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  1. Gogean..AGAIN
  2. Thoughts
  3. Wishful front tumbling answer
  4. Eating disorders article
  5. I'm new!
  6. SILVIA MITOVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Jennie Thompson, Commentary
  8. womens: where are they now? (2)
  9. purchasing a tramp & Free Gymnastics Book
 10. high school gymnastics
 11. worlds and top 25 list
 12. gymnastics videos
 13. Kosuge Retires
 14. Mitova!!
 15. Lyssenko


Date:    Mon, 16 Oct 1995 09:24:34 +0000
From:    ***@EFN.ORG
Subject: Re: Gogean..AGAIN

We are all entitled to our opinion, but in response to this remark
about Gina Gogean:

> >.The only redeeming quality in her gymnastics is her ability to stick her
> landings .She has no style or personality.

Actually, if you watch the Barcelona All-around, Gina's beam routine
contained the highest, "floatiest" layout step-outs I have EVER seen
performed.  Her style caught my eye immediately.  Not to argue that
she has the artistry of some of the greats, but she is not without
merit.  In fact, I don't know of any gymnasts who placed second in the
world that lacked _any_ redeeming qualities.

But I do have to wonder, with some of the best gymnasts in the world
training there, why aren't the Romanians more key on their dance?  I
would imagine that they can afford a decent choreagrapher and some
dance training?  Perhaps they could borrow one from Russia, each of
their gymnasts has a beautiful routine!



Date:    Mon, 16 Oct 1995 13:08:39 -0400
Subject: Thoughts

Hi- I haven't posted in a while so I have a lot to say

1. Teams living together-I agree with what people say about the benefits
of teams living togather.  Can you imagine iff the top 12 gymnasts in the
US trained together, and all their coaches (Bela, Steve, Kelli Hill, Mary
Lee Tracy, the Forsters, etc.) all worked together and cooperated.  I
definitely agree with those who think that would make the US women #1.

2.  Eating disorders-I responded a week ago about dancers and eating
disorders, and after seeing a ballet performance this weekend, I'm very
convinced that gymnastics should not bear the brunt of being the only
sport with an potential for eating disorders in young girls.  I applaud
the USA Gymnastics Fed. for starting a standard program for prevention
and education- ballet companies and their schools should follow this lead.

3.  Jennie Thompson-I hope to see her back soon-I only read the IG
article, but from that it seemed that the decision to leave Nunno was
very much not her own.  I hope that the family stress gets better.  In a
way, its almost refreshing to know that the decision to go back to TX was
because of what her brother needed, and that the family does not center
completely around her and gymnastics.  I wish her luck and hope to see
her in Atlanta.

4.  Romanians- They're clean and consistent.  However, I think that
unless they add the difficulty, originality, amplitude, and choreography
they need, the battle for the gold will be between China and the US for
team gold in Atlanta.



Date:    Mon, 16 Oct 1995 12:47:57 -0500
Subject: Wishful front tumbling answer

Date sent:  16-OCT-1995 12:45:46

Well, while waiting for the student health center to open this morning so I
could go get my heel checked out (that's what I get for doing gymnastics in
my dorm room), I was reading through some old IG's. I was looking at the
highlights listed for the 1994 US Nationals, and I found my wish fulfilled.
A few eeks back, I said it would be cool to see a front full through to a
triple twist. Well, apparently Onnie Willis from Puget Sound has performed
this. I also suspect some lesser athletes elsewhere have as well.


Date:    Mon, 16 Oct 1995 13:06:06 -0500
Subject: Eating disorders article

Date sent:  16-OCT-1995 13:04:01

Sorry to post about this again, but I need to ask a few favors. First,
I just sent out the last batch of requests I received. If anyone who
requested the article DID NOT GET IT, please, send me another

Second, could the person with the following email please mail me
again: *** I am getting a user unknown, and I
suspect I copied the adress wrong.

Finally, if anyone still wants a copy, just mail me. I'm more than happy
to send it out. Thanks, everyone, for bearing with me on this. I know
this isn't of interest to everyone.


