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  1. Third Anniversary (3)
  2. what happened to...?
  3. Nationals Competitors
  4. 1976 Olympic placings
  5. Congratulations!!
  6. Tickets for nationals?
  7. Congratulations
  8. Survey answers 1
  9. Survey Answers 2
 10. Shushunova and Omelianchik
 11. Way to Go!!
 12. Elena Davidova
 13. Dobre
 14. gymnast home page


Date:    Sat, 12 Aug 1995 22:16:57 -0500
From:    ***@VIPER.NET
Subject: Re: Third Anniversary

Congradulations to you All!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for making this all possible!!



Date:    Sat, 12 Aug 1995 23:55:42 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: what happened to...?


I'm curious if anyone knows what happened to a few gymnasts from the
past...Elena Shushunova, Elena Davidova, Oksana Omeliantchik, Zacharova (what
was her first name?)...I'm sure there are others I could think of, but I'll
try with these first!  It seems that these young women are famous for a short
period of time, and then completely disappear from the scene.  Two were
Olympic champions, one a world champion, yet we don't hear much about their
lives today.



Date:    Sun, 13 Aug 1995 01:11:29 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Third Anniversary

Is Zoran Milosevich related to Lavinia? Just wondering

Congratulations on GYMN its a great fourm!


Date:    Sun, 13 Aug 1995 09:07:33 -0500
Subject: Nationals Competitors

Date sent:  13-AUG-1995 09:04:17
OK, someone askd for a listr of compeitors that will be competing
because there have been so many pullouts. I don't have that list
but I do have a question. I know Kirsty Powell has pulled out, but
what about her Colorado teammates Donielle Thompson, Theresa Kullijowksi'
and Kerri Strug? All three were injured at the Olympic Festival as well.
Also, with these athletes pulled out (plus Zmeskal), are there alternates
being allowed in? If so, who are they.

Finally, would Shawna@ alabama please mail me, as would Esquires@ohio.
Need to talk to both of ya. Also, Adriana, if you are still out there,
send me your email address. I have a question specifically for you.


Date:    Sun, 13 Aug 1995 15:33:42 BST
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: Re: Third Anniversary

We will of course have to thank Rachele for being a very helpful,
capable and understanding manager of Gymn!



Date:    Sun, 13 Aug 1995 10:17:21 CDT
From:    ***@UA1VM.UA.EDU
Subject: 1976 Olympic placings

This is how the beam standings occurred in Montreal.      Comaneci(ROM) was
first with 19.95. Korbut(USSR) was second with 19.725 and Ungureanu was
third with 19.70. Ungureanu was second on UPB with a score 19.80 and
Egarvari of Hungary was third with 19.775. Korbut and KIm fell(at least
I remember Kim did) and were knocked out of potential medal placings. No
flames from me, my torch seems to have run out of acetylene for now. Brenda


Date:    Sun, 13 Aug 1995 10:27:46 CDT
From:    ***@UA1VM.UA.EDU
Subject: Congratulations!!

It's great to have this electronic forum for news and views of gymnastics!


Date:    Sun, 13 Aug 1995 10:30:27 CDT
From:    ***@UA1VM.UA.EDU
Subject: Tickets for nationals?

Is everything sold out for nationals?


Date:    Sun, 13 Aug 1995 12:18:46 -0400
Subject: Congratulations

Let me add my congratulations on the third year of the list. It has been
quite an enjoyable time reading and writing about gymnastics here.



Date:    Sun, 13 Aug 1995 09:55:24 -0700
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Survey answers 1

Here are some of the answers to the survey. Thank you to everyone who
wrote in. There were some more gymnasts whose names got on the list but
they were only written down if there were 2 or more. Thanks :)

Favorite Male:

Chainey Umphrey- 3
Bart Conner- 2
Alexi Nemov- 2

Favorite Female:

Kim Zmeskal- 4
Shannon Miller- 4
Kerri Strug- 3
Tatiana Gutsu- 2
Henrietta Onodi- 2
Amanda Borden- 2

Favorite Rythmic:


Favorite Choreography:

Svetlana Khorkina- 2
Amanda Borden- 2
Bogenskaia's "Carmen"- 2
Stella Umeh- 2

Favorite Floor Music:

Amanda Borden- 2
Silvia Mitova- 2

Favorite Men's Team:

USA- 3
Ukraine- 3
AUS- 2

Favorite Women's Team:

United States- 6
Russia- 4
Cincinnati- 3

Favorite Rythmic Team:

Bulgaria- 6
Ukraine- 2
Spain- 2
Australia- 2


Date:    Sun, 13 Aug 1995 10:06:41 -0700
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Survey Answers 2

Here are the rest of the survey answers. :)

Favorite Men's College Team:

Ohio State- 2

Favorite Women's College Team:

Georgia- 5

Favorite Leotard:

