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  1. Local Action
  2. June/July IG
  3. Features
  4. Talk talk talk!
  5. Medal expectations
  6. More on what happen to???


Date:    Thu, 6 Jun 1996 23:25:05 -0500
Subject: Local Action

does anyone know of any local gymnastic competions or events in central
illinois or any national competion heading this way after the olympics.



Date:    Fri, 7 Jun 1996 00:32:03 -0400
From:    ***@GNATNET.NET
Subject: June/July IG

Am I the only one who hasn't gotten this month's IG yet?? How long ago
did ya'll on the East Coast get your issues?



Date:    Fri, 7 Jun 1996 00:51:34 -0400
Subject: Re: Features

HI Allie
I would love a copy of the article about moceanu in teen.  Kind of
reminds you of the 92 article about zmeskal and okino, huh?


Date:    Fri, 7 Jun 1996 00:54:00 EDT
From:    ***@PSUVM.PSU.EDU
Subject: Talk talk talk!

Listen, to all of you criticizing Marinescu...

First of all, it is SO refreshing to have an internationally-known gymnast
speak her mind instead of giving the same I'll try my best b.s. to the media.
Marinescu probably knows more about the actual stuff she speaks of than do most
of us who read her interviews (reminder:  translated TWICE).  Even if nothing
is changed in the translation, I for one am glad to hear a gymnast tell it like
she sees it.

If you don't know a gymnast (or anyone, for that matter...) personally, please
don't make assumptions about their character.  I think many people share
Alexandra's thoughts on Boginskaya but are just too chicken to state their
beliefs.  We don't know everything about Marinescu's situation or the pressure
she is under, but I think it takes a rare kind of guts to say what she means
and mean what she says.

So many times gymnasts tell the so-called truth about the sport AFTER their
major competitive careers are over; maybe because they're just not thinking
during their careers, maybe because they don't notice things until they step
back, maybe because they were afraid that they wouldn't be judged fairly if
they shared their strong opinions, but nonetheless...  If more gymnasts opened
up, then maybe pieces like "Pretty Boxes" wouldn't gather all of the attention
in a big, anti-gymnastics campaign.

I'm glad to see a young gymnast who has confidence and isn't afraid to show
that she believes in herself.  I really respect Marinescu for being a great
gymnast, but I also respect her character.

We must all remember that this is just talk, nothing as huge as people are
fighting and arguing about.  The competition will tell the story.

(I guess I'm a hypocrite--I just went off and then said it was no big deal...)
Oh well!  Still smiling and NOT FLAMING, Joy :)


Date:    Fri, 7 Jun 1996 01:09:00 EDT
From:    ***@PSUVM.PSU.EDU
Subject: Medal expectations

Beth made a point that I think needs to be thought about...

Beth said the Romanians wouldn't be satisfied with silvers.  I think this is
true in the team competition, and it should be expected as 2-time defending
world champs.  I also used to think that the Romanians held this gold-only
feeling as individuals as well, but I don't agree anymore.  I remember after
the Sabae AA, Lavinia said that she was extremely happy with her bronze and was
glad she could still compete with the best gymnasts in the world.  This
attitude is great IMO.  She could teach the Americans a thing or two...

Which brings me to Beth's statement that the US will be happy with silvers.
That's how it should be, considering what a great accomplishment that would
be, but I don't think it will happen that way.  The press, the public, and the
gymnasts themselves (at least Miller and Moceanu) want gold.  Miller said she
stayed in gymnastics so she could get a gold after her Barcelona haul.  I, for
one, was overjoyed with Shannon's showing in 1992.  But right away the press
got on the case of how she should have won the AA because 1) Gutsu didn't
really qualify to the AA, 2) her vault should have been a 10 (Steve Nunno
really helped with this one...), etc. etc. etc.  Shannon shouldn't have even
been on the Olympic team considering her elbow surgery in March 1992, but with
a medical miracle of sorts she qualified, but also performed as well as she
could in Barcelona.

I think we all need to remember the Olympic oath, because if gymnasts under-
stand the importance of just competing and doing well, the medals won't
provide such a HUGE disappointment if they just happen to be those horrible
silver or bronze pieces of junk.  (Really big sarcasm.)

Someone who is still trying to embrace the Olympic ideal in this world,
Joy :)

PS--Beth is great!  I love Beth!  No one knows Russian like Beth!
    (The above is to just remind y'all that this is not a personal attack...
    much the opposite in fact!)


Date:    Fri, 7 Jun 1996 00:47:54 -0700
From:    ***@VCN.BC.CA
Subject: More on what happen to???

Hi! Everyone,

After reading about people asking what happen to those gymnasts lately, I
also have two I'm quite curious about.  Nadia Hatagan (Romania) and Lu Li
(China), anyone know what happen to their career or maybe I'm just not
very knowledgeble in this area.  Either way I love to hear some info.

Crazy about gymnastic,


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