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  1. '95 Intl. Romanian Champs. (2)
  2. Hello
  3. '95 Intl. Romanian Champs
  4. National HS Champs
  5. Canadian Nationals, May 27 (2)
  6. Gym Masters (Rhythmic) EF
  7. gymnastic GIFs
  8. Oz Nat'l Tidbits
  9. where are they now?
 10. Romanian Championships, Int;. '95
 11. Oak Tree
 12. Help - local media


Date:    Sun, 28 May 1995 03:03:00 UTC
From:    ***@GENIE.GEIS.COM
Subject: '95 Intl. Romanian Champs.

I was able to borrow a copy of the '95 Intl. ROM Champs. and thought I'd
post some info about it.  ROM TV broadcast the women's AA in 2 parts: the
"short" transmission (black & white for the first 2 rotations) and the
"long" transmission (in color for the 3rd rotation).  That's right, there
was no coverage of the final rotation.  The favorite camera angle seems to
be the wide angle shot, showing the entire arena during a routine.  It was
possible to identify gymnasts by their FX music, though. :) Most annoying
was the absence of scores (either by the commentator or screen graphics).

There was no men's AA coverage, but the top 4 finishers were:

 1. Rustam Sharipov (UKR)
 2. Dan Burinca (ROM)
 3. Ivan Ivanov (BUL)
 4. Nistor Sandro (ROM)

For the ROM women, the line-up was Camelia Andronic, Angela Ghimpu, Corina
Ungureau, Mirela Tugurlan (pronounced "tsu-gur-LAHN"), Ana Maria Bican, Gina
Gogean and Alexandra Marinescu.  The last 2 competed "in exhibition" only
for the AA; their scores didn't count.  Claudia Presecan was to have
competed also, but she suffered some injury in training.  Milosovici didn't
participate because she's training "for a more difficult competition."

Ungureanu (Petrol Ploiesti Club) began on B with Milo's mount, and included
a FF, LO, Korbut; Yang Bo jump; side somi; and FF, FF, double tuck dismount.
Nice arm movements...  Gogean (Focsani) landed her 1st vault (Yurchenko 1.5
layout)  on her butt, but the 2nd attempt was high and practically stuck.
Marinescu (Triumf Bucuresti) did nice front giants on UB but fell after a
super high Jaeger.  Bican (Onesti) showed a piked Jaeger (fingertip catch)
to immediate Pak salto, the rest of the routine being the same as at the
Amer. Cup.  Begue's FX music was great, wish I could have seen her...the
same goes for Knizhnik.  Ruscha Kouril (AUT) stuck a front tuck on V, and
Christina Andreasson (DEN) opened FX with an Arabian double front, as did
Nicole Barrington (CAN).  Virginia Gencheva (BUL) fell on her closing triple
twist on FX.  The other Bulgarian, Elena Ivanova, tried a front hand, double
front tuck (underrotated, unfortunately) as her 1st pass.

On B, Bican mounted with a front tuck, did a FF, FF, LO (to 2 feet but a big
wobble), then came off on a punch front.  She (and most of the ROM girls)
dismounted with FF, FF, tucked full-in.  Gogean attempted a Marinich on UB
but finished in a dead hang.  Her double layout dismount pretty much sucked
even though she stuck it.  Marinescu's B was solid (FF, FF, LO, LO (small
wobble); Yang Bo jump; side somi; FF, FF, full-in) with graceful arm
movements for a 9.85. I spotted Nyeste, Kreibich and Canqueteau lurking in
background.  Evgenia Kuznetsova (RUS) does a huge full-in mount on FX; then
front hand, rudi, FF, LO; front hand, front LO full; 2.5 twist.  She and
Grosheva obviously share the same choreographer.  Bican did a double LO to
open her FX, and stepped back out of bounds, I think.  Monica Martin (ESP)
did the same FX as in Seattle.

At this point the program ended, and it wasn't until "EF" coverage we
learned the women's AA results

 1. Mirela Tugurlan (ROM)
 2. Camelia Andronic (ROM)
 3. Oksana Knizhnik (UKR)
 4. Ana Maria Bican (ROM)

and some EF results:

Men's FX: Gotov (RUS) and Rosengren (SWE?)
 PH:  Ianculescu (ROM)
 R:  Burinca (ROM)
 V:  Burinca (ROM) and Rosengren (SWE?)

Women's V:  Ghimpu (ROM)
 UB:  Tugurlan (ROM) and Begue (FRA)

EF coverage consisted of most of the B competition...

