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  1. What are some of these moves?
  2. European Youth Olympics
  3. Classic Questions (4)
  4. Olympic Festival - Times and Dates? (2)
  5. Olympic Trials
  6. Compulsories.
  7. Full Twist Double Layout off uneven bars
  8. heights of guys
  9. heights\short gymnasts
 10. Chainey Umphrey


Date:    Tue, 25 Jul 1995 06:47:01 CST
Subject: Re: What are some of these moves?


     My son used to be in gymnastics and when he went to optionals, we
     bought a book called "code of points" or something like that. That
     book helped us figure out what some moves were, the skill level
     (A,B,C,...), and it had pictures. It is an advanced book, it is the
     one used by judges and coaches to determine how the moves have to be

     There is probably a book like that one for girls, but my
     recommendation is that you ask your daughter's coach first, they might
     have a way to introduce you into "optionals" better than this. Also,
     they will have the address to request this book.

     If you still want to know about the book, let me know and I'll ask
     around the gym, to see if I can find out more about the girls "code of
     points" and where to get it.


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Subject: What are some of these moves?
Date:    7/24/95 9:51 PM


As a recent subscriber and a parent of a new gymnast (7 yrs old, < 1 year in
gymnastics).  She competed level five and will compete level six in the fall.
I was wondering if anyone here is willing to explain or point me to an
explanation of some of these moves.  I want to know more about what they are
teaching my daughter to do...She is firm in her level six skills and is now
learning progressions to more advanced skills for level eight optionals...but
I do not know what the final product is.

I have seen many names of different moves but would not know the name by the
move and a descriptive list would be great as well as what move usually goes

Thanks in Advance


Date:    Tue, 25 Jul 1995 18:12:00 BST
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: Re: European Youth Olympics

> I was just wondering if this is the young St. Petersburg gymnast who
> was allowed to compete in the Goodwill Games as a substitute for the
> missing Hungarian team.

Yes this is the same Eugenia Kusnezsova who was in last year's Goodwill

> believe they mentioned that she wasn't a member of the Russian team,
> even though she was wearing the team leotard.  Do any of you know?

I believe she was too young at the time... she's still a junior now!



Date:    Tue, 25 Jul 1995 15:38:25 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Classic Questions

I've got a few questions about the U.S.  Classic:

1. Did Amy Chow only do 3 rotations in optionals?  It seemed, from the
report, that she was doing well.  Why dropout?

2.  Was there any explanation for Zmeskal and Moceanu's abscence?  Can Kim
compete in nationals?

3. Did J. Thompson and Powell scratch in the middle of compulsories?  D.
Thompson did only comp. beam, right?



Date:    Tue, 25 Jul 1995 16:20:32 -0400
Subject: Olympic Festival - Times and Dates?

Was rhythmic on July 23?  Anyone tape it?

Will artistic be on July 30?


Date:    Tue, 25 Jul 1995 17:10:44 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Classic Questions

 Emily writes:

>1. Did Amy Chow only do 3 rotations in optionals?  It seemed, from
thereport, that she was doing well.

Actually,she only did two rotations(vault and bars.)She warmed up balance
beam and floor(and nailed everything),but skipped them in the actual

>Why dropout?

I honestly have no idea.*ALL* the world championship members automatically
qualify to USA's,so she didn't even have to compete at this meet.Dominique
and Jaycie were the only two from worlds that finished the competition.I
don't think she was injured though.

>2.  Was there any explanation for Zmeskal and Moceanu's abscence?

Not that I heard.

> Can Kim compete in nationals?

It depends on the qualification rules set up  by the USAG.Since she *IS* Kim
Zmeskal,I'm sure they'll let her compete anyway.

3. Did J. Thompson and Powell scratch in the middle of compulsories?

Jennie recieved a zero on vault.I didn't actually SEE it,but I think she
might have balked and touched the horse *OR* she scratched.She looked pretty
good on every event in warmups,but still a little blah in her
peformances.Kristy Powell finished the compulsory competition.She had a few
problems with bars(two falls 8.225) and beam(one fall 8.65)

>D.Thompson did only comp. beam, right?


-Shannon was the best compulsory gymnast there(9.8 ,9.725, 9.85,
9.7).Everything was clean and crisp(best toe on front half of the meet) and
doesn't look as tired as she has this past year.

