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  1. US Classic report #3
  2. <No subject given> (2)
  3. USOF Women's
  4. Olympic Festival (2)
  5. Olympic Festival - Times and Dates? (2)
  6. Kerri Strugg! (2)
  7. Fwd: Re: Olympic Festival - Times and Dates?
  8. Kerri -- yay!!!
  9. Congress
 10. US Classic AA scores
 11. Congress schedule


Date:    Fri, 28 Jul 1995 23:55:04 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: US Classic report #3

I sent this earlier and I guess it didn't get through.
I had a *REALLY* tough time figuring out who was who,so most of this report
is beam and floor(events I was closest to.)

1st Rotation

Kelly Parkinson(FX)-2 and 1\2 punch front,front full(bent legs),2 1\2
twist(small stumble)

Audra Steinbrook(BB)-fell off on two sloppy layouts,punch front(wobble),but
punched a beautifull double pike dismount

Jeanette Antolin(BB)-ff,layout,ff,layout(stuck),incomplete popa,oak tree(with
flight!) to back hip circle

Katie Dyson(FX)-full twisting shusunova,handspring front full punch front;2
1\2 twist(stumbled a few steps out of bounds);front full-great dancer for
being so young

Nicole Kilpatrick(BB)-ff,layout,ff(fall);front aerial;neat full twisting fish
jump;triple full dismount(incomplete)

Jennifer Carrow(FX)-front full immed. front full;double twisting front;two
and a half twist

Tanya Vexler(FX)-high full in;sat down a 2 1\2 twist;very labored double full

Robin Phelps(BB)-front tuck;two bh to double tuck(very similar style and body
type to that of her sister)

Rebecca Whitehead(FX)-used Chelle Stack's 92 music;front thru to powerful
triple full;two and one half twist punch front(*almost* stepped out);triple
full(a tad short);interesting choreography

Jeanette Antolin-crisp pike full in;a *true* layout pike;handspring front
full punch front

2nd rotation

Katie McFarland-ff,two foot ff,big layout to two feet;front(slight balance
check);power flip flops to double tuck(two steps)

Katie Dyson(V)-layout yurchenko-low and loose

Nicole Kilpatrick(FX)-full in pike;whip thru to 2 1\2;triple full(almost put
hands down);used a different version of Shannon's old music

Katie Taylor(BB)-two layouts;bounding leaps;open tuck front;korbut;three back
handsprings to double tuck;looked very confident up there

Jennifer Carrow(V)-handspring double full(I hate this vault!)

Robin Phelps-(FX)full in pike(easy);front full front layout;2 1\\2 punch
front;kick-ass set!

Kendall Beck(bb)-ff,layout,tuck back(nary a wobble);low leaps;fish jump
immediate layout;sissone immed rulfova(little off center);ff ff triple
full;tough set but needs to clean up form

Rebecca Whitehearst(V)-handspring front(steps on both)

Audra Steinbrook-(FX)full in pike(Scared the hell out of me.In warmups she
barely made on around to her face.She pulled this one around *somehow*Is
Kristie Phillips giving her pointers?)front layout,front layout;front full
with awful leg form;music-"pink panther" although I'll take Elena
Shevchenko's routine over this one anyday.

3rd rotation

Alexa martinez-(FX)whip thru to triple full;rudi;front full to layout stepout

Some unidentified gymnast did a full pirouette to piked yaeger *in between*
the bars.Wowsers.

Breane Rutherford(BB)-two layouts;flip flop full(fall)

Ashley Lamb(FX)-full in to all fours;triple full(nowhere close)

Robin Phelps(V)-handspring pike front w\half twist(clean with step)

Kristen Jensen(BB)-double tuck dismount

Audra Steinbrook-once again I thought she was going to eat the mat on her
layout yurchenkos,but she pulled them around

Kelly Parkinson-reverse hect(nice late straddle);cal hop immed. straddle
back;double front(just about knocked herself in the face when her right leg
popped up on her landing)

Anna Gingrinch(FX)-1 1\2 twist to 2 1\2 twist

katie Dyson-(UB)-reverse hect;weak straddle back(nowhere near a handstand but
she *is* tiny);effortless double lay(she's got about an hour air time before
she hits the ground)

Jeanna Rice-(FX)-full in;whip immed. 2 1\2;triple full

Katie McFarland-(FX)-double layout (fall);full in;whip thru to triple
full;this girl has style!

