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  1. Japan World Champs
  2. Sabae
  3. What about...?
  4. Men's Ita-Blr-Rom
  5. Women's ITA-ESP-ROM-BLR
  6. Carlo's Sabae article
  7. World Trials
  8. Lets talk about JUDGES
  9. Trivia Quiz #32:  National Championships
 10. USA World Team Trials: Comments on Women's Compulsories
 11. Worlds (was Re: Carlo's Sabae article)


Date:    Mon, 11 Sep 1995 00:30:11 -18521200
Subject: Japan World Champs

To all gymners going to Japan, you have to
check out this web site that my husband
        It tells all about the fukui area
(elevation, how it ranks in health, education,
safety....), and about the Sun Dome (55 meters
tall, with 8000 electronically moveable seats!),
where the championships will be held.  It also
has information on the competition; not only
times, but which countries are competing when.
There is information on other events happening
around the time and area, and even has some nice
pictures and maps of the area.  There are also
spaces reserved for results, which may be put
in as the competition is happening.
        Definitely counting the days now!



Date:    Mon, 11 Sep 1995 15:30:51 +0200
From:    ***@MICRONET.IT
Subject: Sabae

On august 30, in the supplement of Asahi evening news, the english version
of Asahi Shimbun, I found this article about Sabae:

By Hideki Aota
(Asahi Shimbun)

<The 1995 World Gymnastics Championships in Sabae, sponsored by the FIG,
will be held in Asia for the first time in Fukui Prefecture's Sabae this fall.
   Top gymnasts from 60 countries and regions, the largest number in the
nearly century-long history of the championships, will gather in Sabae,
which has a population of just more than 60,000, making it the smallest city
to have hosted the event.
   (..) The spectacle frame industry, the basic industry of Sabae which
served as the flag-waver to attract the championships, is being buffeted by
the winds of recession and the continuing high value of the yen against the
   It is hoping the championships will wipe out the recession blues.
   Fukui Prefecture, on the Sea of Japan, forms the waist part, as it were,
where the main Japanese islands bend. Its population of 830,000 places it
among the last seven of the 47 prefectures.
   Rice growing is the principal activity and the predominant atmosphere is
rural. Among the cities, even Sabae is modest and is not even the
prefectural capital.
   The award of the championships to Sabae was decided in the fall of 1990
after promotional efforts by a director of the Fukui Gymnastics Association,
himself a spectacle frame maker, after the national gymnastics championships
were held there in 1988.
   At that time there were only five hotels in the city. What about
accomodation for the estimated 4,800 athletes, officials and journalists?
How could a regional city with no outstandig recreation facilities entertain
the athletes?
   The Organizing Committee for the WGC 1995 in Sabae and the Prefectural
government's WGC support office have stretched their imaginations to come up
with solutions.
   For the main events venue, the prefecture constructed Sun Dome Fukui, 55
meters high, about the height of Osaka Castle.
   Even with two new hotels, extra accomodations for fewer than 1,000 people
has been created. Accomodation in neighboring cities such as Fukui, Takefu
and Tsuruga will be reserved, and bus services will transport athletes,
officials and journalists to and from Sabae.
   Emphasis will be placed on welcome at the citizen level, the organizers
say. To cheer on the gymnasts of small countries,(..), friendship will be
nurtured by "one city (town or village for one country exchange". (..)
   The 34 cities, towns and villages in the prefecture and the various
district of Sabae will select a participating country and play host to its
representatives. On the days when gymnasts from the country are competing,
they will wave the country's flag and cheer for its gymnasts.
   On the days when there is no competition, they will invite the gymnasts
to parties. Other proposals are to entertain the guests by showing them
local traditions such as paper making by hand, ceramics paintings and making
soba noodles.
   (..) Fukui Prefecture is the only maker of harps in Japan. During the
period oF championships, with domestic customers also in mind, harp concerts
will be held, in addition to tagiki-noh (outdoor noh theater by torclight)
at the medieval site of the Asakura clan in Ichijodani.
   The lacquerware makers of Sabae City have made lacquer victory platforms
and placards and other groups have made bamboo dolls and pressed flower
keyholders as gifts for the gymnasts.
   The publicity group consists in dozens of volunteers ranging from senior
high students to people in their 40s and 50s. When citizens were asked to
contribute unused telephon cards so that gymnasts could call thier home
countries, more than 5,000 cards were donated.
   The high value of the yen and the continuing recession have taken their
toll on the city, however, and the championships' cost have grown to 2.6
billion yen, 1.5 times the original estimate.
   On top of the recession has meant contributions from the commercial
sector have not materialized, placing the main financial burden on the local
   Sabae's spectacle frame manufacturing industry, which has 90% of the
national market, has been hit hard by the recession and the high yen and
this year, two top-class companies were forced into bankruptcy with several
billion yen in liabilities.
   According to the city government's Optical Industry Promotion Division,
spectacle frame shipments, which came to 114 billion yen in 1992, will be
less thaN 100 billion yen in 1994.
   It is reported that many small-scale business, often those run by a
husband and wife only and which do not show up in the official statistics,
are losing work steadily.
   (..)"The gymnasts and officials visiting Sabae", said Momoki Yamaguchi,
director of the Optical Industry Promotion Division, "may be wearing
eyeglasses made by these same workers. It will not lead to increased orders
or to economic recovery, but we want gymnastics to become the chance for the
city's industry to recover its confidence and pride">.

