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  1. commentary
  2. World's Coverage.
  3. Worlds: Event Finals (part one)
  4. DSF Copies
  5. WORLDS: Men: FX, PH, SR; Women: VT, UB
  6. Women's AA
  7. Worlds
  8. Aussie girls in 12th!
  9. a non-score post about Worlds


Date:    Tue, 26 Sep 1995 10:23:49 PDT
From:    ***@LSS.CO.ZA
Subject: commentary

Does anyone have the team finals (men and women) on tape? If you do, I would
love it if you could write up a commentary similar to the one Sherwin did on
the women's AA and send it to the list. Hopefully someone will be able to do
Helen.   :-)


Date:    Mon, 9 Oct 1995 04:19:14 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: World's Coverage.

>"Kathy Johnson-Clark". When did that happen! Congrads.

She got married in LA over memorial day that "Grant Putnam"
dude from General Hospital that she has been dating since God was a baby.



Date:    Mon, 9 Oct 1995 04:52:02 -0400
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: Worlds: Event Finals (part one)

World Championships 1995

Sabae, Japan    1-10 October 1995

Thanks for all of the nice comments about my running commentary of
the womens All-Around! I'm going to try to do the same now (and
tomorrow) for the Event Finals. Hope you'll like it but since this
is live I may get a few things wrong e.g. naming the wrong move,
etc. And my knowledge of the mens especially isn't great so
please excuse.

Event Finals

Mens Floor

Grigori Misutin was first to go and he's pretty mean on this apparatus.
Full-twisting double layout for starters. Hmmm... no problem with the
routine. An excellent score of 9.762.

Evgeni Podgorni of Russia. A Triple back! Little hop but a very cool
move nonetheless. Full-twisting double back to finish. Oh in the
replay it looks he may have put the hands down on his triple back...
9.400 is his score.

Ivan Ivanov of Bulgaria. A very fast performer this one... he's moving
around the floor like lightning. The tumbling skills are nothing
special (full-in back-out, double layout) but he certainly is speedy.

Here's Li Xiaoshuang the overall champion. Full-twisting double layout
(I think) Stuck! And also a stuck double layout to finish. 9.775 and
the lead is his.

Advert break... and we return to catch the end of Jordan Jovtchev's
routine. Didn't see much of it though... oh I just missed the score
as well...

Alexei Nemov, who must've been ultra disappointed about not qualifying
for the AA... starts the routine with a nice full-twisting double
layout. But he stuttered a bit in a punch front in the middle of the
exercise, and a step back on the double pike ending. Only 9.500

Ivan Ivankov, who is having not too a nice meet either. Another full
twisting double layout. Not perfect but not too bad either. 9.662 and
third place at the moment.

Vitaly Scherbo. Let's see what he's got up his sleeve. Different from
the others, he did the front tumbling first... then the full-twisting
double layout STUCK... more front tumbling and finishes on another
double layout (nearly stuck). The score is coming up... 9.812!! Scherbo
punches the air in delight and waves to the crowd!

1. Scherbo      9.812
2. Li           9.775
3. Misutin      9.762

The medals ceremony immediately follows.

Womens Vault and Mens Pommel Horse

Simona Amanar, an excellent vaulter. A long double twisting Yurchenko
but a little hop backwarsd on the landing. 9.800. Second vault: she's
very determined. front vault with a 1/2 twist into layout. (I'm not
very good at remembering the names of the vaults...) 9.762 making an
average score of 9.781.

Mens Pommels - I really know nothing about this apparatus! Li Donghua
of Switzerland the pommels specialist. Lots of work on one pommel. 9.762

Khorkina on vault - a bit low on the landing and a step forwards. 9.637.
Second vault is probably the opposite to the first. Overrotated and
a hop backwards. 9.600. Average: 9.618

Huang Huadong of China on pommels. Good fast routine. 9.737.

Gina Gogean the defending world vault champ.  1 and 1/2 Yurchenko,
the usual little hop on landing as most people do with this vault.
9.775. Similar second vault except with a forward entry, 1 and 1/2
off. Landed a bit low and had to sit a bit before getting it under
control. 9.637. Average: 9.706.