Coverage started after Knizhnik's B, for which she got 9.725.  China's Chen
Vank (that's what it sounded like, anyway) did a FF, full twisting tucked
somi which was very high and very solid, and dismounted with a RO, triple
twist.  The other Russian, Svetlana Bakhtina (14 yrs. old from Voronezh)
fell off after a FF, FF, LO and *again* after a tuck jump immediate punch
front.  She also did an oak tree and ended with a RO, FF, double tuck
(short, hands down).  She scored 7.835.  Bar Yael (ISR) has a Romanian coach
and is 14 yrs. old.  She did a RO, LO mount; FF, LO, LO; 2 Rulfovas; and FF,
FF, 2.5 twist dismount.  A solid routine, but the Rulfovas looked very
scary...  Marinescu added a second Yang Bo jump for finals and got the same
score.  Canqueteau (who also has a Romanian coach, according to the
announcer), did a FF, LO, FF; leap to oak tree; Rulfova; and RO, triple
twist.  Gogean was very unsteady, almost falling after her FF, LO and
landing her full-in dismount practically sitting down.



Date:    Sun, 28 May 1995 00:00:58 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: '95 Intl. Romanian Champs.

What is a Marinich?


Date:    Sat, 27 May 1995 23:30:53 -0700
From:    ***@HALCYON.COM
Subject: Hello

        Hello, everyone. My name is Stephanie, age 17, from Seattle,
Washington. I am a high-school senior and plan to attend the University
of Washington in the fall. For some time I have been looking for gymnastics
via the internet, and I was very happy to discover this list while
browsing www. I began gymnastics fairly late, at the age of twelve, and
my only competition experience is as a high-school gymnast. My skill level
was (is?)  between usgf levels 5 and 6. I now coach at the ymca where
I learned gymnastics, and am very interested in learning more spotting
techniques, drills, coaching stuff, etc. I can currently coach up to about
levels 5/6 (wow, that's a surprise. :) ). I don't know much about any
elite competition, except for what i read about, but i'm sure i could relate
any ins and outs of high-school gymnastics. My favorite events are beam
and floor, and i really like to look for expression in  routines. (My one
bias.) For a while
i ran a small recreational-optional team out of our gym. I am really
looking forward to any discussions via this list, and if there are any
people on this list who are from my area, i'd like to hear from you.
Solong for now!



Date:    Sun, 28 May 1995 09:58:17 PDT
From:    ***@MAIL.LSS.CO.ZA
Subject: Re: '95 Intl. Romanian Champs

> front. She also did an oaktree and ended with a RO, FF double tuck.

What is an oaktree?!?

Helen.     :)


Date:    Sun, 28 May 1995 11:15:37 -0400
Subject: National HS Champs

OK all you Northern Cal gymners, any results from the National High School
championships held May 26-27 at the California Sports Center (old Blackford
campus) in San Jose?

Waiting to hear!




Date:    Sun, 28 May 1995 10:00:54 -0600
Subject: Canadian Nationals, May 27

Hi all,

Senior men and women event finals were Saturday afternoon.  (Sorry, when I
went to pick up the fax last night it hadn't come yet, so I went first thing
this morning).

It appears the top five optional scores plus the top junior score on each
event competed for the men and the top five compulsory-optional totals plus
the junior
event winner competed for the women.

Note:  A couple of men's events had only 5 athletes compete while others
had 7 (ties for 6th in prelims??).




1-Marilou Cousineau (Gymnix)     9.550
2-Lisa Simes (Winstonettes)      9.312
3-Eve-Marie Poulin (Winst.)      9.300
4-Shannon Johnson (Mississ.) JR  9.200
5-Jennifer Exaltacion (Winst.)   9.150
6-Shanyn MacEachern (Mississ.)   8.875

1-Marilou Cousineau (Gymnix)     9.700
2-Tammy Stauffer (Winst.)        9.550
3-Natalie Barrington (Mississ.)  9.525
4-Katie McAvoy (Panthers) JR     9.500
5-Stephanie Hyett (WIMGYM)       9.450
6-Lena Degteva (Mississ.)        9.400

1-Jennifer Exaltacion (Winst.)   9.575
2-Lisa Simes (Winst.)            9.300
3-Jennifer Hanna (Taiso) JR      9.000
4-Dana Ellis (Cambridge)         8.750
5-Jacinthe Emard (Richelieu)     8.700
6-Stephanie Cappuccitti (Gemini) 8.550

1-Jennifer Exaltacion (Winst.)   9.600
2-Sarah Deegan (Gemini) JR       9.500
3-Dana Ellis (Cambridge)         9.450
4-Marilou Cousineau (Gymnix)     9.325
5-Jaime Hill (Mississ.)          9.300
6-Shanyn MacEachern (Mississ.)   9.275