Becky Meldron(BB)-front on;round off layout;oak tree from valdez position

4th rotation

Breane Rutherford(FX)-full in;2 1\2 punch front;2 1\2 twist(out of control)

Kristen jenson(FX)-arabian double;2 1\2 punch front(step out)used Kristen
McDermott's music

Robin Phelps-(UB)reverse hect;blind change(leg seperation) double front

Rebecca Whitehearst(BB)-front on;ff layout ff(bent legs on all three
skills);nasty oak tree;front immed back handspring

Kelly Parkinson(BB)-mounted with ff on immed ff ff;almost slipped off on oak

Audra Steinbrook-two low reverse hects(one facing in,the other facing
out)smooth double layout dismount

Katie Dyson-FF FF Layout;double pike

Katie Christensen-crashed a double layout and hurt her knee.She did a little
dance and then went for a leap and couldn't finish.(I was having Becky
Cameron flashbacks from "American Anthem" only Katie actually fell on a
difficult trick!Yeah,Becky stood up a double back and double full dismount
but fell on a jump double turn and aerial.Yeah...I know it could happen.)She
was having a great meet up  until this mishap.

Tanya Vexler(BB)-straddled the beam(ouch) on two layouts

Next report:World university trials(yeah I know I lied last time,but get over



Date:    Sat, 29 Jul 1995 01:03:26 -0400
From:    ***@UMICH.EDU
Subject: <No subject given>

Hello all:

I just heard that Kerri Strug will be attending UCLA but will defer till
after the olympics.



Date:    Sat, 29 Jul 1995 01:09:43 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: USOF Women's

Here is some info from the AP and other newswires...

Final results Friday from the artistic gymnastics competition at the
Coors Events Center:

Team Finals

1, East (Jenni Beathard, Altamonte Springs, Fla., Mohini Bhardwaj,
Cincinnati, Gail Kachura, Centreville, Va., Karin Lichey, Cincinnati,
Kristi Lichey, Cincinnati, Alexis Brion, Virginia Beach, Va.), 190.675

2, South (Heather Brink, Lincoln, Neb., Alecia Ingram, Knoxville,
Tenn., Jessica Rieland, St. Cloud, Minn., Soni Meduna, Colon, Neb.,
Deidra Graham, Salt Lake City, Mina Kim, Oklahoma City), 190.525

3, West (Melinda Baimbridge, Webster, Texas, Breanne Rutherford,
Simsbury, Conn., Kristen Stucky, Milwaukee, Wis., Kinsey Rowe,
Houston, Rachel Rochelli, Houston, Amy Murakami, Wayland, Mass.),

4, North (Kerri Strug, Tucson, Ariz., Jamie Dantzscher, Palmdale,
Calif., Vanessa Atler, Canyon Country, Calif., Theresa Kulikowski,
Colorado Springs, Ashley Kever, Austin, Texas), 171.25

All-Around Finals
1, Kerri Strug, Tucson, Ariz., (North), 39.125 points
2, Heather Brink, Lincoln, Neb, (South), 38.95
3, Vanessa Atler, Canyon Country, Calif., (North), 38.75
4, Gail Kachura, Centreville, Va., (East), 38.70
5, Mohini Bhardwaj, Cincinnati, Ohio, (East), 38.375
6, Mina Kim, Oklahoma City, (South), 38.35
7, Jamie Dantzscher, Palmdale, Calif., (North), 38.10
8, Rachel Rochelli, Houston, (West), 37.875
9, Melinda Baimbridge, Webster, Texas, (West), 37.825
10, Soni Meduna, Colon, Neb., (South), 37.775

