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  1. GYMN-L Digest - 1 Jul 1996 - Special issue
  2. Bela's gymnasts
  3. WAG/ Amy Chow FX music
  4. Men's Olympic Trials and NBC
  5. Tom... (2)
  6. John Tesh & Olympic Trials
  7. Olympic trials and coverage thereof
  8. Alternates
  9. Dom. Moceanu on the Today program
 10. Olympic tickets for sale
 11. Amy's Eye Meets Beam! (Oh, that's nothing...Gina already did that ,
 13. John Tesh
 14. Karolyi's Retiring
 15. Trials, etc....(sorry, long)
 16. A ton of stuff
 17. GYMN-L Digest - 26 Jun 1996 to 27 Jun 1996


Date:    Mon, 1 Jul 1996 19:19:52 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: GYMN-L Digest - 1 Jul 1996 - Special issue

I just now heard that Chris Waller did not make the Olympic Team (Our paper
is really bad about gymnastics coverage) That is too bad, he was my favorite.
Oh well, he always has a place in my heart!


Date:    Mon, 1 Jul 1996 17:10:58 +0100
From:    ***@ASUCLA.UCLA.EDU
Subject: Bela's gymnasts

He also coached Ecaterina Szabo, Lavinia Agache, Michaela Stanulet and
Cristina Grigoras before he defected..This of course explains their vast
improvement between 1981 (when he defected) and 1983.


Date:    Mon, 1 Jul 1996 16:50:52 +0000
From:    ***@IGC.APC.ORG
Subject: WAG/ Amy Chow FX music

Kudos to Amy Chow for that beam recovery and original
bars, but "Dixie" as her FX music?  Is this new?  It doesn't
mask her weak dance, it requires a more extroverted
performer, it's a transparent ploy to get crowd support,
and will offend many people.

Maybe it won't matter --- makes more sense to me
to put Chow on vault and bars, Borden on FX and beam,
but I suppose we have to wait and see.

--Mary Lynne

[Non-US folks:  If you don't know what I'm talking about
but care to, am happy to explain via private e-mail].


Date:    Mon, 1 Jul 1996 22:03:31 EDT
Subject: Men's Olympic Trials and NBC

I was at the trials this past weekend and just watched the NBC broadcast on
tape. I must concur with the comment  below.

>1.  Poor Mark Booth!  He was the ONLY gymnast NBC chose not to feature during
>the broadcast.  That's a shame because he's excellent on floor.

One has to give Mark Booth some credit. He entered the meet in 14th but at least
worked his way out of the last place position. It would have been nice of NBC to
show his floor. He did a little flourish before going into his final pass that
the crowd really appreciated. And his Y-scale was the best at the meet. The
could have also shown his pommel horse routine, which was his best score in
optionals: 9.525.

One also has to give credit to John Macready and his scores in optionals. He
really showed some consistency on Saturday with scores of 9612 (FX) 9475 (PH)
9525 (V) 9587 (SR) 9050 (PB) and 9537 (HB). Since he wasn't on the bubble, his
performances were pretty much overlooked in the NBC broadcast of US men's
trials. I think NBC only showed one of his routines.

Someone on this forum previously stated that gymnasts from Ohio State are
genetically unable to do a proper toe-point. I actually watched for this at the
trials and this person is correct. At times Kip Simons had no toe point and
Blaine Wilson is pretty weak as well. The best toe point for the men was Mihai



Date:    Mon, 1 Jul 1996 20:00:33 -0600
Subject: Tom...

Maybe Tom was crying because they didn't spend enough time on that shoulder


Date:    Mon, 1 Jul 1996 21:48:40 -0400
From:    ***@KENT.NET
Subject: Re: John Tesh & Olympic Trials

>>         Not sure exactly what category this goes under, but Amy Chow's
>> finishing her beam routine with what was definitely a hard hit to the head
>> was really somthing.  (Though having our favorite three commentators
>> simultaneously yell "Ow!" on the *replay* was a bit much.)
>In all fairness, how could you not yell when you watched the replay.  I
> certainly did.

There is one competition we have on tape (maybe the 94 worlds?) where
Gina Gogean took a similar hit, only on the back of her head and just
got back on to finish the routine.  Similar situation.  I think almost
any gymnast would do the same in that situation.  I have never seen
a gymnast take a fall and not get back on to finish the routine, unless
of course a really serious injury was sustained.


Date:    Mon, 1 Jul 1996 21:17:36 -0400
From:    ***@UMICH.EDU
Subject: Re: Olympic trials and coverage thereof

i have to admit, i was crying when amanda was doing her floor routine...i
was hoping desperately that she would make the team....i really wanted
her on the team in 92....
with kwilokowski as the you think moceanu will really be
ready??? if not, do you think bela and dominique will admit to it and let
theresa compete or be a part ?  or with the 7-6-5 rule, do you think they
will have her do something like bars, where only the landing would be a

just curious.....

by the way...loved amy chow's bar routine...great stalder work !!!