1-Kris Burley (Nova Scotia)  9.53
2-Shawn Doyle (Ontario)      9.40
3-Alan Nolet (Ontario)       9.25
4-Eric Saintonge (Quebec)    9.10
5-Roshan Amendra (Ontario)   8.85
6-Ben Potvin (Ontario) JR    8.50
7-Paul Koopman (Sask.)       8.45

1-Jason Hardabura (Ontario)  9.20
2-Kris Burley (Nova Scotia)  9.10
3-Richard Ikeda (B.C.)       8.90
4-Alan Nolet (Ontario)       8.50
5-Ben Potvin (Ontario) JR    8.10
6-Jason Papp (Ontario)       8.05

1-Alan Nolet (Ontario)       9.675
2-Kris Burley (Nova Scotia)  9.300
3-Richard Ikeda (B.C.)       9.100
4t Travis Romagnoli (Ont.)   9.050
4t Shawn Doyle (Ontario)     9.050
6-Alex Jeltkov (Quebec) JR   8.950
7-Jason Hardabura (Ontario)  8.450

1-Kris Burley (Nova Scotia)  9.450
2-Peter Mitchell (Manitoba)  9.350
3-Darin Good (New Bruns.) JR 9.275
4-Eric Saintonge (Quebec)    9.250
5-Cletus Okpoh (Nigeria)     9.125

1-Richard Ikeda (B.C.)       9.45
2-Alan Nolet (Ontario)       9.40
3-Travis Romagnoli (Ontario) 9.25
4-Rob Popkin (B.C.) JR       8.95
5-Jason Papp (Ontario)       8.85
6-Kris Burley (Nova Scotia)  8.80

1-Richard Ikeda (B.C.)       9.625
2-Alan Nolet (Ontario)       9.525
3-Rhett Stinson (Sask.)      9.500
4-Jonathon Morin (Quebec) JR 8.900
5-Travis Romagnoli (Ontario) 8.700



Date:    Sun, 28 May 1995 13:05:32 EST
Subject: Re: Canadian Nationals, May 27

> Date sent:      Sun, 28 May 1995 10:00:54 -0600
> Senior men and women event finals were Saturday afternoon.  (Sorry, when I
> went to pick up the fax last night it hadn't come yet, so I went first thing
> this morning).
Why are you apologising for going to work on a SUNDAY morning?!! A BIG round
of applause goes out to your heroic effort!

Much appreciated, Mike


Date:    Sun, 28 May 1995 18:09:52 GMT
Subject: Gym Masters (Rhythmic) EF

Gym Masters 1995 (Rhythmic)  27/28 May,1995

Event Finals Results


 1. Ekaterina Serebrianskaya    (UKR)   9.950
=2. Olga gontar                 (BLR)   9.875
=2. Elena Vitrichenko           (UKR)   9.875
 4. Amina Zaripova              (RUS)   9.825
 5. Magdalena Brzeska           (GER)   9.775
 6. Janina Batyrschina          (RUS)   9.770
 7. Kristin Sroka               (GER)   9.550
 8. Lenka Oulehlova             (CZE)   9.525


 1. Amina Zaripova              (RUS)   9.950
=2. Ekaterina Serebrianskaya    (UKR)   9.925
=2. Olga Gontar                 (BLR)   9.925
 4. Elena Vitrichenko           (UKR)   9.875
 5. Janina Batyrschina          (RUS)   9.800
 6. Magdalena Brzeska           (GER)   9.775
 7. Lenka Oulehlova             (CZE)   9.600
 8. Kristin Sroka               (GER)   9.575


 1. Ekaterina Serebrianskaya    (UKR)   9.950
=2. Olga Gontar                 (BLR)   9.900
=2. Elena Vitrichenko           (UKR)   9.900
 4. Amina Zaripova              (RUS)   9.775
=5. Janina BatyrschinA          (RUS)   9.750
=5. Magdalena Brzeska           (GER)   9.750
 7. Lenka Oulehlova             (CZE)   9.575
 8. Birgit Schielin             (AUT)   9.500


 1. Ekaterina Serebrianskaya    (UKR)   9.950
 2. Olga Gontar                 (BLR)   9.900
 3. Amina Zaripova              (RUS)   9.825
 4. Janina Batryschina          (RUS)   9.800
 5. Magdalena Brzeska           (GER)   9.750
 6. Kristin Sroka               (GER)   9.600
 7. Lenka Oulehlova             (CZE)   9.525
 8. Birgit Schielin             (AUT)   9.375

- Larissa Lukianenko who finished thrid yesterday in the All-Around
  made a non-appearance today in the event finals. She must've pulled
  out for some reason. Petrova and Popova were also not here today.

- Alexandra Timoshenko was helping out in the German commentary box
  for a while.

