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  1. MAG: Perfect 10 in state high school meet
  2. Mukhina
  3. AOL - Gymn Videos
  4. Women's Optionals Olympic Trials Ticket
  5. US Cable tv alert (for Sat 5/18)- Milosovici featured
  6. MAG Illinois High School State Team Champs
  7. Introduction
  8. Popa's UB mount
  9. Boy's J.O. Nationals Results


Date:    Sun, 12 May 1996 09:59:08 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: MAG: Perfect 10 in state high school meet

That was great!!!  how did he do on the other events??



Date:    Sun, 12 May 1996 11:11:56 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Mukhina

In a message dated 96-05-12 06:04:21 EDT, Heather wrote:

>I just got a really neat book from SPORTS ILLUSTRATED called The Complete
>of the Summer Olympics. In it there is a description of the move that
>broke her spine doing. "...sixteen days before the opening of the Moscow
>Olympics, Mukhina was practicing her floor exercise when she missed a
>half-turn salto with a 540-degree twist and broke her spine."
>I don't suppose anyone else has ever tried this?!!! I've never seen it!
I believe Mukhina injured herself on what Kurt Thomas invented.  He was the
first to perform it at worlds (in 1978?)



Date:    Sun, 12 May 1996 12:28:59 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: AOL - Gymn Videos

For all AOLers -
     You can find some gymnastics videos to download in the sports part of
AOL.  When you get to sports, click on the button ABC Sports, then the Stuff
button, then under "Video Flix" or something similar.  The videos I have
found (Miller vaulting, part of Korbut's bar routine, and Comaneci's rnd off,
ff, 1 1/2 twist to double twist pass) are under Women in Sports.  I didn't
find any more, but there could be some.
                                          Dawn :)


Date:    Sun, 12 May 1996 11:30:51 -0500
From:    ***@MAYO.EDU
Subject: Women's Optionals Olympic Trials Ticket

 I have one ticket to the Women's Optionals Olympic Trials (Sunday might) to
 sell. It's second level, center, I think the 12th row (I don't have it on me
 right now). If anyone is interested, please e-mail me privately. Happy
 Mother's Day!


Date:    Sun, 12 May 1996 14:34:50 -0400
From:    ***@EROLS.COM
Subject: US Cable tv alert (for Sat 5/18)- Milosovici featured

I spotted the following in my newspaper's tv update for the coming week
and didn't think I'd seen it mentioned here before, so:

On Saturday, May 18, at 10 pm Eastern time, the Learning Channel will be
broadcasting a one-hour show entitled "Peak Performance"; this episode,
the 2d of 3, features "[t]he training program of Romanian gymnast
Lavinia Milosovici; swimmer Mark Foster's diving techniques."
(summary from the Wash. Post).  The schedule says it's a repeat, but I
don't know when the original was shown.  The schedule also lists an
episode to be broadcast at 1 am that night (Sunday morning), but it
doesn't indicate whether it's the same episode or a different one.



Date:    Sun, 12 May 1996 18:57:48 EDT
Subject: MAG Illinois High School State Team Champs

Hello to all and happy mother's day!

A report on the Illinois High School State Boys Gymnastics championship.

Glenbard West High School's boys gymnastics team won its first state gymnastics
title since 1983 and sophomore phenom Josh Levin (also of Glenbard West) won the
all-around title.

The Glenbard West team (also known as the *Hilltoppers* because the high school
is located on top of a hill near downtown Glen Ellyn) was the meet favorite and
lived up to expectations during the first three events. However, mistakes on
vault brought the team a little closer to *ground level.* The team ended up with
a score of 159.40,  which was 3.50 points ahead of second place
Homewood-Flossmoor. The Hilltopper's best event was rings, with three members of
the squad qualifying for event finals (Josh Levin, Ted Holub, and Joe Kermond).

The Hilltoppers first place effort was headed by sophomore Josh Levin. Josh won
the all-around with a total of 56.10.  His top event in team competition was
pommel horse, with an incredible score of 9.95. (And, if you saw my post on
Saturday night, you know he did even better in event finals with a perfect 10.)
Josh ended up qualifying for five event finals.

The coach for Glenbard West is Steve Kafka.

Team Scores:
1. Glenbard West 159.40
2. Homewood Flossmoor 155.90
3. Hinsdale Central 154.45
4. Downers Grove North 152.75
5. Conant 150.50
Addison Trail 147.45
Libertyville 146.35
Glenbrook South 145.25

1. Josh Levin (Glenbard West)
2. S. Johnson (St. Rita)
3. Tim Dehr (Hinsdale Central)
4. Feinglass (New Trier)
5. Hartman (Homewood Flossmoor)
6. Goldstein (Conant)


PS. You can actually see Glenbard West high school in the 1986 movie Lucas. It
is a good movie to rent if you haven't seen it and features a young Charlie


Date:    Sun, 12 May 1996 19:23:28 EDT
Subject: Introduction

Hello to all,

Having seen all of the introductions and having had quite a few people on the
forum make mistakes concerning my first name, I thought I better get my own
introduction out there.

