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Topics in this special issue:

  1. Nationals (3)
  2. fabrichnova
  3. Washington Post article on Moceanu
  4. What happened to Roth? (2)
  5. More on what happened to..
  6. Lu Li
  7. What happened to???-Nadia Hatagan
  8. Boginskaya interview
  9. June/July IG (2)
 10. MOC.vs MAR(how boring)
 12. Shannon Miller and Barcelona AA gold


Date:    Fri, 7 Jun 1996 06:21:44 CST
Subject: Nationals

     I've been trying to keep up with nationals, and I saw two things that
     I would like more information on:

     1) What happened to Huy Ly, it only said that he got hurt during floor
     warm-up. I think Paul called the gym and said they took him to the
     hospital but I haven't heard anything since then.

     2) Craig Nesbitt seems to have withdrawn during optionals, does anyone
     know why he did not compete during most of the optional events? Did he
     get hurt?

     Please, if you have any information on this I would appreciate it if
     you e-mail me at since I am in digest
     form, I would not find out until tomorrow if you send it to the list.

     Thank you in advance,



Date:    Fri, 7 Jun 1996 15:44:39 +0200
From:    ***@MICRONET.IT
Subject: fabrichnova

I'm sorry,  but I've made a mistake. The italian officials told me about the
participation of Oksana Fabrichnova instead of Oksana Chusovitina.




Date:    Fri, 7 Jun 1996 11:01:32 +0000
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Re: Nationals

>      1) What happened to Huy Ly, it only said that he got hurt during floor
>      warm-up. I think Paul called the gym and said they took him to the
>      hospital but I haven't heard anything since then.

Huy Ly is thankfully fine.  In landing a tumbling element on floor (not sure
about what the element was), he essentially whipped his head right into the
floor mat.  He was sent to the hospital to be checked out and was back by the
end of the competition.

Sorry, I do not know more information about Craig Nesbitt.



Date:    Fri, 7 Jun 1996 14:22:08 -0400
Subject: Washington Post article on Moceanu

If you're a beta tester for The Washington Post's Web site, go to the
following URL and enter the username and password:

This is a Washington Post article from June 4 on Moceanu.  It does its share
of Moceanu hyping:
"Moceanu already is the darling of the gymnastics world, a sprite with Mary
Lou Retton's exuberance, Nadia Comaneci's Romanian looks and a talent that
makes her one of the favorites to win the hearts of the public -- as well as
the gold medal -- at the Olympics in Atlanta this summer"

Also has a couple of quotes from Bela, who is described as being "reluctant
to hype Moceanu," although two lines later the author notes that "he [Bela]
admitted recently that he has waited 'a very, very long time' to find a
gymnast like Moceanu."  Still, "...Moceanu is in no way a shoo-in..."

It has your standard aren't-they-tiny teddy-bear-carrying little girls
"Moceanu deposits her gym bag on the floor of the hotel dining room,
stopping to toy briefly with the tiny teddy bear attached to the zipper."
"She likes the Gap -- that would be the Gap for Kids, of course, given her
petite, 70-pound body"
(the last quote was in reference to Dominique's loving to shop -- that's
another angle this story really concentrated on: "She wants you to
believe she is normal, not just another little girl with a one-dimensional
life that revolves around nothing but training, training, training for
the next big meet.")

According to the article, Moceanu is also a big talker; after a recent
bars routine in practice, she turned to Karolyi and went on for five
minutes about the ValuJet crash.  Karolyi describes her as an "open
book," which I believe are the exact words he used to describe Mary Lou.
Indeed, he makes more comparisons between Moceanu and Mary Lou than he
does between Moceanu and Nadia.  The article also acknowledged the
presence of Kerri Strug, noting that "[n]ext to Moceanu, Kerri
Strug...looked positively shy." (not that Strug normally strikes me as a
really open and bubbly person, but I guess the author doesn't know much
about Strug's normal personality)  In fact, sometimes it seems like
Kerri's personality is just way overshadowed by Moceanu's:
"Of course, it's hard to get in a word edgewise when you spend every day
with Moceanu, who acknowledges that she likes to talk. After piling into
Karolyi's rented mini-van following a morning practice, Strug makes a
small effort -- she quietly leans over and whispers, 'Where are we
going?' to Moceanu.
"Dominique is too busy to pay her much mind...[She] starts to dictate
directions to Karolyi..."