Current Grand Prix standings:

 1. Ekaterina Serebrianskaya    (UKR)   360
 2. Olga Gontar                 (BLR)   240
 3. Larissa Lukianenko          (BLR)   190
 4. Elena Vitrichenko           (UKR)   126
 5. Janina Batryschina          (RUS)   105
 6. Amina Zaripova              (RUS)    95
 7. Magdalena Brzeska           (GER)    65
 8. Maria Petrova               (BUL)    51
 9. Diana Popova                (BUL)    33
10. Nicole Gerdes               (GER)    19

(Don't know how these points are calculated... except for 120 pts
 awarded for winning a Grand Pirx AA. Sereb had won all three GPs
 this year.)



Date:    Sun, 28 May 1995 14:20:49 -0400
From:    ***@TSO.CIN.IX.NET
Subject: gymnastic GIFs

A few weeks ago, a number was given for a BBS that has gymnastics GIFs.
If you havn;t tried this yet, I highly suggest it.  Thay has some wonderful
photos of both NCAA and International gymnasts.  And if you have no idea
about downloading files, the folks there are very friendly and are more
than willing to talk you through every step.
The few minutes on the phone is well worth the photos.  If enough
interest is generated, they want to install a 1-800 number.

Just thought I'd pass it along :)


Date:    Sun, 28 May 1995 14:28:18 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Oz Nat'l Tidbits

Bits From the AAP ...


Nicole Kantak (NSW) won the Women's AA [or so the article aludes ... there
were no more results after compos so I can't be sure] but 13 year old Lisa
Moro (Victoria) stole the show in the EF.

Moro won both floor and beam and Nat'l coach Ju Ping said of her "Lisa is
certainly a shining light for Australian gymnastics." Moro lives away from
her home in Melbourne during the week to train with Fiona Bird.

Kantak won 2 silvers in the EF ... It doesn't say on which pieces. Jennifer
Smith,  competing in her hometown of Perth, won the vault with a 9.5.

Ruth Moniz (AIS) won the UB and Ju Ping gushed about her own gymnast  "With
scores totalling high 37, Ruth is probably the best  gymnast in this country
at the moment." It says that Moniz only recently moved to the controversy
laden Insitute of Sport from her home in Sydney.

Gym Fed. Exec Peggy Browne responds to the Nationals in light of the law
suits and accusations recently leveled at Oz gymnastics saying "Judging by
the quality of performance at these championships  Australian gymnastics is
in very good shape despite the controversy  of past weeks."


It doesn't say why but star Kasumi Takahashi did not take part. No mention of
whether she competed in the AA or not.


Date:    Sun, 28 May 1995 16:18:36 CST
From:    ***@CHSRA.WISC.EDU
Subject: where are they now?

Lately, instead of counting sheep (or doing Khorkina's bar routine in
my head) while trying to fall asleep, I've been wondering what
happened to a few gymnasts whose names were rather prominent a few
years ago... like:
    Rhonda Schwandt
    Donna Turnbow
    Christa Canary

Anyone have any info on where these former gymnasts are now?  Or what
they did after their stints in the international limelight?

Or, anyone else wondering "where are they now" about some other
stars of the past?

    Momentarily de-lurking,
         Chip Quade


Date:    Sun, 28 May 1995 20:54:35 -0400
Subject: Romanian Championships, Int;. '95

t was nice of Deb to send us this commentary. It is rather interesting that
the Rulfova and the "Yang Bo" are becoming more comon than ever. I knew that
the Rulfova was on the rise, but I was unaware of the Yang Bo, too. It must be
an "E" move.

BTW: What exactly is the "oak tree"?

P.S. Was looking through old "IG" and saw our famous list member, Ms. Duffy.



Date:    Sun, 28 May 1995 19:04:18 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Oak Tree

To those who asked, an oaktree is a rather fond way of describing a
back dive 1/4 turn to handstand.



Date:    Sun, 28 May 1995 21:22:29 -0400
Subject: Help - local media

Hi all:

As you know, Rachele and I are working with the men's gymnastics
coaches to help save the NCAA champsionships for the men's
gymanstics program.  One of our efforts is to put together a mailing
list for periodic press releases regarding the status of men's gymastics
at the NCAA level.  (due to Rachele's heavy workload
I am the one actually compiling the list)

I am looking for the addresses of publications at the local level.
If any of you have or can easily obtain e-mail addresses of:
        magazines (letters to the editors)
        local tv news
        collegiate newspapers or (publications, ie: Alumni magazines)
I would really appreciate your e-mailing them to me.

The national publications have been fairly easy to obtain,
but not as likely to publish these editorials as they
receive hundreds of letters.

Thank you for your help in this project.


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