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Topics of the day:

  1. Sr. Women Compulsories (USA Nat'ls) (2)
  2. Nationals!! (my comments)
  3. Third Anniversary
  4. Phelps
  5. Mohini Bhardwaj
  6. Wednesday commentary
  7. tips from USA Nationals
  8. Katie Taylor
  9. Mina Kim/L. Fontaine
 10. NBC Coverage
 11. Team 2000 results (2)
 12. My nationals wish list for NBC...
 13. Dominique M. in NYT
 14. Galiyeva


Date:    Wed, 16 Aug 1995 21:25:34 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Sr. Women Compulsories (USA Nat'ls)

1995 U.S. Championships
Superdome, New Orleans, LA

Women's Gymnastics, Senior Compulsories
16 August 1995, Wednesday

1. Shannon Miller (Dynamo), 39.275
2. Dominique Moceanu (Karolyi's), 39.125
3. Jaycie Phelps (Cinccinnati), 38.975
4. Kerri Strug (CO Aerials), 38.700
5. Amanda Borden (Cincinnati), 38.675
6. Dominique Dawes (Hill's Angels), 38.550
7. Amy Chow (West Valley), 38.250
8. Doni Thompson (CO Aerials), 37.825
9. Mary Beth Arnold (Flips), 37.725
10. Katie Teft (Great Lakes), 37.425
11. Monica Flammer (Cypress), 37.300
12. Theresa Kulikowski (CO Aerials), 37.175
13. Andree Pickens (Cypress), 37.025
14. Reagan Tomasek (Hill's Angels), 36.900
15. Heather Brink (Dynamo), 36.875
15. Deidra Graham (Olympus), 36.875
17. Kellee Davis (American Twisters), 36.750
18. Kristen Maloney (Parkettes), 36.675
19. Rachel Rochelli (Cypress), 36.625
20. Soni Meduna (Dynamo), 36.525
21. Kara Fry (Parkettes), 36.450
22. Marianna Webster (Dynamo), 36.400
22. Sarah Cain (Grand Island Twisters), 36.400
24. Alecia Ingram (Dynamo), 36.375
25. Tamaryn Taylor (Scats), 36.275
26. Ashley Kever (Capital), 36.250
27. Mohini Bhardwaj (Brown's), 36.100
28. Elizabeth Reid (Karons), 36.075
29. Kristi Lichey (Cincinnati), 36.050
30. Jessica Rieland (Dynamo), 35.600
31. Brittnee Penman (Desert Devils), 35.475
32. Shannon Bowles (Atlantic), 35.100
33. Amy Young (Scats), 34.475
34. Heidi Harriman (Peach State), 34.000
35. Lanna Apisukh (Broadway Gymnastics), 33.975
36. Jamie Martini (Peach State), 33.500
37. Chrissy Van Fleet (Brown's Metro), 32.850
38. Larissa Fontaine (Hill's Angels), 7.800


Date:    Thu, 17 Aug 1995 00:23:49 -0400
Subject: Nationals!! (my comments)

7 hours of gymnastics today!  Just the way I like it :).  Anyways,
Rachele has already posted the scores, but I thought I'd add a few of
my own comments (or maybe more than a few :)

Men's 1996 Team Compulsories:
I know very very little about men's gymnastics, so I really couldn't tell
you much about what was going on.  John Roethlisberger looked great --
definitely deserving of first place.  I was a little disappointed
in Mihai Bagiu -- his compulsories are usually so nice.  Not that they
weren't nice today, but they were just good, not great.  Jair Lynch
looked pretty good -- I haven't seen him compete for sooooo long!  Not
since Nationals in '93!  Scott Keswick wasn't there.  I guess he's still

Notes: Chainey Umphrey did a beautiful vault, with a *ton* of distance,
but then he staggered backrands and ended up putting his hands down.  He
appealed for some reason (it looked like he was pointing towards the
lights, but that doesn't make sense, because they were there during the
one-touch) but lost.  His final score was an 8.85.