So all in all, your standard "OK, we have a major gymnastics meet
starting soon and we need to do something for gymnastics" fare, although
it was a pretty lengthy article and accompanied by three pictures.
Definitely one of Garlfar's GGSD articles :).



Date:    Fri, 7 Jun 1996 15:07:48 -0400
From:    ***@ISMI.NET
Subject: What happened to Roth?

Hey all!  I am in shock!  I can't believe that Bill Roth didn't make it to
trials, does anyone know what happened to him on pommel horse?  That score
was terrible (somewhere in the 7's I believe).  I am not a huge fan of men's
gymnastics but I really liked Roth's gymnastics, I am so upset.  Also, I am
really pulling for Chris Waller to make the team, he has come through so
much and is still right in there, he is one of my favorites, along with Roth
and Simons.  I am really excited to see how Waller does at trials, he seemed
to be pretty close to the top 7 score wise, so I know that he can do it.
Does anyone know why Baigu was in 7th, he is such a great gymnast, what
happened?  Also, does anyone know why Richard Grace didn't compete
optionals?  Okay, enough ?'s, thanks for all your help in advance!


Date:    Fri, 7 Jun 1996 16:12:10 -0400
From:    ***@UMICH.EDU
Subject: Nationals

Well, i have to give a big congrats to Blaine Wilson as our new national
champion.  Congrats to John Macready for finally pulling out a great
performance.  Ditto for Mihai, Scott and Chris - congrats for making it
to trials.
It will be interesting to see how everyone fars at trials.
cant wait till sunday to see it on TV


Date:    Fri, 7 Jun 1996 16:37:51 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: What happened to Roth?

> I can't believe that Bill Roth didn't make it to trials, does anyone know
what happened > to him on pommel horse?

Bill had a *rough* last event!  I didn't actually see him compete PH, but had
*no* idea he didn't finish in the top 14 until the guys walked out onto the
floor to be introduced.  It is a shock to everyone that he didn't qualify to
Trials, I am a fan of Bill's too, and feel awful for him.

> I am really excited to see how Waller does at trials

Chris had a great meet!  After the meet, he confessed to having some doubt in
his ability, but you can be sure he is a happy guy today.

>Does anyone know why Baigu was in 7th, he is such a great gymnast, what

Mihai fell twice on PH (I don't know the skills), and is not happy about
that.  That fall knocked him from a consistent 4th place down to 7th.

> Also, does anyone know why Richard Grace didn't compete optionals?

Richard scored a 0.00 on compulsory vault (tucking his hecht vault).  I
assume he felt he wouldn't have had much chance in recovering from his last
place finish.

This meet was a definite roller coaster ride.  There were so many surprises
throughout, that the end results were not predictable.  I am glad it is over,
and that was just the first 40% of trials!

To all of you that hate the NBC fluff are going to see some good
ones this weekend.  :)



Date:    Fri, 7 Jun 1996 12:40:43 -1000
Subject: Re: More on what happened to..

I believe Nadia Hategan retired from competion because of nagging
injuries  (according to a recent IG issue).  Perhaps it was her back?
I'm not quite sure but it's a shame because I never got to see her bars
routine where she throws a Xiao Ruzhi.  I'm not to sure about Lu Li
though..  Hope this helps.


Date:    Fri, 7 Jun 1996 16:14:48 +0100
From:    ***@ASUCLA.UCLA.EDU
Subject: Lu Li

Lu Li competed at the 1993 Chunichi and had an even cooler bars routine than
in Barcelona.. she looked great... Thats the last I saw her.


