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  1. Nationals (yes, more comments!)
  2. WAG: German Nationals (2)
  3. Nationals Comments
  4. <No subject given>
  5. Gym statue in Chicago June 14
  6. Nationals were great
  7. Shannon Miller at Nationals
  8. GYMN-L Digest - 8 Jun 1996 - Special issue
 10. The national championships
 12. Nunno
 13. Women's US Natls
 14. Nationals (a little long)
 15. GYMN-L Digest - 8 Jun 1996 to 9 Jun 1996
 16. Event Finals
 17. Kip Simons


Date:    Sun, 9 Jun 1996 06:12:37 -0400
From:    ***@ISMI.NET
Subject: Nationals (yes, more comments!)

Hey all!

Well, I tried to sit back and keep my mouth shut but after watching
nationals again I just have to put my two cents in.  For starters, the
compulsery scores for the top 3 women were outstanding, and the next four
weren't bad either, but they seemed to have one or two low scores each.  If
we can clean up our form during comp. then our chance for team gold will be
greatly increased.  Next, I am so happy for Shannon, she is finally on her
way back up, and is definately a contender for gold in Atlanta.  I also
believe that Dawes and possibly Phelps could medal in Atlanta, however
Phelps would definately be a long shot.  As for Dom. Moc., well, she's
human, and she does make mistakes.  However, if she does this in Atlanta
Jaycie will probally capitalize and make AA finals, and Dom. will be left
out.  She really didn't perform that badly, so I am now really doubting if
she will even make AA finals in Atlanta.  Dom. Dawes had a great day, and
the U.S. could possibly take 2 or the 3 medals in the AA in Atlanta.
Shannon's beam was great, however I think that it was a bit overscored, her
first wobble should have been an one tenth deduction, and her front somi
break should have cost her atleast 1.5, more likely 2, she also fell.  At
best she should have scored a 9.25, and normally my guess at the scores are
always 1 or 2 tenths under the actual scores.  Shannon's floor was great,
her double layout could use some work though.  Other than that, it was
great, it works so well for her, and I love the finishing pose.

I am slowly becoming a big fan of Jaycie.  I can't believe how great she has
become, I would love for her to win Trails, and I really believe she could
medal in Atlanta, especially on bars.
I will try to wrap this up but first I must speak on Strug, after all, she
is my favorite.  I was so excited to finally see her get the coverage she
deserved.  They never seem to show all of her routines, so that alone made
me very happy.  Her 2nd vault was great, and I would really like to know
what her second vault in finals was, does anyone know?  Her bars was great
also, but she need to get different transition moves from high to low
because those just don't look right on her.  She dumps over the low bar and
really needs to either hit handstands or be orginal.  I love her gymnastics
and hate criticizing her but in order for her to possibly get a medal in
Atlanta the form must be cleaned up.  Her beam was definately a missed
routine, but again I say, she's human.  However I have never seen someone
miss a front on like that, I am very glad that she wasn't injured. Her form
here could also use a little work but if she hits at trials I believe a big
score with be given.  Her floor is still the best we have to offer, and her
front-full, front-full combo just blew me away.  If she can make finals in
Atlanta she could definately medal, possibly even gold.  She has the dance
and tumbling skills, I think her biggest challange will be making finals.
Since only two people from each country can make each event, she could be in
trouble. However I really hope that she makes it, she deserves her chance to
shine.  GO KERRI!
Well, I guess I have said enough, if you have comments, good or bad, to make
feel free to e-mail me at, I always respect others opinions.
Thanks for the ear!


