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  1. Famous Gymnasts (2)
  2. NCAA gymnasts (2)
  3. When the chalk clears (95 Worlds AA).
  4. Coaches treatment (2)
  5. My introduction
  6. Kim Kelly
  7. famous NCAA
  8. Thanks for putting this together, Rachele! Info at bottom...
  9. olympic schedule
 10. Worlds
 11. Letters of Intent
 12. Re[2]: New guy (2)
 13. Re[2]: Nationals
 14. gymnastics opportunities @BU
 15. Re[2]: Famous Gymnasts


Date:    Tue, 9 May 1995 22:10:04 -0500
Subject: Famous Gymnasts

Date sent:  9-MAY-1995 22:03:27
Well, this is sorta an answer, and somthing I've been thinking of
posting anyhow....

here is a list of current NCAA women gymnasts who have been on either:
A) USA World, Olympic or National team  B) Canadian World, Olympic or
national team

Jennifer Wood (1992 Olympics) now competes for LSU
Leah Homma (1989 Worlds and some others) now competes for UCLA
Stella Umeh (1991 World, 1992 Olympics, etc) now competes for UCLA
Aparna Ray (Canadian national team) competes for LSU
Colleen Johnson (I think) competes for Florida
Kerri Kanuka (1989 Worlds) competed (or competes) for Stanford

Kim Arnold (National team) competes for georgia
Chelle Stack (1988 Olympian, etc.) competes for Oklahoma
Kim Kelly (1989 Worlds, 1992 Olympian) competes for Alabama
Marna Neubauer (national team) competes for Alabama
Traci Sommer (national team) competes for Utah
Sandy Woolsey(national team, 1989 worlds) competes for Utah
That's all I know for now, but I'm sure there are many many more.
I didn't include past...too extensive, but they include Missy Marlowe,
Hope Spivey and Rhonda faehn.



Date:    Tue, 9 May 1995 21:57:05 -0600
Subject: NCAA gymnasts

Jennifer wrote:
>Jennifer Wood (1992 Olympics) now competes for LSU
>Leah Homma (1989 Worlds and some others) now competes for UCLA
>Stella Umeh (1991 World, 1992 Olympics, etc) now competes for UCLA
>Aparna Ray (Canadian national team) competes for LSU
>Colleen Johnson (I think) competes for Florida
>Kerri Kanuka (1989 Worlds) competed (or competes) for Stanford

Just to add "a few" more:

Lori Strong ('87/'89/'91/'92 Worlds, Barcelona)- Georgia
Koyuki Oka ('91 Worlds) - Ohio State
Seymin Lau - Ohio State
Bethany Dworkin competed for Ohio State (now Michigan????)
Syreeta Barnett - LSU
Larissa Lowing ('87 & '89 Worlds, Seoul) competes for LSU
Kristi Mardyn competes at Fullerton (???)
Shannon Rogers competes for Oklahoma
Kim Yee competes at Iowa
Jennifer Smith - San Jose State
Cassie Pauga - BYU
Sonia Merla - Kentucky
Briony Lecky - ??

Coming South this fall are Stacey Galloway to Georgia, Erin Chenier
to SE Missouri State (?) , Denise Pauga to BYU (?), Carrie Roelofs to ???,
plus others.

Then there are all the ones from the past (FLORIDA!!):  Elfi Schlegel,
Anita Botnen, Jeannette Hrubes, Andrea Owoc, Christina McDonald,
Jocelyn Rathbun, Lynette Wittmeier et al were all at Florida.  Gigi Zosa at
Andrea Thomas at Georgia, Sandra Botnen at Washington, Kelli Wolsey at Utah.

I know I'm missing several names from the present, future, and past lists
but that's about all my brain can come up with this late in the day...!!




Date:    Wed, 10 May 1995 00:07:48 -0400
Subject: Re: When the chalk clears (95 Worlds AA).

> Since we are all (somewhat) talking about a Dream Team, who do
> people think will win the upcoming Worlds AA? (Is there one this
> year, I've lost track of how things are being doen now with the
> change of years and the like- reminds me of the late 70's!)
> I don't think that Shannon will be able to defend her title again.
> I don't think it will be Milosovic. I still think she is being
> helped by being given the last position on each event.
> My favorites to be on the podium whenthe chalk clears:
> First/Second:

[Gogean, Khorkina]

> The fight for the bronze:

[Kochetkova, Dawes, Groshova, Huilan, Podkopayeva, Fabrichnova]

Hmm...if you exclude Miller and Milo from the top spot on the podium, don't
you think they'll at least show up somewhere else, maybe a little further
down, but still there?  (BTW, I'm really pulling for Milo to finally have a
World all-around title to call her own.)  As for Miller, she's not dead
yet...I think she should be able to stay in contention.