The article was provided with a picture: <The Sun Dome Fukui which will be
the main site for the World Gymnastics Championships in Octobers stands in
the middle of rice fields on the border of Takefu and Sabae, Fukui Prefecture>.

I just thought you might enjoy that.



Date:    Mon, 11 Sep 1995 15:31:10 +0200
From:    ***@MICRONET.IT
Subject: What about...?

Yukio Endo, holder of the gold medal for team gymnastics in Rome '60 and
winner of both the team and the individual Golds at the Tokyo '64 Games, was
the Village Deputy Mayor at the World University Games in Fukuoka. Actually,
he's a Professor of Athletics at Nihon (Japan) University.


Date:    Mon, 11 Sep 1995 15:31:23 +0200
From:    ***@MICRONET.IT
Subject: Men's Ita-Blr-Rom

Men' Italy-Belarus-Romania
San Benedetto del Tronto, 25-26/8/95

1st day: compulsories.
1. ITALY     279.700 points
(Chechi, Preti, Massucchi, D'Innocenzo, Anceschi, Colombo, Barbieri)
2. ROMANIA   276.400
3. BELARUS   271.900

Individual standing:
1. Chechi (Ita)      57.000
2. Preti (Ita)       56.950
3. Sandro (Rom)      55.950
4: Ianculescu (Rom)  55.650

2nd day: final standings
1. ITALIA    556.775
2. ROMANIA   550.175
3. BELARUS   549.350

Individual AA: final standing
1. Chechi (Ita)      113.550
2. Preti (Ita)       112.275
3. Ivankov (Blr)     111.900

In the 2nd day: Ivankov had 9.650 in FX, PH and R
                Chechi had 9.825 in R.


Date:    Mon, 11 Sep 1995 15:31:42 +0200
From:    ***@MICRONET.IT
Subject: Women's ITA-ESP-ROM-BLR

San Giustino in Umbria (ITA), 26-27/8/95

1st day: compulsories
1. Romania    193.018 points
2. Spain      191.083
3. Italy      188.202
4. Belarus    187.601

2nd day: final standing
1. Romania    387.917
2. Spain      382.586
3. Italy      376.804
4. Belarus    374.617

Individual standings (withou points):
1. Marinescu
2. Gogean
3. Cacovean
4. Amanar


Date:    Mon, 11 Sep 1995 12:46:48 -0600
Subject: Carlo's Sabae article

It said that the championships will cost 1.5 billion yen!!! How much US dollars
is that.

Also, it said the "century long history of the championships". First Worlds
was held in (what was then) Yugoslavia in 1970.



Date:    Mon, 11 Sep 1995 15:49:58 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: World Trials

|         Sorry if this question was already answered (my mail has been
| down for almost two days) why did Jaycie Phelps pull out of trials?
| And did anyone post what went on during the womens competition?

The listserv was down for two days -- I don't know why.  At any rate,
all of the backlog seems to have come through now.

Phelps pulled out because she had a sore knee.  They had an MRI done
and it showed a frayed meniscus.  Her status for Worlds is still a
question mark.