Date:    Fri, 7 Jun 1996 17:29:42 -0700
From:    ***@VCN.BC.CA
Subject: Re: What happened to???-Nadia Hatagan

Dear Gymner,

Hi! Everyone! A sincere thank you to those who have written to me
regarding my question about Nadia Hatagan and Lu Li, especially Mr. David
Michael.  Though now that I know the news, I'm sadden that I will probably
no longer be able to see Nadia perform again.  She was a great gymnast
with beautiful line, I wish her the best in life.  Below is a message
someone sended me, although I won't mention this person name because I
don't know if this person wants that.  Anyway is a really great piece of
info, so I wanted to share this with all the Nadia Hatagan fan out there.

> In response to a question about Nadia Hatagan:
> Nadia has retired left and Deva. After chronic ankle problems over the
> past two years, she had surgery this past winter. After a brief comeback
> attempt, she finally retired this spring. Two weeks ago her name was
> still written on a piece of paper on her old dorm room door, but Octavian
> Belu said she has
> gone back to a traditional high school in Onesti.

Can't get enough of gymnastic,


Date:    Fri, 7 Jun 1996 21:35:47 -0400
Subject: Boginskaya interview

Here is the Boginskaya interview. Enjoy! :)


Svetlana Boginskaya: 'WE HAVE LOTS OF COWBOYS IN TEXAS.'
(Interview conducted by Vladimir Pisarev, Sovetsky Sport's
Belarus correspondent. Sovetsky Sport, May 18, p. 4.) Minsk -
Question. - Sveta, approximately three years ago, in this very
gym, you firmly told me that the all-around was no longer for
you. Why did you end up changing your mind, and so drastically?
     Answer. - Yes, after the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona I did
indeed decide that gymnastics was for little girls. And that it
was time for me to retire. But when I had lived for a while in
America, where people take a different attitude toward this, and
I watched the World Championships on television and saw almost
all the same girls who had been with me on the CIS team at the
recent Games performing there, I thought, "Why not? If they can
do it, why can't I?"
     Q. - How long have you been training now?
     A. - It's been a year and half that I've been trying to make
a comeback. I was away from competition for about two years.
     Q. - What kind of shape are you in, in your opinion? For
example, have you had to drop from your program any elements that
you could do before but now are too difficult?
     A. - No, I've been lucky in this respect: I haven't had to
drop anything. In fact, many things have even become easier.
Everyone is surprised, but it's true. It seems like the time off
gave me more strength and energy.
     Q. - Where is your home base now?
     A. - The city of Houston in the state of Texas. A place of
cowboys and beaches. I rent a one-room apartment, which is enough
for me since I don't have a family yet. And anyway, according to
the way we classify things, it has two rooms - a bedroom and a
living room.
     Q. - I've heard that people in America don't like to eat
meals at home, that they prefer restaurants. What about you?
     A. - It varies. But when you leave home at 5:30 or 6:00 in
the morning and return at 9 p.m., there isn't a lot of time to
cook. After all, I'm working out seven or eight hours a day.
     Q. - How do you get around, by the way?
     A. - I have a Honda.
     Q. - I'm sorry if this is an impolite question, but what
kind of money do you live on? You must have to pay for the
training sessions at the gym, right?
     A. - Yes, and they're very expensive too. What do I live on?
I have sponsors who help me out a little.
     I also do advertising for sports apparel - I model things
myself: leotards, warmups. Sometimes I perform in various kinds
of shows, and I do some extra work on the weekends - I teach
gymnastics to children.
     Q. - And you yourself, as far as we have heard here, train
under Bela Karolyi, right?
     A. - Yes, I train at his center in Houston. It consists of
three big gyms that are connected to one another. He helps me a
     Q. - There have been many legends about this man. Can you
tell us anything interesting about him?
     A. - He's very tall, almost a giant - about two meters. So
when he's standing next to you, you aren't afraid of anything -
you know that he'll catch you if necessary. I think he's about 50
or so. He's a nice man and a wonderful specialist. He's very
strict, it's true, but he's fair.
     Q. - Bela Karolyi works with American gymnasts, as everyone
