GYMN-L Digest - 11 Jul 1996

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  1. Yeah......What he said!
  2. Schools and innovation
  3. Shannon at Mikey D's
  4. Kathy Johnson's triple twist
  5. Compulsories


Date:    Thu, 11 Jul 1996 00:34:07 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Yeah......What he said!

>THE WORLD?  They seem to take this as a clear truth, and beyond question.
> Personally, I think that an All Arounder in artistic gymnastics has to show
>a greater range and variety of athletic skills than any decathlete.  The
>would be how long it would take each athlete to achieve a levle of
>proficiency at the other's sport.  The gymnast can far more easily learn the
>events of the decathalon than the decathlete can ever learn the skills of

As a jr. boys coach, I have often found myself attempting to make this point
to whoever will listen (and a few who would prefer not to <<GRIN>>). In the
basically rural town where I coach, my rec students practically leave skid
marks getting out of the gym when some shouts "Baseball season!!". And the
media makes my job no easier by touting a sport that people only pay
attention to once every four years as somehow superior to gymnastics.



Date:    Wed, 10 Jul 1996 23:49:14 PDT
From:    ***@CISCO.COM
Subject: Re: Schools and innovation

    >What is the big attraction of Stanford for girls no
    >longer eligible for NCAA?  Do these girls plan to go and train/workout
    >with team and just not compete?

Stanford does have a good gymnastic team, and one possible attaction would
be the chance to work out with a good team and coaches, whether or not you
were eligible to compete.  Whether this can/will happen is pretty much up
to the coach and the gymnast, but it'd sure be something I asked about
before making a selection.  I'm not sure how Stanford (who already has
a strong team) feels about it, but most schools are thrilled to have a
world-class athlete work out with their team.  It's a good example, a
motivator, and can result in useful tips and advice...

Stanford is also a really nice place.  When I moved to the bay area after
college at one of those east coast ivy schools, it was easy to see why we'd
lost a gymnast who transferred to Stanford.  Palm trees!  Sheesh.

    In my opinion, the men are THE innovators in gymnastics. Just look at
    bars.  It was common practice for men to do release moves fully TEN
    YEARS before the women started doing them.

The men are crazier.  On the other hand, the high bar makes release moves a
lot easier than unevens.  Before the women could do such tricks, there
pretty much had to be a revolution in equipment technology!  (unevens
are now much thinner bars, and much further apart than they used to be.
The high bar is still the same.)  Still, it was women who invented the
vaults that started with a roundoff onto the springboard (shudder.)



Date:    Thu, 11 Jul 1996 00:43:36 -0700
From:    ***@VCN.BC.CA
Subject: Shannon at Mikey D's

Hi! Everyone,

While I was in Seattle Washington, driving by a Macdonald.  I had to slam
on the brake and pull in, I saw a big poster (6' x 3') of a gymnast on
the exterior of this place.  After I taken a few step closer, I realize
it was a painted figure of Shannon Miller (very well done).  Has anybody
else seen this?  If not you might want to keep your eyes peel next time
you pass by a Macdonald, just thought I share that with you.

Go! Amanda!


Date:    Thu, 11 Jul 1996 18:33:37 +1000
From:    ***@OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Subject: Kathy Johnson's triple twist

Re the two posts on Kathy Johnson stuffing up her triple twist on FX during
AA at the 84 Olympics.

Did Kathy ever not land this pass on the judges table?

The only other time I've seen her compete this was at 81 Worlds, and she
basically did the same thing.

Mind you, these are the only two Kathy Johnson floor routines I've seen.




Date:    Thu, 11 Jul 1996 21:24:40 +1300
From:    ***@NETACCESS.CO.NZ
Subject: Compulsories

Jeffrey asked a few posts ago which country was responsible for the
1992-96 WAG floor and Beam sets.

Beam            Ukraine - Ludmilla Touricheva & M Gerassimova
Floor           Bulgaria -     Tzvetlana Dimova  & Kamena Petkova

Muriel Grossfeld was also a Technical Assistant.  Amanda Borden was part of
the display team and did the floor brillantly back then.

I am off to Atlanta on Saturday NZ time and really looking forward to being
a part of the Olympics finally,  I have been eligible since 1980,  we were
part of the boycott,  1984 our sole qualifier ( same as the 1980 one) was
not selected by the National selectors-  wouldn't have made the top half of
the comp.  Imagine if all National Selectors had the same rules!!!!!!.
In 1991 our hottest team came down with the measles in Indianapolis ( oh
well put us on the map in some way) and in Sabae our only prospect was
injured.  Anyway here I come without a gymnast competing  a complete neutral.
My only wish is that the panel judges forget reputations/ home towm
advantage / previous expectations etc,  and score the gymnasts on the day
with what they deserve.  We are certainly in for a treat of mature
gymnastics and one that I am really looking forward to being part of.  I
have not put in my "pics"  I really do think it is an open field on the day,
it will come down to the hungriest most prepared mentally competitor.  Mo
won the Comp 1a and 1b in Sabae but without her team around her in the AA
she faltered.
There were quite a few errors in the top teams in Sabae,  some of which were
not seen on TV.  Moceanu took a 0.3 deduction on her 1st vault in the last
rotation in the 1b Team comp.

Anyway I hope to catch up with some gymners ( especially ones with PC's so I
can send some mail home& keep up with all of your comments)  I will be
visible,  please give me a yell.  I 'm on vault for the 4 competitions. 1a
1b 11 & 111.

Avril Enslow


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