Junior Women's Optionals I:
OK, now I can describe what I saw a little bit better.  Jamie Dantzscher and
Vanessa Atler looked strong through the first two rotations.  Atler threw a
handspring tucked front full (a la Jenny Hansen; *much* improved since
Olympic Festival) and Dantzscher dismounted bars with a double twisting
double back.  But Mina Kim was right behind them (throwing a Popa and a
roundoff-double pike dismount on beam for a 9.70) and when both fell in the
third rotation on beam (Dantzscher on a flip flop-layout-flip flop series and
Atler on a full turn), Kim took the lead.  I didn't get to watch Kristen
Stucky much, but I did see a lot of Kaitie Dyson, and she looked excellent.
She threw a flip flop-flip flop-pike back and a sheep jump in a rock-solid
beam routine for a 9.625 and a tucked Yurchenko full for her second vault,
good for a 9.45.  Robin Phelps is apparently Jaycie's sister (both train at
Cincinatti) and she looked it on beam.  She mounted with a front tuck and
threw a flip flop-layout-layout series, a front tuck on the beam, and two
flip flops into a double back dismount.  Unfortunately, she took a couple of
steps back and got a 9.0.  Alexis Brion started out strong on bars, but she
had troubles on beam (after a rough one-touch, she fell on her flip flop-flip
flop-layout series and put her hands down on a side leap) and got an 8.8.

Other things of note: Atler dismounted bars with a beautiful double
layout.  Lindsay Wing threw a switch leg leap into an immediate front
tuck on *beam*!  Someone (I think it was Becky Meldrum) tumbled an
Arabian double front on floor, with a fall.  Katie Taylor missed her foot
on her flip flop-flip flop-double back dismount and ended up doing
basically a double back timer.  Luckily she landed flat on her back (not
on her head or neck) on a reasonably soft mat, so she seemed to be OK and
she walked away just fine.  I think she was more shaken than hurt.  She
got an 8.4.

Senior Women's Compulsories:
WOW!  The top seven gymnasts (Miller, Moceanu, J. Phelps, Strug, Borden,
Dawes, and Chow) are all *really* close, and the other gymnasts aren't that
far behind, so this meet was exciting.  Shannon Miller ended up with a
well-deserved 39.275 all around.  All her routines were, of course,
beautiful, but I though her floor routine was especially sharp.  Dominique
Moceanu, in second with a 39.125, also looked good, but she was overscored a
bit IMHO.  Bela's back!  He was coaching her, and I thought I saw Marta too.
Moceanu's floor was really nice and sharp (9.80) and her beam routine looked
a little shaky in parts, but overall excellent (9.75).  A 9.85 for her vault
(highest score, I believe) and a 9.70 for her bars, however, were too high,
especially the vault.  After Moceanu went, Kellee Davis vaulted with more
power, better layout, and better distance, but she got only a 9.575.  Jaycie
Phelps, in third with a 38.975 -- I love this gymnast.  She has such great
form and she's so precise.  Her floor was beautiful, outscoring even Miller
(9.85).  Kerri Strug, in fourth with a 38.70, looked good all around (esp. on
vault; 9.825) but struggled some on beam (9.45).  Amanda Borden, fifth with a
38.675, and Dominique Dawes, sixth with a 38.55 (and *majorly* underscored,
IMHO, especially on vault) were neck-and-neck with Strug the whole way; after
three rotations, they were in a three-way tie.  Borden's high score was a
9.80 on floor, while Dawes seemed to be unable to get out of the 9.6's; her
high was a 9.70 on vault (but believe me, it was better than Moceanu's).  Amy
Chow was her usual clean, precise self; she topped out at a 9.70 on bars.
Her lowest score was a 9.425, but she was one of the few gymnasts who
actually smiled and looked like she was enjoying herself.