I will write up my women's report and post it today or tomorrow.
Sorry for the delay but I spent a lot of time traveling yesterday and
I had work today.



Date:    Mon, 11 Sep 1995 17:42:41 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Re: Lets talk about JUDGES

| Rachele who commented that Monceanu was over scored on VAULT compulsories
| in both NATIONALS and Worlds. Perhaps she is just liked by the same

Well, in my Nationals report, I did say that with a small hop her 9.85
was overscoring.  But at World _Trials_ (Worlds hasn't happened yet)
her 9.9 wasn't out of line (I thought).  Excepting the average
distance from the horse, the rest was exceptional.



Date:    Mon, 11 Sep 1995 20:40:07 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Trivia Quiz #32:  National Championships

I was surprised and pleased by the variety and difficulty of the questions
submitted for this quiz!

Credit (or blame <g>) for questions goes to:

#1-5 Michelle
#6 Dawn
#7 Sherwin
#8-10 Amanda

Answers tommorrow!  Enjoy!

1.  In 1993 she was Australian National champion, even though she didn't come
first at Australian Champs.  Who was she?

2.  Which womens artistic gymnast did win 1993 Australian Championships?

3.  In 1990 this womens artistic gymanst won the Australian title, and scored
the first (and only) 10 on Aussie soil for her FX.  Who was she?  (Hint -
she's not an Aussie!)

4.  This Aussie womens artistic gymnast finally won the senior National
title, 4 years after winning the junior national title.  Who is she & what
years did she win each?

5.  Which former Russian won the Australian mens title in 1995?

6.  At the 1995 US Nationals:  Who were the winners in all-around, how old
are they and who do they train with?

7.  Over the past three years, three women, from three different countries,
each 'swept' all five Gold Medals in her countries National Championship (non
in the same year).  Who are the three?  What year did each one sweep?

8.   She became Russia's first ever national champion in 1993.

9.   She won the overall national title the same year she won three World
titles, but three years later could only manage a position as alternate on
her nation's Olympic team.  (Bonus:  Whose goal had it been to be that year's
national champ?)

10.   She earned a 10.6 on floor and a 10.2 on balance beam en route to her
national title.  The second place gymnast performed a full-twisting double
back off balance beam and on floor.  Name the country, year, and respective


Date:    Mon, 11 Sep 1995 20:42:18 -0400
Subject: Re: USA World Team Trials: Comments on Women's Compulsories

>  Heather Brink
> (Dynamo) sublexed her toe (or something like that)

        She what??

Laura :)


Date:    Mon, 11 Sep 1995 22:08:31 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Worlds (was Re: Carlo's Sabae article)

>Also, it said the "century long history of the championships". First >Worlds
was held in (what was then) Yugoslavia in 1970.

Umm ... Not quite. The first FIG World Gymnastics Championships  were held in
Antwerp, Belgium in 1903. In 1934 Women were added to the Championships.

For the curious, the following is a complete list of sites of the World
Championships to date.


World Championships


1903 Antwerp, Belgium
1905 Bordeaux, France
1906  Athens, Greece
1907 Prague, Czechoslovakia
1909 Luxembourg
1911 Turin, Italy
1913 Paris, France
1922 Ljubljana, Yugoslavia
1926 Lyon, France
1930 Luxembourg
1931 Paris, France

NOTE: From this point on women were included in World Championships

1934 Budapest, Hungary
1938 Prague, Czechoslovakia
1950 Basle, Switzerland
1954 Rome, Italy
1958 Moscow, Russia USSR
1962 Prague, Czechoslovakia
1966 Dortmund, Germany
1970   Ljubljana, Yugoslavia
1974   Varna, Bulgaria
1978   Strasbourg, France
1979   Fort Worth, Texas USA
1981   Moscow, Russia USSR
1983   Budapest, Hungary
1985   Montreal, Canada
1987   Rotterdam, The Netherlands
1989   Stuttgart, West Germany
1991   Indianapolis, Indiana USA
1992   Paris, France
1993   Birmingham, England
1994  Brisbane, Australia (spring)
1994 Dortmund, Germany (fall)

Future Sites ...

1995 Sabae, Japan
1996 San Juan, Puerto Rico
1997 Lausanne, Switzerland


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