China at '94 Worlds: 2
Bogenskaia at Olympic Vault Finals- 2
Unified- 2
USA- 2

Favorite Hair Style:

Ponytail- 3
Shannon Miller- 2
Svetlana Khorkina- 2
Bun- 2
Ann Marie Williamson- 2

Favorite Skill:

Triple twist- 2

Favorite Coach:

Kelli Hill- 5
Mary Lee Tracy- 4
Steve Nunno- 2
Stormy Eaton- 1 :(

Friendliest Male:

Brennon Downrick- 2
Chainey Umphrey- 2
Valery Liukin- 2

Friendliest Female:

Amanda Borden- 4
Kim Zmeskal- 3

Best Covered Competition:

'94 Goodwill Games- 3
'94 Worlds- 3
'94 Women's Budget Rent-A-Car- 2

Favorite Event:

Beam- 8
High Bar- 2


Date:    Sun, 13 Aug 1995 13:35:15 -0400
Subject: Shushunova and Omelianchik

     I have a rough idea of where Elena and Oksana are these days. Elena
married a car mechanic not too long after her '88 Olympic win. The story I
heard is that she crashed the car she was given for winning the Olympics and
took it to this mechanic, and well, the rest is history. He's quite a bit older
than she is and they have a child, I believe a son. Anyway, footage of them
having a picnic was shown during the '94 Goodwill Games.
     Oksana married a long-time sweetheart from Kiev named Dima. He works as a
policeman or something military-related (he went to a military academy). They
have a daughter named Anastasia, who I think is about 4. When in Kiev, Oksana
is a dance coach at the gym where she first started out. She occasionally goes
to Belgium to coach too, and I think would like to relocate to an
English-speaking country (she coached in the States in 89-90 and became quite
good at English). Because of all the economic problems in Ukraine, I believe
that Oksana, Dima and Anastasia cannot afford their own apartment and live with
Oksana's mother Lyubov, her brother Dima (the one with the eye damage caused by
Chernobyl) and her younger sister, whose name escapes me at the moment, but
she's a sports acrobat.
     I don't know anything about Stella Zakharova. As for Elena Davydova, I
*thought* I heard that she was coaching abroad somewhere, but I could be wrong.
Hope this helps!



Date:    Sun, 13 Aug 1995 15:16:40 -0400
Subject: Way to Go!!

  I just want to add my thanks and congradulations to all that have made
gymn so enjoyable to participate in. Those that have spent much time in
organizing and administrating this forum deserve a big hand from the entire
gymnastics community!  You all have done alot to promote our sport and have
made it that much more enjoyable for those of us that enjoy gymn! Keep up
the GREAT work!!!


Date:    Sun, 13 Aug 1995 14:05:35 -0600
Subject: Elena Davidova

Elena coaches at Gemini Gymnastics in Oshawa, Ontario (Northeast of
Toronto) and has been there for several years now.  She coaches with
July Gershovich and they have some fantastic athletes including Sarah Deegan
('95 Jr. National Champ) and senior team member Stephanie Cappuccitti.

I don't know *for sure* about her personal life (married? children?) so
I won't say anything.



Date:    Sun, 13 Aug 1995 17:35:18 -0400
Subject: Dobre

     Along the lines of "where are they now," someone asked me if I knew what
happened to Dobre. Well, she's here in the US, living in Maryland and raising 2
children (the oldest is a boy, I don't know about the youngest). She's married
to Boz Mofid, who owns Fit 'N Fun gymnastics, and she sometimes helps out at
the gym as a dance coach. I haven't met her but I have a friend who did (she
stayed with Aurelia and Boz for several days). She said Aurelia is VERY happy
and VERY sweet and down-to-earth. She really enjoys being a wife and mother,
much preferring that to gymnastics. She said that when she watches old tapes of
herself she gets scared and can't even believe it was her doing those moves! I
assume most people know she went through a kind of "wild" phase in 1990-91
(including posing for Dutch Playboy), but that's definitely all in the past. My
friend told me that Aurelia is a very devoted mother and gracious hostess, and
extremely modest. My friend sent me copies of some photos she took, and Aurelia
dresses very simply and wears no makeup (she doesn't need to - she's
beautiful!) My friend, Boz and Aurelia went to a pro-meet together, and my
friend asked Aurelia if she would pose for a photo with Henrietta Onodi.
Aurelia got really embarrassed and said, "but she won't even know who I am."
Needless to say, Henrietta DID know who she was, and my friend got a very nice
picture of the two of them. :) Anyway, it sounds like Aurelia is really happy
with her life in the US, which is very nice to know after all the struggles she
had after 1987.



Date:    Sun, 13 Aug 1995 17:58:24 -0500
From:    ***@VIPER.NET
Subject: gymnast home page

Well everyone you can take a look at my homepage:  Keep an eye out because I
will post scores from this gymnasts competitions!!!

Yes , I bragging on my daughter!!!!

See ya'll soon



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