More notes:
* Katie Teft showed tremendous maturity, doing extremely well (10th
place, 37.425), even though she had to follow Shannon Miller on every

* I think Jaycie Phelps wants to take the "Best Toe Point in the World"
award away from Lilia Podkopayeva.  Her toe point on bars was incredible.

* Tanya Maeirs was not present.  I saw Jennie Thompson walking around in
a cast earlier today.  She's back with Dynamo now, I guess (she keeps
switching between Dynamo and Karolyi's and I'm never quite sure where she

* Domi Thompson also looked good (8th place, 37.825).  I though she
looked excellent on floor, but apparently the judges didn't agree
(9.475).  Her teammate, Theresa Kulikowski, seemed to be having a bad
meet (12th place, 37.175).  I think she had two falls on bars.

OK, I've rambled on long enough (for anyone who is still reading ;).
Tomorrow:  Men's Team 2000 Optionals and Men's Team 1996 Optionals (AA



Date:    Thu, 17 Aug 1995 09:54:19 -0400
Subject: Re: Third Anniversary

>Is Zoran Milosevich related to Lavinia? Just wondering
>Congratulations on GYMN its a great fourm!

        As far as I know,  there is no close relationship.



Date:    Thu, 17 Aug 1995 07:27:45 -0700
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Phelps

Are Robin Phelps and Jaycie Phelps related? In an interview it said the
her (Jaycie's) dad live in Indianapolis and her brother went to college
at the University of Indiana and Jaycie lived at home with her mom. I
was just wondering. I know that they train at the same gym but that may
be juust a coinsidence. I've seen lots of news shows about the
Cincinnati team and they always mention that Karin Lichey and Kristi
Lichey being sisters. Well, I was just wondering. Bye!

Margi :)


Date:    Thu, 17 Aug 1995 07:36:22 -0700
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Mohini Bhardwaj

In the Cincinnati Enquirer they had an article about Mohini ("Mo")
since she is orginally from Cincinnati. I probably can't copy it word
for word so I'll give you a summary:

Her mom Indu Bhardwaj moved to Florida so Mohini can train with
Brown's. She is origianally from Cincinnati where at 13 she was already
and elite and they needed a new coach for her. Mary Lee Tracy was a
coach at Queen City Gymnastics at the time and hadn't had that much
luck with elites so some friends recommended Brown's so she moved in
with the gym's secretary in Florida. She lived in Florida by herself
for 1 1/2 years and finally convinced her mom to move down with her.
Her dad Kaushal was a physician and couldn't move so her mom switched
back and forth between Florida. Mohini finished 10th at American
Classics, won 2 silver medals at the Olympic Festival, won 1 silver and
2 bronzes at the International China Cup in China.


Margi :)


Date:    Thu, 17 Aug 1995 08:44:28 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Wednesday commentary

Thanks to Lisa for getting info out so quickly!  In addition, here is
the writeup from me and Debbie.  We'll do the press conference
interviews later:

1995 U.S. Championships
Superdome, New Orleans, LA

16 August 1995, Wednesday

Men's Compulsories
John Roethlisberger (Minnesota) hit all of his events cleanly, his
lowest score of the night being a 9.2 on pbars. His other scores were:
FX 9.5, PH 9.4, SR 9.55, VT 9.6, and HB 9.65. He has over a one point
lead going into optionals, so the title is his to win or to lose.

Mihai Bagiu had a sweet pommel horse set (9.6), far above the other's
routines. He topped out the competition on high bar at a
9.7. Disappointing on rings (no iron in this cross) with a 9.0

Six Stanford guys are in this meet, so they worked together as a
rotation group. Jair Lynch looked _outstanding_: 8.95, 9.2, 9.0, 9.55
(pbars, natch), 9.4, 9.5. All Stanford guys did an extra circle on
pommels, and took a hop of some sort on the floor dismount. Gotta love
Keith Wiley's toe point!

Chainey Umphrey had an interesting situation on vault, almost falling
on his butt for the landing.  Apparently the story is that he wasn't
wearing his contacts (eh?) and the judge first raised his hand,
Chainey started down the runway, and mid-run the judge realized he
hadn't raised the flag and so raised the flag... Chainey caught it out
of the corner of his eye but his steps got off since he wasn't at all
sure exactly what was going on.

