the back salto can be achieved with relatively simple progressions.
The Yurchenko however relies very much on a complete mastery of the the round
off. Any errors will be greatly exagerated on the spring board. This will be
compounded directly to any error on the first and second flight. It therefore
follows that the progressions for the Yurchenko need to be more thorough and
in the average club situation the time is simply not available.

At Lincoln ( also without pits ) we have have had a go at Yurchenckos, but to
be honest, were not successfull. The reward did not justify the effort. We
therefore concentrate heavily on the Tsuk.

On the subject of coaching dialogue on the forum one of the problems I find
with this is being able to describe, adequately, anything technical without
the aid of diagrams. I would love to describe some interesting Tsuk preps, but
in a 'text only' regieme this will be very tedious.

Could an area in the GYMN web site be devoted to this ? I'm not quite sure in
what form my Acorn 4000 system will need to transmit the graphics?


I am not sure how many coaches are on the GYMN forum. I see that Rachele
Harless <rachele@RMII.COM > has requested information about Judges. Could the
same be done to compile a list of coaches ?

Rachele, Is this a possibilty ?

Keep up the good work at Stockport !



Date:    Sat, 17 Feb 1996 12:31:18 -0400
Subject: Re: Team Gymnastics to be cut as Olympic Sport?

I accidently replied only to Cindy the other day, but this is for y'all...

>Today's Wall Street Journal reports that in 1993 a special IOC sports
>commission voted to eliminate team gymnastics competition in Olympics after
>1996.  Although this was a non-binding resolution, if team competition is
>eliminated it will decrease the "showcase" factor for gymnastics.

I have heard this from Gymnastics Canada too.  Apparently, the IOC wants to
discourage all non-pure team competitions -- i.e. all competitions where
the athletes don't compete as a team and the team score is simply a totalling
of individual scores.  They are separating gymnastics from sports like
soccer, hockey, water polo, etc.  I can't think of any other individual
sport that has a team competition at the moment, but I'm sure that swimming
(except for relays), diving, and track & field (except for relays) don't
have a team competition.  Not having compulsories must fuel some of this too.
I hope, at least, that there will still be a Competition I as a qualifying
round for Competiton II & III.

So has anyone heard whether FIG will still have World Team Championships?
If this goes, then the whole selection criteria of who goes to the Olympics
will change.




Date:    Sat, 17 Feb 1996 12:49:25 -0400
Subject: Re: learning to coach...

I would recommend to beginner gymn coaches that you get a copy of the
National Coaching Certification Program Level 1 Technical manual.
This manual is the text for the NCCP Level 1 course which is offered
throughout Canada by provincial/territorial gymnastics associations.

Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique and the provincial/territorial associations
stock the NCCP technical manuals for artistic gymnastics.  I am constructing
the web page of the GCG catalog in which these manuals are described
and priced.  They are available in English and French.  Orders from outside
of Canada can be requested directly from GCG (613) 748-5637.

The catalog is at:




Date:    Sat, 17 Feb 1996 11:22:37 -0800
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Amy Scherr


Recently we had a gymnastics meet against Sycamore Gymnastic's team and
we later read in a newspaper article that one of the coaches there was
Amy Scherr.  We had to slap ourselves because in front of us stood a 6
time national team member and 13th ranked in the world in 1990 and we
didn't have any idea it was her! She actually was standing in my way of
the floor exercise and I sat in her seat!!!!!!! I am so mad at myself!
We just thought y'all might want to know that she is now attending U.C.
and coaches a high school team in Ohio and she turned down numerous
scholarships and three coaching offers to do this. She looks great (we
thought she was a high school student). Bye!!!!

Your fellow Gymners,

M & M   :)


Date:    Sat, 17 Feb 1996 15:11:59 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Team Competition

I haven't posted in a few months, but this talk of eliminating the team
competition from the Olympics has gotten me off my butt to air my opinion. I
am attending the women's team competition in Atlanta this summer, and
although I also tried to get tickets for other sessions, I was very happy
with what I got. I enjoy the team competition so much, because of the bonding
and patriotic nature of the event. (Which of course is not always shown by
the Americans, but it is fun to watch from the other countries) Some of
gymnastics'  greatest moments are team competitions. What gymnastics fan can
forget the men's team competition on Los Angeles, or the Romanians beating
the Soviets in the 1979 and 1987 Worlds?  Also, following gymnastics as
closely as I do, I like that I will get to see gymnasts that are still
wonderful to watch, but will not be competing in the All-Around and event
finals. I love to watch the top gymnasts, but it gets tiring watching the
same gymnasts performing the same rountines meet after meet. I always tend to
like the "underdogs" or lesser known gymnasts better anyway. Besides, if they
get rid of this event, how many gymnasts will get to go to the Olympics? Six
(now seven) seems like a small number already. They think the pressure on
young gymnasts is bad now, what if there are even less spots on the Olympic
Team?  I think that this is just a horrible idea, hopefully it is just a bad