> Ok I have another Elfie phrase for us.  If you watch barcelona she says
> it constantly.
> It was finger tip control.
> That drives me crazy.
> I loved trials, I was moves to tears by the performances and smiles of
> amanda borden and kerri strug.  IMO strug is one to look out for in
> atlanta.  No more bridesmaid.
> And as for the whole tom forester thing.  At first I was very angry at
> him for not being there for kulikowski after beam, but did you see him
> holding kristy after optional floor.  He truly cares about his gymnasts.
> Alisa


Date:    Mon, 1 Jul 1996 20:32:50 -0400
From:    ***@COMET.NET
Subject: Alternates

It doesn't make sense for the eighth girl not to travel with the team.  What
if someone gets hurt in Atlanta, but before compulseries begin?  Our team
would be much stronger with Theresa Kulikowski well-prepared and ready to
step in if needed.

Also, I thought that the juxtaposition of Diane Durham's and Kim Kelly's
situation was interesting.  They were each denied a chance at the Olympics,
but for opposite reasons.

No matter what happens, only seven people make the team and someone will be
miserable. I think the goal should be to field the best possible team,
taking into account all relevant factors.  It makes sense, in a subjective
sport, to have past international performances play a part in the Olympic
selection.  I feel that the people choosing the 1992 Olympic Team made good
choices, but the process was unnecessarily hurtful.

This year seems a lot less negative or maybe the negativity is just more
covered up.  But I am glad that Shannon Miller and Dominique Moceanu were
allowed to petition onto the team.  How is it fair to let a chance injury
take out a gymnast who has done as much for US gymnastics as Shannon Miller?
Or to make her compete for her spot, when there is a chance of her injuring
herself further?  But if Shannon or Dominique M. are not fully recovered,
Theresa will get a chance to compete, hopefully.  And that is sports, one
person's bad luck is another's good luck.

But, anyway, IMHO, the 1996 Olympic Team, like the 1992 Olympic Team, is the
best one we could field.  And the current team is the best US women's team
I've ever seen.



Date:    Mon, 1 Jul 1996 22:10:51 EDT
Subject: Dom. Moceanu on the Today program

It is the day after Olympic Trials for women are over and the NBC Today program
features an interview with what athlete???? Who could it be???

Could it be Shannon Miller or Dominque Dawes who will be in their second
Olympics? No.
Could it be Amanda Borden who missed the team in 92 but came back to make it in
96? No.
Could it be someone who actually competed in the Olympic Trials? No.

Of course it is the media's sweetheart, Dominque Moceanu.

You would think NBC just might want to give a little press to the other six
women on the US team, but I didn't even hear their names mentioned during the
interview on the NBC Today Show.

One easily got the impression from the interview that D.M. is America's only
gymnastics competitor in Atlanta.

And, it would be nice if they (The Today Show) could just squeeze in a little
mention that the US is sending a men's team to Atlanta as well.



Date:    Mon, 1 Jul 1996 22:14:31 EDT
Subject: Olympic tickets for sale

One last message for tonight.

I have extra tickets available to gymnastics events and dressage. I am asking
for face value price.

July 20 Men's Compulsories, session one $38
July 20 Men's Compulsories, session three $38
July 22 Men's Optionals, session three $80
July 27 8:00 am Equestrian dressage (2 tickets) $21 each

If interested, email me privately


Date:    Mon, 1 Jul 1996 21:15:59 -0500
From:    ***@MARLIN.UTMB.EDU
Subject: Re: Tom...

>Maybe Tom was crying because they didn't spend enough time on that shoulder

Exactly!  Just as the gymnast is upset when she misses, maybe he was upset
at his failure to prepare his athlete.  Why can't the Olympics be a coaches
goal just as it is the athlete's?


Date:    Mon, 1 Jul 1996 21:20:52 -0500
From:    ***@MARLIN.UTMB.EDU
Subject: Amy's Eye Meets Beam! (Oh, that's nothing...Gina already did that ,

No matter how many times it has happend, it's still quite a feat.


> >
> >>         Not sure exactly what category this goes under, but Amy Chow's
> >> finishing her beam routine with what was definitely a hard hit to the head
> >> was really somthing.  (Though having our favorite three commentators
> >> simultaneously yell "Ow!" on the *replay* was a bit much.)
> >
> >In all fairness, how could you not yell when you watched the replay.  I
> > certainly did.
> >
> >Joel
> >
> >
> There is one competition we have on tape (maybe the 94 worlds?) where
> Gina Gogean took a similar hit, only on the back of her head and just
> got back on to finish the routine.  Similar situation.  I think almost
> any gymnast would do the same in that situation.  I have never seen
> a gymnast take a fall and not get back on to finish the routine, unless
> of course a really serious injury was sustained.