Ohio State had the best representation in the top six with Kip Simons
in 4th and Blaine Wilson in 5th. Both looked sharp and Peter Kormann,
their coach, appeared to be quite pleased.  John Macready (OTC) was
the welcome new blood at this meet, placing 6th.

Jr. Women's Optionals I
I would think that the pre-Olympic year would be somewhat of a drought
in the Jr. Women's ranks.  Gymnasts are basically either training
until 1996 or 2000, and I wouldn't expect to see such a high level of
gymnastics as I saw at this meet.  A remarkably good level of
consistency!  But at this meet, the juniors are quite definitely
overshadowed by the seniors.  We'll start to see lots more gymnastics
coverage quite soon, as there were 75 credentialed media members,
including writers from People, Time, the New York Times, and so forth.

Beam proved once again to be the "make it or break it" event of the
day. Mina Kim popped into first place with an incredible beam set
(9.70). Her routine included a ff, L, ff and a very high double
pike. Her Pink Panther routine on floor took the cake and she is
definitely the most precise gymnast among the junior ranks. The
Charter Oaks Gliders duo (Jamie Dantzscher and Vanessa Atler) were
both capable of winning this meet but had unfortunate mistakes. Jamie
fell after her layout on beam, but made her RO full-twisting
tuck. Vanessa fell off after her full turn. The award for best beam
mount goes to Onnie Willis of Puget Sound, who took the front tuck on
to new heights. Alexis Brion (Gymstrada) missed her (incredibly high)
layout to two feet, and also had another bobble which caused her to
grab the beam, but she managed to complete her set with a nice full-in

Floor for the juniors was, as Debbie has just said, great tumbling,
but needs more dance!  A couple of the girls used modified Shannon
Miller 1992-1994 floor music... it's a little jarring to hear familiar
but different floor tunes because when the melody changes, your
attention gets somehow distracted. Onnie Willis had very Umeh-ish

Vault was not an event that I could see very well.  I did catch a nice
Yurchenko 1.5, but I'm not sure who vaulted it (sorry!).  A piked
front barani out was shown by Robin Phelps (Cincinatti), with nice toe

Bars saw a few interesting combinations. Jenny Carow (Salto) threw a
piked Jaeger BETWEEN the bars. A surprising number of gymnasts
dismounted bars with a double front, including Brion and Robin
Phelps. Phelps also had a smooth front giant, full, front giant
sequence. Best bars dismount, however, goes to Jamie Dantzscher
(Gliders) with a double full-in. Teammate Vanessa Atler floated a
STRAIGHT double layout off bars. With a great double layout of her
own, Mina Kim won the preliminaries, finishing up on this event.
Steve Nunno was in the arena by this point (getting ready with the
seniors) and came over to watch Mina on bars. His cheer when she
planted her dismount was the typical two fists up in the air cry that
we like to see on TV -- but what's even nicer is to see that he does
it even when the TV cameras aren't on. ;)

Sr. Women's Compulsories
I _really_ like the women's field. In the time that I have been
following gymnastics (about 8 years now), we have never had such an
interesting field. In the top ten there were eight different gyms. The
top ten girls are each individual in their gymnastics, which truly
makes the competition a four ring circus. I don't know if I've ever
been so overwhelmed by the quality of the field. The top ten girls are
all seasoned competitors with plenty of experience. For instance,
among the top ten, six of them have competed in a Worlds, and three in
an Olympics.  The total number of times those six girls have been on a
Worlds team is 17 times. And three of the remaining four were on our
Pan American team in Argentina. The least internationally experienced
is Dominique Moceanu. According to her bio, she's only competed
outside the country twice, at the 1992 Jr. Pan Ams and a competition
in 1993 in Belgium. Other than that, her only listed international
experience is in 1995, with the Reese's Cup and the Visa Challenge,
both held in the USA.