Hikaru Tanaka of Japan starts on the pommels with flairs. 9.650.

Advert break...

We missed somebody's vault... Hatakaeda's pommels score is in the 9.7s...

Oksana Chusovitina who is always in the vault finals. A nearly stuck
first vault. Only 9.625 though. A very long and high and stuck
second vault, maybe not as high tariff? 9.600 is the score and the
average is 9.612.

Eric Poujade of France. Looks as though he fell out of his dismount
and didn't perform what he was supposed to... 9.575

Podkopayeva who must be on a high after yesterday. Nice form in the
air as always, and a stuck landing. 9.800. Good score. Second
vault looks very similar but it's equally solid. 9.762 making an
average of 9.781, tieing with Amanar for the lead.

Fan Bin of China went on the pommels. And he fell off it... 9.125.

Mo Huilan - a wild double twisting Yurchenko and a big step forwards
with arms flaying as well. 9.625. Much better second vault but still
there's a step. 9.662 - average 9.643.

Mihai Bagiu of USA does a free flowing pommel horse routine. He
seems satisfied with his performance. 9.650.

Meng Fei of China on vault. 9.662 for her first, and she stuck her
second (but not difficult). Oh no the satellite link is fading...!

After an advert break it seems things are fine again.

Marius Urzica's pommel score : 9.725. Li Donghua was happy since
this means he won the pommels.

Elena Grosheva's vault... I think this is a replay.

Oh the judges didn't score Meng Fei's second vault! So her average
score was 9.662 divided by two = 4.831.

Back to Grosheva. She only scored 9.293 on average. Simona Amanar had
won it and she receives a congrats kiss from team mate Gina Gogean.
Amanar of course tied Podkopayeva for the gold.

1. Podkopayeva  9.781
1. Amanar       9.781
3. Gogean       9.706

1. Li           9.762
2. Huang        9.737
2. Hatakeda     9.737

Womens Uneven bars and Mens Rings

Dina Kochetkova is the first to go on the bars. A flowing routine
from start to finish with no mistakes. 9.737.

Hikaru Tanaka on the rings 9.562

Jaycie Phelps of the USA nest on the bars. Jaeger, Tkatchev, and
a double front dismount (little step). It was well done and she
should be pleased with her work. 9.687.

Li Xiaoshuang performed a strong rings routine, ending with a
full-twisting double layout dismount (with a step). Only 9.650

Now here's someone I'm very much looking forward to seeing.
Alexandra Marinescu of Romania. A Jaeger and a clean stuck
full-twisting double back dismount. Lots of reverse swings work
in there also. 9.800 and the youngster takes the lead.

Can Yuri Chechi retain his title yet again on rings? Who'd bet
against it! Here he goes. Every move was applauded by the
knowledgable crowd. The stuck double back dismount and the
familiar punch in the air for Chechi. 9.850.

Now the title's yours also if you stuck your bars, Mo Huilan.
Caught the Gaylord... and the Tkatchev, and just a little step
on the double layout landing. the smile returns to little Mo's
face after a disappointing All-Around. How nice to see! 9.837...
the score is beatable though...

Jordan Jovtchev of Bulgaria. An excellent routine! And a good
score of 9.750.

John Roethlisberger concentrates, while the second of women
are warming up for the bars. He goes on the rings and
begins his routine. It seems quite a simple routine but then
after seeing Chechi's everything else is simple! The dismount
is nice though, looks like a double twisting double back. 9.550.

Lavinia Milosovici. A clean and familiar bars routine, as is
the trademark for all Romanians. She smiles and waves to the
camera which is nice after the sadness of yesterday. 9.775.

Now if there's one who can beat Chechi, it's Andreas Wecker.
It looks very good as Chechi looks on. Let's wait for the
score... only 9.687 and third behind Li Xiaoshuang.

Podkopayeva, can she sweep the medals?! Full-twisting hop
over the high bar... and again. Geinger... Stalder... and
the Sugahara full-twisting double back dismount. And she
shares the lead with Mo with 9.837!

Marius Toba of Germany. 9.700 as Chechi prowls the arena.

