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  1. Kenmostu
  2. Worlds tape
  3. Worlds - Catching up
  4. USAG fax number
  5. Australian team
  6. Got the msg!
  7. Worlds: Event Finals (part two)
  8. Output of your job "WARRRC-U"


Date:    Mon, 9 Oct 1995 23:17:31 -0400
Subject: Re: Kenmostu

A Kenmotsu is a giant swing from handstand down through an underbar hang,
and around and over again up to hanstand. Generally done with bent knees,
but more difficult with straight knees.  Unfortunately, there is no diagram
in the NHSGCA rule book for the skill. It is on the page of non-diagrammed

The NHSGCA (boys) book is, in fact, in print. This year's copy has a green
cover. It contains a number of corrections, improvements? (and a couple of
new errors) on last year's rule book and is effect for the current two
years. There are some important changes in bonus, difficulty, and requirements.


>Needless to say, I am incompetent at answering this question... can one of
>you please answer him?  Thanks, Rachele
>>Return-Path: <>
>>Date: Mon, 9 Oct 1995 13:18:55 -0600
>>To: Rachele Harless <rachele@RMII.COM>
>>From: (Tom Chapman)
>>Subject: Kenmostu
>>The rules for the NHSGCA were distributed to a number of coaches, including
>>myself, at a fall clinic. And I am unsure as to what a Kenmotsu is. Our
>>high school rulebook is no longer being printed and all we get is addendii
>>(sp?). Because the value is upgraded is done with straight legs I am
>>thinking it is another name for what I have come to know as a "Moy."
>>I would appreciate a definitive answer.

Date:    Mon, 9 Oct 1995 23:36:17 -0400
From:    ***@UMICH.EDU
Subject: Worlds tape

Does anyone know if USAG will be putting out a tape of Worlds with most
of the performances?  I know that on the WWW GYMN page there is a video's
section which is really there anyone I could contact?


Date:    Mon, 9 Oct 1995 23:57:29 -0400
Subject: Worlds - Catching up

Wow.  I just got back from being out of town & netless for 5 days, and just
finished wading through 130 gymn-l messages and the ABC coverage of the
team competitions.  So here are my key thoughts & some questions:

- Thanks for the comprehensive info, Rachele and Sherwin!  I wouldn't have
known anything otherwise.

- A moment of silence for the Canadians, please.
  Okay.  Enough silence.  WHAT happened to our beloved Canucks?  This'll be
the first time we've been without full Olympic teams since ______?  And
NObody in neither the AA nor EF's.  Yikes!  Ever since the $1 coin...

- Well, at least I'm proud of the Chinese team  - the girls, especially for
the great improvement in optionals.  Hen hao!  Hen hao!  Meng Fei is my
newest favourite.  She reminds me of this funny little kid that I used to

- Thanks to ABC for not sandwiching the coverage amongst horse racing,
darts, and greco-roman arm wrestling.  Congratulations to Kathy J(+Clarke)
for getting hitched and the haircut.

- The 7-6-5 thing seems to have worked well for most teams.  Overall team
scores seem higher that in previous team championships.  It sure helped the
US women, who weren't all 100% injury-free by any means.  It does indicate
that it is getting harder and harder to field a full healthy six-member
team these days.

- Someone wrote that Shannon Miller injured her left ankle, but from the
vault coverage, it looked more like her right ankle was the injured one.
She has amazing tenacity, still very respectable.  She's also become a bit
more articulate in her interviews.

- Bummer about Igor K.  :..(  (tears). I tore my right achilles in much the
same way in 1983. (though it was a single, not a double layout, and I took
off from a 'hole').  I hope this doesn't end his career.

- Does anyone have an account of the new moves that will get 'coded' (added
to the FIG Code and named after the gymnast) yet?  Sometimes I wonder if we
shouldn't be crediting the coaches for new moves.  That would be cool.

- Is there gonna be any kinda 'tour of champions' - like in figure skating?
It would be truly righteous if there is a tour to, say, bring all the
excitement to the masses.

Well, one more day to go, eh?  I can't wait to see more coverage this wkend!



Date:    Tue, 10 Oct 1995 00:06:49 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: USAG fax number

Does the USAG have a fax number for their merchandise department?



