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Today's Topics:
                       Aussie Commonwealth News
                     Cute Gym Related News Story
                             Dream teams
                  Goodwill Games - Mixed Pairs Comp
                       Goodwill Games Schedule
                 Goodwill Games  Schedule Correction
                              men's gym
                             Mixed Teams
                       Offcial Goodwill Roster
                       Official Goodwill Roster
                    Proposed NCAA Women's Changes
                            public pledge
                       Streching and Flexabilty
                   Tanya Meyers and Goodwill status
                   TV Goodwill Times; Women's Team
                     TV Tonight (Friday the 22nd)

This is a digest of the mailing list. 


Date: Mon, 25 Jul 94 14:49:19 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Aussie Commonwealth News

Excerpts From A Story On The Australian Associated Press Newswires  By Terry
O'Connor of AAP...
 - Australia's Commonwealth Games  gymnastics team goes on show this week in
Canberra at a final  selection trial open to the public as a fund-raising
 - "Our team of 14 won 16 medals at the last Commonwealth Games (at  Auckland
in 1990) and this year we hope to at least match this  again, if not better
it," team manager Robyn Allen said.
 - Sunday's trial will also be the final opportunity for national  champion
Joanna Hughes to make the Games squad.  Hughes is still recovering from an
ankle injury suffered at  April's World Championships in Brisbane and was
omitted from the  female squad named after last week's penultimate selection
trial. ... [Joanna] has been training hard over the past few weeks and
competed on the  beam and uneven bars at last week's trial. She spent the
rest of the competition practising the vault into  a soft landing pit.
 - Australian Gymnastics Federation national executive director  Peggy Browne
admits Hughes' absence from the squad would hurt  Australia's chances of a
team gold medal, although she remains  confident the team will win at least a
bronze.  "All I can do is wait until the 31st of July, and see what the
 doctors think," Browne said last week.
-  Victorian Kasumi Takahashi, who trains in Los Angeles where her  Japanese
father and Australian mother live, and New South Wales  gymnast Leigh Marning
have already been named in the rhythmic  squad. Gymnastics officials are
quietly confident Takahashi will win  several medals in Victoria, Canada,
following outstanding  performances in the junior competition at last month's
Four  Continents' Championship in Seoul. The 14-year-old's performances in
the junior competition, which  she won, would have given her several medals
in the senior event  which is judged on the same criteria.

 - ... [the Men's Team already decided is ... ] Auckland Commonwealth Games
gold medallist Brennon Dowrick (23,  ACT) and national champion Bret Hudson
(21, NSW) head the men's  team, with Peter Hogan (23, NSW) and Nathan
Kingston (19, Qld)  rounding out the team. The reserve is Damien Crozier (18,
ACT). The women's squad is Jenny Smith (14, WA), Rebecca Stoyel (15, SA),
 Ruth Moriz (16, NSW), Salli Wills (15, WA) and Clare Cribbes (15,  Vic).
The impression I get is that the trials are being held soley to allow Hughes
another chance of making the team since the other 5 girls are already
selected. Also they said that RSG trials will be held at the same time and
then went on to say that 2 girls were already selected so I'm not totally
sure I understand that. They also said that the age limit is 14 before the
end of the year which makes it one year younger then the normal Olympic age

 - posted by (and end comments by) Susan


Date: Mon, 25 Jul 94 14:49:27 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Cute Gym Related News Story

 Excerpt From A Story On The AP Wires By Howard Ulman...

 Kenny Perry is heading home for a rare weekend with his family. It was worth
the wait. He won $180,000 playing golf Sunday because of his daughters' skill
at gymnastics.  Perry, who played 10 tournaments in 11 weeks, needed a break
and planned to skip the New England Classic. He intended to return to the PGA
Tour at this week's St. Jude Classic in Memphis.  Then his wife reminded him
that 10-year-old Lesslye and 6-year-old Lindsey were competing in the
Kentucky state gymnastics finals next weekend. He changed his schedule so he
could see them and to play here instead. It paid off as he held off a late
charge by David Feherty for a 1-stroke win at the New England Classic, only
his second in eight years on the Tour.

