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Topics of the day:

  1. Men's AA Finals (Team '96)
  2. Kormann New Men's Coach
  3. Borden defends sport
  4. NBC Coverage (2)
  5. Alfred Vogel Toernooi 1995
  6. Fabrichnova
  7. CORRECTION: Team 2000
  8. Thursday Commentary
  9. Waller and Fontaine
 10. Nationals Day 2
 11. Kormann Named Olympic Coach
 12. Zmeskal
 13. exhibitions and tours
 14. Nationals
 15. Olympics
 16. Phelpses


Date:    Thu, 17 Aug 1995 21:39:03 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Men's AA Finals (Team '96)

1995 U.S. Championships
Superdome, New Orleans, LA

Men's Gymnastics, Team 96 Finals
17 August 1995, Thursday

60% Compulsories, 40% Optionals

1. John Roethlisberger (Minnesota), 113.420
2. Mihai Bagiu (Gold Cup), 110.560
3. Blaine Wilson (Ohio State), 110.420
4. Jair Lynch (Stanford), 110.400
5. Kip Simons (Ohio State), 109.620
6. John Macready (OTC), 109.540
7. Jarrod Hanks (Oklahoma), 109.460
8. Josh Stein (Stanford), 109.020
9. Mark Booth (Stanford), 108.160
10. Brian Yee (Minnesota), 108.080
11. Mike Moran (Daggett's), 107.800
11. Chainey Umphrey (UCLA), 107.800
13. Casey Bryan (Oklahoma), 107.440
14. Rob Kieffer (Gold Cup), 107.040
15. Jay Thornton (Iowa), 107.020
16. Mike Racanelli (Bart Conner's), 106.880
17. Keith Wiley (Stanford), 105.660
18. David St. Pierre (Broadway), 105.180
19. Mike Williams (Gold Cup), 105.140
20. Brent Klaus (International), 105.040
21. Jason Christie (Nebraska), 104.740
22. Jeff Lavallee (Daggett's), 104.720
23. Lou Datilio (OTC), 104.380
24. Mike Morgan (Queen City), 104.220
25. Chris Young (Carolina Twisters), 103.880
26. Rick Kieffer (Gold Cup), 103.480
27. Kyle Asano (Stanford), 103.280
28. Jamie Ellis (Stanford), 103.200
29. Jim Foody (UCLA), 102.340
30. Mark Oliver (Washington), 101.700
31. Chris Waller (UCLA), 82.960
32. Steve McCain (UCLA), 78.960

33. Mark Sohn (Unattached), PH 9.2 C, 9.7 O
34. Dan Stover (Oklahoma), FX 9.7, VT 8.6
35. Paul O'Neill (OTC), R 9.7
36. Chris Lamorte (Gold Cup), R 9.65
37. Jason Bertram (Cal-Berkeley), PH 9.6
38. Neil Niemi (Ohio State), VT 9.25
39. Andrew Pileggi (OTC), FX 8.75
40. Sean Townsend (Gym Masters), HB 8.05


Date:    Fri, 18 Aug 1995 00:21:25 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Kormann New Men's Coach

According to the AP, Peter Kormann today was named Men's Coach for both the
1995 and 1996 US teams.



Date:    Fri, 18 Aug 1995 00:23:50 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Borden defends sport

As I posted on GYMN last month, Glamour magazine ran a review of Joan Ryan's
book alongside a pic of Amanda Borden.  Well, just bought the latest issue,
which includes a follow-up.  Amanda herself wrote to the magazine (along with
several un-named others) and defended gymnastics, saying that she has worked
hard to be happy and healthy.  She said she can always go to her coach if
she's in pain and doesn't believe gymnasts are judged by their body size
anymore.  Go Amanda!

Ann Marie


Date:    Fri, 18 Aug 1995 01:18:44 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: NBC Coverage

Here's the Scoop:

Saturday is the all-around from 8-9 EDT
Sunday are the event finals from 7-8 EDT

Hope you all enjoy the shows



Date:    Fri, 18 Aug 1995 11:03:42 MET
From:    ***@SEPA.TUDELFT.NL
Subject: Alfred Vogel Toernooi 1995

Dear Gymn,

The 11th edition of the "Alfred Vogel Toernooi" (rythmic gymnastics)
will be held in Deventer (Sportcomplex 'de Scheg') the Netherlands
25/26/27 August 1995.

This is the last of four Grand-Prix competitions held in 1995.

