gymn Digest                 Wed, 28 Dec 94       Volume 3 : Issue  54

Today's Topics:
                            Elodie Lussac
                     Frankfurt Gym Festival Gala
                        Gymnast personalities
                         Hi! from down under
               IMPORTANT NOTICE re NCAA Email Campaign
                           Letter from Yale
                  letters, Danskin Gold Spectacular
                           Merry Christmas
                      Michelle Campi says hello
                               New user
                           Petition Letter
                  Playing the numbers game (2 msgs)
                     Shannon Speculation (3 msgs)

This is a digest of the mailing list. 


Date: Fri, 23 Dec 1994 02:51:16 -0500 (EST)
From: ***
Subject: Break

Hey folks!
I'm off for winter break (it's 2:45 a.m. and I have to get up at 5:00 to
catch my plane!) and I'm unsubscribing b/c the surcharge for connecting
to AOL from Puerto Rico makes it too expensive to get a lot of mail and
Yale locks my mailbox if I get too much.  Still, I should be reachable
after the 27th (when my sister brings her computer) at ***,
and my Yale mail will be forwarded, so I'll get that too.



Date: Thu, 22 Dec 94 23:56:00 UTC
From: ***
Subject: Elodie Lussac

Yesterday's _l'Equipe_ ran a story (I don't have time tonight to translate
it all) entitled "A Difficult Blow for Lussac."  To sum up, her back had
been hurting her very much during the Dortmund Worlds and, upon her return
to Marseille, several tests were performed.
The diagnosis is a compression fracture of the vertebrae.  Lussac will have
to wear a brace for 3 months, followed by at least 2 months of


Date: Tue, 27 Dec 94 00:55:24 GMT
From: ***
Subject: Frankfurt Gym Festival Gala

Gymnastics Festival Gala, Frankfurt, December 1994

This meet was shown on German TV on Boxing Day, and was an exhibition meet.
Those having fun there include: (Mens) Ivan Ivankov, Vitaly Scherbo, Andreas
Wecker, Valeri Belenki, Sergei Kharkov and Marius Toba; (Womens) Svetlana
Boguinskaya, Oksana Chusovitina, Elena Piskun, Liliya Podkopayeva, Anke
Schonfelder and Magdalena Brzeska.

It was nice to see Kharkov and Boguinskaya there since I haven't seen them
in a while. Sergei was the star of the meet when he went on high bar and
performed 11 (Eleven) Tkatchevs in a row! It was quite something. He still
looks in top shape, shame that he couldn't compete for Russia due to
disagreement with the Russian camp about where he's living, etc.

Boguinskaya also looked the same as ever. She's still doing her jazzy
floor exhibition routine that really suited her style.

Elena Piskun was wearing the black leotard that Boguinskaya used to wear
when she was competing, which made her look a bit like Bogie somewhat,
especially when they were introduced together since they're both from

Haven't seen Lilly Pod for months (I haven't seen anything from Dortmund) and
she looked bigger somewhat. That impressive double front on floor was
still there of course.

Andreas Wecker was very good on rings as always. He and Valeri Belenki also
did a parallel bars routine together (in jeans and all).

Scherbo and Ivankov just did their stuff, no fuss.

Oksana Chusovitina was wearing all sorts of funny costumes, the same kind
of stuff that she wore at Reese's Cup in January 94.

Finally, 82 year old Fritz Bandel did a short routine on the parallel bars
which include a press balance (not sure if this is the right term to describe
it but...)!

Happy New Year All!



Date: Thu, 22 Dec 94 17:26 PST
Subject: Gymnast personalities

"I just wanted to hit all my routines and do like I do in practice."


Date: Fri, 23 Dec 1994 12:05:12 +1000
From: ***
Subject: Hi! from down under

To all on gymn,  I sure hope this works.  I've come in to visit my sister
in law at Canberra uni and have taken the opportunity to send a message to
all on gymn.
Unfortunately I'm not coming back to the uni to work and am resigning as of
the 4th January.  Its a pure greed decision but money is money.  I do enjoy
the job as the administrator for the Squash Rackets Association so I 'spose
that helps.  I have always wanted to do something in Sports Admin. so
that's where I'm staying.  I would love to hear from people every now and
again and Jenny (my sister in law) and and Peta the other girl in her
office said they would not mind if anybody sent me e-mail to their mailing
address, but not every day of course.  Peta's e-mail address is the one
above and Jenny's address is  If someone
can email back (Toby, Rachele, Clive) please reply back just so I know this
got out.

