gymn Digest                 Fri, 28 Jan 94       Volume 2 : Issue  65

Today's Topics:
             bribery, spanish & Bart (not in that order)
                                Kim Z.
           Modification for Women's Artistic Code of Points
                        NCAA Rankings (2 msgs)
                        REESE'S on TV tomorrow
                  Reese's World Cup - Format & stuff
            Reese's World Cup - Format and stuff (2 msgs)

This is a digest of the mailing list. 


Date: Thu, 27 Jan 94 22:12:21 PST
From: <***>
Subject: bribery, spanish & Bart (not in that order)

Isnt "gimnista" in reference to women gymnasts ? Isnt "gimnisto" the
word for guys in the sport ? (What can I say? Dad worked on the
highway through the Andes ...)

Reeses & $100 bills ?!? Isnt that bribery ? Wouldnt most judges be
"unamused" and count you off for such things ? Seriously, you all are
joking, right ?

Regarding Rachelle's network getting cracked; Those naughty boys from
"Cougar High" picking on you again ?

Waving a $100 bill at Bart ? ROFL (Rolling On Floor Laughing) Yeah he
kind likes things like that... I remember this time when he and one of
the guys from ABC & I went out to Windsor... Someday Ill get the nerve
to tell about people waving money at Bart. (Just as soon as I am rich
enough for a good lawyer !)


Date: Thu, 27 Jan 94 23:05:42 EST
From: ***
Subject: Introduction

Hello everybody!

I'm new, so here's my intro.

My involvement with gymnastics began when I was seven with my first
gymnastics lessons, but that didn't last long. I started in earnest
when I was nine. I'm from Puerto Rico, and I was on the national team
there, so I competed internationally a fair amount. I also competed
collegiately at Stanford (I was happy to see them 13th in the
rankings!). I've stayed involved as an interpreter (Spanish, for
obvious reasons), and I became a brevet judge last summer, although I
don't know whether I'll be able to keep up my standing, since I can't
get to many international meets these days (I'm at law school in
Connecticut now). I keep up with the sport pretty closely, and I'm
interested in absolutely every aspect. I'm most involved with women's
artistic, though, since that was what I did.

I was thrilled to find Gymn, since I'm almost obsessive about gymnastics and
could talk about it from now until forever.

: )
Gimnasta (<-- "gymnast" in Spanish, as you might already know 
                        or have guessed)


Date: Thu, 27 Jan 94 19:48:02 EST
From: ***
Subject: Kim Z.

For all you Kim Z. fans out there...she's working with the kids at the
TOPS training camp. Today she helped them out with beam. Sara says
she's still heavy but not as heavy as she's been. Betty Okino is
helping them with dance. Sara says she's really beautiful, graceful,
and friendly. Keri Strug is there - today she was working with the
trainer. Maybe tomorrow or the next day she'll be with the kids. Sara
says she's really shy. Needless to say, she's having a wonderful time
- already got pictures with and autographs from the above (I'm not
sure anything else that they do will compare!) She's made friends with
a girl from Tuscon (this kid did a standing full on beam at the
national testing - she skipped from a L7C to an Elite) and a girl from

We got her to the airport during a 7" snowstorm yesterday. We're
supposed to have a 20" snowstorm Sun. nite when they get back.
Something tells me we won't see her until Mon. or Tues. if we're



Date: Thu, 27 Jan 94 21:01:41 EST
From: ***
Subject: Modification for Women's Artistic Code of Points

Here are some highlights of new moves recognized by the Code. The source of
this info is a Technique article (Jan 1994, p.20).

New Vaults
-handspring on, front layout off (Ewdokimova) - 10.0
-RO, half twist on, front tuck off (Peneva) - 9.70
-RO, half twist on, front pike off -9.80
-RO, 1.5 twisting back tuck off - 9.90 
     (this is Dom's vault in the tucked position)
-RO, half twist on, front tuck off
     with 1/2 twist out (Servante) - 9.90
-RO, half twist on, front layout off - 10.0

Changes in Vault values
-RO, full twist on, full twist off - 9.8 old, 9.7 new
-RO, half twist on, tucked front off (Ivantcheva) - 10.0 old, 9.8 new
-RO, half twist on, piked front off (Omelianchik) - 10.0 old, 9.9 new