24 of the best individual rythmic gymnasts in the world will take
part as well as will 16 groups

Competition starts:

Friday 25 August 16:00 CET
Saturday 26 August 16:00 CET
Sunday 27 August 13:00 CET

For tickets please contact the KNGB, Mr. J. Hoeve,
phone:+31-5765- 2131
Mrs. M. Kroeze
phone: +31-5700-51843



Date:    Fri, 18 Aug 1995 06:45:14 -0700
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Fabrichnova

    Oksana Fabrichnaova is one of my absolute favorite gymnasts. I was
very concerned to find out that she did not place in the top ten. Will
Oksana still have a chance to go to trials  to be on the Olympic team?
I sure hope so. It would be a shame to leave her behind.
    Also, I was very pleased to see Natalia Bobrova's name back in the
top three. I haven't seen her for a very long time and I was worried
that she wouldn't be able to be on th Olympic team.



Date:    Fri, 18 Aug 1995 08:09:40 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: CORRECTION: Team 2000

When I typed up these scores, I mistakenly put Kenny Sykes of Temple
in the Juniors and Freddie Umali of Top Flight in the Seniors.  Here
are the corrected standings:

1995 U.S. Championships
Superdome, New Orleans, LA

Men's Gymnastics, Team 2000
17 August 1995, Thursday

* Top five of 19+ and the top seven of 18- make the National team.

19 and over
* 1. Josh Birckelbaw (Cal-Berkeley), 53.250
* 2. Tyler Vogt (Iowa), 52.750
* 3. Gewin Sincharoen (Cal-Berkeley), 52.700
* 4. Steve Marshall (Army), 52.350
* 5. Dave Frank (Temple), 52.250
6. Dan Fink (Oklahoma), 52.050
7. David Kruse (Cal-Berkeley), 51.900
8. Andrew Mason (Cal-Berkeley), 51.700
9. Aaron Cotter (Iowa), 51.500
10. Jim Koziol (Nebraska), 51.000
11. Aaron Vexler (Temple), 50.800
12. Kenny Sykes (Temple), 50.300
13. Marty Larsen (Arizona State), 48.850

18 and under
* 1. Guard Young (Bart Conner), 51.700
* 2. Derek Leiter (Nebraska SOG), 50.200
* 3. Freddie Umali (Top Flight), 50.000
* 4. Tim Elsner (World Cup Gymnastics), 49.950
* 5. Todd Strada (Atlanta SOG), 49.750
* 6. Danny Boots (Gym Masters), 49.450
* 7. Jason Krane (Temple), 49.300
8. Scott Hrnack (Richardson), 49.150
9. Lindsey Fang (Gymnastrum), 49.000
10. Mike Canales (Gymnastics World), 48.900
11. Anthony Petrocelli (International), 48.750
12. Lateef Crowder (California Sports Center), 48.500
13. Sean Contreras (Nebraska SOG), 48.450
14. Chad Conner (Metroplex), 48.250
15. Clay Baimbridge (Gym Masters), 47.100
16. Scott Vetere (Gymnastrum), 47.000
17. Jason Katsampes (Parkettes), 46.350
18. Todd Bishop (World Class Gymnastics), 46.150
19. Daniel Furney (S. Texas Gymnastics), 44.750


Date:    Fri, 18 Aug 1995 08:11:25 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Thursday Commentary

1995 U.S. Championships
Superdome, New Orleans, LA

17 August 1995, Thursday

Team 2000
One of the reporters on press row hit the nail on the head when
he described this session of competition as "the really good
high school kids and the older college kids who can't make
the Olympics in 1996."

The Cal-Berkeley men dominated this session. Their strongest point
was after rotation four, when the four of them (Gewin Sincharoen,
Andrew Mason, Josh Birckelbaw, and David Kruse) were all in the
top five. The only one breaking their sweep at that point was Steve
Marshall of the US Military, who was 3rd at that point. Mason,
Sincharoen, and Birckelbaw all led at one point. They had some
outstanding skills such as Birckelbaw's double tuck punch front
on floor. The Cal men looked great on all events.

Freddie Umali of Top Flight had a great pbars set, with a Diamadov
on the end, and then later in the routine a Diamadov to one bar,
immediate 1/4 pirrouette (I think he was planning a 3/4 pirrouette).
He had height on this event too, but showed some weakness by "walking"
on his hands between moves.

Guard Young, son of former Olympian Wayne Young, showed good routines
on each event to win the Juniors.  The decision to attend this
meet was a last minute thing for him, so needless to say he
was quite surprised and pleased to win.