Date:    Mon, 16 Oct 1995 19:09:46 +0100
From:    ***@STH.FRONTEC.SE
Subject: I'm new!

Hello everyone!

I just found this great list a couple of days ago, and started sub-
scribing immediately! My name is Anja Z, I'm 22 years old, and
live in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm a great, great fan of Artistic gymnastics
(women); I've been training and competing for 15 years, but nowadays
I just watch it/read about it (can do it for hours and hours and hours).
I'm looking forward to discussing this great sport with all of you!

Bye for now / Anja


Date:    Mon, 16 Oct 1995 12:58:03 -0700
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: SILVIA MITOVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We just got a fan mail response from Silvia Mitova!!! We thought that
some people might be interested in hearing her letter so here it is :)

Hello Mardi,

Thank you very much for your letter and the picture you drew for me. I
really like it. Thanks again. Well, everything with me is going well.
My neck is good. I have no pain. I started gymnastics when I was seven
years old. My parents were my coaches. I started because I wanted to do
gymnastics. I love this sport. I was a little child but I knew what I
want-I wanted to win an Olympic medal. I often write letters to my
Bulgarian teammates. I miss them a lot. By the way now I am watching
the World Gymnastics Championships in Sabae/Japan/. Two of my friends
won medals. They deserve it. They worked so hard. I am very happy for
them. So, you asked me about my future goals. Well, the things had
changed for me. I was planning to study in Bulgaria but we had some
problems so, I wont be back for school. Maybe I am going to study in a
college here in Reading [Pennsylvania] I know it will be very difficult
for me because of the language, but I want to try. I also would like to
be a coach. I really like to work as coach.

Thanks for everything again. It was so nice of you.


She also sent a little card with her picture on it and autographed it
on the back and it said:

Dear Mardi,
I wish you luck in everything you do.
Silvia Mitova


Margi and Mardi  :)


Date:    Mon, 16 Oct 1995 17:18:45 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Jennie Thompson, Commentary

2 Things:
On Jennie Thompson: even if she isn't as bad as the artical portrayed her to
be, and she probably isn't, I really feel bad for her brother. I wouldn't be
happy either if my very talented sister not only overshadowed me in the
family but also split the family up and moved around alot to train. Although
Jennie is very talented and has alot of potential, I can totally understand
her brother being mad. I wonder what her parents think about this and if they
know how he feels (and are doing anything about it).

TV Commentary: ABC is getting better, although I must say that Kathy Johnson
gets VERY long-winded and repetitive. None of them are very kind with their
comments either. The job of a TV commentators is to provide some insight into
the meet, not to cut down the gymnasts or ramble on.
Bye all,


Date:    Mon, 16 Oct 1995 15:02:07 -0700
Subject: womens: where are they now?

        While tossing and turning and trying to get to sleep last night,
i started to wonder about a few people. Here goes:
Amy Scherr. She was on the us team at the 1990 goodwill games, but then
she disappeared.
Sandy Woolsey. Ditto for her. Is she still involved in gymn at all? Just
wondering what she's up to nowadays.
Wendy Bruce. After the 1992 olympics, i heard rumors that she was touring
then in gymn exibitions. Is she still doing that?
Natalia Kalinina. What became of her?
        And some questions about moves: What is a...
Shapashnikova? (bars) It was mentioned that Moceanu has one in her routine.
Omelianchek? (beam, i think) Is that a back-hand 1/4 turn?
Grosheva's beam: someone said she did a "tuck-jump immediate chen."
What's a chen?
Khorkina's bars: what is a "markelov" and a "thomas hop"?
Thanks in advance!