Date:    Tue, 10 Oct 1995 15:01:34 +1000
From:    ***@COUGAR.VUT.EDU.AU
Subject: Australian team

Here in Australia we have recieved NO worlds coverage, not even a 20
second slot on the news, though on the net I saw that the Australian
women came 12th with a young and inexperienced team.  Can anyone who saw
some of the performances please describe the overall quality and
execution of their work, ie are they any good ??  Is there any
Australians out there who know if the Worlds will be televised in the
near future, please tell me, i am extremely anxious to know.

        What are your opinions on the women's all around ?  Was it a fair
fight ?
From a new subscriber (i have heaps of questions saved up!)


Date:    Tue, 10 Oct 1995 09:27:03 +0100
From:    ***@GL.RHBNC.AC.UK
Subject: Got the msg!

As most og you have pointed out, messages directed at only one person have been
 turning up on this list for all to read.  And most of you have pointed out I
 shouldn't be doing it.

So I've got the message !

I'm just a bit new to all this you see, and I often do the wrong things :)

So don't stop telling me when I do do things wrong,even if I don't like
 it...after all I can only learn by my mistakes, and I don't if there are any
 'til someone points them out to me.

See you all later...



Date:    Tue, 10 Oct 1995 04:54:59 -0400
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: Worlds: Event Finals (part two)

World Championships 1995

Sabae, Japan    1-10 October 1995

It's the last day of competition

Event Finals

Mens Vault

Li Xiaoshuang goes first with a fairly long vault (+0.1 bonus
area) but with a step back. (Sorry I don't know tha names of
these vaults...) The judges are taking a long time to come out
with the score as normally with the case with the first
routine. It's a 9.700. Second vault. It's long... but oh no!
He falls forwards and ends up flat on the ground. He's not
physically hurt though, just shakes his head and gets back
up. Only 9.125.

Adrian Ianculescu of Romania. I haven't seen this gymnast before.
He doesn't hold the landing and has a big step sideways. 9.375.
The second vault is much better, just a step back. He seems
quite happy with it too. I missed the score...

Alexei Nemov. Excellent vault! No form faults in the air and
no adjustment on landing. 9.762. Second vault is even longer,
into the longest 0.2 bonus area! 9.750. The average is 9.756.

Yeo of Korea. I'm looking forward to seeing these Korean vaults.
It is long alright, but I think it just missed the 0.2 bonus
line. 9.775 is the score. Second vault: A very complex twisting
vault but he falls forwards and ends up as a heap on the mat.
9.325 making an average of 9.550.

Romania's Christian Leric. A couple of steps on the landing
for 9.587. His second vault is OK too 9.625. Average 9.606.

Grigori Misutin of Ukraine. Probably my fave male gymnast at
the moment. A 0.1 distance bonus vault, his arms are waving a
bit on landing but he manages to stick it. 9.800! Second vault:
an excellent triple front and just a hop forwards. Scherbo
is clapping it on the sidelines. Only 9.712 though and the
crowds are booing. 9.756 is the average score and Grigori seems
quite happy with that, he shares the lead with Nemov.

Oh we're having trouble with the satellite link and DSF went
into a commercial break.

We return with Scherbo just performed his first vault. Looks
like a double twisting Yurchenko. 9.712. Second vault is I
think his "Scherbo" vault (not sure) a couple of steps back
though for 9,612. Average 9.662. Grigori is quietly celebrating.

1. Misutin      9.756
2. Nemov        9.756
3. Scherbo      9.662

Womens Beam and Mens Parallel Bars

Qiao Ya of China. Not too steady a mount (Yurchenko) with a
wobble. Split leap into punch front. Solid. 360 degrees split
leap. Little hop on the double back dismount.

After a commercial break Li Xiaoshuang has already performed
his parallel bars routine for 9.625. Don't know what Qiao's
beam score is...

Elena Grosheva on beam. She has wobbles here and there but no
major errors, finishing on a solid double back. Nothing
spectacular. 9.562.

Huang Liping of China on the parallel bars who is the
defending champion. Everything's fine up to the double pike
dismount where he takes a moderate hop sideways. 9.750 is
a good score though.

Liliya Podkopayeva started with a front somi. Flick flick
Korbut. Front somi into a jump. Full-in back-out dismount.
Very solid routine. 9.837 and Liliya is up there yet again.

Hikaru Tanaka on the parallel bars. Very nice balances and
double back. Finishes with a double pike back dismount
and stuck.9.725.

