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Topics of the day:

  1. GYMN gets noticed
  2. Gymnatics attire
  4. 1995 GymFest
  5. Gymn recognized with "Best of the Net" award
  6. TV alert


Date:    Mon, 6 Nov 1995 01:08:44 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: GYMN gets noticed

The other day my local paper, The Hartford Courant, ran a sidebar in its
computing section (which runs once a week).  I'm not sure how pleased we
should be with this particular bit of advertisement, but I'm sure it caught
the eyes of many and that it'll result in a few more hits on the home page.
 The bit went as follows:

                                         CAUGHT IN THE WEB
    You've done the ESPNet thing, searched through archives so deep and so
    consuming, you've forgotten which stat you wanted.  This week we present
    pages dedicated to the sports that Dad hoped you wouldn't volunteer for
    sign-up week.   (Me: hunh?  What's wrong with gymnastics?  Especially
    compared to the rest of the sports listed!)

    Below was a list of about ten Web sites and their home page addresses.
    sports consisted of things like racing ("The paper just never seems to
run that
    intimate profile of Fittipladi, always opting instead for yet another
story on Husky-
    mania..."), bungee jumping, and frisbee.  GYMN was about eighth on the
list, but
    I didn't cut out the whole sidebard because there wasn't any snide
comment to
    explain why Dad wouldn't want you volunteering, etc.  It just gave the


Date:    Mon, 6 Nov 1995 01:27:05 EST
From:    ***@PRODIGY.COM
Subject: Gymnatics attire

In men's competitions, they must wear long pants (any color now) and
socks (or gymnastics shoes) on the following events: pommel horse,
rings, p-bars and horizontal bar.    On floor and vault they have the
option to wear the same or to wear shorts (with or without socks).

Personally I never wore the Pants on floor and vault because I could
run and punch much better with bare feet than with slippery socks.
I preferred this, even though - generally speaking - body line and
form usually looks better in the pants and socks.

As far as being able to grab the legs on floor and vault - that may
also be a deciding factor for some gymnasts (I got a better grip with
pants though).

To sum up - PH, SR, PB and HB you have to wear pants - no choice.
On FX and V you have the choice.




Date:    Mon, 6 Nov 1995 13:59:30 GMT
From:    ***@CS.BHAM.AC.UK


I can only comment on...

> 2. Why some boys opt for the shorts on floor and the pants and socks on
        high bar

In trampolining the generally accepted clothing for men is whites (pants),
leotard, and socks/trampolining slippers. However, I know quite a few men who
prefer to wear shorts because of the supposedly extra grip they can get when
gripping tucked somersaults (which is strange since I also know women whose
grips slip - maybe it's something to do with leg hair or lack of). The problem
with shorts is they look yuk, plus of course whites hide small leg bends. I
suspect that since high bar involves less somersaulting, but greater loss of
body 'line', performers opt for whites, but on floor, where the extra grip is
needed and the loss of body line less pronounced, shorts are used; maybe. Of
course it could also be some strange FIG rule :-)



Date:    Mon, 6 Nov 1995 16:13:38 -0700
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: 1995 GymFest

Here is a forum message off of USAGO!, written by Steve Whitlock.
It's about the '95 Gymfest -- I thought many of our non-USA gymners in
particular might be interested.