But, on to the competition!

I did not have the best angle to view vault (it's impossible to see
everything from one seat, I think). The compulsory vault is a piked
Tsuk.  I've been told that the vault must reach a 90 degree pike by
the compulsory specifications (but then the vault can open to a
layout), and that too many girls just do, in essence, a layout Tsuk,
which therefore isn't the compulsory vault.  I thought there was very
little difference in the top vaults. There's a big cluster from 9.625
to 9.85 from the top seven girls, with Moceanu (Karolyi's) on the high
end of that range. While she did have a crisp pike position, with the
small hop on the landing, and the (supposedly) strict scoring of
compulsories, I would have to say that she was overscored. Kerri
Strug's vault, at 9.825, was the one that caught my attention.
Unfortunately I missed Miller's vault, but it was reportedly "good".

Bars -- a lot of girls have really nice "slip grip straddle back to
handstand on the low bar" transitions.  The BEST though was without a
doubt, Ms. Shannon Miller.  She took the straddle back up really high
(when I've never associated height with this move) and landed like a
dart in a handstand on the low bar.  I really like the front with
half-twist out dismount, and again Mary Beth Arnold was among the best
with this dismount (I had noted that I liked her dismount at the
American Classic). Other high dismounts were from Heather Brink and
Andree Pickens. Moceanu fudged her dismount by sliding one foot
back. Kerri Strug was dissapointingly short of almost every handstand,
but otherwise looked awesome on this event.

Beam -- Dawes began with this event and suffered small bobbles
throughout, which set the tone for most of the other gymnasts.  While
there were some excellent routines performed (Moceanu, Miller,
Phelps), many girls had trouble with the no-hand front shoulder roll,
the cartwheel, or the split handstand to 1/2 turn to split handstand.
Bhardwaj unfortunately missed a foot on her dismount for 8.50, while
Fontaine missed the front roll and had another fall later (7.80).  She
withdrew from further events.  Liz Reid (Karon's - 9.10) and Tami
Taylor (SCATs - 9.25) made the compulsory routine a thing of beauty
and definitely deserved higher scores.  Overall, the Dynamo gymnasts
were the most technically precise of all, despite breaks from Brink
and Webster.  Meduna especially was lovely to watch.

Floor -- The American girls have really done a good job with the
compulsory floor (thanks to Muriel Grossfeld, probably, the National
team coach for dance).  Many of the positions are well-defined by
quite a few of the girls, such as the end of the chaine turns and the
kick to hold the leg with opposite arm, etc.  Outstanding floors were
shown by Amanda Borden, Dominique Moceanu (she really hit some crisp
positions), Jaycie Phelps (is anyone NOT excited by this new
gymnast?), Miller, and Dawes.

Rachele & Debbie


Date:    Thu, 17 Aug 1995 08:59:05 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: tips from USA Nationals

1995 U.S. Championships
Superdome, New Orleans, LA

USA Gymnastics Public Relations handed out a "Tip Sheet". It's quite useful to
Gymners so Debbie has typed it up for everyone:



USA Gymnastics National Teams

- 20 Senior Women using the combined compulsory (60%) and optional (40%)
  all-around score.

- 12 Junior Women using the combined Optional Day 1 (50%) and Optional
  Day II (50%) scores.

- 7 Men's Team '96 using the combined compulsory (60%) and optional (40%)
  all-around score.

- 7 Men's Team 2000 (ages 18 and under) using scores from optionals only.

- 5 Men's Team 2000 (ages 19 and over) using scores from optionals only.

Women's Elite Vaulting Rules During Optional AA Competition

- Comp. 1B Rules (take the higher of 2 scores).

- If a 10.0 vault is performed, the landing deductions are reduced
  by 50%.

- A 0.10 bonus will be awarded to the higher averaged vault if 2
  different vault groups are performed of a "C" value or higher.

- A fall on either vault will negate the bonus situation.  A 0.50
  deduction would be taken for the fall.