1 (tie), Heather Brink, 9.775 points
1 (tie), Mohini Bhardwaj, 9.775
3, Rachel Rochelli, 9,725
4 (tie), Vanessa Atler, 9.70
4 (tie), Kerri Strug, 9.70
6 (tie), Karin Lichey, 9.65
6 (tie), Jamie Dantzscher, 9.65
8 (tie), Alexis Brion, 9.60
8 (tie), Kristi Lichey, 9.60
8 (tie), Gail Kachura, 9.60
11, Alecia Ingram, 9.575
12, Jessica Rieland, 9.475
13 (tie), Soni Meduna, 9.45
13 (tie), Jenni Beathard, 9.45
13 (tie), Mina Kim, 9.45
13 (tie), Deidra Graham, 9.45
17 (tie), Kinsey Rowe, 9.40
17 (tie), Melissa Baimbridge, 9.40
17 (tie), Amy Murakami, 9.40
20, Kristen Stucky, 9.30
21, Alexis Brion, 9.275
22, Melinda Baimbridge, 9.25

Balance Beam
1 (tie), Mina Kim, 9.725 points
1 (tie), Gail Kachura, 9.725
3, Kerri Strug, 9.65
4, Melinda Baimbridge, 9.60
5, Heather Brink, 9.575
6, Vanessa Atler, 9.55
7 (tie), Breanne Rutherford, 9.45
7 (tie), Deidra Graham, 9.45
9, Kristen Stucky, 9.425
10, Alecia Ingram, 9.40
11, Mohini Bhardwaj, 9.35
12, Soni Meduna, 9.30
13, Jamie Dantzscher, 9.10
14, Ashley Kever, 9.05
15, Karin Lichey, 9.00
16, Kinsey Rowe, 8.975
17, Rachel Rochelli, 8.925
18, Alexis Brion, 8.90
18, Kristi Lichey, 8.90
20, Amy Murakami, 8.875
21, Jessica Rieland, 8.75
22, Jenni Beathard, 8.45


Strug has a sprained left knee... she almost withdrew because of this
but "I decided after my workout this morning that I would compete. I
thought it would be good to have another competition under my belt
before the nationals next month."  She is undecided about event finals
on Sunday. She scored 9.8 in the floor exercise and 9.975 in the
uneven bars (10 from one judge, 9.95 from the other).

The CO Aerial gym is just a rash of minor injuries.  Doni Thompson
pulled out because of a pulled muscle in her lower back.  Kristy
Powell withdrew about 90 minutes prior to the competition because of a
strained muscle in her left knee. "...while warming up for the balance
beam, she tripped over a mat while running back to the springboard to
get in another practice routine on the beam before her warmup time
expired. The injury was not believed serious and her withdrawal was
mostly a precaution because of the upcoming U.S. Championships."  And
finally, another CO Aerial, Theresa Kulikowski, sustained a mild neck
injury when she landed on her right shoulder and head after slipping
on the vault. As a precaution, she was taken by ambulance to a
hospital for X-rays, which were negative.



Date:    Sat, 29 Jul 1995 08:58:38 -0400
From:    ***@UMICH.EDU
Subject: <No subject given>

I thought Mohini was at Brown's in Florida with Wendy Bruce.  When Did
she move to Cincinatti? Was it to train with Kevin Brown?



Date:    Sat, 29 Jul 1995 07:07:37 -0700
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Olympic Festival

How are the teams chosen for the Olympic Festival? By GYms? By

Also, what's an oak tree?



Date:    Sat, 29 Jul 1995 11:33:50 -0400
From:    ***@ZEUS.TOWSON.EDU
Subject: Re: Olympic Festival

        I have had the same questions for years.

        Mikester Bee

> How are the teams chosen for the Olympic Festival? By GYms? By
> Hometowns?
> Also, what's an oak tree?
> Mardi


Date:    Sat, 29 Jul 1995 15:12:28 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Olympic Festival - Times and Dates?

When will any of the womens competiotion be on.
Thanks Emily


Date:    Sat, 29 Jul 1995 13:36:45 +0000
From:    ***@EFN.ORG
Subject: Kerri Strugg!

Does anyone want to join me in celebrating that Kerri Strugg has
finally won an all-around title?  I can't believe it, I've waited so
long.  I had to read Rachele's post twice to believe it.

I guess she was, theoretically, the top contender for the title, but
she always seems to run into some problem along the way.  She's not
my favorite gymnast, but after all the years of watching her, who out
there isn't in some way pulling for her?  (Just my opinion of course)



Date:    Sat, 29 Jul 1995 13:42:32 -0700
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Fwd: Re: Olympic Festival - Times and Dates?

