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                        AC prelims[Long note]
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Date: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 12:02:22 -0500
From: ***
Subject: AC prelims[Long note]

The Ac prelims were a fantastic competition.  There was a big crowd on the
Arena and the performances by the gymnasts were fantastic.  Shannon fell off
the beam on her back-hand 1/4 turn so, she did not make it to finals.  Kristy
Powell and Borden made it to finals.  I must say that Amanda had the meet of
her life last night.  Her beam routine was, by far, the best I have seen from
her.  Not a wobble on anything and she nailed the dismount.  Kristy has
really emerged onto the international scene with a bang.  Her form on bars is
still a little loose but her doible layout on floor is one the highest I have
seen.  Overall I liked the spirit of the entire US team.  Everyone was
smiling and having a great time throughout the entire competition.  Mina Kim
is definitly a comer in the next couple of years.  She reminds me a lot of
Jennie Thompson.  She dismounts bars with a flaired double layout and has
great music on floor.  She was the crowd favorite here in Seattle.  Anna
Maria Bican was underscored as usual.  The judges don't seem to appreciate
her or her impeccable form in her routines.  She, by far, had the cleanest
form in the competition.  Tarasevich looked nervous as usual.  She's replaced
her Cuervo-half with a hand-tuck fron barani out.  Usual routine on bars but,
she fell on her Geinger(Good clean form with straight arms on all her giants)
I was shifting back and forth from Floor and beam when she was on beam but,
did catch her falling twice.  Her floor needs help.  Her tumbling is good
(Running doube twist-front, Wip immediate double back, Rudi into a layout
step out and a front full through to a doube full.) but her dance is horrid.
 Here are some other highlights:

Shannon performed Yurch-fulls with a hop on each--9.675 average

Thompsons hop-1 1/2 was cool but, I think she had problems with it because
she seemed out of control on her swing.  She looked like she barely caught is
and went over the top.  Nice save though.

Shannon has taken out her Miller combination on bars and replaced it with a
full-over to Tkatchev.  Dismounted full-out stuck!  She was having problems
sticking it in podium training and warm ups.

I could have sworn out of the corner of my eye that the Russian girl threw a
Def on bars.  Did anyone see this?  I was watching vault during this.

Amanda has put in a pike Jaeger in place of her straddle Yaeger.

Tarasevich dismouted a running punch-1 1/2.  WOnder where the doubel front

Amy had a great routine going until she rolled under the beam on her Rulfova.
 Note-Chow's form has gotten a lot better since Dortmund on all four event
and she vaulted the highest and farthest Hristakieva of the meet.

I didn't have a good view of beam so, I didn't get a lot.

Doni has added a wip through to triple full for her mount.

Shannon had trouble with her tumbling in warm ups but, nailed everything
here.  I like her new floor routine.  It's very expressive and
sassy.  Her tumbling is two wips to a full-in.  Rudi layout pass.  Front full
to front flyspring and a full-in dismount.  The dance was good and her
tumbling all stuck.  I thought they'd give her a 9.900 but, she recieved a

Amanda has added a 2 1/2 twist-punch front for her second pass and dismounts
a front thru to a front-full punch front. 

Amy Chow's Arabian-half looks great.

I know this seems pretty USA orientated but, I didn't really see anything
remarkable about any of the other athletes.  If you have any questions or
comments, feel free to write.


Date: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 15:48:35 -0500
From: Gene Leone <>
Subject: gymnast defense
To: gymn@MIT.EDU

> The one thing that has really bothered me about Gymn is the way some people
> make what I feel are very hurtful comments about gymnasts, especially the
> women.  I don't feel it's right to put down a gymnast simply because you
> don't like her and/or her gymnastics.  Considering what these young women go
> through just to make it to the elite level, I think they all deserve a great
> deal of respect.  You don't have to build up one gymnast by knocking down
> another!  Before you say something against someone, try to remember that most
> of the competitors are still kids, AND then take a look at yourself--how well
> can you do the very same skills! 
> Sorry if this sounds snobby--I just had to get it off my chest!
> Ann Marie

    Have to agree with this post alot. There has been an awful lot of condensation
 towards many of the gymnasts. Especially those who have reached the pinnacle of
 this sport. It really annoys me to keep reading things like "Zemeskal clones"
 and such. It sounds very petty. However being around gymnasts and gymnastic
 coaches , I shouldn't be surprised. This sport seems to breed a form of elitism.
 If we really want to build the sport of gymnastics up then there needs to be more
 positive output. No flames intended but like Ann-Marie I just needed to express my

     In any event, I have enjoyed gymn, and will continue to do so. It' s an excellent
  source for information!
                             Gene Leone

       IDIC - infinite diversity in infinite combinations


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