I would have liked to see Jason Katsampes (Parkettes) do better.
He is an incredibly talented gymnast.  However, he came off of
almost every event and also whacked his forehead try to catch his
Kovacs on high bar. Even more amazing was that he remounted! I'm
sure all the doctors were in a tizzy about that one...

Other than that, the session seemed a bit flat. At one point, three
different guys crashed within two seconds of each other on vault,
floor, and pommels.  There were some great dismounts on high bar
(high and tight layout full-in by Aaron Vexler, e.g.).

Men's Senior Optionals (Team 96)
This session of competition was memorable for the inconsistency
of the guys competing.  John Roethlisberger was a beast, however,
always hitting his high-class routines on every event and letting
the rest of the field compete for second.

For the first session, this is an example of the mistakes that
riddled the field:
Blaine Wilson - fell into high bar
Josh Stein - sat his vault (1/2 on, piked front off)
Simons - great high bar, but touched his hand on dismount
McCain - struggled on rings, fell on dismount
Yee - fell on his Tkatchev-Gienger combo on high bar
Rob Kieffer - fell off pbars on a double front

By contrast, however, John Roethlisberger glided through his
high bar set, including nice releases of hop-full turn to one-arm
into one-arm Gienger, and hop-full turn to one-arm, one-arm
giant pirouette, into one-arm Jaegar.  Macready showed a nice
double layout on floor, and Hanks impressed with a well-landed
full-in dismount on floor. Jair Lynch had a *really* high vault
(me thinks that it was a Tsuk 1.5).

After this first rotation, Steve McCain pulled out of the competition
due to a rotator cuff injury.  He had injured his session the
previous day on a jam on high bar and hurt it more on rings. He
smartly decided to let the shoulder heal so that he can compete
at Trials.

Rotation two
This showed marked improvement over the first.  Maybe the guys
were just getting the shakes out during the first rotation?
At any rate, Mihai showed a much improved, dare I say even _beautiful_
Kovacs on high bar.  He caught it at just the right angle and swung
right back up over the bar.  All right, let's see if he can
manage to get off the bar cleanly now -- high triple back, boom, stuck.

John Roethlisberger hit, again.  His hallmark of consistency tends to
overshadow his difficulty, I think.  He mounted with a full-in
full-out and dismounted with a full-in. His scale was real purty,
and he kept the momentum going on his front Layout, front Layout,
front Layout pass.

David St. Pierre (I think it was him, not sure though) showed a
great vault of full twist into a front somi.  The twist and flip
were distinctly separate.

Brian Yee mounted FX with a good double layout -- and then dismounted
with another double layout!  A bit short, but he stayed on his feet.

Jair Lynch is back on track, and in a BIG way.  His pbars were nice,
although he bobbled a catch and took a step on his double front
dismount.  It was so refreshing, though, to see his dismount again, so
different from everyone else's.

Rotation 3
Stanford has a beatiful high bar team - but almost every one of them
missed a big skill. I have notes that Wiley, Asano, Lynch, and Ellis
(full-twisting Kovacs, missed) all fell on high bar releases. I missed
the routines of Josh Stein and Mark Booth, however.  Again. Lynch
dismounted with the unusual, releasing from front giants into a
1.5 twisting double layout.

Didn't catch Roethlisberger's pommel horse. Rick Kieffer showed a nice
floor mount (layout full-in).  Mihai sat down on his piked Arabian
double front.

Rotation 4
Kip Simons of Ohio State was making his way through a nice
routine on rings (great inverts) when his grip broke.  USA Gymnastics
follows the NCAA rule in this situation, and treats this as equipment
failure, allowing him to remount at the end of the rotation and do his
entire routine over again.  He hit his routine again the second time,
making it through to the double layout dismount cleanly.

Macready showed a pretty Yurchenko 1.5, with a step.  Chainey
Umphrey hit his four-release sequence (piked Tkatchev, Tk., Tk.,

For some reason, I don't have any more notes on this rotation...

Rotation 5
I unfortunately missed Paul O'Neill's rings routine.  However, I
did catch Chris Lamorte's.  He mounted with a strength sequence of
Maltese, push up to planche, press to handstand, lower to inverted
cross.  Continued with a front swing to Maltese, to L cross, push to
L, press to handstand, front giant, back giant, to double layout

Chris Young showed a nice high bar routine with floating releases
and a nice full-in dismount.  Nice to see such a great routine from
a guy who's not in the top ten.  Chainey Umphrey dismounted with a
full-in on floor... which seems to be quite a trend, I might add.
Lots of guys are dismounting with full-ins... seems not too long ago
when John Roethlisberger was just about the only one.