knows, and you are direct competition for them. Doesn't this
create a certain conflict of interest?
     A. - Yes, this has caused him some serious problems. Many
people in the American federation don't like it that he has
devoted so much time to me. But Bela stands his ground. But I
think we've come to a parting of the ways, even though the
Olympics aren't here yet: he has to give all his attention to the
American national team now. That's partly why you're seeing me
here in Belorussia [sic].
     Of course, in a way they're right... Anyway, I haven't been
in Minsk in a long time, and I'm very happy that I'm home again,
where everything is so familiar.
     Q. - So have you not yet been able to fully adapt to the
American way of life?
     A. - What do you mean? I've adapted, I've adapted to many
things, but I've still remained a Russian [sic] person. For
example, I still can't understand how a guy and a girl can go to
a restaurant together and each one pays for himself. Or, for
example, a couple gets married and they - a husband and wife -
keep separate bank accounts. He earns money and spends it
himself, and she does the same.
     Q. - What do you think the reason for this is - are people
just used to managing their own money or is it a matter of
     A. - I think it's principle. Women want to be completely
     Q. - It's said that you've also been seen in America with a
very nice young man...
     A. - Yes, I have a boyfriend, an American. Travis is 25 and
works as a chemical engineer at an oil company. It's a very good
job. And he's a great guy. Just a few days ago he sent me an
enormous bouquet of flowers - he sent them direct from America to
Minsk by plane. My poor mother was in shock - they were so
beautiful! I myself was surprised too.
     Q. - So, it's not ruled out that you will link your future
with his?
     A. - Well, I hope so, at least. Because he's the only person
I've ever met in my life who I really like.
     Q. - Have you learned to have fun the American way: to go to
bars at night, go out dancing, etc.?
     A. - You know, when I was just working at a job, not
training, I looked forward to the evenings so I could go out
somewhere, maybe go dancing, because I had a lot of unspent
energy. But now... Now, no. You're so tired after eight hours of
physical work that you don't want to go anywhere. But it's no big
deal. I think I'll make up for what I've missed. A little later.
     Q. - Do you have a lot of friends in Houston?
     A. - Yes, I have plenty. True, there are hardly any Russian-
speakers among them. I have no one to speak Russian to except
Vitaly Shcherbo and his wife. But they live in another city.
     Q. - One time you and Vitaly made a nice music video. Have
you had any more offers like that?
     A. - Not like that. But Hollywood does want to make a film
about me, a full-length feature film. I don't know if things will
work out or not. But negotiations have been going on for a long
     Q. - I assume that Svetlana Boginskaya will play the lead?
     A. - I don't know yet. In principle, they want to find
little girls who would play me as a child. But I would evidently
play myself as I am today.
     Q. - What made them interested in your life story?
     A. - They can't understand how a gymnast can try for a third
Olympics when so many young girls retire from top-level
competition at quite a young age, at 14 or 15.
     Q. - How would you yourself answer this question?
     A. - Gymnastics is my entire life...


Date:    Sat, 8 Jun 1996 03:53:21 GMT
From:    ***@PIPELINE.COM
Subject: June/July IG

In yesterday's List, Kerry wants to know if the East Coast has gotten their
June/July IG yet - well, I'm in NYC and I haven't gotten mine yet either!
In fact, ever since they moved to Oklahoma, the delivery dates have been
VERY  erratic. Does anyone know their email address? I'd love to tell them
I'm annoyed.




Date:    Fri, 7 Jun 1996 23:57:38 -0400
From:    ***@YORKU.CA
Subject: Re: June/July IG

        I dont' think people should be concerned about not getting their
IG yet.  I mean, it is the June/July issue, and it usually doens't come
out till the second week of June anyway, at least for me in Ontario.


Date:    Sat, 8 Jun 1996 04:22:09 GMT
From:    ***@PIPELINE.COM
Subject: MOC.vs MAR(how boring)

Okay, here is my first and ONLY take on Marinescu and Moceanu:

1. I am all in favor of gymnasts speaking their minds on ANY subject. It's
smart, it's refreshing, it's honest, it's the only time anyone says
anything interesting. If you agree or don't agree, that's your problem.

