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Subject: Re: GYMN-L Digest - 25 Jun 1995 to 26 Jun 1995

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>Subject: Question
>Does the Gymnastics Hall of Fame in Souther Cal. have the Olumouc
>They should, if anyone does!

That's a good idea.  You can call the GHOF at (619) 722-0606.
Good luck.


Date:    Mon, 3 Jul 1995 13:51:03 -0600
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Subject: USOF '95 Athletes

From USAGO!:

June 27, 1995
Luan Peszek, Public Relations Director
Ramonna Robinson, Public Relations Coordinator
Elizabeth Long, Public Relations Intern

Several top USA Gymnastics' athletes are scheduled to compete at the
U.S.  Olympic Festival 1995, July 21-30, in Boulder, Colo.

Leading the roster for the women's team is 1992 Olympian Kerri Strug
from Tucson, Ariz., and competing for the men's team is 1994 World
Championships Event Finalist Chainey Umphrey.  Strug placed second in
the 1994 NationsBank World Team Trials in Richmond, Va., and went on
to help lead the U.S. women to the silver medal at the Team World
Championships in Dortmund, Germany, during the same year. Umphrey,
from Albuquerque, N.M., place d first all-around in the 1995 Winter
Cup Challenge in Colorado Springs, Colo., and third all-around at the
Visa Challenge in Fairfax, Va., Umphrey and Strug will each compete
for the West Teams.

Returning to the Festival is Doni Thompson from Colorado Springs,
Colo., competing for the North Team. Thompson placed fifth all-around
at this year's McDonald's American Cup in Seattle, Wash., and sixth
all-around at the 1995 American Classic in Oakland , Calif., her first
meet as a senior competitor.

Also returning to this year's Festival are Kristy Powell and Larissa
Fontaine.  Powell is from Colorado Springs, Colo., and has been on the
National Team for three consecutive years since 1991. Powell also
competed in the McDonald's American Cup in Seattl e, Wash., earning
gold medals in all-around, vault and uneven bars. Fontaine is from
Deerfield, Ill., and was a 1994 Team World Championships Silver
Medalist. Fontaine also finished 17th all-around at her first
appearance at a World Championships competi tion in Australia in
1994. Fontaine has been on the National Team for five consecutive
years. Powell will compete for the North Team, and Fontaine will
compete for the East.

Competing for the South in this year's Festival are Marianna Webster
from Joplin, Mo., Jenni Thompson from Wichita Falls, Texas, and Soni
Meduna from Colon, Neb., all of whom competed in the 1994 Goodwill
Games in St.  Petersburg, Russia, last Summer.

On the men's side, scheduled to compete for the North Team is Jay
Thornton from Augusta, Ga. Thornton placed seventh all-around at the
Winter Cup Challenge in Colorado Springs, Colo., and eighth all-around
at the Budget Rent a Car Invitational in San Jos e, Calif. At the 1994
Festival Thornton placed fifth all-around and on parallel bars, first
on floor exercise, and sixth on rings.

Competing for the South Team are Rob Kieffer and John
Macready. Kieffer captured the gold medal on parallel bars at the 1994
U.S. Olympic Festival. In 1995 Kieffer placed fourth all-around at the
Winter Cup Challenge and third all-around at the Internati onal Mixed
Pairs competition in Seattle, Wash. Macready, from Los Angeles,
Calif., placed ninth all-around at the 1995 Budget Rent a Car

Complete rosters follow:
Athlete, Birth Date, Hometown, Club

Kristy Powell, 2/13/80, Colorado Springs, Colo., Colorado Aerials
Doni Thompson, 2/17/81, Colorado Springs, Colo., Colorado Aerials
Theresa Kulikowski, 1/23/80, Colorado Springs, Colo., Colorado Aerials
Vanessa Atler, 2/17/82, Canyon Country, Calif., Charter Oak Gymnastics
Jami Dantzscher, 5/2/82, Palmdale, Calif., Charter Oak Gymnastics
Ashley Kever, 11/8/77, Austin, Texas, Capital Gymnastics

Mina Kim, 1/15/82, Oklahoma City, Okla., Dynamo
Heather Brink, 5/14/78, Lincoln, Neb., Dynamo
Marianna Webster, 12/14/78, Joplin, Mo., Dynamo
Jennie Thompson, 7/29/81, Wichita Falls , Texas, Dynamo
Soni Meduna, 6/19/79, Colon, Neb., Dynamo
Kristen Stucky, 2/27/82, Milwaukee, Wis., Salto Gymnastics

Gail Kachura, 10/2/81, Centreville, Va., Capital National Training Center
Breanne Rutherford, 11/15/81, Simsbury, Conn., New England Gymnastics Express
Alexis Brion, 11/18/82, Virginia Beach, Va., Gymstrada Gymnastics
Mohini Bhardwaj, 9/29/78, Cincinnati, Ohio, Brown's Gymnastics
Larissa Fontaine, 12/15/77, Deerfield, Ill., Buffalo Grove Gymnastics Center
Jenni Beathard, 2/10/77, Altamonte Springs, Fla., Brown's Gymnastics