Date:    Mon, 1 Jul 1996 22:29:09 -0500
From:    ***@PRODIGY.COM
Subject: quotes

The quote I mnetion earlier:
Dom M--
"This is my dream to go to the Olympics and I can't ( long pause, not
tears ) I will just have to wait and see.  All my hard work will be
down the drain.  I won't be for sure on the team"

Bela K--
"... big scar for the rest of her life if this would go the wrong way."

Don't get me wrong, I would love to see Dom compete, but I think that
this is looking more and more like Kim.  If Dom's leg heals enough to
begin trainning again in a week as she said last night, that leaves her
with 2 hard weeks of trainning during which she could reaggrevate (sp)
the leg.  I would not like to see her as devastated as Kim was after


Date:    Mon, 1 Jul 1996 21:47:53 -0500
From:    ***@SCOTT.NET
Subject: Re: John Tesh

>C'mon y'all - speak out -
>"I'm going to say "If you can't muzzle Tesh altogether, then at least
>limit his comments to between performances so I can limit my vomiting to
>the same"

I totally agree .. this guy needs a  muzzle along with some gymnastics 101!


Date:    Mon, 1 Jul 1996 23:27:05 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Karolyi's Retiring

According to a Houston Chronicle article today, the Karolyi's plan to retire
after this Olympics. Martha seems more vocal on this one. She is quoted,
while Bela shrugs. Bela did say that nothing will be "official until later,"
but it also says that Martha doesn't plan to be there in 2000. The short
article also has quotes from Dominique and Kerri, so they do know. They said
they'd like to do well at the Olympics to give their coaches a nice ending to
their careers. It doesn't say if Moceanu plans to retire or if she'll move to
another gym or stay at the newly owned ex-Karolyi gym. Alexandrov is still in
Houston, so maybe she'll go back to her old coach.

LeeAnn  (the one without the e on the end.)


Date:    Mon, 1 Jul 1996 23:33:32 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Trials, etc....(sorry, long)

Well, I also attended trials and was impressed with the depth, particularly
in optionals, of those who didn't make the team (i.e. Katie Teft, Mohini
Bhardwaj, who were both excellent), of the women.  The men were reasonably
depressing, however - I've never seen Rothlesberger do something like not
pull a tumbling pass, or any skill, over, particularly so close to the
Olympics.  Anyway, in no particular order:
I met most of the athletes, during my autograph-hunting, at their hotel, and
noticed a few interesting things.  First of all, Dominique Dawes absolutely
refused to sign autographs until a few people cornered her waiting for an
elevator which took a lot longer than Dominique would have like to arrive!
 And when she did sign, she did so rather begrudingly.  However, I
interrupted Bela Karolyi's breakfast, and to my incredible surprise, he was
very friendly and conversational, and when his girls came down, he argued
directly with Martha in my favor, because she didn't want them to sign any
autographs at all, but he was obviously in favor of our enthusiasm!  As
usual, Shannon Miller was quiet, but very friendly and obliging to her fans,
who could actually get to her because as she wasn't competing, she wasn't as
surrounded by people as Amanda and Jaycie, for instance.  For the men,
Chainey Umphrey also refused to greet his horde of fans, but Blaine Wilson,
Mihai Bagiu, Scott Keswick, and Chris Waller were all overly obliging.  But
the award for the "nicest" gymnast would have to go to Mark Booth, who
engaged my friends and myself in a conversation and volunteered autographs.
I was so impressed with Chow's beam and bars (and double-twising yurchenko on
vault), and Strug's perfomance in general - you should have seen Bela go
crazy after EVERY SINGLE EVENT, comps and opts.  Also, something I noticed -
Mary Beth Arnold performed only a tucked tsuk on vault (I know this wasn't
shown on tv) - was she injured, or did she not go for her real vault?  It
just seemed odd to perform such a simple, and low-valued, vault at olympic
trials, when she was in 8th place.
Miller and Moceanu, besides being marched in to the arena with everyone else
at the beginning of the meet, spent all of optionals in someone's box, with
Moceanu's parents and several others who I couldn't make out.  I could see
them clearly the whole time, and they talked quite a bit, smiling, with each
other.  Looking at the women's team standing together, team unity already
seems to be lacking, except for that small incident I saw with Miller and
Moceanu, and Borden and Phelps (whose parents were five seats away from me,
with Strug's - all were very proud and beaming), who always seem to be
hugging or congratulating each other.  I hope Mary Lee Tracy, as assistant
coach of the Olympic team, will be able to promote some of this enthusiasm
with the other girls.
On another note, a tv show I had never heard of called the American Journal
came to my gym today to tape footage of a bit of workout, and then to
interview the kids and parents.  They took the same negative angle which is
now becoming common with gymnastics and the media  - they kept asking us why
we just didn't quit because we seem to work so hard, and as kids, these
people had the idea that hard work is neither fun nor rewarding.  We were all
reasonably insulted, and everyone answered that if it weren't fun, we
wouldn't do gymnastics, and that hard work is very rewarding.  The
interviewer was obviously overly confused, and when he interviewed the
parents, they echoed our comments, and told him repeatedly that he was taking
the wrong angle on the sport.  The final insult was when the interviewer then
spent an hour talking to my coach about such issues as Christy Henrich,
etc... - she probably gave it to them, though, much more forcefully than the
girls did.  I just hate it when people take everything they hear that is
negative and assume that because it is bad, it is correct.  I know that this
is common with the media and gymastics, because I see/read it so often, but
it has never personally effected me before, and it really was quite annoying.
 I really love gymanstics and I just don't understand why people don't
understand that when gymasts say such things, they really mean it.