Date:    Sun, 9 Jun 1996 07:36:22 -0400
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: WAG: German Nationals

German Nationals (Womens Artistic) 1996

Langenhagen, Germany         8-9th June, 1996


 1. Kathleen Stark      76.325
 2. Cindy Klemrath      75.312
 3. Anke Werries        73.662
 4. Cornelia Trost      72.587
 5. Kim Buhlow          71.062

Event Finals

Horse Vault

 1. Kathleen Stark       9.575
 2. Cindy Klemrath       9.462
 3. Gritt Hofmann        9.212
 4. Kim Buhlow           8.925
 5. Angelika Schatton    8.750
 6. Linda Muller         8.625

Uneven Bars

 1. Kathleen Stark       9.850
 2. Anke Werries         9.550
 3. Cindy Klemrath       9.275
 4. Cornelia Trost       9.200
 5. Angelika Schatton    9.100
 6. Kim Buhlow           8.975

Balance Beam

 1. Kathleen Stark       9.600
=2. Gritt Hofmann        9.000
=2. Linda Muller         9.000
 4. Ruscha Kouril        8.850
 5. Cindy Klemrath       8.500
 6. Cornelia Trost       8.200

Floor Exercise

 1. Kathleen stark       9.400
=2. Anke Werries         9.150
=2. Gritt Hofmann        9.150
 4. Cindy Klemrath       9.100
=5. Kim Buhlow           8.400
=5. Cornelia Trost       8.400

A clean sweep for the veteran Kathleen Stark who was one or two classes
above all the youngsters around her. However this year's competition
was missing some big names such as Julia Stratmann, Rufina Kreibich
and last year's champion Yvonne Pioch. Pioch was doing a bit of TV
commentary instead. Before the start of the meet Yvonne was showing
the cameras some of her glamour shots as a model, maybe the German
media is trying to turn her into another Magdalena Brzeska.



Date:    Sun, 9 Jun 1996 08:02:27 -0400
Subject: Nationals Comments

For once, both of us watched the tape on the same day!  :-)
Here are some random comments (Keep in mind we haven't had the chance to
watch much gymn this season.)...

1. We thought Tesh wasn't as syrupy as he's been in the past; although some
of the repetitive remarks began to grate towards the end.  I thought Elfi
was doing a pretty good job of reminding him there was COMPETITION to
2. We're glad Jennifer brought up the observation about miking the coaches,
as we noticed it as well.  Personally, we think this "miking" is becoming a
double-edged sword.  ABC first did it in 1984 with Bela, but I don't think
you could hear his voice throughout Mary Lou's routines - just
before/after.  Besides, you have to admit that Bela's (usually) pretty
entertaining to listen to.  Although it might be interesting to hear what
goes through the coaches mind as the athlete performs a routine, we found
it pretty distracting at times.  (Besides, remember the commentators
pointed out that the athlete doesn't hear it anyway.)  Think about it: 3
commentators, coach on mike, AND floor exercise music at the same time (or
close to it).  That's a lot of noise to sort through.
3. Was David Michaels running the show for NBC this time?  The tape ran out
before the credits - assuming they rolled at all.
4. Having asked Questions 3 and 4, I'll post this one from Ken (he's the
one with normal hearing in two ears): How come the floor exercise music
sounded clearer when OTHER events were being shown than when floor exercise
routines were telecast?  The sound quality on FX wasn't as bad as last
year, but it was still hard to hear the music on some of the routines.
(The reason I posted Question 3 was that my comments about sound last year
were answered less than pleasantly.)
5. For all our complaining about "fluff" pieces, notice that there was ONLY
ONE - and I think the feature on Jaycie Phelps was one of the best I've
ever seen from NBC.
6. The competition?  Oh, that...  :-)  It's really nice to see the
maturation of Miller/Dawes/Borden/Strug.  Miller's/Dawes' FX were truly
impressive, but I couldn't help but think Dom. is taking a cue from Mary
Lou's book in the music department.  Dawes' UB was awesome.  Jaycie Phelps
is becoming quite impressive.  All in all, it looks like we've got an
exciting Olympic Trials to look forward to.



Date:    Sun, 9 Jun 1996 16:39:30 UT
From:    ***@MSN.COM
Subject: <No subject given>


I would really appreciate if someone could give me a list of www sites and net
resources on gymnastics and GRS.

Please e-mail me privately: ***

Many thanks.


Date:    Sun, 9 Jun 1996 10:26:05 EDT
Subject: Gym statue in Chicago June 14

Hello all,

A press release states that Richard McDonald's 24-foot tall statue, the Flair,
will be unveiled in Chicago, Illinois, at the Daley Plaza on Friday, June 14
followed by a gymnastics performance.