See what a brilliant sport gym is !?!



Date: Fri, 22 Jul 94 21:40:55 EDT
From: <***>
Subject: Dream teams

     I was just sitting here watching an old tape of Soviet nationals (from '89
or '90 or something) and also thinking about the Dortmund Team Worlds, and I
was trying to think who I would put on the USSR team (if, of course, there
still were a USSR) if I had my pick of EVERY Soviet or ex-Soviet gymnast from
1952 to the present and they were all at their peak and had difficulty that was
up to today's standards. In other words, who would be the USSR "Dream Team"?
Then I started wondering the same about Romania, the US and China. So I thought
it might be fun to ask GYMN people to think of "Dream Teams" for each of these
countries and imagine a 4-way meet. (Wouldn't that just be gymnastics heaven!)
I haven't come up with teams myself yet, but I'm curious about whom all of you
would choose and why. Remember, assume the gymnast would have difficulty that
meets today's standards. For example, I think the Nadia Comaneci of 1976 would
belong on Romania's dream team, even though her difficulty level then would not
score well today. So assume you have the 1976 Nadia in terms of form,
consistency etc., but her difficulty would be equivalent of the best gymnasts
today (well, perhaps under the OLD code! No wimpy front tumbling, but things
like double layouts, full-ins, etc.) Same goes for other 70s gymnasts like
Ungureanu, Korbut, Turishcheva, etc. Who would be on your dream teams for the
USSR, Romania, China and the US, why, and in what order would the teams finish
in this hypothetical 4-way meet? If anyone wants to, they can throw in Bulgaria
and the GDR too - or any teams you want. And if you do men's dream teams, put
in Japan, of course! Have fun, and I'm curious to see everyone's views. I'll
put on my thinking cap and try to come up with my Dream Teams too.
     (Susan, I was thinking of you when I came up with this project, since you
did such an amazing and thorough job on your women's rankings. So I'm expecting
some super teams from you!)


Date: Sun, 24 Jul 94 22:36:45 EDT
From: ***
Subject: GIF's

I know that there was a lot of talk of this during the Worlds and an ftp site
was given for gymnastics GIF's that proved to be no longer there. Is there
currently any gymnastics related GIF's floating around out there?  Has the
ftp site been reinstated? If anyone knows of any I'd love to have detailed
info (and instructions on retrival) if possible.

Thanks Alot!


Date: Sun, 24 Jul 1994 12:37:25 -0400 (EDT)
From: ***
Subject: Goodwill Games - Mixed Pairs Comp

Does anyone know how they will choose the pairs.  Will it be scorewise or
a random selection?



Date: Fri, 22 Jul 94 09:32:19 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Goodwill Games Schedule

These are the times the actual events will be held not when they will be
shown on TV (TV guide has a Goodwill supplement this week for those
interested.  All times are EDT so for local St. Petersburg time add the
approiate amount of time which I *think* is 8 hours ahead.

Saturday, July, 30BoxingFinals51kg, 57kg, 63.5kg, 75kg, 81kg, 91kg-plus, 5
a.m.CyclingMen125km individual road race, 3 a.m.Gymnastics

WomenTeam competition, 11 a.m.VolleyballWomenCuba vs. Peru, 3 a.m.

Japan vs. China, 5 p.m.

United States vs. Netherlands, 10 a.m.

Russia vs. Germany, noonWater PoloBronze medal, 7 a.m.

Gold medal, 8 a.m.WrestlingQuarterfinals and Semifinals62kg, 68kg, 90kg, 2
a.m.Finals and classification62kg, 68kg, 90kg, 7 a.m.Sunday, July
31ArcheryMen's and women's individual competition, 6 a.m.CyclingWomen44km
criterium, 3 a.m.GymnasticsWomenAll-around, 11 a.m.Synchronized SwimmingShort
program (solo and duet), 7 a.m.VolleyballWomenPeru vs. China, 3 a.m.

Cuba vs. Japan, 5 p.m.