Event Finals

- Six women and 6 men will qualify from preliminary competition based
  on optional scores only.

Women's Elite Vaulting Rules During EF

- Comp. III Rules.  Athletes must perform 2 different vaults from
  differet families and the 2 scores are averaged.

No Compulsories for Juniors?

  There are no compulsory competitions for the junior competitors
  because the FIG has ruled that after the '96 Olympics there will
  no longer be compulsory competitions.  Therefore, the juniors are
  gearing up for the year 2000 when the gymnasts will compete
  optionals only.

About the Podium...

  This is the first US National Champs. that has utilized the podium
  during competition.   It is being used in order to better prepare
  the US athletes since they will be competing on podiums at World
  and Olympic competitions.

What Next?

- The 1995 Motorola World Team Trials, Septemer 8-9, in Austin, Texas

  16 Senior women, in rank order, qualify.  (1995 US Champs. AA totals
  count toward 30% of the Trials combined AA score.)

  14 Team '96 Men, in rank order, qualify.  (1995 US Champs. AA totals
  count toward 40% of the Trials combined AA score.)

  The US teams traveling to Sabae, Japan, for the '95 World Champs.
  will consist of 7 women and 7 men.  According to FIG rules, there will
  be no declared alternate for the teams.  Any 6 gymnasts can compete
  on any event, and the top 5 scores on each event count toward the
  team total.

- 1995 World University Games

  Seven men, in rank order from the AA competition of the '95 US Champs.,
  will qualify to the University Games in Fukuoka, Japan (Aug. 24 -
  Sept. 8).  Only certain athletes have filled out the appropriate
  paperwork to compete in these Games, as the University Games coincide
  with the World Team Trials.

Gymnast Information

- Scott Keswick had back surgery on July 25 to fuse L2 and L3 vertebrae
  together.  The surgery was successful, and Keswick says he will return
  to training in December.

- Richard Grace was injured at the US Olympic Festival and is not
  competing in New Orleans.

- Melinda (junior women's competitor) and Clay (Team 2000 competitor)
  Baimbridge are brother and sister.


Date:    Thu, 17 Aug 1995 12:12:33 -0500
Subject: Katie Taylor

Do any of you know anything about Katie Taylor?  She's the junior who
placed 22 in the Junior Women's Optional I at Nationals.  I'd love to know
her age, her hair color, or anything else anyone knows.

I used to coach a Katie Taylor.  She was seven years old about seven years
ago and was incredibly talented.  I wonder if this is her.


Date:    Thu, 17 Aug 1995 16:25:38 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Mina Kim/L. Fontaine

Mina Kim competed in the senior division at the American Classic.  Is she now
competing junior because she isn't old enough for the 1996 Olympics (there
was some descrepency about her age eligibility before, right?)?  Anyway, its
great to see her doing so well after the first day of competition.
Also, what happened to Larissa Fontaine?  Did she get hurt while competing?


Date:    Thu, 17 Aug 1995 16:46:17 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: NBC Coverage

Someone already said that TV guide listed Sat.'s coverage of nationals to be
of EF and Sunday's to be the AA.  USA Today confirmed this, saying NBC will
broadcast EF live Sat.  night.  If they do this, they will have to make
reference to who won the all around, won't they.  Pretty annoying for those
of us who like to be kept in suspense until we watch the actual
If these publications are wrong, and the AA broadcast will be Sat., would
someone please let me know??
Also, am I correct in assuming both days of coverage will only be women's
(with maybe a men's highlight?)


Date:    Thu, 17 Aug 1995 16:47:34 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Team 2000 results

1995 U.S. Championships
Superdome, New Orleans, LA

Men's Gymnastics, Team 2000
17 August 1995, Thursday

* Top five of 19+ and the top seven of 18- make the National team.