-Amanda breezed through one of the best compulsory floors in the world.A
little wobbly on beam(9.475) but did well on the other events.

-The newly shorn Strug looked fit.Her highest marks were on FX(9.85) and
V(9.7).Had a few minorproblems with bars(leg break on first pirouette 9.4)
and beam(9.325)

-Jaycie Phelps just keeps getting better and better.She's improved
tremendously in both difficulty and technical peformance since Dortmond.Watch
for her to shine next year.

-Changing gymsover the past few months are-
  Kerri Strug-Colorado Aerials
 Jamie Martini-American Twisters
 Jennie Thompson-Dynamo(for this week anyway!)
 Larissa Fontaine-Hills Angels

-Only one out of 6 from Dynamos competed optionals(Jessica Rieland)

-Injured were Larissa Fontaine(calf) and Tanya Maiers(?)Kellee Davis was a

-Liz Reid is freakin' gorgeous.Great dance and originality.Can be a bit
loose at times.She's one of those too flexible gymnasts like Juliet
Bangerter.Quite powerful considering how tall and fragile looking she is.She
just needs the consistency and she'll be there.

-Out of 36 competitors in the Sr. division only 20 of them completed the
meet.The top 20 qualify to USA's so basically you could have qualified even
if you fell 3 times on each event!! There was a 10 point difference between
1st and 20th places.

Keep the ?'s coming,



Date:    Tue, 25 Jul 1995 17:41:47 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Olympic Trials

I 've been thinking about this Olympic Trials discussion.  I agree with Jeff
that there really isn't a FAIR way to choose the women's team.  But,
something (almost anything) has got to be an improvement over what happened
in '92.  I really am in favor of selecting the team as close to the
competition as possible.  The trials for the '91 World Champs. were held 3
weeks prior to the meet and the results speak for themselves!  However, I
realize that leaves everyone on pins and needles for a long time, not knowing
whether they're on the team or not.

One thing I think would improve the situation a little would be if they took
more than 8 from  the Olympic Trials (maybe 10 or 12).  That way one person
(i.e. Kim Kelly) doesn't feel like she's the only one that's left out.  If
they "cut" between 3-5 people, all the burden is no longer placed on one
person...maybe a slight improvement???  It should be a little less
complicated next year, also, if two of the top contenders, (i.e. Shannon and
Betty in '92) do not have to be petitioned on to the team because of injury.
 Keep your fingers crossed!!



Date:    Tue, 25 Jul 1995 16:57:30 -0600
Subject: Compulsories.

Do they still over weigh compulsories at these meets (60/40) against



Date:    Wed, 26 Jul 1995 00:41:10 BST
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: Full Twist Double Layout off uneven bars

I've just been watching bits of European Olympic Days off TV, and
little Russian Evgenia Kusnezsova performed a full twisting double
layout somersault off the uneven bars, probably for the first time



Date:    Tue, 25 Jul 1995 19:40:22 -0400
From:    ***@UMICH.EDU
Subject: Re: Olympic Festival - Times and Dates?

Yes, Rythmic was on the 23rd, but it was not a lot...not a lot of
information about the gymnasts etc...
When is artistic?
No one is advertising it..

Anjel Vahratian

> Was rhythmic on July 23?  Anyone tape it?
> Will artistic be on July 30?


Date:    Tue, 25 Jul 1995 17:30:43 -0700
From:    ***@DANA.UCC.NAU.EDU
Subject: Re: Classic Questions

> >  Emily writes:
> > Can Kim compete in nationals?
> It depends on the qualification rules set up  by the USAG.Since she *IS* Kim
> Zmeskal,I'm sure they'll let her compete anyway.
        I wouldn't bet on it - I remember there was some controversy over
Mary Lou's qualifying to '85 trials or '86 nationals, and she was not
allowed to compete -- she announced her retirement from competition
shortly thereafter, partially because she *still* had to qualify for
everything. There's a similar complaint from the Dynamo camp about
Shannon Miller, but the rules are a little more lenient, and include
exceptions for National and World medalists, or stuff like they only have
to compete compulsories, or perform in *1* event in Amer. Cup qualifying
round, or weird stuff like that.
        Moral of the story: don't assume. There may be a small exemtion
that she fits under, the USAG may make an exception, but don't hold your

> -Changing gymsover the past few months are-

>  Jennie Thompson-Dynamo(for this week anyway!)