New Bars moves
-mount of Hecht Vault from low to high (looks like the common straddle
     vault mount with legs together) - B
-clear hip on low, release to counter forward half-somi to catch high bar - B
-giant to 1.5 pirouette in handstand or after (Dawes) - D
-cast to handstand, hop to reverse grip, full pirouette (Pacheco) - D
-1.5 twisting front layout dismount (Pechstein) - C
- full-in full-out dismount (Fabrichnova) - E

Balance Beam
- switch leap with 90 degree turn to straddle position, land facing sideways
- D
- back tuck or back layout (optional beginning with gainer, ie swinging back
     leg forward) to straddle down (Cousineau) - C

Floor Exercise
- Tour Jete with additional half twist to land on both legs (Strug) - C
- handspring forward with takeoff and landing from/to both legs (flyspring) -



Date: Thu, 27 Jan 94 15:15:24 EST
From: ***
Subject: NCAA Rankings

To All:
    Folks, here are the NCAA women's collegiate gymastics rankings. Until the
6th week of the season, teams are ranked by their high score. The scores
listed next to the team names and the individual names are the high scores.
1. Georgia               194.025
2. Alabama             194.000
3. Florida                193.325
4. Arizona State     192.600
5. Utah                    192.500
6. Nebraska             191.550
7. Michigan              191.175
8. LSU                      190.700
9. Penn State           190.375
10. Auburn               189.900
11. Oregon State      189.825
12. New Hampshire   189.675
13. Stanford             189.625
14. UCLA                  189.400
15. West Virginia     188.375
16. Cal Berkeley        188.150
17. SE Missouri          187.800
18. Arizona                187.200
19. Washington          187.100
20. Missouri               186.700

All-around rankings:
1. Beth Wymer, Michigan                 39.275
2. Tina Brinkman, Arizona State     39.225
3. Leslie Angeles, Georgia               39.050
4. Suzanne Metz, Utah                      38.975
5. Kim Kelly, Alabama                      38.750
6. Jennifer Landry, LSU                    38.725
7. Aimee Trepanier, Utah                  38.710
8. K. Quackenbush, West Virginia       38.675
9. April Polito, Penn State                38.650
10. M. Willard, Alabama                     38.625
11. Kristen Guise, Florida                  38.600
12. Jana Reardon, New Hampshire      38.575
--.  Leah Brown, Georgia                     38.575
14. Jene Elzie, Stanford                      38.525
15. Chrissy Vogel, Florida                   38.525
16. Joy Taylor, Nebraska                      38.475
17. Nicole Duval, Nebraska                   38.450
18. Lisa Panzironi, Florida                   38.400
19. Chasity Junkin, Alabama                38.350
20. Missy Wells-Taylor, Utah               38.325
--.  Nicole Mullins, New Hampshire       38.325
--.  Jennifer Jones, LSU                        38.325


Date: Thu, 27 Jan 94 14:00:38 PST
From: ***@Eng.Sun.COM
Subject: NCAA Rankings

Thanks, Ron,

Happen to know what's up with Chari Knight (Oregon State)? She had
that surgery last year (ACL). I was wondering if she were competing
again AA, just a few events, or not at all. Her beam routine a few
years back was the thing that made me really sit up and take notice of
women's collegiate gymnastics.



Date: Fri, 28 Jan 1994 11:31:17 -0600
From: <***>
Subject: REESE'S on TV tomorrow

Just a reminder that the Reese's cup (that name still kills me) will
be on TV tomorrow on ABC. I don't know the exact time, so check your
listing tomorrow.



Date: Sun, 23 Jan 1994 16:03:24 -0600 (CST)
From: <***>
Subject: Reese's World Cup - Format & stuff

| Baltimore Cara and myself will be attending and will provide updates after

And Debbie, too, plus probably a couple others who I don't know
about. Everyone please feel free to send comments to Gymn!

| By the way there was some previous speculation amoung some GYMN members that
| Shannon Miller may not be at the competion. A full interview in the Baltimore

Dennis, you must have us mixed up with AOL or Prodigy. I confirmed on
here awhile ago (it was a msg on Jan 13th titled "Calendar notes".)

| happen in gymnastics cause 6 make up a team as opposed to 2 however
she said

I don't think the size of the team makes any difference. A person who
is in 7th on a gymnastics team would want to compete as much as a
skater who was ranked 3rd... the motivation would be the same in each
case, I think. I don't think I can imagine a little girl bashing
another on the knee, though...