Russia vs. United States, 10 a.m.

Netherlands vs. Germany, noon
WrestlingQuarterfinals and Semifinals52kg, 57kg, 130kg, 2 a.m.Finals and
classification52kg, 57kg, 130kg, 7 a.m.Monday, August 1GymnasticsWomen's
individual apparatus, 11 a.m.Synchronized SwimmingLong program (solo and
duet), 7 a.m.VolleyballWomenJapan vs. Peru, 3 a.m.

China vs. Cuba, 5 a.m.

United States vs. Germany, 10 a.m.

Netherlands vs. Russia, noonTuesday, August 2BasketballWomenFrance vs. China,
3 a.m.

Russia vs. Italy, 5 a.m.DivingWomen3-meter springboard, 11
a.m.GymnasticsMenTeam competition, 10 a.m.Rhythmic GymnastisIndividual
all-around, 3 a.m.

Individual apparatus, 10 a.m.Short Track speedskatingMen500-meter,
semifinals, finals, 6 a.m.

1,000-meter, semifinals, finals, noonWomen1,000-meter, semifinals, finals, 6

500-meter, semifinals, finals, noonYachtingTwo races, 3 a.m.Wednesday, August
3BasketballWomenCanada vs China, 3 a.m.

United States vs. Italy, 5 a.m.Canoe-KayakMen's 500-meter, K-1, K-2, C-1,
C-2, 3 a.m.

Women's 500-meter, K-1, 3 a.m.DivingMenOne-meter springboard, 11 a.m.Figure
SkatingPairs and men's technical programs, ice dance compulsory, 11
MenAll-around, 11 a.m.VolleyballWomenSemifinal, 3 a.m.

Semifinal, 5 a.m.

Semifinal, 10 a.m.

Semifinal, noonYachtingTwo races, 3 a.m.Thursday, August
4BasketballWomenCanada vs. France, 3 a.m.

United States vs. Russia, 5 a.m.Canoe-KayakMen's 1,000-meter, K-1, K-2, C-1,
C-2, 3 a.m.

Women's 500-meter, K-2, 3 a.m.DivingWomenOne-meter springboard, 11 a.m.Figure
SkatingLadies technical program, ice dance original program, 11
a.m.GymnasticsMenIndividual apparatus, 11 a.m.YachtingTwo races, 3
a.m.Friday, August 5DivingMen3-meter springboard, 11 a.m.Figure SkatingPairs'
and men's free programs, 11 a.m.GymnasticsMenIndividual apparatus, 11
a.m.VolleyballWomenFifth place, 3 a.m.

Bronze medal, 5 a.m.

Seventh place, 10 a.m.

Gold medal, noonYachtingTwo races, 3 a.m.Saturday, August
6BasketballWomenFifth place, 2 a.m.

Semifinal, 4 a.m.

Semifinal, 6 a.m.Figure SkatingLadies and ice dance free programs, 5
a.m.RowingMen's and women's 500-meter, singles, eights, 3
a.m.DivingWomenPlatform, 11 a.m.GymnasticsTeam competition, 11 a.m.

Sunday, August 7BasketballWomenBronze medal, 2 a.m.

Gold medal, 4 a.m.RowingMen1000-meter, singles, eights, 3
a.m.Women1000-meter, singles, eights, 3 a.m.Figure SkatingExhibition of
champions, 4 a.m.DivingMenPlatform, 5 a.m.GymnasticsMixed team competition, 8
a.m.SoccerAll-star match, 11 a.m.Closing Ceremony11 a.m.



Date: Sat, 23 Jul 94 18:33:49 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Goodwill Games  Schedule Correction

Instead of the exhib I listed for the last day of comp. it's the second half
 (finals) of the mixed pairs comp. Sorry for the confusion.