<When will any of the womens competiotion be on.
<Thanks Emily

Womans competition will be on Sunday from 1-4 on CBS.

Margi :)


Date:    Sat, 29 Jul 1995 16:45:10 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Kerri Strugg!

I completely agree!!!  Kerri is one of my favorites and it is really great to
see her get an all-around gold!  I know she won Junior Nationals once, but
has she gotten anything since then?  I hope she is able to stay
healthy--maybe this year's Nationals will be her time!

Ann Marie


Date:    Sat, 29 Jul 1995 14:37:15 -0700
From:    ***@DANA.UCC.NAU.EDU
Subject: Kerri -- yay!!!

        I join everyone in the celebrating -- I think this is Kerri's
first national-level win as a senior! (if _anyone_ can believe it... I
hope I'm wrong about this...)
        Kerri also won the Junior Pan-Am title, back when she was a
junior as well...
        The 1-4pm time posted is for EDT -- kinda freaked me out this
morning when I got out of the shower at 10:30 and flipped on the tube
halfway through the men's competition. I liked the competiton overall. A
few comments...
        1) What is with the _gorgeous_ speed giants into the "I'm so
macho I'm gonna tap this dismount for all it's worth" tap that just
totally *kills* the swing?
        2) Cool running double front! Major butt-lash, however.
        3) CBS _really_ doesn't like showing vault, do they?
        4) Ummm -- I know scores are to rank, not to compare to other
meets, but a 9.55 for a HB routine with bad foot form throughout and
ended with a double layout? C'mon, like we're at the ScAm Cup or something...
        5) Quit whining about the altitude. Get there a couple of days
early and do some sets of wind sprints or something. Deal with it. ;)
        6) I haven't seen a good open full-in on floor since the days of
Patrick Kirksey. Let's hear it for optimum execution! Yay!



Date:    Sat, 29 Jul 1995 17:56:50 -0400
From:    ***@UMICH.EDU
Subject: Re: Olympic Festival - Times and Dates?

It will be on CBS Sport show tomm, at 1pm est.
They showed the men's today.


> When will any of the womens competiotion be on.
> Thanks Emily


Date:    Sat, 29 Jul 1995 18:25:15 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Congress

I really should have this information, but my father was getting on my case
to delete some of my email messages (mainly gymn digests).  So, since I'm
sure that at least one of you (and probably many more) know, what are the
dates of USAG Congress this year?  I know it is coming up very shortly.



Date:    Sat, 29 Jul 1995 17:32:32 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: US Classic AA scores

Luan Peszek, Public Relations Director
Ramonna Robinson, Public Relations Coordinator
Elizabeth Long, Public Relations Intern
Pan American Plaza, Suite 300, 201 S. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana
Phone: 317/237-5050 > Fax: 317/237-5069


   Jaycie Phelps from Greenfield, Ind., won the U.S. Classic in
Birmingham, Ala., June 21-22. She was followed closely by 1994
National Champion Dominique Dawes from Silver Spring, Md., who
finished only 0.32 behind Phelps. Andree Pickens from Houston, T exas,
took third place.
   The top 18 junior and senior gymnasts, who had not previously
qualified for the 1995 Coca-Cola National Championships, qualified at
the U.S. Classic.  Qualifiers from U.S. Classic follow (gymnasts who
had previously qualified are indicated):

