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  1. curious on vault
  2. no worlds coverage in Peoria -- help!
  3. re : martie's post
  4. Alfred Vogel (Rhythmic) (2)
  5. USAG Phone #
  6. Parents & 60 Minutes
  7. 60 minutes/old time listener first time response Adrienne
  8. del calky
  9. sorry chalky
 10. Bonus on Vault


Date:    Wed, 11 Oct 1995 15:59:22 +1000
From:    ***@COUGAR.VUT.EDU.AU
Subject: curious on vault

Just a quick question for those lucky enough to have already viewed the
worlds.  Which women competitor truely has the best double Yurchenko, or
other vault?  Who would you say showed the best artistry and expression?
Just curious,


Date:    Wed, 11 Oct 1995 01:08:57 -0500
Subject: no worlds coverage in Peoria -- help!

My employer 8-(, the ABC affiliate in Peoria, has decided to run old
movies and infomercials instead of worlds coverage. Any list member who
can dub both last Sunday's and this coming Sunday's coverage, please
e-mail me.



Date:    Wed, 11 Oct 1995 19:03:09 EST-11
Subject: re : martie's post

I've heard that Karolyi is fond of calling his gymnasts all sorts of
things.  I have an interview on tape from 1984 which shows a young
Phillips, Mills, Gunthorpe and someone else who I don't recognise,
and they mention that Karolyi calls them idiot or stupid, but
"sometimes he'll fool around and be really nice".  These girls seemed
to think it was funny that he called them names.  I figure that they
must have been 11 or 12 to put up with crap like that.



Date:    Wed, 11 Oct 1995 05:40:30 -0400
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: Alfred Vogel (Rhythmic)

Alfred Vogel (Rhythmic) Grand Prix 1995

This took place a few months back but it was just shown on
EuroSport this morning. I think somebody has already posted
results of this meet so I'm just gonna be brief.

Elena Vitrichenko domintaes this meet with two perfect 10s
in the ball and the clubs. Not all top gymnasts took part
though, noticably Serebrianskaya and Zaripova weren't there.
In the groups, Spain took both golds, in the absence of
Russia and Bulgaria, with some very interesting choreography
and originality in their routines which made it very
entertaining for the crowds and judges alike.


Rope:   =1. Vitrichenko  9.950
        =1. Gontar       9.950
        =1. Batyrchina   9.950

Ball:    1. Vitrichenko 10.000
         2. Batyrchina   9.950
         3. Lukianenko   9.900

Clubs:   1. Vitrichenko 10.000
        =2. Batyrchina   9.975
        =2. Lukianenko   9.975

Ribbon:  1. Vitrichenko  9.975
         2. Lukianenko   9.950
         3. Gontar       9.925


Five Hoops:
         1. Spain       19.775
        =2. Ukraine     19.650
        =2. Belarus     19.650

Three Balls / Two Ribbons:

        =1. Spain       19.775
        =1. Ukraine     19.775
         3. France      19.400



Date:    Wed, 11 Oct 1995 11:13:55 MET
From:    ***@SEPA.TUDELFT.NL
Subject: Re: Alfred Vogel (Rhythmic)

>Not all top gymnasts took part
>though, noticably Serebrianskaya and Zaripova weren't there.

Oh yes they were around!
Serebrianskaya was the overall winner but she did not take part in
event finals.

Zaripova was there as well,  word was she had an huge arguement
with her coach on Saturday that was why she did not compete in

I think Eurosport only showed event finals.


(Sorry Sherwin you get this twice, I am not awake yet, I think)


Date:    Wed, 11 Oct 1995 08:33:01 -0400
Subject: Re: USAG Phone #

>Does the USAG have a phone number we could call for ordering merchandise
>or more info?

USAG Merchandise phone number is 1-800-4-USA-GYM.


Date:    Wed, 11 Oct 1995 13:46:40 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Parents & 60 Minutes

Hey All,

This is my first posting here, so wish me luck!

The other night I was confronted by one of our parents that was very upset
about how 60 Minutes portrayed gymnastics in general.  She came up with a
very good point that I thought I'd share with all of you.  Gymnasts don't go
"mentally bad" because of the coaches or the workout requirements.  It
happens because of the parents that just don't care and don't take an active
role in their child's life.  She told me that at times even her daughter
would leave the gym very upset because of the coaches or the workout.  But
since they have the luxury of driving 30 minutes home ever night, she gets
the chance to talk with her daughter and find out what's really going on.
 Her daughter has never arrived home without a change in her attitude.  They
usually end up laughing about the situation and change the subject towards
school or friends.