Date:    Tue, 2 Jul 1996 00:52:41 -0400
From:    ***@INETNOW.NET
Subject: A ton of stuff

Mmm, mmm, mmm. There is so much on the table to discuss. I want to say again
how happy I am about our men's and women's olympic teams. It is so
refreshing to see some new blood (in other words, some folks made the team
that I didn't expect to). This year will be incredible. I am telling you
now, you had better  keep tabs (or watch) the olympic competition. We are in
for a treat (at least, I hope so).

Now that we know Dom's stress fracture is really about 1.5 inches instead of
8 ft, she might be ready by the  games. If not, I don't know what to say. I
am hoping Shannon will be 100% If she would rest (Dom, too), she should be
able to get to the games in good shape.

I just KNEW Amy Chow was going to the games, I just knew it. Even after she
fell, I wasn't worried one bit. I knew she would pull through and win.
Amanda Borden was another one I knew who would make the olympic team.  I am
glad Chainey Umphey made the team, too. This one athlete who never got the
credit he deserved. I should have told you guys earlier about my
predictions. I could have said I told you so. :)

As for the fan mail deal, OK, some athletes might have seen the messages
somebody sent them, but did the recipient receive a reply? But my main issue
was NOT the e-mail messages sent to the athletes through USA gymnastics. I
really didn't mean to raise that issue. My point was the the regular mail
sent to some athletes is being trashed, before the athlete even reads it. I
brought the point up, because it came to mind after hearing countless
stories from people all over the internet who send letters, etc. to athletes
and never received a reply. I know for a fact that some gyms dump "fan"
mail. I hope I didn't keep Rachele up at night worried sick about people
thinking that e-mail goes unseen.

Rachele, we appreciate the work you are doing on the GYMN and USA gymnastics
WWW pages. The USA gymnastics page is one of the best I have seen on the
net. She always keeps up quickly informed on meet scores and stuff. I hope
she feels better now. Maybe after the olympics, she will go on a vacation
and let me take the helm for a while. :)

Ok, ok, ok. Enough with the commentator bashing. It seems you guys don't
like anybody. Hey, let's just imagine if I were the sole commentator at the
olympic trials....................................ok, you can stop dreaming
now. I haven't applied for a job at NBC. Sorry for disappointing everybody.

Oh, one more thing, who liked Amy Chow's new floor routine music? "Dixie"?
Well, I'll tell you right now, that's a hot song in Atlanta, if you know
what I mean.  Some people don't like "Dixie" for certain reasons. I think
that song could turn out be controversial for Amy and her coach. As a matter
of fact, there have been some protests throughout the south, over the
playing of "Dixie" at public events. It has made the news on more than one
occasion. I think some other music, similiar in style and tone could have
used just as well.



Date:    Tue, 2 Jul 1996 01:23:43 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: GYMN-L Digest - 26 Jun 1996 to 27 Jun 1996

<< I KNOW from a VERY RELIABLE source, and FRIEND, that all mail (the way USA
gymnastics wants you to send mail to an athlete) sent to a certain gymnast
 automatically dumped in the trash, UNOPENED. The people at the post office
 know that any mail address to so-and-so at so-and-so address, is junk, so
 you might as well throw it away. Why should the postman even waste his time
 sorting that mess when the people at so-and-so will just throw it in the
 dumpster the minute the postman pulls off. >>

Gar, if you're trying to say that the U.S. Post Office decides not to deliver
this mail, I think perhaps you'd better think again.  That would be a federal
offense, and I somehow doubt that the U.S. Post Office branch in question
would so blatantly ignore its own rules and open itself up to such charges.

As for your rant about athletes having big heads and being too unwilling to
spend time on "the little people," I wonder how much has to do with the
attitude of the person approaching them.


End of GYMN-L Digest - 1 Jul 1996 to 2 Jul 1996