19 and over
* 1. Josh Birckelbaw (Cal-Berkeley), 53.250
* 2. Tyler Vogt (Iowa), 52.750
* 3. Gewin Sincharoen (Cal-Berkeley), 52.700
* 4. Steve Marshall (Army), 52.350
* 5. Dave Frank (Temple), 52.250
6. Dan Fink (Oklahoma), 52.050
7. David Kruse (Cal-Berkeley), 51.900
8. Andrew Mason (Cal-Berkeley), 51.700
9. Aaron Cotter (Iowa), 51.500
10. Jim Koziol (Nebraska), 51.000
11. Aaron Vexler (Temple), 50.800
12. Freddie Umali (Top Flight), 50.000
13. Marty Larsen (Arizona State), 48.850

18 and under
* 1. Guard Young (Bart Conner), 51.700
* 2. Kenny Sykes (Temple), 50.300
* 3. Derek Leiter (Nebraska SOG), 50.200
* 4. Tim Elsner (World Cup Gymnastics), 49.950
* 5. Todd Strada (Atlanta SOG), 49.750
* 6. Danny Boots (Gym Masters), 49.450
* 7. Jason Krane (Temple), 49.300
8. Scott Hrnack (Richardson), 49.150
9. Lindsey Fang (Gymnastrum), 49.000
10. Mike Canales (Gymnastics World), 48.900
11. Anthony Petrocelli (International), 48.750
12. Lateef Crowder (California Sports Center), 48.500
13. Sean Contreras (Nebraska SOG), 48.450
14. Chad Conner (Metroplex), 48.250
15. Clay Baimbridge (Gym Masters), 47.100
16. Scott Vetere (Gymnastrum), 47.000
17. Jason Katsampes (Parkettes), 46.350
18. Todd Bishop (World Class Gymnastics), 46.150
19. Daniel Furney (S. Texas Gymnastics), 44.750


Date:    Thu, 17 Aug 1995 17:09:52 -0700
From:    ***@DANA.UCC.NAU.EDU
Subject: My nationals wish list for NBC...

        Since we're all kind of gearing up for NBC coverage of nationals
(except for you lucky folk who are there! And who is People magazine
profiling there?), I just wanted to voice what I would like to see during
the TV coverage. I mean, a lot of times we complain after the fact,
instead of making it positive. Perhaps someone has a good idea out there
for a profile or an emphasis that NBC could use now or at a later date!
        Besides, a wish list will keep me occupied until more results
come in...  ;)

- I would like to see every routine of the Sr. women who finish in the
top five (not three, five at least!)
- I would like to see at least one routine from the next five finishers
- a co-ed segment that shows new and unusual tricks that were performed,
regardless of junior or senior. (Like the piked jaeger between the bars!)
- for the juniors, at the *very* least I'd like to see the most
impressive routines from the top five finishers (for the women) and a
complete list of the junior national team, including gymns.
- During the men's report, a report on the compulsories and the best
routine from each of the five finishers in optionals.
- Before the meet, explain and *show* a graphic about the difference in
vault between AA and EF. This will help many understand the rules before
the Olympics and Worlds.
- At least a list of results and highlights from the two men's
developmental teams would be *super*.

Interesting segments:

- Kerri's renewed spirit, vigor, and hair.
- Zemeskal/Moceanu/Boginskaya training situation (I think that's an
obvious one....)
- The new gym powers (Cypress, Colorado, Cincinnati, etc.)
- Minna Kim's age dilemma (including a historical perspective - Ludmilla,
Olga, Nadia, age falsifications by Romania, USSR, North Korea, the
exception for Karen Kelsall in '76, the new rules after the Olympics.
Perhaps Minna's response to Bryant Gumbel's rude comments on the Today
show this summer...)
- How the new rule changes help keep older and taller gymnasts in the
sport - something to help combat the image of the sport today...
- An injury and "unluckies" update (cut down on the horrible replays, just
let us know what happened and how everyone's doing - like Jennie Thompson and

        On a sad note, I visited home last week and found my tape of
coverage of '89 EFs. The two U.S. bars finalists were Sandy Woolsey and
Christy Henrich. It was a surprise to see both Christy and Stormy Eaton
(Woolsey's coach) there, both in the prime of their careers. I hope NBC
has a nice tribute to Stormy this year - he was a man who made the sport
more enjoyable and fun, and we all need more people like that. I miss his
coaching *and* his announcing.