1995 U.S. Classic Results:
Senior Division (all-around consists of optionals and compulsories combined)
Place   Athlete   Hometown   Club   AA Score
 1  Jaycie Phelps**, Greenfield, Ind., Cincinnati Gymnastics, 77.680
 2  Dominique Dawes**, Silver Spring, Md., Hill's Angels, 77.360
 3  Andree Pickens, Houston, Texas, Cypress Academy, 74.650
 4  Mary Beth Arnold*, Sparks, Nev., Flips Gymnastics, 74.020
 5  Jessica Rieland, St. Cloud, Minn., Dynamo Gymnastics, 73.410
 6  Kristi Lichey, Cincinnati, Ohio, Cincinnati Gymnastics, 73.010
 7  Elizabeth Reid, Burke, Va., Karons, 72.450
 8  Shannon Bowles, N/A, Atlantic Gymnastics, 72.280
 9  Rachel Rochelli, Houston, Texas, Cypress Academy, 72.230
10  Reagan Tomasek, Mastic Beach, N.Y., Hill's Angels, 72.170
11  Heidi Harriman, N/A, Peachstate, 72.150
12  Tami Taylor, N/A, Scats, 71.510
13  Amy Murakami, N/A, NegX, 71.440
14  Marissa Medal, Pompano Beach, Fla., American Twisters, 71.150
15  Brittnee Penman, N/A, Desert Devils, 71.050
16  Deidra Graham, Salt Lake City, Utah, Olympus, 71.030
17  Amy Young, N/A, Scats, 70.140
18  Jamie Martini, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., American Twisters, 69.810
19  Lanna Apisukh, Lake Mary, Fla., Broadway, 69.720
20  Chrissy Van Fleet, N/A, Brown's Metro, 66.610

* Previously qualified at 1995 American Classic
* Other Senior Qualifiers to Coca-Cola National Championships from 1995
American Classic or 1994 World Championships Team (**):

Athlete   Hometown   Club
Mohini Bhardwaj, Cincinnati, Ohio, Cincinnati Gymnastics
Amanda Borden**, Cincinnati, Ohio, Cincinnati Gymnastics
Heather Brink, Lincoln, Neb., Dynamo
Amy Chow**, San Jose, Calif., West Valley Gymnastics
Kellee Davis,  Cambria Heights, N.Y., American Twisters
Larissa Fontaine**, Deerfield, Ill., Buffalo Grove Gymnastics Center
Kara Fry**, Nazareth, Pa., Parkettes
Theresa Kulikowski, Colorado Springs, Colo., Colorado Aerials
Shannon Miller**, Edmond, Okla., Dynamo
Dominique Moceanu, Hollywood, Calif., Karolyi's Gymnastics
Kristy Powell, River Forest, Ill., Colorado Aerials
Kerri Strug**, Tucson, Ariz., Colorado Aerials
Katie Teft, Grand Rapids, Mich., Great Lakes Gymnastics
Doni Thompson, Colorado Springs, Colo., Colorado Aerials
Marianna Webster, Joplin, Mo., Dynamo

Junior Division (all-around consists of optionals only)
Place   Athlete   Hometown   Club   AA Score
 1  Robin Phelps, N/A, Cincinnati Gymnastics, 37.400
 2  Jeanette Antolin*, N/A, Scats, 37.300
 3  Coreen Murphy, N/A, Desert Devils, 37.250
 4  Katie Dyson, Houston, Texas, Cypress Academy, 37.050
 5  Kelly Parkinson, N/A, Cypress Academy, 37.000
 6  Jennifer Carow, N/A, Saltos, 36.850
 7  Katie Taylor, Grand Rapids, Mich., Kentwood, 36.800
 8  Rebecca Whitehurst, Austin, Texas, Cypress Academy, 36.775
 9  Jeana Rice, N/A, Browns, 36.700
10  Kristin Jensen, N/A, Parkettes, 36.525
11  Breanne Rutherford*, Simsbury, Conn., NegX, 36.500
12  Becky Meldrum, N/A, Parkettes, 36.275
13  Lenna Doolan, N/A, Karons, 36.250
14  Anna Gingrich, N/A, Capital Gymnastics (Texas), 36.200
15  Jane McIntosh, N/A, Great Lakes, 36.175
16  Alexa Martinez, N/A, Capital Gymnastics (Texas), 36.075
17  Nicole Bongiovanni, Meriden, Conn., CATS, 36.050
18  Lindsey Baker, Los Altos Hills, CA., West Valley Gymnastics, 35.750
19  Lindsay Wing, N/A, Gym World, 35.450
20  Ashley Lamb, N/A, Capital City, 35.250