Date: Thu, 21 Jul 94 16:48:38 EST
From: ***
Subject: men's gym

I thought I'd comment about an article that appeared in USA Today the other
day bemoaning the fate of male gymnastics in the US.  I won't elaborate,
since its been done in previous posts.  There was an interesting observation
made by the writer which I tend to disagree with:  our male gymnasts will
benefit from the break-up of the soviet system into multi-federation
representation.  I would think that because of the depth of the former
soviet team there are more chances for gymnasts who never made it to the BIG
events to appear under their respective flags.  That being the case, 
competition for the US males is still going to be stiff unless the "soviet"
training ethic has been loosened somewhat by the break-up.

Last note from another article in USA Today on preparation for the Atlanta Games
(my appologies to those who will wince at the mention of a certain name):

Karolyi is opposed to a centralized system of development because the
gymnasts would feel they were being prepared by the government not by
their own individual achievements.  Why am I not surprised he said this???

Have a nice weekend all!!!



Date: Sun, 24 Jul 94 02:23:15 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Mixed Teams

>Instead of the exhib I listed for the last day of comp. it's the second half
(finals) of the mixed pairs comp. Sorry for the confusion.

I recall reading in (?) USA Today, that that Mixed Pairs originally
envisioned has been changed to Mixed Teams (2 Men, 2 Women per team).  Should
be interesting (and a nice opportunity to hear the Russian anthem)...



Date: Fri, 22 Jul 94 09:32:00 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Offcial Goodwill Roster



Drew Durbin, Columbus, Ohio

Scott Keswick, Las Vegas

Chainey Umphrey, Albuquerque

Blaine Wilson, Columbus, Ohio


Shannon Miller, Edmund, Okla.

Jennie Thompson, Wichita Falls, Texas

Marianna Webster, Joplin, Mo.

Soni Meduna, Colon, Mo.

posted by Susan


Date: Sat, 23 Jul 94 15:25:44 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Official Goodwill Roster

>Why is Dominique Dawes not competing in the Goodwill Games?  How do they
(whoever "they" are) decide who competes at a meet?<

The Goodwill Games  is, for the first time, an "invitational" meet. Most
large meets are either invites or trial competitions are held to decide who
represents the US (for something like nationals qualfiying meets are held for
athletes that are not already a part of the national team). For things like
DTB, Chunichi, etc. the USAG and the indidual coaches decide who will
compete. They will usually select one top athlete for the large comps. and
let the coach choose 1 or 2 other girls from the same (or a related) gym to
attend with them.  Jr's are often selected to gain Int'l comp. expirience.

Of course all this has little to do with why Dawes is not attending Goodwill.
She has decided to focus instead on the nationals coming up in August 24-28
(think those are the dates; it's off the top of my head) in Nashville. She
said after the tri-meet in May that she'd like to go to Goodwill, since it's
a big meet,  but her focus is really nationals and she doesn't think the
girls that competed at Goodwill will be ready to compete again so soon.

All of the female athletes at Goodwill are from Nunno's and Shannon
specifically was invited to attend (and paid an appearance fee) by Tuner



Date: Mon, 25 Jul 94 22:50:25 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Proposed NCAA Women's Changes

To All:
    In women's collegiate gymnastics, the 1996 national championships will be
at Alabama, scholarships will be raised to 12 a team, judges will be forced
to do *real* open scoring year-around, Towson State will host a regionals for
the first time ever, and start values will be posted year-round -- that is,
if the NCAA Women's Gymnastics Committee gets its way.
    The committee met July 5-8 in Kansas City, Missouri and made all these
recommendations, which will be considered by the Executive Committee in May
of 1995.
   Perhaps the most far-reaching suggestion is that the number of
scholarships a school can offer be raised from 10 to 12.  This will benefit
the big schools immensely, since they have the money to offer 12
scholarships. At the same time, though, it opens more doors for club-level
gymnasts to attain some sort of scholarship.
    In a shocker, the committee suggested that Alabama get the 1996 National
Championships over Florida. I'm not sure on the reasoning (since Florida hasn'
t hosted since 1985).
    In a pleasant surprise, tiny Towson State for the first time has been
recommended to host a regional competition.
    The committee also made a proposal to clarify open scoring. There has
been big problems where schools claimed to have open scoring but the judges
would confer before flashing their scores. The new rules say they cannot talk
to one another AND can't look at the other judges' flashed score(s) until
they flash their own.
   The committee also recommended that start values be flashed at all
competitions, not just at regionals or nationals.
   The only thing I didn't see in the recommendations that I was hoping would
be required is banning untrained children (or adults, for that matter) from
flashing scores.  At too many competitions last year, even at big schools,
there were kids who didn't turn the scores, who flashed them incorrectly or
who didn't even have enough body strength to lift the score on the pole.
   I was kind of hoping to see an end to that.
--- Ron