Svetlana Khorkina with her original style on the unevens.
She's hitting every move and she's happy. It's going to be
close... oh no it isn't, it's 9.900 and she takes a clean
lead. Podkopayeva smiles whilst Mo remains expressionless.

Dan Burinca of Romania, another rings specialist. A long
routine ending with a disappointing dismount where he
was waving his arms to keep his balance after the double
layout. 9.762 though and he claimed the silver. Chechi,
meanwhile, is hugging everybody!

Shannon Miller last to go on the bars. It's clean and
just a little step on the landing. Khorkina is quietly
confident she's done enough as she winks to the camera.
Miller's score... waiting for it... Khorkina still
looking on whilst everybody else has left the podium.
It's taking a long time and here it is, Miller scored
only 9.712 as Khorkina put a finger up confirming she's

1. Khorkina     9.900
2. Podkopayeva  9.837
2. Mo           9.837

1. Chechi       9.850
2. Burinca      9.762
3. Jotvchev     9.750

The standards of gymnastics is very high today with only one
person falling off the apparatus. All the vaults were nicely
done especially since people tend to mess up on that.

The awards ceremony is taking place now as I post this off...
More event finals tomorrow.



Date:    Mon, 9 Oct 1995 09:52:15 +0100
From:    ***@GL.RHBNC.AC.UK
Subject: DSF Copies

Thanx hero.

Copies of all would be best, but anything is better than nothing.

Just get around to it when you can.

Thanx again.

Sarah :) :) :)


Date:    Mon, 9 Oct 1995 04:39:46 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: WORLDS: Men: FX, PH, SR; Women: VT, UB

1995 World Gymnastics Championships
Sun Dome, Sabae, Japan
9 October 1995

Day one of Event Finals

Men's Events

  1 Vitaly Scherbo          BLR      9.812
  2 Li Xiaoshuang           CHN      9.775
  3 Grigory Misutin         UKR      9.762
  4 Ivan Ivankov            BLR      9.662
  5 Ivan Ivanov             BUL      9.625
  6 Jordan Jovtchev         BUL      9.575
  7 Alexei Nemov            RUS      9.500
  8 Eugeni Podgorni         RUS      9.400

Pommel horse:
  1 Li Donghua              SUI      9.762
 2= Huang Huadong           CHN      9.737
 2= Yoshiaki Hatakeda       JPN      9.737
  4 Marius Urzica           ROM      9.725
 5= Mihai Bagiu             USA      9.650
 5= Hikaru Tanaka           JPN      9.650
  7 Eric Poujade            FRA      9.575
  8 Fan Bin                 CHN      9.125

  1 Yuri Chechi             ITA      9.850
  2 Dan Burinca             ROM      9.762
  3 Jordan Jovtchev         BUL      9.750
  4 Marius Toba             GER      9.700
  5 Andreas Wecker          GER      9.687
  6 Li Xiaoshuang           CHN      9.650
  7 Hikaru Tanaka           JPN      9.562
  8 John Roesthlisberger    USA      9.550

Women's Events

 1= Lilia Podkopayeva       UKR      9.781
 1= Simona Amanar           ROM      9.781
  3 Gina Gogean             ROM      9.706
  4 Mo Huilan               CHN      9.643
  5 Svetlana Chorkina       RUS      9.618
  6 Oxana Chousovitina      UZB      9.612
  7 Elena Grosheva          RUS      9.293
  8 Meng Fei                CHN      4.831

Uneven bars:
  1 Svetlana Chorkina       RUS      9.900
 2= Lilia Podkopayeva       UKR      9.837
 2= Mo Huilan               CHN      9.837
  4 Alexandra Marinescu     ROM      9.800
  5 Lavinia Milosovici      ROM      9.775
  6 Dina Kochetkova         RUS      9.737
  7 Shannon Miller          USA      9.712
  8 Jaycie Phelps           USA      9.687

# # #


Date:    Mon, 9 Oct 1995 08:11:37 -0400
From:    ***@PANIX.COM
Subject: Re: Women's AA

> How many athletes (M & W) who competed here were at Rotterdam?  (There
> aren't any from Montreal, right?  Or are there?)