Kristy Lichey, 8/29/79, Cincinnati, Ohio, Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy
Rachel Rochelli, 6/6/78, Houston, Texas, Cypress Academy
Sarah Balogach, 3/8/77, Allentown, Pa., Parkettes
Kerri Strug, 11/19/77, Tucson, Ariz., Gymnastic World
Melinda Baimbridge, 1/17/83, Webster, Texas, Cypress Academy
Kinsey Rowe, 4/22/82, Houston, Texas, Cypress Academy

Beth Rybacki of Charter Oak Gymnastics will coach the North Team,
while Dynamo Gymnastics' Peggy Liddick will coach the South Team. The
East Team will be coached by Dena Baker of Gymstrada Gymnastics, and
Deana Parish of Cypress Academy will coach the We st Team.

Men's (Artistic) Gymnastics Team Roster
Athlete, Birth Date, Hometown, Club

Derek Leiter, 1/7/78, Lincoln, Neb., Nebraska School of Gymnastics
Mike Moran, 6/27/76, Windsor, Conn., Daggett's Gymnastics
Jay Thornton, 9/9/74, Augusta, Ga., Univ. of Iowa
Scott Vetere, 9/4/79, Pennsburg, Pa., Gymnastrum
Ryan Waggner, 8/7/77, Tulsa, Okla., Citadel
Brian Yee, 8/10/73, Houston, Texas, Univ. of Minn.

Rob Kieffer, 10/4/72, Austin, Texas, Gold Cup Gymnastics
John Macready, 4/29/75, Los Angeles, Calif., U.S. Olympic Training Center
Sean Townsend, 1/20/78, Houston, Texas, GymMasters
Tyler Vogt, 11/23/74, Jacksonville, Fla., Univ. of Iowa
Chad Conner, 10/24/77, Dallas, Texas, Metroplex Gymnastics
Guard Young, 6/3/77, Oklahoma, Okla., Bart Conner Academy

Lindsey Fang, 11/15/77, Allentown, Pa., Gymnastrum
Richard Grace, 10/22/72, Omaha, Neb., Univ. of Nebraska
Andrew Mason, 11/14/74, Scottsdale, Ariz., Univ. of California
Gewin Sincharoen, 5/16/76, La Canada, Calif., Univ. of California
Todd Strada, 12/10/77, Alphretta, Ga., Atlanta School of Gymnastics
Freddie Umali, 5/22/79, San Jose, Calif., Top Flight Gymnastics

Sean Contreras, 7/13/77, Lincoln, Neb., Nebraska School of Gymnastics
Dave Frank, 3/15/72, Cinnaminson, N.J., Temple Univ.
Jeff Lavallee, 3/11/76, Stafford, Conn., Daggett Gymnastics
Izy Mlay, 2/27/76, Fremont, Calif., Top Flight Gymnastics
Anthony Petrocelli, 5/8/79, Stroudsburg, Pa., International Gymnastics School
Chainey Umphrey, 8/2/70, Albuquerque, N.M., UCLA

The North Team will be coached by Chuck Chmelka of the Nebraska School
of Gymnastics, and Ed Burch of Gold Cup Gymnastics will coach the
South Team. Joe Stallone of Gymnastrum will coach the East Team, while
UCLA's Art Shurlock will coach the West Team.

The 1995 U.S. Olympic Festival is the nation's premier sporting event,
which will feature approximately 3,000 of the nation's top Olympic
hopefuls, competing in 37 sports and five disabled events. The 10-day
event will be held in the cities of Boulder, C olorado Springs, and
Denver, from July 21-July 30.

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Date:    Mon, 3 Jul 1995 22:09:58 BST
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: British Womens Nationals EF

British Womens National Championships

Guildford, England      30 June - 2 July, 1995

Event Finals Results


 1. Annika Reeder       (South Essex)   9.575
 2. Sonia Lawrence      (Spelthorne)    9.562
 3. Gemma Cuff          (Heathrow)      9.425

Uneven Bars

 1. Gemma Cuff          (Heathrow)      9.425
 2. Annika Reeder       (South Essex)   9.400
=3. Faye Gratwicke      (Brighton)      9.220
=3. Zita Lusack         (Heathrow)      9.220

Balance Beam

 1. Zita Lusack         (Heathrow)      9.325
 2. Annika Reeder       (South Essex)   9.175
 3. Siobhan Simcock     (Liverpool)     9.150

Floor Exercise

 1. Annika Reeder       (South Essex)   9.675
 2. Jenny Cox           (Heathrow)      9.300
 3. Chloe Pragnell      (Woking)        9.225

- Annika had another good day, winning golds on vault and floor, and
  also silver on bars and beam.

- Michaela Knox from Flips, was seventh on vault, but fell on a double
  tuck dismount during the beam warm-up and had to pull out because of
  that injury.



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