The statue, which features a male gymnast doing scissors on pommel horse,  lands
in Chicago June 14 to celebrate the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta. The free
unveiling ceremony is downtown at the Daley Plaza at 8 am followed by a
gymnastics performance at 9:30.

Hope to see fellow Chicago gym enthusiasts there!



Date:    Sun, 9 Jun 1996 11:31:48 -0700
Subject: Nationals were great

        Domonique Dawes did great.  After what happened in warm-ups she
boomed.  It's the old Domonique.  Jaycie Phelps was great only one
hundredth of a point Jenny thompson her beam routine was phenominal.
Shannon was great she is the most decorated gymnast.  Kerri had a little
trouble.  Moceanu she did OK but she didn't do to well.  What hapened to
Kristy Powell on beam was so freaky at least she stayed on the beam.  Her
floor routine was great.  Amanda Bordon is back and doing great.



Date:    Sun, 9 Jun 1996 09:47:35 -0700
From:    ***@NETCOM.COM
Subject: Re: WAG: German Nationals

> German Nationals (Womens Artistic) 1996
> =======================================
> Balance Beam
> ------------
>  4. Ruscha Kouril        8.850

This is strange, since Kouril represented Austria at last month's Euros
(although she used to compete for GER in the early 1990s...).  Does anyone
know what's up -- does she still compete for AUT, or can she represent
GER again?

Debbie :-)


Date:    Sun, 9 Jun 1996 12:56:07 -0400
From:    ***@WCHAT.ON.CA
Subject: Shannon Miller at Nationals

Not to take away from the beautiful gymnastics that Shannon Miller is
capable of, BUT does anyone else think that a 9.3 for her beam was too high?
She fell which is an automatic .5 deduction plus a possible .3 for the punch
front and then a .1 for the handspring 1/4 turn, plus she did take a tiny
step on her dismount.  I'm not a judge, however I still don't think she
deserved the score that she got.  Anyone else with me on this one?



Date:    Sun, 9 Jun 1996 13:30:15 -0400
Subject: Re: GYMN-L Digest - 8 Jun 1996 - Special issue

Well, I just had to throw in my 2-cents about the Nationals.

Miller - Whether you like her style or not, she constantly shows that
she's a champion's champion (remember the age now). Although I don't
know why she fell - probably distracted by Nunno's mouth.

Dawes - feeling the stress every minute EXCEPT during the competition it
appears. She could be one of the best ever.

Phelps - Wonderful form and presentation. Good idea not to watch the
scores - hope she can continue doing that.

Moceanu - A sad result of Karolyi. Him thinking she reminded him of a
young Nadia is one thing -him pushing her to be that has taken the
twinkle out of her eye. I like her. Don't like her style (although she
can get away with some cute stuff in her choreography that no one else
can) - I've never been a fan of the power approach, like Rettin - I
rooted for McNamara.

Borden - I was THRILLED. I'm sure there are a hundred technical reasons
why I'm wrong, but I'd rather watch Amanda than anyone else (going all
the way back to Korbut).

P.S. Anyone know if the Trials are going to be on NBC?
--- Jeff


Date:    Sun, 9 Jun 1996 12:47:48 -0600
From:    Jeffrey Ruell <jeff@ZEPHYR.MEDCHEM.PURDUE.EDU>

IF you don't want to know, then kill this message now!

-Okay, that should be enough.

Dominique Dawes makes US gymnastics history by sweeping event finals! This
makes here the ONLY GYMNAST to ever sweep twice. Miller, Moceanu, Borden
and Phelp (I believe) all withdraw from finals to prevent further injury.

Dom is just incredible!!


Dina, Dina, Dina.