Italy has 2 men in Sabae -- Paolo Bucci and Boris Preti -- who both
competed at the '85 Worlds (!!).



Date:    Mon, 9 Oct 1995 07:38:00 CST
Subject: Worlds

     Way to go Shannon !!!! Qualifying for every event final !!!
     Now, who's the old lady???

     By the way, not to anger some of you, but did you see how Dominique
     Moceanu did? She ended ahead of Shannon in the AA, just like at
     Nationals? Not that I'm for her or anything, but she proved herself in
     the world. Way to go Dominique !!!

     Most of you don't like Bela, but he does produce champions.



Date:    Mon, 9 Oct 1995 22:38:07 +1000
From:    ***@OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Subject: Re: Aussie girls in 12th!

Its great to see the Aussies still up with the best and good to see the
mens program finally showing the rewards

Good luck to all the Aussies.

Currumbin gymnastics Qld.Au.

> I thought they wouldn't be able to do it but they did!
> Congrats girls - well done.
> Well done guys as well - 16th isn't bad - two go to Atlanta!!
> Simone


Date:    Mon, 9 Oct 1995 07:17:02 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: a non-score post about Worlds

Wow, it's kinda nice to not have to type in ten million scores.  ;)
You all should see the faxes -- the 5's and 6's are indistinguishable.
On a particularly bad fax, all numbers look largely similar except for
1, 2, 4, and 7.  I am unsure about some of the scores I posted,
especially Joanna Hughes of Australia in the all-around -- that line
of the fax was just amazingly blurred.

I wonder why Strug did not compete in vault finals?

Proudneva on floor -- Arabian double front, *punch front*!  Also, her
front hs, 1.5 twist (Rudi) in her middle pass -- she uses only one arm
to twist, the other arm is held above her head.  I had to replay it in
slo-mo to be sure, grin.

Khorkina! Such wonderful choreography, not just on floor but

Re the sentiment that the Romanians should not have won the team
competition: I just wanted to remind people who watched it on US TV
that you saw maybe six or seven routines from Romania, and I'd guess
about the same from China.  However, there are 48 routines to a team
(40 scores that are added), and one simply cannot say that China
deserved to win without seeing all of the other routines!  Don't let
TV warp your perspective -- the competition is both compulsories and
optionals, and is often more about how good the 4th through 7th
gymnasts are, rather than the top gymnasts of a team that you see on
TV.  I might point out, too, that China did outscore Romania in
optionals.  China had to count some low scores on compulsory vault and
bars, which is where I would say Romania won the competition (in
addition to floor in general):

                          Total      VT     UB     BB     FX
1. Romania              387.865  48.199 48.048 47.374 48.949 192.570 Comp
                                 48.323 49.174 48.649 49.149 195.295 Optl

2. China                386.476  46.673 47.649 48.224 48.273 190.819
                                 49.023 49.023 48.874 48.737 195.657

Chinese men on pbars -- insane.  Opening out of double backs piked,
between the bars!  The Chinese men everywhere were incredible.
Xiaoshuang's double twisting double layout mount on floor is an
outstanding skill.  And opening out of a double double lay off high
bar!  The Chinese men are just such amazing athletes with impeccable
form. Seems like the men are helping out the women on vault too (Mo's
double twister!).  Together, the men and women are setting examples
for the rest of the world.

The USA men seemed to do quite all right.  While their finish this
year is the same as last, from the TV I get the impression that there
is a lot more positive energy now, versus the 9th place finish last

Re the USA women's team, I think that the rash of injuries is actually
a good thing. This is said without any offense intended to those
injured, but I think that it only does the USA program a whole lot of
good to get more experience.  Our younger gymnasts were certainly
capable of representing the US at a Worlds (obviously), and it's nice
that they were given the opportunity to do so, that some room opened
up for them.  Think about it: next year, we could potentially have
ELEVEN women who have competed in a World Championships: Miller,
Moceanu, Strug, Phelps, Arnold, Thompson, Kulikowski, Dawes, Borden,
Chow, and... Zmeskal (?).  And they've all been on a medal winning

I thought the TV coverage was fine, actually. Quite a number of
gymnasts, equal coverage of men and women.  Fairly positive.



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