By this point, John Roethlisberger was three points in the lead and
the press was already running around determining the last time someone
had won four national titles (28 years ago).  John was unbeatable tonight.
The three other titles he has won, btw, were in 1990, 92, and 93.

Rotation 6
Kip Simons showed a really nice sequence on pbars of Healy, Healy,
immediate 3/4 pirrouette to one bar.  Smoooth.  Macready again showed
his fine form with a floating full-in layout dismount off high bar.
Jair Lynch unfortunatly struggled on rings.

It was quite anticlimatic, actually, when John Roethlisberger
dismounted pbars.  When you're three points in the
lead before the last rotation, it can be too surprising to win.

By the way, I haven't mentioned Blaine Wilson very much, but that's
only because I don't have any of his skills written down (sorry!).
But his gymnastics looks great, improved even over NCAA Nationals
in April.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of his work at the
World Team Trials in Austin.

Here are the individual optional scores of the top 10 men:

Competitor           FX     PH     SR     VT     PB     HB     AA
Roethlisberger       9.40   9.60   9.45   8.95   9.30   9.725  56.425
Bagiu                8.55   9.55   8.90   8.75   8.95   9.725  54.425
Wilson               9.50   9.15   9.45   9.10   9.40   9.000  55.600
Lynch                9.10   9.60   8.75   9.40   9.20   8.550  54.600
Simons               9.45   8.55   9.15   9.20   9.05   8.900  54.300
Macready             9.30   9.20   9.15   9.40   8.50   9.700  55.250
Hanks                9.30   9.35   9.40   8.80   9.40   9.350  55.600
Stein                9.25   9.575  8.90   8.80   9.20   9.400  55.125
Booth                8.65   9.50   8.30   9.10   8.70   9.500  53.750
Yee                  8.95   9.50   9.05   9.35   9.10   7.850  53.800

Big announcement: Peter Kormann was named the Olympic coach.

I'll cover the press conferences after the competition is over.

If you have questions about more individual scores, from this competition
or from other sessions, please email me with the names and I'll send them
to you as quick as I can.  I'm not promising anything until after
Sunday, though... I'm a bit busy!  =)

Yours in Gymnastics,


Date:    Fri, 18 Aug 1995 09:02:03 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Waller and Fontaine

Questions have come up about Chris Waller and Larissa Fontaine...

Larissa was injured coming into this meet -- don't know how, sorry.
She went through her comp beam routine and decided not to continue so
that she can compete at Trials.  I heard someone say that she had to
do one routine here to compete at Trials, but I don't know that that's

Chris had some sort of injury - again I don't know (I've been told
both of these injuries but I'm not so good at remember which body part
was injured and how).  He had decided before hand that he was not
going to compete vault in compulsories and vault or floor in

I'll try to track down more info on the injuries.



Date:    Fri, 18 Aug 1995 11:17:52 +0000
Subject: Nationals Day 2

Sorry for not sending this out last night, but I don't think my
thoughts would have been particularly coherent at 11:45 :).

Men's Team 2000 Optionals:
This competition decided two national teams: 18 and under and 19 and
over.  As I said previously, I know next to nothing about men's
gymnastics, and this competition was especially hard to follow
because there are no big names (with the Team 1996, you're fine if
you just follow Roethisberger ;).  So basically what I did was listen
for the leaders the announcer announced between each rotation and followed
them, but the leaders were mostly just 19 and over men (they did
combined leaders, not separate under 18 and 19+ leaders).  I note a
couple of things:
* Aaron Cotter did one arm giants into a Gienger on high bar (but
then he fell on his double layout dismount)

* David Kruse did what looked like a toe-on Tkatchev on high bar!  He
connected it to a Gienger and got a 9.30 (which was a pretty high
score for this session)

* Lindsey Fang did Thomas flairs (is that the right term?) on floor,
then rolled on his back for a little while while still moving his
legs!  It was a nice change from the usual "flairs, flairs facing the
other way, split..."

* In the tips file that Rachele sent, it was mentioned that the
gymnasts were competing on a podium.  Well, someone (I believe it was
Mike Canales) staggered forward on his vault -- right off the podium!
 Luckily there are some mats leading down to the floor behind the
vault, so he just went downhill, not flying three feet down to the

* Lindsey Fang was doing Thomas flairs on pommel horse and then he
did something really cool that looked like a full twist, but I think
it was only a half twist.  He was still doing the flairs as he
twisted.  It looked cool.