And a comment on the smiling discussion (is a smile an important part of
a routine?): IMO, a smile or at least a not-frowning expression greatly
helps the gymnast's image, both on and off the floor. If a gymnast's
expression is saying that she does not like what she's doing, then i am
not as inclined to watch her. If you don't enjoy gymn, then what's the
point in doing it?
Okay, that's more than enough. Just had to add my .02. :)


Date:    Mon, 16 Oct 1995 18:36:04 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: purchasing a tramp & Free Gymnastics Book

Re: purchasing a tramp & Free Gymnastics Book

I don't sell tramps but my friend Jennifer has a very good one in her yard
called the Backyard Pro.  She can bounce really high--about 15 feet--and do
double flips with twists and everything.  She is a diver.  I go over to her
house sometimes and bounce and I can get really high on it, too, even though
I'm not very good.  I can not do as hard tricks on it because Jenny is 17 and
I am 14 and my interests are dance, gymnastics and cheerleading but I am not
a trained diver like she is but I can still bounce really high, too.  Her
Backyard Pro tramp is rectangular with a white mat that looks like it is some
kind of woven net instead of solid black and says Backyard Pro High
Performance on it with all kinds of warnings and the springs and other parts
are stainless steel so they dont rust.  Her tramp is constructed with a thick
padded spotting walkway around it on all 4 sides.   She taught me to do flips
out in her yard by standing on that padded walkway built into her tramp with
her sister Cindy standing on the opposite walkway and holding me in a belt
until I could do the flips by myself without being held in a belt.  I can't
do any tricks harder than front and back flips that Cindy and Jennifer taught
me to do, so I am not an expert, but I know from my own experience that her
Backyard Pro bounces better than any other tramp I've ever been on and a
million times better than the round tramps that some of my other friends
have.  Those round tramps really suck compared to Jennifer's Backyard Pro.
     I got a really good book by Backyard Pro with lots of awesome tramp
photos and great articles by World and Olympic trampoline and gymnastics
champions on how to train on the Backyard Pro for gymnastics and other
sports.  I got my copy from my friend Jenny but there is an address in the
book where you can write for a free book and they could probably tell you
where to buy the trampoline, too if you wanted one.  Their address is:
Astraea, Inc.
1901 W. Main  St.
St. Charles, IL 60174
Phone (708) 584-2535
Bye for now,
(I like getting gymnastics mail but writing it is harder :>  )


Date:    Mon, 16 Oct 1995 17:24:19 -0500
Subject: high school gymnastics

Hello Everyone!  I am just checking to see if anybody was interested
in high school gymnastics?  I have noticed that so far I have pretty much
just read things about elite gymnasts.


Date:    Mon, 16 Oct 1995 16:55:35 -0800
From:    ***@UVAIX.UVIC.CA
Subject: worlds and top 25 list

Dear Fellow Gymners:
        I have been on the list for several weeks now and have not posted
anything yet. UNTIL NOW.  Flaming Gogean because she doesn't smile eh?
Hmmm... Ok, but I have seen her smile on more than one occasion (6 or 7
times I guess).  Because she is an extremly focus gymnast would probably
explain why she doesnt smile so much.  I do agree that if she smiled more
then she would be able to sell her routines better to the judges.  People
say that ROM didn't deserve to win the team title.  Well they may not have
gymnastics that wil blow you away, but they are super consistent and almost
never make a mistake.  Remember China and Russia did have mistakes in the
team competition.  It's nice to say that they could have won, but you're
just not looking at the big picture.  Saying that Amanar deserved to win
over Pod, now come on!  Amanar could have gotten the gold if she had a
succsessful beam routine, but she had three form brakes (including her
dismount) to Pod's one. I think that the placings are right and justified
IMO.  Let's not have people discredit a AA title that Pod has worked so
hard to attain. Khorkina shouldn't have won due to her watered down FX and
Milo deserved third because although she is not the flashiest gymnast in
the world, she is one of the most consistent.  Although Shannon didn't do
that well in the AA, she has earned back my respect simply on her toughness
alone.  Instead of chickening back to Edmund, she deceided to stay and
compete for her country in GREAT PAIN!!  Hence another Shannongate was
avoided.  That is my $0.02 worth on this.  I would like to hear from
anybody who agrees or disagrees with me.