My eldest son Brett has just passed his first year at Uni studying to be a
primary teacher.  His brother Scott is off to a Scout Jamboree in Perth in
January and Stuart the youngest, went to Tasmania in Sept/Oct with his cub
group for a holiday.  Now you can see why  I've taken the job that pays the
most money.

Louise is going really well, usual injuries but  she is still going, and
will be still competing next year.  She had a great comp. season this year.
 She won bars, 2nd overall at our National clubs back in September.  At
Nationals she won bars, 4th on beam and 3rd overall and has made the
Australian team to go to Hawaii for the Aloha gymfest again. She actually
leaves tonight and I know she will have a great time again.  I will try and
manually write a letter to Toby in January and let her know how it all

To Clive,  I have got 2 magazines to send to you when I get myself
organized.  Will definately be in the new year before I do that.  The
Aussies did well against the Poms in the footy and we'll probably do the
same to you in the cricket.  Sorry.  And Man. U will probably go all the
way again this season.

To Toby, Have just sent Sara's Xmas card from Louise, forgot I had it in my
bag as I wanted to write on it too, but now I've got access to this today I
sent the card, will be well after Xmas before you get it.

If anyone is going to be near Bela's gym in January, I hear he has an elite
competition on sometime in January and Louise's best friend Genevieve
Preston (who she trains with) is going over with a West Australian elite
team and they are doing a circuit of gym comps.  Apparently the Aloha
gymfest usually starts it off.  I hope someone knows the comp circuit I'm
talking about.  I haven't got her itinerary with me but I do know about the
comp at Bela's gym.  Anyway look out for the Aussies and if anyone does go
to it  say hi to Genevieve and just mention that you know me thru the
Louise's coach is talking about doing the same thing with his gymnasts next

I'm sorry Rachele I don't have your postal adress anymore, lost a lot of
stuff when I left the Uni in June, the girl who took over from me threw out
most of it.  Nice of her and I was only on leave without pay, hadn't
resigned at that stage.  But if you would like to write to me (or anyone
else for that matter), our address is

Lyn and Louise
McKellar      ACT    2617

I hope some of the Worlds 94 stickers etc. came in handy if you had a Xmas
lottery this year.

I better go.  They're all leaving here and off for Xmas drinks.  I'm Xmas'd
out already and still 2 days to go.

All the best to Everyone on Gymn and hope to hear from someone.

Lyn  and Louise


Date: Thu, 22 Dec 1994 22:51:59 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: IMPORTANT NOTICE re NCAA Email Campaign

A serious situation has arisen with the email campaign that I think
participants should be aware of:

It has come to my attention that, most unfortunately, some extremely
negative letters have been submitted to the NCAA email campaign.  I do
not know the exact contents of the letters but I have been told that
these letters viciously attack the NCAA and universities for favoring
sports such as football over gymnastics, and accusing all University
presidents at large for the cutting of men's gymnastics programs.

These letters, which were written by an individual (ie they were not
one of the five posted), while no doubt written with the best of
intentions, are creating a great deal of tension.  It is reportedly so
severe that it is serving to alienate a few of the porposal's
supporters.  Also, it is providing those who do not support the effort
with a tangible reason to support their position.

The letters sent were so negative and antagonistic that they were the
main topic of discussion in a conference call this morning (12/22/94)
that included USA Gymnastics, the NCAA, and the NACGC (coaches
organization).  All parties were extremely concerned, as these few
negative letters appear to be negating the positive momentum that has
been formed by the mass of other letters that have been sent.  It is
unfortunate, but negativism is usually the much stronger force.

Please keep in mind that while men's gymnastics is at the greatest
risk if the moratorium is not extended, it is not the only sport.  Our
interests do not lie in encouraging various sports to compete against
each other; rather, we want to see all sports valued, honored, and

There have also been complaints from some of the people receiving
these mass emails that their mailboxes are being clogged and they are
not able to use their email effectively, due to the volume of the
email campaign.