P.S. On a happier note, I got my copy of "Womens Gymnastics- A History" this
week and completely devoured it. Does anyone know when the next volume comes
out? I can't wait to read about the gymnasts I was actually old enough to
remember (my mom said I watched Olga in Munich from my infant seat, but it's
kind of foggy....)


Date:    Sat, 17 Feb 1996 23:41:24 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: GYMN-L Digest - 15 Feb 1996 to 16 Feb 1996

In a message dated 96-02-16 06:02:23 EST, you write:

>> I am extremely interested in becoming a girls gymnastics coach someday in
>> the future.  I know a lot about gymnastics and I know what to look for,
>> but I need to learn a lot more.  I was wondering if anyone knew what i
>> could do to start "training" to be a coach.  I know I need to find a gym
>> with good coaches that could teach me, but I don't know how to go about
>> getting info.  There is a gym in my city, but I have been to nervous to
>> ask if I could come in and "study" under the coaches (afraid of
>> rejection).  I'm afraid that coaches may not have the time to "take me
>> under their wing" to help me.  I am pretty good at helping out with
>> routines and stuff, but I want more.   I have a license to judge girls
>> gymnastics for high school in Indiana, but I haven't been able to
>> practice and take part since I am a freshman in college at the moment.
>> Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.  I was a manger for my
>> high school's team for 3 years and I continue to help them...Thanks in
>> advance for any insight or information people can provide me with.
>> Gymnastically Yours,
>>         Aaron

Dear Aaron,
If you are in Indiana you should contact Patti *** in Dyer.  Her gym is
"Patti's All American GymnasticsÓ.  She produces hundreds of
video training tapes and holds seminars that will help teach you how to be an
effective gymnastics instructor.

You can also contact USAG at 317-237-5050 to find out about local and
national seminars to attend along with their training programs, books and

Good Luck,



Date:    Sat, 17 Feb 1996 23:54:40 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM

I am looking for a professional, experienced and talented gymnastics
instructor.  Child development or physical education degree please.   The
position is in a successful non-competitive gymnastics business where the
focus is on fun and building self-esteem.  The pay is excellent and full time
(30+ hours p.w.) includes full medical benefits and vacation plan (up to one
month paid off per year).  I'm only interested in excellent professionals
looking for a career position in the Los Angeles area.

E-mail or send resumes to Fun & Fit Gymnastics, 1919 W. Burbank Blvd.,
Burbank, CA 91506
Thank you.  Jeff


Date:    Sat, 17 Feb 1996 23:28:05 -0700
From:    ***@CSN.NET
Subject: Re: Team Gymnastics to be cut as Olympic Sport?

>Subject: Re: Team Gymnastics to be cut as Olympic Sport?
>X-UIDL: 824581518.011
>You're right, it doesn't make sense.  Thanks for the full copy.  I suggest
>you post the following snippet to Gymn... it's just a portion and so does
>not violate copyrights.
>>Wall Street Journal, February 14, 1996
>>"Danger of Being Dropped From the Games Prompts Restyling of Older
>>Events"--Emory Thomas, Jr.
>>Much of the concern among promotors of minor Olympic sports stems from a
>>series of meetings held in 1993 by a special IOC sports commission.  In a
>>nonbinding poll that October, panelists voted to eliminate five different
>>events (modern pentathlon, softball, baseball, boxing and synchronized
>>swimming) and significantly pare down others--for example, doing away with
>>team competition in gymnastics.
>>Since then, IOC officials have played down the significance of the
>>commission's actions.  And the IOC very well may balk at killing any current
>>competitions.  But Gilbert Felli, IOC sports director, admits "one or two"
>>sports could be withdrawn after the Atlanta Games this summer.


End of GYMN-L Digest - 17 Feb 1996 to 18 Feb 1996