Date:    Tue, 9 May 1995 22:13:06 -0700
Subject: NCAA gymnasts

A couple more for ya:

        Tina Snowden (Former Karoly gymnast and national team member) just
finished her senior year competing for Stanford.  Hillary Anderson (Pan Am
Games Medalist) competed for Stanford for two years.


Date:    Wed, 10 May 1995 05:31:09 -0400
From:    ***@CYKICK.JVNC.NET
Subject: Re: Famous Gymnasts

>here is a list of current NCAA women gymnasts who have been on either:
>A) USA World, Olympic or National team  B) Canadian World, Olympic or
>national team

>Kim Kelly (1989 Worlds, 1992 Olympian) competes for Alabama

Uh...not quite.  Those of us who followed the Barcelona Olympics - and
became charter members of GYMN - will recall that Kim was the gymnast left
off the final team roster.  Remember THAT bit of controversy, folks?  ;-)

Maybe one of these days I'll have time to catch up on all the tapes...
Meanwhile, it's time for breakfast...
Helena Robinson


Date:    Wed, 10 May 1995 11:08:41 +0100
From:    ***@VNET.ATEA.BE
Subject: Coaches treatment

Hello GYMNers and especially hello to you Helen,

A lot has been said about the subject. Although I know that Helen had
rather liked the subject to be closed, I feel I can't keep quiet on
this one. So here's my point of view.
One thing is clear: NOBODY deserves to be hit. As for changing to
another club, I don't think that is the solution. It might get you
better coaches, but the other ones are still around. I suppose you
have some good friends amongst the other team members. You'd have to
leave them behind and they would still be treated the wrong way. Even
if, say, the whole team should go away, the coaches would still be
there to mistreat any new girls. Sending the coaches away would'nt
solve everything either. The team would probably be better off, but
the coaches could go and do their wrongdoings elsewhere. Remember, as
long as there are coaches around which treat their gymnasts badly,
gymnastics will continu to get bad press, and that's the last thing we
want, isn't it ?
Now, after these "what-not-to-do"-s, I will give you my vision on how
the problem could be dealt with in a constructive way. For one, I
always try to be optimistic: I believe everyone can change his or her
attitude if he or she tries hard enough. This goes for your coaches
too. I can imagine that, for the moment, they don't know any better.
Perhaps, as a kid, they themselves were brought up with the fact that
you get hit whenever you do something wrong. Whatever the reason, they
will have to change their way of handling kids.
So here's my proposal: talk about the problem to your parents, to your
team-mates and friends, to their parents. Try to organize some
get-together with the team, their parents, your coaches and, if
possible, some of the responsible persons of your club. Try to put the
problem in a positive way. I'm sure that your coaches are very capable
on a technical level. Otherwise they wouldn't be coaching a J.O. team.
Tell them how much you appreciate what they have thaugth you so far
and that you are convinced they still have much more to teach you.
Then try to explain that, despite what you have learned, you feel that
you were not always treated the right way. Assure them that you still
want to put as much, if not more effort into your training sessions,
if only they would be willing not to hit you anymore and would try to
listen when you have something to say. It should be pointed out to
them that you can get even better results when the coach-gymnast
relationship is one that is based on mutual respect, rather than the
one that exists now.
I hope the coaches can be persuaded to change their attitude. If so,
give them some time for this change. It can be as hard for them to
change as it is for you to learn a whole new routine.
I know I made it sound a bit simple, but I'm sure that with enough
preparation and the right amount of tact an diplomacy, the outcome of
the discussion can be quite succesful. Of course, I don't expect you
to do it on your own. If you think they won't listen to you, then let
the older gymnasts or some of the parents do the talking. For this,
it is very important that you are all on the same side. Seeing you had
the courage to post your situation to the list, I'm pretty sure you
can get things going over there as well. Furthermore, you already have
some 400 GYMNers on your side. BTW, I don't think any of those who
commented on the subject would mind if you used their postings as
reference material for the discussion.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you will never loose your dedication
to gymnastics and continu to become a great gymnast.



Date:    Wed, 10 May 1995 06:40:47 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Coaches treatment

| A lot has been said about the subject. Although I know that Helen had
| rather liked the subject to be closed, I feel I can't keep quiet on

Quite a while ago Helen expressed the desire to keep this topic off of
Gymn.  However, we are still seeing posts about this on the forum.
This type of matter is usually very sensitive, and this forum is very
public, so I am politly requesting that we respect Helen's wishes and
refrain from discussing this on Gymn.

