GYMN-L Digest - 7 Mar 1995

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  1. scAM Cup, my thoughts on '95 American Cup


Date:    Tue, 7 Mar 1995 17:07:30 -0700
From:    ***@DANA.UCC.NAU.EDU
Subject: Re: scAM Cup, my thoughts on '95 American Cup

> In 1987 Kristie Phillips beat Olga Strazheva... who hit
> In 1990 Zmeskal beat Kalinina
> In 1991 Betty Okino got a 10 on vault, Kim a 10 on floor
> > 1987 might have been the worst year, scAm cup wise...  Olga deserved
> to win by about .8

        I would agree with you about 87 and '91, but if you review the
tapes of the 1990 version, Kalinina was outcoding Kim like crazy
(double-full Yurchenko, full-in from bars and beam) but was having
trouble sticking landings and being consistent like Kim. Besides, I think
'90 Goodwill was enough of a point for her - though I was mad they placed
her ahead of Bogie. Also, Kalinina's form left something to be desired on
her hard tricks, like the Deltchev and her full-ins. We're talking
eggbeatter legs on those.
        Nieste's body mechanics and haircut remind me of Onodi. And
remember, Onodi's leaps were in the average to terrible range. I'm
talking no height at her worst.
        Wow - Kristy Powell's beam tumbling series reminds me of the way
Kerri strug used to do it - form-wise. And Kerri cleaned hers up some, so
there's hope.
        Did anyone else catch the size of the pastry Tom Forrester was
eating right before Kristy's beam in finals?
        My take on the Powell/Bican controversy - Kristy should've won
the meet, she should have a slightly higher score on floor than Bican (E
mount vs. D mount, better choreography, and when was the last time you
saw over a .05 deduction for a bad triple turn? Amplitude, expression -
Kristy had it...) On beam, Bican should've had her beat by two tenths,
slap or no slap.
        Btw, I've always seen Czechoslovakia abreviated TCH. No
matter - it's gone now...
        Hey, anyone want to go in for a cheap hotel room in Atlanta with
me? We'd better start organizing this if we want to get one....

P.S. Don't bother with the Tesh special. Nadia and Bart doing a couple
little things and a couple of intermittent rhythmic gymnastics. A bad
version of a large, white man trying really, really hard to be Yanni. the
only thing I can say is that Nadia, body-wise, looks to be in the best
post-competitive shape of her life.


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