Sorry for my limited terminology knowledge here, and also sorry if
these are really easy, commonplace tricks; they're just the ones that
really caught my eye.

Men's Team 2000 Optionals:
Well, John Roethlisberger had a lead of over a point over his closest
competitor coming into optionals, so pretty much all he had to do was
stay reasonably clean and fall-free to win.  And he did just that.  I
missed his first two routines, but I saw his pommels routine, and it
looked excellent (9.60).  He played it somewhat conservative on
vault, doing just a layout Kasamatsu full (I think?) when most of his
competitors were doing Kasamatsu 1.5's and Kasamatsu 2.0's.  His
score reflected this: 8.95.  But he still easily won his *fourth*
national all around title (not to mention 3 NCAA all around titles),
by almost three points.

Mihai Bagiu, in second, was, well, *Mihai*!  He looked great on
pommels (9.55) and floor (Arabian double pike, but he fell and went
out of bounds; 8.55) but I think he was a little lacking in strength
on rings (8.90).  Right on his tail the whole meet was Jair Lynch.
Lynch was master of the front dismounts; he threw a double front
dismount off p-bars (9.20), a double front dismount with a half twist
off high bar (but fell on a Gienger; 8.55) and a double front
dismount with a half twist off still rings (but lacking in the
strenght area for an 8.75).  I talked some with Jair's father and he
has had a rash of injuries since the Olympics: shoulder (explaining
his low score on rings), groin, and ankles.  This is his first big
meet back, and I think to come in fourth in the country is quite an
acheivement.  He looked like he would come in third; unfortunately,
the 8.75 on rings (his last event) really hurt him, and Blaine Wilson
just passed him, by .02.  I didn't see much of Wilson or Kip Simons,
in fifth, but both looked to be reasonably strong and consistent.  I
believe Simons threw a double twisting Kasamatsu on vault.

Other notes:
* Paul O'Neill was awesome on rings (what else would he be?) for a
9.7.  He threw his "O'Neill" as well as a sideways Maltese?  He
lowered his body until he was parallel to the floor, then he turned
sideways so he was facing the audience, while still keeping his body
parallel to the floor!  I've never seen that done before, but maybe
it was in his rings set at Worlds.

* Rob Kieffer did what looked like a Gienger, but at the last moment
he flipped *over* the bar and regrasped on the other side!  He also
did a double twisting double back dismount (I think) for a 9.60, en
route to 14th all around and a place on the National Team.

* Bagiu and Josh Stein both threw triple backs of high bar.  I'm suer
there were others too, but those were the ones I noted.

* Is it possible to do a triple back off *rings*?  I thought I saw
Brent Klaus do just that.  He did something tucked without any
twists and it seems unlikely that he'd just do a double back.

* I think Jamie Ellis attempted a full twisting Kovacs on high bar.
He missed by a mile, but what a gutsy thing to try!

* Chris Waller has the most powerful Thomas flairs I think I've ever
seen (besides Bilozerchev) on pommels (9.65).

* Chainey Umphrey apparently had some arm injury, so he didn't take a
one touch on pommels (his last event), fell once, and got a 7.90.  He
still made the National Team, though.  Umphrey also threw *four*
release moves in a row on high bar (piked Tkatchev-piked
Tkatchev-straddled Tkatchev-Gienger) for a 9.60.

* David St. Pierre attempted a double front on floor; he
unfortunately sat it down.

Well, that's about all.  Today: Junior Women's Optionals II (does
*anyone* know what these are?  As far as I can tell, they're doing
the exact same routines again?!) and Senior Women's Optionals (AA



Date:    Fri, 18 Aug 1995 10:08:20 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Kormann Named Olympic Coach

The following are notes written by Debbie Poe from a press conference
with Peter Kormann in attendance:
Peter Kormann has been selected the mens gymnastics team coach for both
the 1995 World Championships and the 1996 Olympics.  Kormann was a
member of the 1976 Olympic team in Montreal, where he won a bronze
medal on FX.

Kormann said, Im honored to be chosen.  I think we have trememdous
potential.  We have great gymnasts, and we have really good personal
coaches throughout the country, so I think my major role will be
helping them do their job.  When a gymnast makes an Olympic team, its
his personal coach and the gym that have done 99% of the work.  They
deserve all the credit, and I want to help when ever I can.