Date: Thu, 21 Jul 1994 16:48:22 +0800
From: ***@Eng.Sun.COM
Subject: public pledge

Handstands on the floor have come along.  Moved them up to the bigtime
(Pbars).  Been a little timid on this apparatus, so I figure I just need
to suck it up and do it!  If I don't get a swing to handstand tonight,
well, I'll buy Dave Litwin some frozen yogurt at Yogurt Park (tm).

-George (weekend gymnast)


Date: Fri, 22 Jul 1994 15:30:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: ***
Subject: Streching and Flexabilty

> I thought that maybe some people on "Gymn" would be interested in this. There
> is a 3 part "Stretching and Flexabilty" FAQ on the usenet
> group (as of 21 July). There is also a WWW page available. For more info
> contact...Brad Appleton at  
Susan & the rest of the folk on this list;

I realize that most of us on this list are not "net guru" type.
One of my "hot buttons" is calling the internet news usenet.

The news started on usenet, but it is seperate from usenet.
I know cause I helped BUILD the usenet.

Back in the early 80's you had to be a secret skunkworks to get on the ARPAnet.
We wanted a net for the non secret machines around.
We created a net where you relayed messages accross the US by dial up.
It was a "bucket brigade". In those days there was no smart mail and
domains didnt exist.  You had to know the path you message was to take.
I was one of the "directory assistance operators: then.  I had a 2 ft thick
printout of who talked to who.

to send mail from my system (the jimi hendrix memorial system)
i sent mail this way:
mail invent!dual!ucbvax!ihnp4!ut-sally!kvue:stone

That was how I reached the chief station engineer at KVUE 26 NBC in Austin TX.

Now THAT was usenet.  Nowdays many firms cant afford a fulltime T-1 connection
to the internet @ $3000/mo.  So some remnants of the usenet are still there.
Dial up uucp connections between machines that are on the net to thos eless
fortunate.  And machines not on the net have finally learned about domain

Where am I going with this ?

Internet news is the news.
Dial up uucp of mail or news is usenet.
News is NOT usenet and usenet is not news.
Usenet is just a way to move the messages.

THERE ! I Feel MUCH better !




Date: Mon, 25 Jul 1994 10:50:26 -0400 (EDT)
From: ***
Subject: Tanya Meyers and Goodwill status

      Since Tanya has switched gymns since the Goodwill roster was announced,
does anyone know what her status will be on the team?
      If she does go, will a coach from Colorado Ariels be allowed to travel
with the delegation?
      Oh, if y'all want to pay the 75 cents for this week's TV Guide, there's
an entire Goodwill schedule you can tear out, and a contest thing with it. One
of the prizes is an all-expense paid trip to Dortmund Team Championships. I'm
gonna keep track of that one!


Date: Sat, 23 Jul 94 13:45:17 EDT
From: ***
Subject: TV Goodwill Times; Women's Team

All times EDT...

 3:30 p.m.
   ABC -- "Wide World of Sports," Goodwill Games, women's triathlon,
wrestling, men's cycling, boxing, men's water polo, women's volleyball and
women's team gymnastics championship, at St. Petersburg, Russia (same-day

 8:05 p.m.
   TBS -- Goodwill Games, women's team gymnastics, women's volleyball (U.S.
vs. Netherlands) and men's triathlon, at St. Petersburg, Russia (same-day


Date: Fri, 22 Jul 94 09:06:34 EDT
From: ***
Subject: TV Tonight (Friday the 22nd)

This was a reminder posted on the USAG board for anyone interested ...




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