Date: Fri, 28 Jan 94 08:55:58 PST
From: ***
Subject: Reese's World Cup - Format and stuff

> I don't think the size of the team makes any difference.  A person who
> is in 7th on a gymnastics team would want to compete as much as a
> skater who was ranked 3rd... the motivation would be the same in each
> case, I think.  I don't think I can imagine a little girl bashing
> another on the knee, though...

Or a young gymnast having the *access* to money to hire a 'hit man' to
do the job for her. (I doubt most young gymnasts have easy access to
their savings accounts without checking with mom/dad). Of course,
nobody is safe. Competition is not the only reason for these scary
attacks, as we saw with the tennis incident. But that brings up a
whole new topic, which is a bit heavy for this wonderfully
light-hearted group!



Date: Fri, 28 Jan 94 13:04:21 EST
From: <***@MIT.EDU>
Subject: Reese's World Cup - Format and stuff


>> I don't think the size of the team makes any difference.  A person who
>> is in 7th on a gymnastics team would want to compete as much as a
>> skater who was ranked 3rd... the motivation would be the same in each
>> case, I think.  I don't think I can imagine a little girl bashing
>> another on the knee, though...

>Or a young gymnast having the *access* to money to hire a 'hit man' to do the
>job for her.  (I doubt most young gymnasts have easy access to their
>savings accounts without checking with mom/dad).  Of course, nobody is safe.

Maybe not the gymnasts bashing each other, but maybe a gymnast with a
psycho parent... wasn't there a case where a mother KILLED the competition
so her daughter could become head cheerleader?

Anyone in the public eye should be a bit more careful than your average
Jane Doe.  (Sad to say)



Date: Thu, 27 Jan 94 21:01:18 EST
From: ***
Subject: Various

Hey Gymn,

Yup, I decided to try out AOL since I still can't get onto my net.
Will probably use this as my primary system when I graduate...

First of all, administratively, sorry, I still can't get to the
Trivia, and also sorry to those individuals who subscribed to the
weekly mailings of the NCAA Rankings... I haven't been able to
complete these things due to Owlnet being down. I do have the women's
rankings (top 20 for teams and individuals in all events) for those
who want me to send them from here instead of waiting until I get back
on owlnet; I am still unable to connect to the men's BBS (I should
have that resolved soon). My sincere apologies.

OK, with that aside, let me say-- great meet report, Cara! Really
enjoyed reading it.

> Chusovitina ... so much
> speed on bars, including eagle giants and the toss full like Shannon does.

Here's an interesting tidbit I learned in my interview with Cypress.
That hop/toss-full is called the "Chusovitina" because she was the
first to do it in international competition -- not Miller.

> Trent Dimas, before he went up, tucked three Reese's packages into his
> waistbank and then walked over and gave them to the judges! Everyone loved

At an exhibition I went to once, Wendy Bruce and Betty Okino slipped
the judges (Nadia and Bart) a $100 bill.

> straddle jumps were way high. I think she threw that leap Strug started -
> switch leg to straddle thing - as well.

According to an article in _Technique_, "Modification for Women's
Artistic Code of Points" (Jan. p.40), this move has been added to the
1993 Code. It's marked as having been performed for the first time at
the 1993 Worlds, but doesn't give Strug credit, so I'm guessing that
more than one gymnast competed it there. It's called a "Split leap
forward with leg change and 1/4 (90 degree) turn to side split leap
(180 degree separation)" and is rated a D. (I like Cara's "switch leap
to straddle" much better...)

> Shannon left before floor to catch a flight. Dennis was wondering if it
> wasn't because that Chusovitina and Dom had a chance to beat her. Hmmmm....

Somehow, if Miller was pretty sure of winning, I can't see her
skipping out...

> General impressions -

These were way awesome, Cara.

I think Lysenko's bars dismount is a double front tucked with a half
twist out... it does look a little bone jarring at first.

John, I think that Dom's money probably went into a trust fund of some
sort administered by the USGF -- I think that's what they usually do
for prize money, but I'm not sure.

George, Chari Knight is back. I think actually, if I remember
correctly, that after the first week of competition, she was ranked #1
in the nation on balance beam.



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