The point is, and I think it's a good one, if parents don't take an active
role in their own children's lives, how can we expect these kids to grow up
normally?  Eating disorders, mental stress and physical injuries should be
spotted first and handled by the parents, not the coaches. After all, coaches
are not paid to "raise" these children.  Their job is to teach gymnastics.
 If the parents don't really care about their kids, the coach can not be
blamed.  They are only doing their jobs.  Now if the coaches knew they were
suppose to raise the kids as well, then I guess they would all take a more
active role.

By the way, I personally have not seen this dreaded 60 Minutes.  I have only
told you what this concerned parent told me.  Nuf said.  See ya!



Date:    Wed, 11 Oct 1995 14:09:14 EDT
Subject: 60 minutes/old time listener first time response Adrienne

Hello everyone I am new my name is Adrienne and I am sixteen years old.  my
dad subscribes to this so I always read what everyone has to say.  So I have
finally decided to respond.  I have done gymnastics since I was eight years
old.  I was a level eight gymnast until recently.  In May of 1995 I was doing
a full twist on the floor and landed with straight legs.  Since then my right
knee has not been the same.  At first I was determine to get through my
injury but after months of just conditioning and my knee was not getting
better even with physical therapy. At the end of August I had Arthascopic
surgery.  I had a tear in my miniscus.  Unfortunately it was unrepairable so
they just took the torn part out.  The doctor said when I get old I will most
likely have arthritis.  Now more than a month after surgery I still limp
slightly and my knee still hurts a bit and season starts soon so I have given
up gymnastics.  But I do coach Level 3-4 twice a week and I am enjoying that.
 And I am especially enjoying my free time.  I use to workout 5 days a week
for four hours each day so now I have lots of free time with friends and
homework.  I also might add that the owner and coach of my gym is good
friends with Amy Chows coach Mark.  Our gyms are only about 45 minutes from
each other so before we got a pit during the summer sometimes on Sundays we
would go and use their pit.  Unfortunatley Amy Chow was never there.  Last
year at level nine states Amy was there to cheer her team on and one of my
teammates went to go get her autograph for our team.  She seem really nice
about it.   But I would like to comment on the 60 minutes.  It made me very
upset that they only said one side of the story.  Why did'nt they interview
Nadia, Mary lou Retton or Kim Zmeskal.  I read Joan Ryans book.  I completely
disagree with her.  I was not even that mad with the 60 minutes  interview
until today when I was at school my friends told me how the physiology
teacher talk to them about 60 minutes episode and they were telling me how
the teacher said that gymnasts starve themselves and have a rough life.  Of
course I set my friends straight but they seemed most convinced by the
teacher because the teacher saw it on tv.  I really wish they would have told
both sides of the story.  I am going to talk to that teacher tommorrow and
set him straight.  He is one of my favorite teachers so I know he did not
mean to affend anybody by bringing it up.
Well thats all for now.  I am going to try to respond more.  Bye



Date:    Wed, 11 Oct 1995 15:51:05 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: del calky

quiet del gymn-l
quiet add gymn-l Doug -


Date:    Wed, 11 Oct 1995 18:30:00 MDT
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: sorry chalky

Amazingly, I've already gotten five "what the..." replies to my two-liner to
Gymn.  The cryptic "quiet del..." note from me was mistakenly sent.  My
apologies.  I had intended it to go to the listserv processor, not the
mailing list.

For those interested, I noticed from ChalkyTalk's post that he had
registered for Gymn under the name "Full Name" (a common mistake), thus that
name was appearing on the header when he posted.  Since he signed his post
Doug (hi Doug, :)  ) I sent the commands to listserv to change his
registered name.  Except I sent the commands to Gymn instead, oops.

The timing of this is mighty ironic, I might add, as I am currently
preparing the results of the survey -- and the overwhelming sentiment
from the survey is that Gymn gets too much wasteful mail.  ;)



Date:    Wed, 11 Oct 1995 21:47:33 -0600
Subject: Bonus on Vault

Am I to understand that if you demonstrate great distance on a vault you
get bonus points awarded? I noticed this in Sherwin's report of Vault
finals. Does this hold true for men and women?


P.S. Women's +0.1 bonus. Anyone think that this helded the performance of the
women's team on vault? I don't.


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