Date:    Tue, 25 Jul 1995 20:00:26 -0600
Subject: Re: Classic Questions

Perhaps Mary Lou's denial was more a fact that she was so out of shape that
she was not worth competing for the US even if she made the team. If you
look at Mary Lou in 1984 (phenonmenal, 1983 for that fact, too), but at
the 1985 Am Cup she was so out of shape, she looked ridiculous, adn
somehow won over Yu Feng. (Yu got revenge at Mixed Pairs.)

Moral: They may let Kim do it if she is a real possibility. I think that
the USGF was sick of Mary Lou and gave her the First Ever "Thank you very
Much, but please go away award". They soon gave it to Kristie Philips in 1988.

It may seem harsh, but that is how I call it.




Date:    Tue, 25 Jul 1995 17:19:54 -0700
From:    ***@NETCOM.COM
Subject: Re: heights of guys

Steve Craig
> Orion writes:
> >Mihai Bagiu 5'9''
> >Alexei Nemov 5'8''
> >Trent Dimas 5'8''
> >Zoltan Supola 5'8''?
> >Dmitri Bilozerchev 5'7'' or 5'8''?
> >Vitali Rudnitsky 5'7''?
> >John Roethlisberger 5'7''
> Being at gatherings of other gymnasts, I always found myself to be one of the
> taller people.  Pretty good for the ego :)
> Steve - a towering 5'7"

You forget so soon, Charlie Lake ?
Charlie is around 5-7 too. Kinda shook everyone up when this "giant" made the
US Oly team a few years back.

Course the man I have never had a chance to thank for his inspiration,
Shawn Adamek, Stanford grad, of Saugus CA, Shawn is like 6-2, did just great
in NCAA meets, and he showed me that maybe I can do it even though Im 5-11.

Shawn, wherever you are, thanks dude



Date:    Tue, 25 Jul 1995 17:05:47 -0700
From:    ***@NETCOM.COM
Subject: Re: heights\short gymnasts

> Someone mentioned the shorter gymnasts around. Do they still
> count after they get taller? :-) Actually, I was wondering
> recently about some of the female gymnasts who seem to have
> stopped growing and are still under 5', especially Kerri Strug,

Well like they say "Better life through superior pharmacology"
Modern science has given us the ability to muck with little girls
endocrine systems, stunt their growth, manipulate the timing
of their onset of puberty etc.

These advances, or rather their use in the female counterpart of mens gymn,
have caused me to begin equating girls gymn with child abuse.
I have turned against the sport like a rabid dog against its master.
My nagative attitude is frequently mistaken for mysoginy.
You will also notice that I make frequent references to girls gymn.

Unfortunately, some people think that being #1 is all that matters.
Sad for the sport.

I still to hope to hook at least on of my neices on gymnastics.
Selfishly so that I will have at least one thing in coimmon with SOMEONE in
that household !
I will also forbid her fom getting too serious about competition.
I think its called "giving a damn about our kids"....
First time anyone on the team even THINKS about needles,
someones going to do a face plant in the parking lot from the roof of the gym !

> who was one of the *shorter* members of the '94 Worlds team,
> and Kim Zmeskal, who seemed closer to Dominique's height than
> Svetlana's when they've shown clips of them training together
> on TV.  Does anyone have current height listings for them?
> -Emily of Waco (

"Aunt Moose", now THATS the greatest handle on the net Ive seen in a LONG time !


Give my regards to Baylor Univ !
(Go Austin Longhorns!)


Date:    Tue, 25 Jul 1995 18:39:44 -0700
From:    ***@NETCOM.COM
Subject: Re: Chainey Umphrey

Ann Marie Eckhart
> I was channel surfing today and ran across a "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood"
> featuring a 15-year-old Chainey (before the hunky arms) doing p-bars, pommel
> horse, high bar, and floor (he said he sometimes performed floor to music and
> had Mr. Rogers put some on!).  Didn't he just recently make another
> appearence on the show?
> Ann Marie

Which one ? Greg or Chainey ?



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