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Topics of the day:

  1. American Cup: UKR Gymnast Update
  2. Yvonne Tousek
  3. OGF - Athlete Model
  4. Kristy Powell's Floor
  5. American Cup: AA Results
  6. NBC SUCKS!!!!!! & A.Cup
  7. American Cup and Chris Scott
  8. full in punch front
  9. American Cup/NBC Sucks!


Date:    Sun, 3 Mar 1996 21:17:28 -0500
From:    ***@CLOUD9.NET
Subject: American Cup: UKR Gymnast Update

Valery Goncharov, the Ukrainian gymnast who crashed into HB in prelims,
received 7 stitches to his chin.  He also cracked a tooth and had to have
another tooth pulled.



Date:    Sun, 3 Mar 1996 21:33:24 -0500
From:    ***@YORKU.CA
Subject: Yvonne Tousek

        I just wanted everyone to know that I just e-mailed NBC sports
and I told them how pissed off I was that they ignored Yvonne Tousek in
their broadcast of the meet this week-end.  Unfortunately, no address for
them was shown (I did it from netscape), but I would encourage all of you
who wanted to see Yvonne but couldn't because of NBC's ignorance - please
e-mail them!  Perhaps they will make a point of showing her at the 3 on 3
meet?  Btw, has a Canadian ever been shown on TV in the American Cup?
They ignored Umeh's FX much the same way in 1992, and she tied Zmeskal
for the top score on that event!  I HATE NBC!!!!!! YOu'd think that Elfi
Schlegel, as a Canadian would have some influence?!!?!?!?!?!?
        Just venting......


Date:    Sun, 3 Mar 1996 22:49:57 -0500
From:    ***@SYMPATICO.CA
Subject: Re: OGF - Athlete Model

>john can you get me a copy of the proposed changes please!  Either by Email
or by fax would be great!
>It really ticks me off that this info isn't distributed to the clubs as a
>Thanks for posting on the net!
>Email me if you want to fax it I will call and tell you when my fax is on

Hi Gordon,

        There is no attempt to avoid sending this info to the clubs.  The
purpose of the WTA on February 17th was to involve the Regional Coaching and
Judging Reps.  These Reps are then responsible for consulting with the clubs
in their Region to obtain feedback for the WTC.  The purpose of my message
was simply to tell clubs that this process is starting and encourage

        More info by email.

John Hummel


Date:    Sun, 3 Mar 1996 21:07:30 -0700
From:    ***@DANA.UCC.NAU.EDU
Subject: Re: Kristy Powell's Floor

> Jennifer E.-  Kristy Powells floor music is Toccata in D and Fugue.  The
> violinist who performed it in this particular "jazzed up" version is the
> 16 year old Vanessa Mae.  You should check out her CD "The Violin Player"
> she is the Bogi of classical music.

        Sorry Corrie, but as a professional violinist, I feel the need to
respond. Vanessa's album reminds me of classical Muzak. She doesn't add
anything to classical/rock fusion, IMHO. She's a 16 year old in a tight
dress and a push-up bra who can play notes to a synthesizer beat.
        If you're wondering who the Bogi of classical music is, my vote
would go to Anne-Sophie Mutter, although many would argue that Nadia
Solerno-Sonnenberg would be it as well. :)
        If you love violin music, please look into their recordings.


Date:    Sun, 3 Mar 1996 23:12:32 -0400
Subject: Re: American Cup: AA Results

>5. Yvonne Tousek (CAN)       9.462 9.075 9.612 9.712  37.861
Excellent how she pulled up from ninth place!  Now, I too am further
annoyed at how the bozos at NBC showed John R..berger stripping to his
undies and muttering verbage while they could've/SHOULD've been showing
Miss Tousek's exciting floor routine -- especially since it's the
second place performance.

In fine bozo-saluting tradition, I have an NBC shirt that I will wear
inside-out until I see them show a Canadian gymnast again!  Spread the
word -- hundreds of Canadians get NBC on cable!




Date:    Sun, 3 Mar 1996 21:43:37 -0700
From:    ***@SUPERNET.AB.CA
Subject: Re: NBC SUCKS!!!!!! & A.Cup

>        I am so $%#%#%# off that NBC thought that we would rather sit and
stare at John Rothlesberger than watch Yvonne Tousek on FX.  The crowd >was
obviously totally into this performance, clapping with her music.  I know
this routine well, having seen it live at Subway, and it sounds like she hit
it, given the cheers of the crowd.  It was obviously the favourite routine
of the crowd, and I just heard them announce the score:  9.712, the highest
FX score so far.  Thanks NBC.

I agree.  I enjoyed the program, and thought they would at least show her
once.  But NOOOOOOO.  I agree they suck.

I must say that I loved watched Kerri win!  She deserved it.  I think bogi
looks good for 23!  Amazing that double layout off the bars, thank god for

Poor Kristy P on floor.  But I don't like how they made it sound like her
coach was in poorer spirts after the poor routine over how she must have felt.

I think that girl from China was good!  Watch out for her in a couple of years!



Date:    Mon, 4 Mar 1996 00:53:03 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: American Cup and Chris Scott

The main reason why John's AA score was higher here than at Worlds is simply
because he had a solid meet here and had some trouble at Worlds.  Just as
vice versa is true with Belenky.  Belenky had trouble here and does better in
places he's use to.  I think it's a bit outlandish to say it's a scam when
John beat Belenky by a point and a half!  You can't really think Belenky
should have beat John do you?

And FYI, Scott Keswick beat many *top* guys at '93 Worlds in England where he
finished 9th AA (Worlds by the way has more athletes than the Olympics).

The US men are better than the media likes to portray them.

And Hurray for Kerri!!!!!!!!!!



Date:    Mon, 4 Mar 1996 17:14:18 +1000
From:    ***@OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Subject: full in punch front

The full in punch front has already been done, by Milosovici, at the
Barcelona Olympics.  I'm pretty sure she did it at the 1991 Worlds as well.

Impressive skill that it is, I still think Mitova's double layout punch
front is the best floor tumble I've seen.

Closely followed by Groshkova's double double (I think that's what it was)



Date:    Mon, 4 Mar 1996 04:48:40 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: American Cup/NBC Sucks!

Hi, just a couple of things:

1)  With the little coverage we see of men's gymnastics *as a whole, not just
US*, I don't mind watching John Roethlisberger waiting for his next event.
 If it weren't for the fact that the men and women were competing
simultaneously, I *guarantee* you that the men would have been a highlight.
 I am sure his mom, sister and fiancee appreciated seeing him sit there, for
all of you who didn't.

2)  I think John Tesh does a great job commentating, and it helps that he is
a huge (Literally:  if you were there, you'd see that Elfie and Daggett come
up to his hip!) gymnastics fan...and I guess a great Moceanu fan too.

3)  USA Gymnastics' sponsors are regularly stamped all over the place,
including the gymnasts themselves.  That's part of the sponsorship/signage
deal they make with USAG.  If you have been in an arena, there is no
mistaking who has paid to be there!

4)  USA Gymnastics is on line, as Rachele posted earlier, they have a WWW
site at:
You can find the bios for the current national team members there.

Bye for now...
Kris Bagiu, who is the biggest supporter of USA Men's gymnastics, if you
don't count Cindy Waller, Brandy Hanks, Michelle Keswick, Kelly, Christina,
and Eb!


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