        Okay -- chin up. Eleven months until Atlanta! :)


Date:    Thu, 17 Aug 1995 16:56:32 -0700
Subject: Dominique M. in NYT

Today's New York Times (p. B5 in whatever edition this library gets) has
an article and photo of Dominique (with Bela in the background).

It mentions that her father wanted his first child to be a gymnast, or at
least an athlete, to learn discipline.

That sounds like the start of some child-athlete horror stories, but it
goes on to say that her mother thinks she does well because of Korolyi's
drive for perfection, and Dominique herself says how much she enjoys
competing and *having fun*.  She days she wouldn't mind being remembered
as someone who has fun competing. :)

I do find the following quote (by the writer) interesting:
"Because she is so young, she is not under pressure to win.  She needs
only to perform well over the next year to be considered a top contender
for the Olympic team and all-around title."

It seems contradictory to say that she is not under pressure to win, then in
the next sentence talk about her prospects for winning the Olympic

Bela says that he hopes she can stay out of the spotlight for a while, so
that she doesn't have the same pressure as Kim Z. had in Barcelona.  I
just hope this article isn't the start of the build-up.  I'd hate to see
the expectations put on *anyone* the way the media played up Kim before
Barcelona.  Hopes are great, but Americans seem to cross the line to
expectations too often.

That's my 2 1/2 cents' worth.



Date:    Thu, 17 Aug 1995 21:04:55 -0400
Subject: Re: Sr. Women Compulsories (USA Nat'ls)

> 38. Larissa Fontaine (Hill's Angels), 7.800

What happened to Larissa?

Laura :)


Date:    Thu, 17 Aug 1995 22:14:12 +0500
Subject: Re: Team 2000 results

I realize I am pressing the issue a bit, but does anyone have the event
scores for the guys who made the national team?




Date:    Thu, 17 Aug 1995 22:32:03 -0400
Subject: Galiyeva

     I just got the Sovetsky Sport issues that cover Russian nationals, and
Galiyeva fans will be happy to know that she is NOT retired after all! She must
have succeeded in getting her citizenship changed from Uzbekistan to Russia (I
had read a while back that she wanted to compete for Russia rather than UZB).
Anyway, she is living in Samara right now, but hopes to move to Moscow if she
can find an apartment there. I don't know where she finished in AA, but she won
vault in EF. :) I forgot to bring the papers home, so don't have all the
results handy at the moment, but here's some of what I remember. Khorkina won,
followed by Kochetkova and then Bobrova. I think Grosheva was 4th, and
Dolgopolova (from the American Cup) was sixth. I can't recall who was 5th, but
will post it later. Fabrichnova had some sort of unspecified difficulties and
didn't even finish in the top 10, but tied with Khorkina for 2nd on beam in EF
(I THINK - I'll have to double-check when I have the papers with me). The
author raved about Grosheva's floor routine, saying it was the best thing since
Boginskaya's "Carmen."
     Shabayev won the men's AA, followed by Karbonenko, Voropayev and
Vasilenko. Nemov, like Fabrichnova, must have made a lot of mistakes in AA (the
articles don't say what he messed up on), because he also finished out of the
top 10. But for everyone who's thinking high bar was his downfall again, that
wasn't it: He WON high bar!
     The author also mentioned a new star on the women's side and said that she
couldn't get a straight answer out of ANYONE about how old this girl is. All
anyone would say is that she was born in 1981, so she could be either 13 or 14.
I think her name is Ksenya (Ksyusha) something - I'll post it and all the
results the paper printed, hopefully tomorrow.



End of GYMN-L Digest - 16 Aug 1995 to 17 Aug 1995