I am a MALE from the Chicago suburbs and am employed in the area of technical
writing. Excuse my all caps there, but when some have responded to my posts they
make comments like *young lady*

I am mostly a gymnastics fan. I did a little in gymnastics as a kid, but lost
interest. However, around 1991-92 I rediscovered this sport and have been a fan
ever since. I admit I actually ordered the Olympics Triple-Cast in 1992 and did
so primarily to watch and record the gymnastics. I mostly watch the
international scene.

I am still learning about this sport and appreciate posts that explain the
routines or the elements that make up a routine.

For the men gymnastics I enjoy the work of Ivankov, Scherbo, Nemov, Kosiak,
Waller, Blaine Wilson.
For the women, I enjoy Strugg, Dawes, Boguinskaya.

Well, I am sure that is more than enough information about myself. Back to
concentrating on this great sport.

(Mr.) Dana


Date:    Sun, 12 May 1996 19:55:13 -0400
From:    ***@YORKU.CA
Subject: Popa's UB mount

        Now that I have finally gotten to see extended coverage of 1987
worlds, I have a question regarding the uneven bar mount performed by
Romanian Celestina Popa.  From the board, she did a straddle front salto
over the low bar to an eagle grip hang on low bar.  After gliding
backwards, she hopped to an overgrip and then went into a kip.  This was
a really neat looking mount, and I wanted to know a) is this credited to
her in the code (I recall IG saying that she, and I think one other
gymnast in Rotterdam also used this mount) and b) what is it worth?
Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me answer.


Date:    Sun, 12 May 1996 22:40:00 MDT
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Boy's J.O. Nationals Results

More complete results (event scores, full prelims) can be found at

Tomita scored a 9.9 on parallel bars!

Class I
     1 Y. Tomita           Gym World Inc        55.400
     2 D. Leiter           NSG                  55.350
     3 G. Young            Bart Conner          55.050
     4 D. Jones            Gym Force            54.975
     5 R. Waggener         Action Gym.          54.950
     6 J. Nardelli         Capital Gym.         54.875
     7 J. Furr             Capital Gym.         54.650
     8 C. Nesbitt          Springfield          53.900
     9 J. Delahunt         Gold Cup Gym.        53.850
    10 T. Guilbeau         Houston Gym.         53.800
    11 S. Townsend         GymMaster            53.725
    12 B. Bukacek          NSG                  53.600
    13 A. Floyd            Lancers              53.550
    14 J. Natalie          Prestige             53.400
    15 J. Burgoon          Atlanta School       53.350
    16 K. Agnew            Buffalo Grove        53.200
    17 H. Ly               Bart Conner          53.175
    18 B. Hamilton         HGTC                 53.150
    19 A. Petrocelli       International        53.100
    19 G. Hansen           Action Gym.          53.100

Class II
     1 R. Roberts          Albuquerque          54.625
     2 B. McClure          Cascade Elite        54.150
     3 K. Zimmerman        Buffalo Grove        53.900
     4 R. Bhavsar          Cypress Acad.        52.700
     5 J. Plante           Atlanta School       52.575
     6 D. Diaz-Luong       Central Pa.          52.400
     7 B. O'Neil           World Cup            52.200
     8 D. Furney           USOTC Gym.           52.125
     9 A. Berkenbile       Gold Cup Gym.        52.100
    10 S. Van Etten        Gym Pacifica         51.750
    11 M. Ashe             Atlanta School       51.450
    12 A. Thornton         Hayden's Gym.        51.025
    13 J. Dean             GymMasters           50.925
    14 J. Ketchan          Knoxville Gym.       50.900
    15 B. Kenna            West Side Gym.       50.825
    16 B. Berkenbile       Gold Cup Gym.        50.650
    17 C. Raggio           Gym., Etc.           50.475
    17 D. Finnegan         Capital Gym.         50.475
    19 Q. Rowell           South Texas          50.250
    20 M. Boyer            Hanover YMCA         49.975

Class III
     1 S. Richards         USA Gym World        49.150
     2 P. Hamm             Swiss Turners        48.925
     3 T. Marlatt          Cascade Elite        47.550
     4 H. Mueller          Bart Conner          47.500
     5 W. Becker           USA Gym World        47.300
     6 C. Burch            Spartan Gym.         46.700
     7 Z. Roberts          South Cal Gym        45.925
     8 I. Vest             Top Flight           45.750
     8 J. Hagerty          Gold Cup Gym.        45.750
    10 J. Korecki          Surgents Elite       45.700
    11 L. Hill             Gym Force            45.425
    12 K. Tan              Top Flight           45.350
    13 M. Hamm             Swiss Turners        45.250
    14 M. Metzger          Queen City           44.750

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