Date:    Sun, 9 Jun 1996 14:02:51 -0400
From:    ***@INETNOW.NET
Subject: The national championships

I feel just awful. I can't believe I missed those exciting championship
broadcast this Saturday. I hear they were the best ever. The talk on the
gymn and the gymnastics BB on AOL is on hot. In fact, people from AOL had to
run in there with fire extinguishers to put out the fire. :)

First off, I have to say a GREAT BIG congratulations for Shannon Miller.
People were saying she was washed up. Yeah right!!!! This girl went in there
with a sore wrist (one so bad, it was reported that she might withdraw from
the competition), fell of the balance beam, and STILL WON THE AA!!! She put
the naysayers to rest once and for all. I can't wait to see some moe of that
Miller magic.

I was surprised Dominique Moceanu had some trouble in Knoxville. Bela
Karolyi said it was her ankle. Mmmmm. I thought she was ok. First, they said
it was Sever's disease, and she couldn't compete or practice heavy. Then
they said it was just a bruised heel, and she was in full training. Now it's
Sever's disease again, after Bela Karolyi is quoted as saying- "It was not
the happiest night of my life....You can imagine, you don't have a foot". I
think it partly due to her injury (the one we were told was healed and she
was in "great shape") and all of that pressure that is put on her.

 I like Dominique, myself. I am hoping things work out for the best. She
still won a bronze in the AA. This is NO small acomplishment. I hear people
on AOL and GYMN (we know who you are) slamming her and criticizing her. It's
not her fault the press decided to make her out to be some superstar,
miracle worker. I saw people cheering and gloating that this girl didn't win
the AA again. Well, personally I am in her corner. Forgive me if I don't
pull out the air sirens and champagne, if she fails in Boston or Atlanta.

medals in the events finals Saturday. This girl is awesome. That's why they
call her Awesome Dawesome!!!! She won the gold in the AA and all the events
in '94, and she won all four events again in '96. So, she cried a few times
last week. She showed out Saturday night.

I am going post some Shannon Miller and Dominique Dawes pics on AOL. They
can be found in the Grandstand - Other sports files section. It's going to
be part of my national champion series. We have a lot to celebrate about.
Also there is a gym chat Sunday nights at 8 pm EST in the Grandstand Arena.
See you AOLers there!!!!!


Date:    Sun, 9 Jun 1996 13:04:55 -0600

Yes, I thought that the score was a little high considering that there
were a few other errors besides the fall. Was she scored from a 9.9 or
a 10.0 point start value? I am assuming a 10.0. I was happy that the
scores were alot lower than I expected for an Olympic year nationals.
It was nice that 9.9 was the high score.

The best moment for me was watching Dawes's FX. She got so much power, and
I like the double layout over the combination tumbling. The scariest moments
were Strug's BB mount and Moceanu's vault. It looked like, too me, that her
pony tail almost hit the vault when she somersaulting. She got no distance
and I think she needs more, not just for a better score, but for safety!


Dina, Dina, Dina.


Date:    Sun, 9 Jun 1996 13:29:17 -0500
From:    ***@CARLETON.EDU
Subject: Nunno

Was anyone else a little disgusted by Steve Nunno shouting "go baby" or
other phrases involving the word baby during the competition.  I began to
think he sounded like a man watching a stripper or something.  It just
really bothered me.


Date:    Sun, 9 Jun 1996 14:54:15 -0400
Subject: Women's US Natls

Oh the frustrations!  I had my vcr all set up to tap.  It got thru
Shannon's beam and the Amy Chow commercial, but then my sister walked
into the room and stopped the tape without me knowing!

I need to get a copy desperately, but I can't give out my address or any
addresses of family members.  Does anyone know if NBC is selling it?  For
how much?  Does anyone have any ideas of what I could do to get this
tape?   Did they show the juniors, or will that be today.

While I'm at it, can someone mail me the web address for the gymn page?
I want to add it to a list of linx for my new home page......

Please reply to this in email ASAP!

Thanxs everybody!


Date:    Sun, 9 Jun 1996 15:00:59 -0400
Subject: Nationals (a little long)

Shannon Miller - what can you say?  She looks so much improved.  The
vaults were awesome (both of them, but especially the Yurchenko 1.5), and
the double layout on floor was great.  I really liked seeing her upgrade
all her routines, even if the new skills weren't absolutely perfect (the
double layouts on bars & floor, the punch front on beam).  Over the hill?  I
think not.