We aim to resolve these concerns by moving to a petition format.  The
body of the petition is as follows below.  Everyday one copy of the
letter will be sent out with all new names attached to the bottom.  If
you haven't participated yet in the campaign, and you would like to,
send a note to either me ( or Chuck
( that contains your name and snail mail
address, and we'll add you to the petition.



Date: Tue, 27 Dec 1994 19:01:41 -0500
From: ***
Subject: Letter from Yale

I too received a letter from the prez of Yale.  It was hand signed as Anne
said.  At least we all know that we're being heard.---Brian


Date: Tue, 27 Dec 1994 16:43:35 -0500
From: ***
Subject: letters, Danskin Gold Spectacular

Today I got a letter back from the president of Yale University,
thanking me for my communication on NCAA gymnastics.  Looked like it was hand
For the Danskin Gold Spectacular, how come they didn't show Kim Zmeskal?  I
saw her signing autographs and at the clinic but was disapointed when she was
not featured.   I thought the whole thing was pretty strange.



Date: Sat, 24 Dec 1994 18:20:42 -0500
From: ***
Subject: Merry Christmas

I wanted to extend to everyone on GYMN and very happy and peaceful Christmas.
 I hope you and your families enjoy this time of year.
Merry Christmas


Date: Thu, 22 Dec 1994 18:13:11 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: Michelle Campi says hello

Word from Dynamo is that Michelle Campi is doing fine after her
surgery.  She is in Puerto Rico, resting and recovering.  She'll be
back in January.

Also, she sends her thanks to everyone who sent her email with good



Date: Wed, 28 Dec 1994 07:04:26 GMT
From: ***
Subject: New user

My name is Chris.  I am 20 years old and a college student in
North Carolina.  I subscribed to this mailing list because I have a
younger cousin who is into gymnastics, but also because I saw some
gymnastics for the first time last year in Europe and thought it was a
very interesting sport to watch.  I don't know much about gymnastics,
though, but maybe I can get educated about it here and talk about it
with my cousin.

One question, though:  how come every time you watch this sport on TV,
evry young woman who is performing has this serious look on their face.
They don't even smile, for Pete's sake.  They're just standing there
with this frozen-fish look.  I think this is something like what happens
when grown-ups get involved with Little League, and that is the players
DON'T HAVE FUN.  These young ladies should be enjoying themselves, but
they can't.  They don't.  I dunno if this is something left over from
the old Cold War US vs. USSR thing or what, but if they are into the
sport, it should be for THEM, the gymnasts, not the countries or
whatever.  That's all I got to say.


Date: Thu, 22 Dec 1994 22:54:34 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: Petition Letter

This is the letter that will be the message of the petition. If you
want to add your name, please send a msg containing your full mail
address to or  Please
do not add your name if you have already participated in the email

Dear Mr. or Ms. President and/or Athletic Director:
        Fired by a deep concern for America's future college male
gymnasts and an exuberant passion for the sport and its future, I call
upon you, loudly and clearly, to continue the NCAA gymnastics
championships! With regard to Bylaw, which proposes a
minimum of forty teams for NCAA men's gymnastics championships, I view
it not only as an injustice, but as a blight on our cherished
athletic, social, and cultural heritage, not to extend the current
moratorium through 1997. It is within your power to do this, and I
most sincerely request that you vote YES to Proposal No. 2-124 at the
NCAA convention in San Diego in January, 1995.

        The mission of the NCAA, as stated in the NCAA Manual, is ``to
initiate, stimulate and improve intercollegiate athletics programs for
student-athletes.'' [Constitution 1.2-(a)]. Its purpose is to
``cooperate with other amateur athletics organizations in promoting
and conducting national and international events.'' [Constitution
1.2-(g)]. The termination of the NCAA Men's Gymnastics Championships
is a direct contradiction and violation to the noted principles that
were established when sports were there for the development of mind
and body and not the filling of the coffers.