Little Alexandra Marinescu of Romania. If she opts to throw
in all the goods then this should be something. Flick flick
layout layout. OH god we lost transmission! OH we got it back.
Yang bo jump. side somi. Full-in back out dismount. Well,
she didn't throw in "everything" (e.g. her full-twisting back)
but it was pretty good nonetheless. In the replay saw her had
a bad break where she had to raise her right high in the air
to keep her balance... must've missed this during the loss
of transmission. 9.737 was her score.

Busy typing the last paragraph in, missed much of Charipov's
parallel bars. 9.625 I think.

Dom Moceanu. Solid flick layout layout layout. Little waving
of the arm after a leap. Good front somi. The Omelianchik
handstand. And a perfectly stuck double back. Well done Dommo.
She's happy with Bela. 9.837 and she shares the lead with Pods!

Jung Jin-Soo of Korea. Oh he sat on the bars for a bit. That
was a short routine?! Hope he hasn't given up. He doesn't
look physically hurt by that mistake... 7.850.

Mo Huilan on beam. Clear definition of moves. solid execution.
Great so far... here's the crunch point, the dismount. Oh yes,
no problem! She's hit everything and this should be an
interesting score. She's delighted and Pods and Moceanu both
responded with "oh well" smiles. 9.900 is the score!

Hatakaeda of Japan. Everybody's performing double pike dismounts
these days. 9.600.

Mo and Moceanu sitting side by side as Shannon takes to the
beam. she's already doing her stuff when the announcer was
still trying to introduce her. Not too bad a routine. Full-in
back-out dismount was no problem. she's been grim all week and
quite expressionless again now. 9.762 and she's not amongst the
medals yet again.

Ivan Ivankov who must be very disappointed with his
performances this week so far. Can he put something right.
Well, it doesn't look too bad but I'm no expert. 9.687 and
he too is out of the medals.

Dina Kochetkova. Full-twisting flick into flick flick. Full-
twisting Korbut sit. Jump into full-twisting Korbut again.
A little shuffle on her double back dismount. Mo Huilan
waves to the crowd believing she's done enough as Dina was
ignored by the cameramen and she was bumped into by a camera.
9.725 and only 6th for Dins.

Scherbo, last to go on the parallel bars. Good solid routine
and Vitaly raises both arms in the air. Embraces Ivankov as
he comes down from the podium. 9.812 and Scherbo won it!
He's delighted and raising an arm up for victory as he leaves
the arena.

Mo Huilan was grinning like mad as she receives a kiss from
Andrea Cacovean, they're both of the same size (can't believe
Andrea is *still* that small). Anyway it's great for Mo to
get a deserved gold at last.

1. Mo           9.900
2. Podkopayeva  9.837
2. Moceanu      9.837

1. Scherbo      9.812
2. Huang        9.750
3. Tanaka       9.725

Victory signs up as Mo leaves the medals rostrum. She is
replaced by another delighted party in Vitaly Scherbo on
the number one spot.

Womens Floor and Mens High Bar

There're a few surprisde names on the women floor finals
list. Starting with Joana Juarez of Spain which DSF missed
because they were in a commercial break. Her score: 9.462.

Boris Preti on the high bar! Gee this guy has really been
going strong after so many years. (Think he's 29 years old
now) One arm Geinger no less. Full-in double layout. 9.650.

Little Mo again. Perfect double layout. Lost it though on
the 2 and 1/2 twists. Nearly go off the floor. Nice
full twisting double pike. She's quite satisfied. Her score
is 9.600. She shrugs with a smile.

Dmitri Karbonenko the big guy.  Kovac. Two full-twisting
hops in a row. Geinger. complex twisting elements on the bar
but he lost it after a Stalder as he falls on top of the bar
and had to come down. He gets back up just for the dismount
which is a nicely done triple back. 8.925.

Simona Amanar on floor with her cowboy music. another perfect
double layout from the ladies ranks. 2 and 1/2 twists punch
front and a very low sit (though she doesn't actually sit
onto the floor). Triple twists to end. She's disappointed with
the one mistake in the middle. Yes, she looks pretty down as
her score comes out as 9.437.

Scherbo on high bar with his famous one arm elements. Good
routine with two one arm Tkatchevs in a row. 9.725.