* Previously qualified at 1995 American Classic

Other Junior Qualifiers to Coca-Cola National Championships from 1995 American
Athlete   Hometown   Club
Gail Kachura, Centreville, Va., Capital National Training Center
Mina Kim, Oklahoma City, Okla., Dynamo
Alexis Brion, Virginia Beach, Va., Gymstrada Gymnastics
Kinsey Rowe, Houston, Texas, Cypress Academy
Vanessa Atler, Canyon Country, Calif., Charter Oak Gymnastics
Jamie Dantzscher, Palmdale, Calif., Charter Oak Gymnastics
Melinda Baimbridge, Webster, Texas, Cypress Academy
Kristen Stucky, Milwaukee, Wis., Salto Gymnastics
Leondra Willis, N/A, Puget Sound

# # #


Date:    Sat, 29 Jul 1995 17:36:02 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Congress schedule

Erica and others, Here is the Congress schedule (the latest one) taken
today right from USAGO!


Time \ Presenter \ Topic
B - T.Lenzini - Owning Your Own Gym
R - N.Campbell - Introduction to Rhythmic Gymnastics
WJ - Chencinski, Hamilton - P.Judging, Elite UB & FX
WJ - Dobransky, Dykes - P.Judging L 5-7 V & BB
M - B.Zunich - Comp.and Judging Trends: PH
W - D.Franz - BB Progressions and Drills
A - Bucaro, Calvert - Cheernastics Cardio Circuit

B - J.Lulla - Advertising and Public Relations
R - P.Hilliker - Rhythmic Level 1-2 Classes
WJ - Dykes, Maloney - P.Judging, L 10 V & BB
WJ - Wulf, Sielski - P.Judging L 5-7 UB & FX
USAG - Peters, Kiley - Events Task Force
P - N.Geigert - Developmentally Appropriate Mvt.
M - S.Butcher - Comp.and Judging Trends FX
W - T.Koll - Creative Choreography
W - T.Gehman - Conditioning for Women's Gym.

W - P.Liddick - Flexibility Training
R - N.Campbell - Basic Group Activities
WJ - Weber, Mulvihill - Practice Judging, Elite V & BB
WJ - Sielski, Dobransky - P.Judging Level 8
B - S.J.Clifford - If I Build It, Will They Come? (Pt 1)
P - S.Scherr - Hints for Parent-Child Programs
W - J.Wojtczuk - UB Composition
W - S.Elliott - Flipping Vaults

W - Steve Nunno - How to Motivate Your Athletes
R - P.Hilliker - Class Planning
S - J.McNeal - Weight Training for Prepubescent
WJ - C.Hamilton - To Give or Not to Give on BB
S - D.Adlard - Biomechanics of Twisting
B - S.J.Clifford - I Buillt It, They Came! (Pt 2)
B - T.Burgdorf - Handling Customer Complaints
W - V.Artemov - Basic Bars
A - Lord, Calvert - Cheerleader: Partner Stunts

W - M.L.Tracey, Athlete and Staff Motivationn
R - P.Hilliker - Rhythmic Level 3-4 Classes
S - Dr.Benardot - Stress Fracture Risk: Exploration
WJ - Pasquale, Bowers - P.Judging Level 9
USAG - Aretz - Membership Task Force
W - Koll, Maloney - J.O.Update
B - R.Smith - Class and Team Programs
W - B.Hough - UB Drills
P - J.Lulla - P.S.Concepts and Progressions

B - P.Komara - Successful Birthday Parties
R - Molnar, Spata - Preschool Rhythmic Gymnastics
S - Dr.Benardot - Nourish-Check Athlete Software
W - G.Warren - TOPs Update
W - Greenhawk, Elfenbein-Basic BB/FX Composition
A - Calvert, Lord Choreography for Cheerleading
P - L.Shuck - Games and Circuit Ideas
W - V.Artemov - Flex.and Cond.for
FX and BB WJ - Schalk, Elliott - Multiple Twisting Saltos

B - S.Greeley - Designing Flyers for Your Gym
A - S.Ammerman - Harness and Seat Belay Climbing
USAG - R.Ashley - Everything About Insurance
WJ - Schweyer, Cross FIG Technique Video
USAG - H.Holt - Coaching Abroad
M - R.Gura - J.O.Update (starts at 8:30)
P - G.Thibodeau - Communicating with 2-, 3-, 4-year olds