A lot of caring advice has been given; I only ask that in the future
people _please_ send their notes directly to Helen, as opposed to
discussing this on Gymn.

Thanks for your cooperation,


Date:    Wed, 10 May 1995 10:36:55 -0400
Subject: My introduction

        I am a new subscriber, so I thought I would give everyone I
brief intro on myself.  My name is Erica and I am a senior at the
University of Massachusetts (UMass).  This season I was captain and the
lone senior on the team.  I have been a gymnast for 17 years,
and with the end of our season at NCAA Regionals this year, I am now
retired. :-(  I'll try not to bore you with too much info on my team, I
could talk about them for days.   I think that is all the relevant info
on myself.   I have been out of the club/USA Gymnastics circuit for a
few years, so I'll probably just read for a while.   But, I do love to
discuss NCAA gymnastics!

Thanks for having me!


Date:    Wed, 10 May 1995 09:42:24 -0500
Subject: Re: Kim Kelly

Date sent:  10-MAY-1995 09:37:10
Just checked my mail, and saw a post regarding Kim Kelly.
Said person said she was actually left off the team and did
not compete in Barcelona, and said "those who follow the sport
will remember that little bit of controversy."

Trust me, it's a bit hard NOT to remember this little bit of
controversy, it's the first thing any TV commentator mentions
when it comes to Kim Kelly. However, I mentioned her as a member
of the team simply because I believe she was one. She was technically
a member of the training squad, but she did qualify, so I mentioned
her as an "Olympian" for the reason of simplicity (training
squad is hard to type :)) and for the fact that I believe she
deserves that small honor.

In my mind, Kelly SHOULD have been competing in Barcelona. Then
again, I also think Sandy Woolsey should've been competing in
Indianapolis, and will no doubt side with whoever is the victim
the next time around. This selection process sucks, and only
serves to undermine the athletes.



Date:    Wed, 10 May 1995 14:22:20 -0400
From:    ***@TSO.CIN.IX.NET
Subject: famous NCAA

I have thought of a few more to add to the NCAA listing.
Amanda Borden, Sammy Muhlmann, and Kristi (or Karin) Lichy have all
signed letters of intent for Georgia.  Amanda will have delayed
admission.  I think Dom D. has signed with Stanford, al;so delayed
admission.  I can also remember one other hometown favorite who did
well in the NCAAs, Katherine Kelleher at Alabama.
And i think this one was already mentioned, but wasn't Georgia graced
with Andrea Thomas as well?


Date:    Wed, 10 May 1995 14:17:35 -0700
From:    ***@DANA.UCC.NAU.EDU
Subject: Thanks for putting this together, Rachele! Info at bottom...

> Following is the petition that will be sent to Pitt in response to the
> announcement regarding the termination of men's gymnastics and tennis
> teams. Please take a moment to read it and if you support it, follow
> the simple directions for signing it.  Thanks! -- Rachele
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> To Chancellor J. Dennis O'Connor, Chairman Gene Barone, and L. Oval
> Jaynes:
> We, the undersigned, are amazed to hear of the University of
> Pittsburgh's sudden decision to terminate the men's gymnastics and
> men's tennis programs. These teams have provided many student-athletes
> with the opportunity for collegiate competition in their chosen sport;
> they are outstanding representatives of your institution. We support
> the retention of these exemplary teams that have brought
> accomplishment and positive image to the University of Pittsburgh.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Send an email to me ( with the following information:
> 1. Name
> 2. Connection to gymnastics/tennis  [optional]
>         eg, "Tennis fan" or "Head Coach, XYZ Gymnastics"
> 3. Contact info (email or snail-mail address, or both if that makes
>         you happy)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> This petition will be distributed to Gymn, USA Gymnastics Online!,
> and,, and AOL
> forums for tennis and gymnastics.
> You are strongly encouraged to obtain signatures from teammates and
> friends interested in adding their name to this petition!  Feel free,
> of course, to send all the names in one email message.
Cara Tramontano
Former USGF competitive gymnast



Date:    Wed, 10 May 1995 13:47:00 PDT
Subject: olympic schedule

I am planning on ordering olympic tickets for my family and have some

What are compulsories? Are they different from what I see on TV?

According to the order form the women team optionals are jul 23.
Why is there a morning session of optionals and then in the evening
session optionals and finals?

The form seems to indicate there are optionals prelims in the morning
and also prelims in the evening and then finals. I don't understand.
I'm sure the USA will be in the evening finals, but will they be
competing in the morning optionals session?