| Report regarding the Third USAG National GymFest
| From: Steve Whitlock
| This report is included in the recent Safety and Education Department
| Board Report in the News \ Safety area..
| For those of you unfamiliar with General Gymnastics (GG) and the GymFest
| concept, this gymnastics activity is a non-competitive opportunity for
| clubs and organizations to come together to show their stuff.
| The general format is that each club prepares a choreographed exhibition
| display to music which should not exceed 9-10 minutes.
| In General Gymnastics (GG),
| >  All ages are encouraged to participate--preschool through seniors
| >  All levels of ability are encouraged--novice to elite
| >  The social interaction and group interaction opportunities are very
|    important
| >  Participants do not win medals, but all are given recognition, and
|    individual groups receive general awards for such things as attention
|    to theme, Spirit of the GymFest, use of music, costuming, etc.
| >  GG is FUN!
| There are quite a few gymnastics clubs who now emphasize their display
| groups over (or in addition to) their competitive programs. More and
| more opportunities are being created for these groups to get together.
| In 1996, USAG will form a national GG committee to promote and encourage
| the growth of GG activities.
| If you are interested in more information about GG and the GymFest,
| please send me your name, address, and phone.
|   -- Steve Whitlock
|      Delphi address: USGF; Internet address:
| GYMFEST 1995 - The Third Annual USAG National GymFest was conducted in
| Carmel, Ind., October 26-29.
| Thirteen groups participated including Brown's Gymnastics (Ind.),
| Milwaukee Turners (Wis.), N.E. School of Dance (Ind.), Rhythmic
| Illusions (Ohio), Watkins' Exhibition Team (Penn.), The Gymnastics
| Company (Mich.), USA Gymnastics National Group Team (Ill.), American
| Sokol (Texas and Ill.), Performers Edge Company (Ind.), the Rhythmic
| Edge (Ind.), the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders (Ind.), and the Indiana
| Pacemates (Ind.).
| 230 individuals performed in the various GymFest displays.
| The highlight of this year's GymFest was the FINALE PERFORMANCE--
| conducted as a 20 minute Indianapolis Colt's Football Organization pre-
| game show with 148 people on the field at the RCA Dome. The Finale
| included tumbling, gymnastics-dance, rhythmic gymnastics, and other
| general gymnastics activities.
| Of special note is that Finale performers included children, youths,
| and a significant number of adults (parents, coaches, and the
| Indianapolis Colt's Cheerleaders).
| The Finale was directed and choreographed by local GymFest Director,
| Ron Morgan, of the Performers Edge School of Dance and Theatrical
| Training. Ron was ably assisted by USAG staff member Paula Hilliker.
| During the weekend, Whitlock and Campbell had discussions with a
| representative from Disney World who had come to observe the 1995
| GymFest. Discussions focused on the possibility of conducting an
| American Continental GymFest at Disney World in 1997. General
| Gymnastics clubs from North, Central and South America would be
| invited... along with a few special guest clubs from other countries.
| (We discussed inviting representative GG clubs from Great Britain,
| Sweden (host country for the 1999 World Gymnaestrada), Germany, and
| Africa.
| We also discussed ways to encourage involvement from USA groups such
| as inner city Park and Rec Departments, native American Indian
| performance groups, college and university gymnastics clubs, and so
| forth.
| Videotapes of the 1995 GymFest and the Finale Performance will soon be
| available from the USAG Merchandise department.

# # #


Date:    Mon, 6 Nov 1995 16:20:55 -0700
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Gymn recognized with "Best of the Net" award

               Gymn honored as "Best of the Net" by GNN

For Immediate Release
Monday, November 06, 1995

San Francisco, CA--Gymn was recognized as one of the premier sports
sites on the Internet at GNN's second annual Best of the Net awards
banquet, held in San Francisco on November 3, 1995.

GNN, who awarded Gymn a nomination in the Sports (Amateur) category,
created the awards "to recognize the best of the best; Internet sites
that stand out among even the most useful and entertaining resources."

Nominees were selected by the GNN editorial staff; final winners in
each category were determined by consensus of the staff. Criteria for
nominating "Best of the Net" sites included content, design, and
reputation. Other nominees in the Sports (Amateur) category were: Home
of the Lady Vols, NFL Pool via the WWW, The Racer Archive, and WWW
Hockey Guide. The nominees in the professional division were:
America's Cup '95, Carolina League, ESPNet SportsZone, GolfWeb, and
The Sports Server (Raleigh News & Observer). The overall winners were
Home of the Lady Vols and GolfWeb.

George Atkins, Gymn's Assistant Forum Manager, attended the awards
banquet.  Atkins expressed some regret that he was not able to deliver
an acceptance speech.  "I was going to do a handstand," Atkins said.

Gymn's site, which can be viewed with any Web browser, is located at The site is maintained
by Rachele Harless, Gymn's Forum Manager.  The first page of the site
reflects the most current results and events that have appeared on
Gymn, the Internet mailing list which hosts the popular web site.
Other pages provide gymnastics reference information, easy access to
Gymn's archives, and hypertext links to other Internet gymnastics
sites. "The key to the site is the membership of Gymn, the mailing
list," Harless remarked.  "The subscribers are the ones who really
contribute the information."

Gymn has also previously been recognized by Point Communications
Corporation as one of the "Top 5% of all Web sites."

More information on GNN's Best of the Net awards can be obtained by
visiting their Web site at

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Date:    Mon, 6 Nov 1995 17:45:28 -0600
Subject: TV alert

Apparently, SRC (CBC French) will be airing Sabae Worlds coverage
on Saturday November 18th in the afternoon.  Check your local
guide for specific times (and be careful, the listings I get for
that channel are always wrong!).

I wonder if this means SRC will (finally) be showing World Trials?

Also, a reminder of CBC's broadcast of the Subway World Challenge
Saturday December 2nd.



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