M - Peter Vidmar - Dedication and Goals
B - T.Lenzini - Avoiding the Cash Crunch
USAG - Swarbrick, Kreutzer-USAG Code of Ethics
WJ - A.Schweyer - Jr.National Elite Testing
S - Dr.Nassar - Injury Prevention Training
USAG - M.Ruskamp Guarding NCAA Eligibility
A - Bucaro, Lyons, Lowe, Calvert-Cheer Jumps & Tumbling
P - J.McCarthy Successful Theme Weeks

B - S.Cook - Selling Your Program
S - Dr.Balague Mental Training for RSG Gymnasts
USAG - K.Scanlan - USAG Strategic Plan & Budget Report
WJ - L.Beran - To Give or Not: Floor Exercise
S - Dr.Benardot - Time-Line Energy Intake Analysis
M - M.Watanabe - Front Tumbling Techniques
P - B.Davis - Flexibility Development

A - Buddy Lee - Rope Jumping: Body Conditioner
R - G.Grib - Training Level 5/6 Gymnasts
M - T.Muzyczko, J.Scheer - Comp and Jdg Trends R/V
WJ/coaches - D.Peters-Get a Grip! (UB)
M - K.Bishop - Starting a Boys' Program
M/W - D.Adlard - Tumbling Double Layout
P - J.McCarthy - Healthy Discipline Techniques

M/W - D.Adlard Biomechanics of Release Moves
A - R.Kurshals - Pilates Training
M - Sasvary, Graham-Comp Judge Training PB/HB
B - T.Burgdorf - Teaching and Owning 95U-99U-Pt.1
A - Whitlock, Campbell - General Gymnastics and GymFest
B - B.Sprague - Satellite School Programs
M - Rothlisberger - Training Load and Competition prep.
P - K.Faber-Hickie - PS for Children with Disabilities

P - PDP I Kinder Accreditation for Teachers
R - C.Yakhimovich Training the Level 7 Gymnast
M - A.Grossfeld, Bjerke - IntUl Travel for G/J/G
B - T.Burgdorf - Teaching and Owning 95U-99U-Pt.2
B - Whitlock, Harless - USAG Online!
A - Bucaro, Lyons, Lowe, Calvert-Safe Cheerleading
M - R.Harney - Conditioning Male Gymnasts

B - S.Greeley - The Challenges of Leading Your Staff
R - L.Lashoff Developing Level 7-8 Optionals
USAG - Mr.Shan - Report from Malyasia
USAG - Dr.C.Clark - Risk Management
B - R.Harless Navigate the Internet
A - Bucaro, Lyons - Cheernastics Cheer/ Gym Relationship
M - Brant, Marinitch "E" moves on PB
P - N.Geigert - Rhythms and Dance

W - G.Poszar - Expressive Presentation
R - Dr.Balague Working with Rhythmic Parents
P - B.Davis - Kids Step Aerobics
WJ - Bunge, Beran - P.Judging L 10 UB & FX
USAG - R.Young MenUs Task Force Report
S - Dr.Duda, Dr.Benardot -Sport Psych and Nutrition
W - Biggs, Elliott - How to Leap on BB and FX
W - M.West - Spotting Basic TU
B - J.Metzger - Design a Business to Run Itself

W - Biggs, Artemov - Body Alignment
R - S.Stefanov Improve Turns, Leaps, and Fouettes
W - Thielz, Kelly, Feldmann - Creating Synergy
W - J.Fie - Judging JOE
USAG - R.Young - Men's Task Force: Open Forum
P - L.Shuck - Preschool Program Strategies
W - Steve Nunno - Tumble-Trak Drills
B - P.Komara - Promoting During Olympic Fever
B - F.Sahlein - Pulling it All Together

W - Bela Karolyi - Secrets of Successful Coaching
W - Thielz, Kelly, Feldmann - Collegiate Roundtable
WJ - Dr.Duda - Judges' Survey Results
M - V.Liukin - Useful Drills Towards Advanced V
R - E.Anguelova and USA Group - Group Techniques
W - M.Grossfeld, Biggs, Kreutzer - Developing Elites


End of GYMN-L Digest - 28 Jul 1995 to 29 Jul 1995