Date:    Wed, 10 May 1995 17:20:36 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Worlds

How exactly are the Worlds going to be held in the up-coming season?  Will it
work like '91-'92, with a team, AA, and EF Worlds this fall and then an EF
only Worlds in the spring?

I think it will be hard for Shannon to take a third all-around title, but she
certainly has the will!  I do, however, think she will medal in some
way--either placing high in the AA or winning an event.  Personally, I would
like to see Kerri Strug go out and win an individual medal--any medal!  Will
Dominique Moceanu or Jennie Thompson be eligible?  There are just so many
medal possibilities from the U.S. alone!

Ann Marie


Date:    Wed, 10 May 1995 16:46:10 -0500
Subject: Letters of Intent

Date sent:  10-MAY-1995 16:44:33
Well, so far we've mentioned Borden, Muhleman and karin Lichey as
all signing letters of intent to go to georgia. But does anyone know
anyone else? I'm curious about loads of people, but espeically Jenni
beathard. Does anyone know any other big names?

It seems georgia has had QUITE a recruiting class. Muhleman and Lichey
plus Stacey Galloway will all contribute.


Date:    Wed, 10 May 1995 17:24:32 CDT
From:    ***@SEMOVM.SEMO.EDU
Subject: Re[2]: New guy

>Hi!  Welcome to GYMN!  Always great to have a fellow newspaper person on the
>forum!  I'm also a huge fan of women's gymnastics!  Who do you like?  My
>faves are Kim Zmeskal and the other members of the '92 U.S. Olympic team.
>Well, hope you enjoy the forum!
>Ann Marie
Well, my all-time favorite gymnast is Mary Lou. When I saw her in 1984
that is what got me into gymnastics. I also like Zmeskal, Dawes, and
Boginskaya (I just like to look at her...she's pretty ;) ).
Mostly I follow collegiate gymnastics. I love our team, but I also like
Alabama, Auburn and Mizzou.


Date:    Wed, 10 May 1995 17:42:13 CDT
From:    ***@SEMOVM.SEMO.EDU
Subject: Re[2]: Nationals

>Tangentally related topic:  I've heard little about Zmeskal's choice of
>college/university, or anything else on that topic at all.  What's she
>doing in that regard?

Now, I've heard that Zmeskal and Okino cannot compete in the NCAA's. Any
truth to that?
Also, I was speaking the Wendy Bruce a couple of weeks ago and she also
said she cannot compete in the NCAA's because of some money thingy.



Date:    Wed, 10 May 1995 18:08:57 CDT
From:    ***@SEMOVM.SEMO.EDU
Subject: Re[2]: New guy

>Lance !
>Pat Tower ( is your counterpart on the west coast.
>Youll find another kindred spirit in Ronald down in FL.
>(ronald something @AOL.COM)  He a girls gymn fanatic/writer too.
>So...ummmm...... when you gonna give guys gymn a chance ? Hmmmm?
>Everybody is into girls gymn.  Nobody takes guys gymn seriously.
>We cant do too well till some of you sportzwriters give us a little
>attention.  So like how bout it ?  (Cue: wistful gargoyle impression )
Well, we don't have a men's team for one thing. Secondly, I don't know
that much about men's to write about it. I realize some of the things
are the same, but not enough, without a little background training
ony my part.
But, I will probably be moving to the Palm Springs area this fall, so
hopefully I can schmooze around with the UCLA teams. :)



Date:    Wed, 10 May 1995 19:14:57 -0400
Subject: gymnastics opportunities @BU

> I live in Watertown, and am a BC student.  I was wondering if BU has any sort
> of open gym or open practice or some way I could have access to equiptment
> once in a while.  I just had a baby, and am really out of shape and would love
> to have a few short workouts.
> THanks,
> Amy
        I know that BU had a club team my freshman year (that would be
91-92), but I don't know if it still exists.  If they have the facilities
then they probably have some sort of intramural/open gym type program but
I don't know for sure.  Any one else out there know anything?
Good Luck!



Date:    Wed, 10 May 1995 18:25:04 CDT
From:    ***@SEMOVM.SEMO.EDU
Subject: Re[2]: Famous Gymnasts

>>Kim Kelly (1989 Worlds, 1992 Olympian) competes for Alabama
>Uh...not quite.  Those of us who followed the Barcelona Olympics - and
>became charter members of GYMN - will recall that Kim was the gymnast left
>off the final team roster.  Remember THAT bit of controversy, folks?  ;-)
>Maybe one of these days I'll have time to catch up on all the tapes...
>Meanwhile, it's time for breakfast...
>Helena Robinson
I remember Kim.
Her and her Alabama team came down here (Southeast Missouri State U.)
and gave us quite a spanking. It was cool to watch such great gymnastics



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