        The NCAA men's gymnastics program, culminating in its yearly
NCAA championship, is the cornerstone of America's international
gymnastics team, and at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, 5 of the 7
team members were NCAA athletes. Moreover, of the 54 male gymnasts who
have competed in Olympic gymnastics since 1960, 49 were students
participating on NCAA-sponsored college gymnastics teams. Clearly, the
NCAA gymnastics program is essential to American international
prestige and performance. Without the continuation of the overall NCAA
program in gymnastics concluding, with the yearly championships,
America's international gymnasts will no longer be able to train as
effectively, and our national program will be jeopardized.
        Additionally, many college gymnasts go on to open their own
gymnastics facilities, which provide opportunities for children in our
communities to participate in the sport. Valid research and studies
have shown that there are over 32,000 young American male adolescents
and teenagers training in the sport today. It is these young aspiring
athletes, America's hope for the future, who will suffer if the NCAA
eliminates its college gymnastics championship--a termination that
will certainly result in the elimination of vigorous and vital
collegiate programs in gymnastics. Destruction of these programs will
also destroy the long-term goal that these youth have, in their early
and middle childhood, of competing at the collegiate level in the
sport they love.

        The cultural, social, and academic benefits that gymnastics
brings to our nation must be considered when you cast your vote at the
1995 NCAA convention in San Diego. Please vote yes on Proposal No.
2-124, which extends the moratorium on Bylaw



Date: Fri, 23 Dec 1994 09:26:01 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: Playing the numbers game

Here are some Gymn stats for those of you who are interested:

-Gymn started on August 12, 1992 with approximately 30 people.
-We now have 271 people.
        Addresses ending in .com: 116 (42.8%)  (Half of these are AOL.)
        Addresses ending in .edu: 98 (36.16%)
        Foreign subscribers: 34 (12.55%) (Sixteen different countries,
            with Canada (8), Great Britain (6), and Australia (4)
            having the most subscribers.)
        Other (.net, .gov, .org, .mil, .us, etc): 23 (8.49%)

-Our growth rate has been hovering right around 8% growth per month
for the last two years.  Right now it averages out to 8.08%.  If this
rate continues to hold, then our numbers would be as follows in the
coming years:

        3/2/95  Am. Cup       325            
        8/16/95 USA Champs      500            
        10/1/95 Sabae         560             
        7/19/96 Atlanta       1180
        9/16/00 Sydney        57000  (No joke!)



Date: Sat, 24 Dec 94 10:58:16 PST
From: ***
Subject: Playing the numbers game

>        3/2/95  Am. Cup  325            
>        8/16/95 USA Champs      500            
>        10/1/95 Sabae    560            
>        7/19/96 Atlanta  1180
>        9/16/00 Sydney   57000  (No joke!)

Hmm. How about a domain called It doesn't seem far off...


Date: Thu, 22 Dec 1994 19:07:21 -0500
From: ***
Subject: Shannon Speculation

>4- Maybe she had a hot date.

That was my favorite Rachelle.  I agree w/ all you said though, it's not fair
to make judgements about things we don't have facts about.---Brian


Date: Thu, 22 Dec 1994 18:10:04 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: Shannon Speculation

| That was my favorite Rachelle.  I agree w/ all you said though, it's not fair
| to make judgements about things we don't have facts about.---Brian

Unfortunately, Brian, I don't agree with everything you said -- in
particular, the spelling of my name.  =)

In addition to the bit about making uninformed judgements, I just want
to reiterate that these judgements make it to a pretty wide audience
-- you'd be surprised at who reads Gymn.  It would be most unfortunate
if someone thought less of Shannon Miller merely because of random
speculation voiced on Gymn.

I think I am just frustrated with people drawing conclusions about
gymnast's personalities when they really just don't know the gymnast
at all.  The extent that some people go to ("Have you ever seen her
smile?  She wasn't smiling on the podium.  She must lead a very
depressing life.  Something is definitely wrong.") boggles my mind.
>From my perspective, this kind of speculation is very damaging because
it spreads a reputation about a gymnast that is often false, and it
can damage the credibility of the poster.



Date: Thu, 22 Dec 1994 21:57:46 -0500
From: ***
Subject: Shannon Speculation

Another possibility nobody's considering...

- She had to finish reading "The Jungle"


Date: Sat, 24 Dec 1994 17:59 EDT
From: ***@ROO.FIT.EDU
Subject: Xmas


-Laura :)


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