Here is a top 25 list of things that I would like to see or see changed in
gymnastics.  I have been weary of posting this due to the amount of hate
mail that I might receive, but all that this is meant to do is poke a
little fun at our beloved sport.  Some things are meant to be funny and
others serious (I will let you distinguish between the two as you read).
Let me know how you feel about it!
1. Bela buying drinkes for all of the judges in Sabae (can anybody confirm
2. Kurt becomes a respected fashion designer (and when pigs fly let me know).
3. Under new law it is illegal to have a hair ribbon larger than your head.
4. If I see one more front-full, punch front on floor.....
5. Kerri Strug doing a voive over for Strawberry Shortcake.
6. Scherbo's mouth wired shut PERMANENTLY!!!!
7. A non-American woman win the American cup.
8. Higher high bar for taller gymnasts.
9. A set of eyes for Tim Dagget so that they are in proper proportion to
his head.
10. Tell Kathy Johnson that there are other gymnasts on the competition
floor besides Shannon Miller.
11. I love the Romanians, but let's make those bar routines a touch more
12. Gogean laughing in hysterics.
13. More fire extinguishers for the Dinamo Training center (and a couple
just outside Fab's door.
14. Make mens optional floor look less like compulsories (everyone is doing
the same things these days, especially front tumbling).
15. Burn the current code of points in a bonfire.
16. Aliens abduct Mike Jackie and then, unsatisfied, take Cathy Scanlan as well!
17. Why is it that about 1000 gymnasts have Sannon's and Kim's old floor
music.  Let's have some originality!
18. Oksana Knisnik (UKR) finding out that she is a distant cousin of Casper.
19. Let's have an identifyable World/Olympic mascot for once (What's a
whatizit?  More importantly, what's a Pitari?).
20. Less Chinese gymnasts named Lee (It's difficult to keep track!)
21. The aliens got tired of Mike and Cathy, it's Nunno's and Liddick's turn!
22. A smile from Leonid would be nice once every millenia or so.
23. Elodie Lussac staying injury free and taking France to anotha level
(anyone know what's become of her?).
24. Keswick forms a rock group called "The Chokers"
25. With respect to the Miller Lite commercials, what would happen if you
combined PH with a bucking bronco.
26. Have Gutsu receive everything that was denied of her by the Ukrainian
Gymnastics Federation (either that or give Ludmilla T. the boot. Either
way, I'm happy).


Date:    Mon, 16 Oct 1995 17:32:40 -0500
Subject: gymnastics videos

 I need some advice...I would like to know what would be some good
gymnastics videos to buy?  I do not like the ones that
change the girls' floor music.  I saw an advertisement in TECHNIQUE
magazine, I believe...they were videos of training for the Nationals
and a video on the Nationals.  I think the others were the Budget Car
Invitational meet with Chow, Dawes, and the others.  The  prices aren't
bad.  One vedeo is about 4 hours, it is only $14.95.  There are a couple
others for that price.  There is a 2 tape package for 24.95.  The tape
total is 4.  i don't want to buy all 4 unless they are good.  The total
price would be $14.95 X 2 plus $24.95...Your help is well appreciated.
Gymnly Yours,


Date:    Mon, 16 Oct 1995 21:41:55 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Kosuge Retires

A blurb from Kyodo:

>-- Barcelona Olympic gymnast Mari Kosuge, who has suffered a series of
troubling injuries this year, marked her 20th birthday Monday by announcing
her retirement from the sport.



Date:    Mon, 16 Oct 1995 19:46:58 MDT
Subject: Re: womens: where are they now?

Sandy Woolsey is, and has been, at the University of Utah for 2 years
now, and is a dominant force on the Ute gymnastics team.  Her bar
routines look just as polished and precise as they ever did when she
was competing elite.  The fans are crazy for the sport here, and
Sandy always seems to enjoy performing for them.


Date:    Mon, 16 Oct 1995 18:50:00 -0700
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Mitova!!


We have gotten many requests for Silvia Mitova's address so here it is:

Silvia Mitova
200 Windsor Street
Reading, PA 19601


Margi and Mardi :)


Date:    Mon, 16 Oct 1995 21:18:42 -0600
Subject: Lyssenko

Anyone know what has become of Tatiana Lyssenko, !992 Olympic Beam champ.
Did she retire or is she injured? She's one of my favs.



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