Jaycie Phelps - I've loved this gymnast since I saw her at camp in 1994.
She's always had such clean lines and great form, so I was *really* happy
to see her do well here.  What was Tesh talking about, "compared to the
other athletes she has very limited experience" and referring to her as a
"young upstart?"  I mean, at least she has two (now 3) senior nationals
and 3 world championships, more than Moceanu (two senior nationals and 1
world championships).  And the double front on floor is just sooooo cool,
but I don't think the music really suits her.  At least it doesn't have a
title with "Georgia" in it, unlike...

Dominique Moceanu - hmm, if she wants to take some pressure off herself,
how about not writing an autobiography calling herself "An American
Champion?"  I'm not a real Moceanu fan, but I still hope she doesn't do a
Zmeskal at the Olympics.  And if Moceanu can figure out a way to avoid
the stand-on-the-low-bar transition (she does a Shaposnikova), anyone can.

Glad to see Dominique Dawes finding some mental toughness to really kick
butt in optionals (the Hindorf on bars was unbelievable!)  I was also
happy to see Amanda Borden back and doing well -- she's definitely one of
the people I want on the Olympic team, just because she seems like such a
nice person (and her gymnastics isn't too bad either :).  I loved her
genuinely happy expressions for Jaycie.  And Kerri Strug's 1.5 Yurchenko
was great, but do you think we'll still see the punch front beam mount at

Other notes: OK, I really hate the choreography of both Karolyi girls
(Strug and Moceanu).  Moceanu can *almost* get away with it because she's
so young and also because she has a really outgoing personality, but Strug
is 18 years old and seems a little shy!  I want to see her dance, not
shake her butt.  The mikes got kind of annoying, especially on Mary Lee
Tracy, who talked through all her gymnasts' routines.  It's fine that she
does that, I just don't want to hear it.  I agree with Megan that Steve's
"baby"'s were pretty annoying.

OK, I'll shut up now :).


Date:    Sun, 9 Jun 1996 13:44:18 -0600
From:    ***@CC.USU.EDU
Subject: Re: GYMN-L Digest - 8 Jun 1996 to 9 Jun 1996

I missed the televised gymnastics meet yestersay (Sat.) because I
attended a gradustion commencement of some friends and forgot to
record it.  Can someone please make a copy of the tape for me and
I'll pay for the tape and s/h cost.  Thank you.



Date:    Sun, 9 Jun 1996 13:42:53 -0600
From:    ***@SUPERNET.AB.CA
Subject: Event Finals

When do we get to see Event Finals?



Date:    Sun, 9 Jun 1996 16:08:51 -0400
Subject: Kip Simons

I was just watching the US mens coverage on TV, and I thought that the
worst part about it was that, of the routines I watched, Bill Roth (who
finished 16th and won't even go to trials) was featured and Kip Simons
(my favorite US mens gymnast along with teammate Blaine Wilson) was not
shown.  I didn't see all of the coverage, but as far as I could tell his
name wasn't even mentioned.

To me this shows that something is happening that shouldn't be.  NBC
didn't even show the men on the bubble that ended up making trials, and
the 5-6-7 competitors were all but forgotten in the excitement of the
Roth pommel horse dilemma.

On a brighter note, I thought it was pretty cool to show the wives of
some of the competitors (some of which I believe are on this list).  Nice
to put some faces to names :).....

I also thought that Blaine and John seemed to be pretty good friends.  It
was really nice to seem them act almost like brothers during the
interview.  John has been known to be a little tense during competition
(I think it was 91 ntls) but he seemed pretty loose today....

Congradulations to all the mens competitors who made the team, and
condolenses to those who didn't, especially Bill roth.  Does anyone know
what happened to his arms?  In the background you could hear him saying
that he couldn't feel them.....

Gymn Gymn Gymn Gymn Gymn


End of GYMN-L Digest - 9 Jun 1996 - Special issue