2. IMHO, I would hate to see EITHER of these two even medal at Atlanta.
Moceanu is nowhere near a complete gymnast, and is sometimes barely
watchable. Marinescu is much more watchable, and even beautiful, but is
woefully deficient in terms of power and strength to reach the pinnacle,
and unlike Khorkina, she does nothing in the way of originality or
technique(bars) to make up for that weakness.

3. I find it strange in the least that this debate has lasted for SO long
on this list, considering the status of proven contenders(Podkpaeva,
Miller, Khorkina, Kotchetkova, Mo, Milosovici, even Gogean(NOT my favorite
by a long shot),Dawes,  etc.). All of the above are much more complete than
the other two, and yet get very little debate play. I am much more
interested, however, in gymnasts than stars. I hasten to add that I have no
inclination to end the debate if anyone wants to jump in, just that I
personally find it boring and useless.

4. As for Boginskaya, I find it amusing that a gymnast with  basically five
minutes of competative experience find it necessary to devalue the
legendary, consistantly superlative performances of a gymnastic icon. I
take comfort in the fact that I'm sure Bogi couldn't care less. May she
compete until she's 40.

As we all know, all this discussion will be mute in a few short months, but
if it flys your skirt up (think Marilyn Monroe), have a field day.




Date:    Fri, 7 Jun 1996 23:21:39 -0600

IF YOU DON'T want to know what happened yet, stop now.....

okay, I am assuming that you want to know!

MILLER WINS!!! But Chow has to withdraw due to a back problem and
they are meeting to discuss if she can petition onto the Olympic

BTW: I just *CAN'T* wait until the meet is televised because Miller
did a DOUBLE LAYOUT on FX!!!! This was rumored at Barcelona, but I have
NEVER SEEN it before!!

It seems that Double layouts are the staple of womens FX mounts by alot of
gymnasts. Miller, Dawes, Strug, Powell and others do them now.

BTW: Dawes made it up to 6th place (i think).

There is a COOL summery at the USA-GYMNASTICS WEB PAGE about optionals.

And, Vanessa Alter is the NEW JUNIOR NATIONAL CHAMP! Way to GO
(Do people know that she is on this list and DOES SEND MESSAGES!!!!)


Dina, Dina, Dina.


Date:    Fri, 7 Jun 1996 23:46:42 -0500
From:    ***@SCOTT.NET

>And, Vanessa Alter is the NEW JUNIOR NATIONAL CHAMP! Way to GO
>(Do people know that she is on this list and DOES SEND MESSAGES!!!!)
>Dina, Dina, Dina.
I must say!  Congradulations to all the Girls and Guys!  So far it has been

Vanessa------congradulations, young lady a job well done!

Shannon ------ always a champ!!!

Thanks to Rachelle and the rest of the crew this quick update listing is
excellant for us who have been not able to attend the Nationals!


My daughter became friends with Katie Taylor at a few of our gym camps....
can anyone tell me what happen to her?  I only saw a score for here in two
of the listings for the Women's Junior Optional II held on the 7th.

Just curious.....


Date:    Sat, 8 Jun 1996 15:58:16 +1000
From:    ***@OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Subject: Shannon Miller and Barcelona AA gold

Lately I have given some thought toward the situation in Barcelona where
Gutsu won the AA gold, and Miller got silver, and comments by many on this
list that Miller was robbed of Olympic glory.

Has anyone ever thought that it may have been Galieva that was robbed?

Sure, Miller is a great gymnast, and one of my favourites, but IMHO, it is
Galieva who suffered the most.  Galieva was 8th after the team competition
in Barcelona, and in optionals scored 39.611.  This compares with 39.262 for
Gutsu (with the BB fall) and 39.675 for Miller (no falls).  So had Galieva
been able to compete in the AA, she may well have surprised everyone.



End of GYMN-L Digest - 7 Jun 1996 to 8 Jun 1996 - Special issue