Moceanu waits for the announcer before she starts. Good
full-twisting double back. Her left arm guard goes loose
and it's fairly distracting. she carries on regardless of
course and ends with a 2 and 1/2 twists punch front and oh,
she falls forward outside the floor and also has to put her
hands down. She's still smiling though. Only 9.087.

Krasimir Dunev of Bulgaria. Three Tkatchevs in a row (the
first piked) and on top of that a Geinger, and a double
twistsing double layout dismount (I think). 9.750 and he's
in the lead.

Ludivine Furnon of France, another newcomer in the
international scene. Yet another double layout. Music is
that famous "In the Hall of the Mountain King". A wild
full-in back-out to finish. She's pretty happy. 9.625 and
she's in the lead!

Andreas Wecker of Germany. Kovac. Two of them (separate).
Tkatchev. Full-in double layout dismount. Perfect! And
he stood there motionless for five seconds, milking in
the applause. 9.812 and another new leader!

Podkopayeva, looking to gain medals in all four apparatus.
Oh no! She falls on her double front with half twist. Her
feet go outside the area and also her hands and head touch
down on the floor. she's disappointed but waves to the
crowd nonetheless. Furnon smiles.

Nistro Sandro of Romania. A pretty good routine including
a piked Tkatchev and a full-twsiting double layout dismount.

Pods score: 9.087. Gogean takes to the floor. Double layout
AGAIN. Rudi punch front punch front. Finishes with her
dart-like full-in back out. This'll take the lead I'm sure.
Yes it does with 9.825.

Zhang Jinjing of China on the high bar. Piked Jaeger.
Double-twisting double layout dismount. 9.750.

Ji Liya from China is the last on floor. A full-twisting
double layout even! Rudi punch front.  she doesn't look
powerful but she certainly shows it. 2 and 1/2 twists punch
front. This is great. Full-in back out to finish. This
could be interesting as Gogean applauses. In the replay
the double layout was slightly piked... waiting for the
score... it's only 9.675 but she takes silver as Gogean
is genuinely happy and gives us a very rare broad smile.

Hatakaeda will bring this World championships to a close.
A Kovac. a Tkatchev. and a good triple back dismount. He
waves to the home crowd as Wecker the leader applauses.
His score... 9.775 and second place. Wecker won it as he
embraces everybody.

1. Gogean       9.825
2. Ji           9.675
3. Furnon       9.625

1. Wecker       9.812
2. Hatakaeda    9.775
3. Dunev        9.750
3. Zhang        9.750

The people in the German DSF studios are delighted with
Wecker's victory, including Oliver Walther the special
guest for today.

Gina Gogean is even smiling during the medals ceremony
now. Who would have thought Ji Liya of China would get
silver and Ludivine Furnon of France, whom I believe is
a reserve from the original six qualifiers, would actually
get the bronze. It was Shannon Miller who pulled out of
the floor final, she also skipped the vault final of

There's one thing I notice about these medals cermonies...
they never let the national anthem to finish as they turn
the volume down before the end, even when it's more or less
going to finish around the same time anyway...

So that is all from Sabae, sayonara to all and it's roll
on Atlanta!



Date:    Tue, 10 Oct 1995 11:46:55 GMT
From:    ***@M4-ARTS.BHAM.AC.UK
Subject: Output of your job "WARRRC-U"

At the risk of sounding repetitive, and possibly Anglo-centric
(although most of the comment in the last few days has been US-based
so maybe I'm entitled to represent the other side of the pond!), can
anyone tell me how the British women did? I know they placed 17th but
I was a little disappointed not to see Annika Reeder make the floor
finals.  What does their placing mean in terms of qualifying for
Atlanta? I take it they can still send a team, even though they
weren't in the top 12.  (I think that would have been expecting too
much!) Did Szymko's injury clear up in time for her to compete? I
can't even remember whether she was selected in the end.

Unfortunately I didn't catch any of the satellite coverage, and need
to whinge again about the inadequacies of the Beeb .. why does no-one
want to show it?! OK so it's expensive, but it's a lot more
interesting than show-jumping (no offence, but I know which I'd pick
if I had the choice!), and there's a lot of TV coverage of that! It's
maybe even C4's kind of thing .. Never mind; I am holding out for the
Europeans which, thankfully, are being held just down the road here
in Brum! No TV problems there ..



End of GYMN-L Digest - 9 Oct 1995 to 10 Oct 1995 - Special issue