Kormann said he planned to work on consistency, something the mens
team has been striving for since the 1984 Olympics.  When we lost all
the great gymnasts from 1984, we havent been able to fit together a
group that has performed consistently internationally.  Thats what
were going to address.  Were going to work on it before the World
Championships, and we hope to make a lot of improvement in the next
year, Kormann remarked.

The confidence of the team members is another factor in their
performances, according to Kormann.  If you do real well, you feel
good about yourself; when you make mistakes, you question yourself.
We need to make our team feel like, when they walk out on the floor
theyre as good a gymnast as anyone out there -- because they are.  I
think our team is a lot better than they perform.  When you lack
confidence, you have no way of measuring how good you are.

Kormann thinks that the public needs to become a bit more familiar
with mens gymnastics, particularly since the Olympics are only a year
away.  People like to watch mens gymnastics on TV.  With the Olympics
coming, were going to get a little spark and a little interest stirred
up.  People are going to look at the rings, the parallel bars and the
high bar and say, Wow, thats a real feat.  One of the problems with
non- revenue sports is that its tough to exist.  Opportunities are
hard to come by, especially in gymnastics.  You have to be in a
private club.  The private clubs and their coaches are great, but
theres not enough of them out there.  If you dont happen to live near
one, then its difficult to become a male gymnast.

In order to have a cohesive team, the various gymnasts will take part
in many training camps in the year leading up to Atlanta.  Kormann
wants to become familiar with all the gymnasts and have them familiar
with him.  I really want to instill in them the fact that when we
compete in Atlanta the team is going to be expected to hit every
routine.  We are expecting that, we are going to work towards that,
and that is going to happen.

Kormann is being realistic, though.  Were not asking that suddenly
were going to have the greatest gymnasts in the world, but what we are
going to expect of them is that they are going to have routines that
they can hit and theyre going to go out and do it when they have to.
That you can coach, and thats what were going to be working on.

Kormann will first concentrate on preparing the team for the upcoming
World Championships in October.  Both the gymnasts and their personal
coaches have to pull together and be positive and confident in order
to get good results, he thinks.

Kormann was born in Braintree, MA.  He attended Southern Connecticut
State College in New Haven, where he was coached by two-time Olympian
Abe Grossfeld.  Kormann is currently the mens gymnastics coach at Ohio
State University in Columbus.


Date:    Fri, 18 Aug 1995 12:39:50 -0600
Subject: Zmeskal

Was Zmeskal at Nationals? How did she do in Compulsories?



Date:    Fri, 18 Aug 1995 10:44:39 -0700
From:    ***@GOODNET.COM
Subject: exhibitions and tours

        I was just wondering if there is some mailing list or something that
informs me as to when the exhibitions and tours are. It seems that I never
hear about them until it is too late. Thanks.



Date:    Fri, 18 Aug 1995 15:10:26 EDT
From:    ***@EOS.NCSU.EDU
Subject: Re: NBC Coverage

> Someone already said that TV guide listed Sat.'s coverage of nationals to be
> of EF and Sunday's to be the AA.  USA Today confirmed this, saying NBC will
> broadcast EF live Sat.  night.  If they do this, they will have to make
> reference to who won the all around, won't they.  Pretty annoying for those
> of us who like to be kept in suspense until we watch the actual
> competition...
> If these publications are wrong, and the AA broadcast will be Sat., would
> someone please let me know??
> Also, am I correct in assuming both days of coverage will only be women's
> (with maybe a men's highlight?)
> Thanks
> -Emily

From what I have read, the EF will be LIVE on Saturday, and the AA will
be the taped delay on Sunday.



Date:    Fri, 18 Aug 1995 19:19:27 -0400
Subject: Nationals

I will be going to the senior women's optionals tonight, and the event
finals tomorrow, and will give an amateur commentary when I get back.
(If you're interseted  I love living in N.O.

A member of the race that knows Joseph


Date:    Fri, 18 Aug 1995 18:04:36 -0700
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Olympics

Does anyone have a copy of the Olympic Triple Cast that thaey would be
willig to copy sometime? Thanks a lot. Just e-mail me!

Margi :)


Date:    Fri, 18 Aug 1995 18:11:00 PDT
Subject: Re: Phelpses


I was wondering about Jaycie & Robin Phelps (junior) from Cincinnati, so I
called the gym today. The secretary assured me they're no relation.

Coinkidink? I guess so.

(Oh yeah, and if anyone's wondering about Dory, he'll be back online soon.
Hard disk crash. No one's hurt.)

Backing up is kinda like conditioning, eh?

I ramble. Night-night.


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