gymn Digest                 Tue, 22 Feb 94       Volume 2 : Issue  78

Today's Topics:
                      "wuss" Male gymnastics...
              American Cup live on USAG Online (2 msgs)
                              A warning
                         Daves's shellacking
                       Gordon "quotes" (4 msgs)
                         Karoli on Nightline
                         Trivia Set #?, topic
                    Update on the Buckeye Classic
               USAG selects new Men's Program Director
                     What ever happened to. . . ?

This is a digest of the mailing list. 


Date: Tue, 22 Feb 94 1:42:42 PST
From: <***>
Subject: "wuss" Male gymnastics...

Someone said:

    1. i agree and disagree with your mail
    2. men's gymnastics has rings, which only uses muscle!

Not true (that rings use only muscle.)  For a while there, swing was
ephasized over strength move on rings (seems to be mostly over now.)
Kurt Tomas and Bart Conners, while certainly strong, had ring routines
that were rather low on strength moves.

    3. dont get me wrong, i love mens gymnastics- but you really cant have a
       scrawny dude doing that kind of stuff
    4. on floor, men do special strenth moves.
    5. u r right, men's gymnastics has a rep. of only strenth stuff

But remember, we aren't talking about champions, we are talking about boys
who are just starting.  An Iron-cross is W.F. Hard.  In a second or third
teir collegiate program, less than half the team will be able to do one.  On
a HS team, perhaps one or two people can do one.  In Jr high, where you need
to start if you want to be really good some day (maybe), hardly anyone can
do it.  I was scrawny, and it wasn't that much of a disadvantage on most
events.  (there was this really neat dichotimy in Jr. High.  There's a
really elemenatary move on rings, the "muscle up" (from a still hang, pull
up, rotate your shoulders over your hands, and then push up, ending in a
support above the rings.)  This was an "advanced move" as far as Gym class
went.  There were all these big, strong, jocks in school, and they could
pull up, and they could push up, but they couldn't get their shoulders from
below the rings to above the rings.  Me, I could pull up and move my
shoulders above the rings, but I couldn't push up!  It got me more respect
than I'd ever gotten in gym before, and some understanding.  Here was a spot
where I could do something special, and there was a spot where I was just
too weak...)

    5. u r right, men's gymnastics has a rep. of only strenth stuff

That's not what I meant to say.  I meant to imply that only the strength
part of men's gymnastics is considered "impressive" by the ill-informed.

    6. women's gymnastics is mostly/half dance!

Not anymore.  A typical men's floor routine has three to four tumbling
passes, with a press handstand in one corner and a "balance" move in another
corner.  A women's (world class) routine has three tumbling passes, with
dance in between.  The women's routine runs longer (by requirement) and
provides less opportunities to rest.  Difficultly of tumbline being equal
(and these days, it IS very close), the women's routine is much harder.
Now, a little girl can get away with doing a routine that contains fewer
tumbling tricks and more dance than a young boy, but that's a little
different.  Cynics will tell you that not only is there more tumbling in
women's routines todays, but also that what dance there is has deteriorated
since the good old days...



Date: Tue, 22 Feb 94 18:00:11 EST
From: ***
Subject: American Cup live on USAG Online

For those of you who have Delphi, USA Gymnastics will be sending out
information from the American Cup live, through their BBS on Delphi.  The
following banner now greets you when you enter their service:


Pretty cool stuff.  If you want to join Delphi to try out the USGF BBS, do
the following:

1. dial (by modem) 1-800-365-4636
2. press return three or four times
3. at password, type "GYMNASTICS"

For those with interactive Internet access, I believe that you could do this
also by telnetting to  Not sure about that though.  (If you
can't, will someone let me know?)

Delphi (and thus USAGO!) rates are $10 for 4 hours or $20 for 20 hours.
There's an extra charge if you call in (telnet doesn't count) between 6am and
7pm.  You get five free hours for a beginning trial.  If you decide you don't
like it, you must actively cancel your account.  VISA, MC, and AMEX accepted.

Another cool thing about the BBS is that every week they have social
get-togethers in their "conference" area.  (Similar to a multi-party "talk",
for those of you who use that function.)  Participation has been limited thus
far but I expect it'll pick up quickly.

Despite my distaste for Delphi email (all of you have heard me complain about
that before), I think the USA G's BBS is pretty cool-- I fully endorse it.
Definitely worth it if you've got the extra bucks.



Date: Tue, 22 Feb 1994 18:00:48 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: American Cup live on USAG Online

> For those with interactive Internet access, I believe that you could do this
> also by telnetting to  Not sure about that though.  (If you
> can't, will someone let me know?)

You definitely CANNOT telnet to sign up for a new account. 
The 800 number is a separate system, I believe.



Date: Tue, 22 Feb 94 02:03:00 PST
From: "***"
Subject: A warning

>From time to time I run afoul of the rules here on the list.
I am loud & outspoken, and I have a caustic sense of humour.
It is not an excuse, its reality.  What can I say, Im me.

Fact of the matter, this list tends to stay on topic more than most lists.
This is a distinction cherished by our list managers.
When we wander off, we sometimes get reminded that our posts are endangering
our managers goals.

I made a reference to "NETCOPS" in a posting.  I was reminding a lighthearted
poster that while I saw the humour in his post, I wanted to save him from
ruffling the feathers of our managers.  Im already in enough hot water.
We dont need 2 of us "in the doghouse".  He got my point that way I meant it
once I explained what is a NETCOP.

NETCOP is a slang term for the folks who keep the internet from becoming TOTAL

Never in a million years did I have the slightest idea that our managers
would be offended by the term "NETCOPS".

Boy ! I was wrong.


Date: Mon, 21 Feb 94 15:19:36 PST
From: "***"
Subject: Daves's shellacking

Maybe I did deserve that shellacking.  (Got any turpentine ?  Hmmmmm?)

Seriously, I fell into the all to common trap of beieving people simply because
they were knowlegable than I was on that particular subject.  When my toe
heals, I'll see CT again and tell him what you told me.  Ill share the results.
(Wish I could get him on the net....)


Date: Mon, 21 Feb 1994 12:17:11 -0600 (CST)
From: <***>
Subject: Gordon "quotes"

After watching a full week of the winter games, I have been reminded of
my favorite moment on broadcast television.  The 1984 Olympic gymnastics
coverage was the slate for some of the most classic broadcasting faux
pas ever.  (Sorry but I can't pluralize in French)  Does anyone either
have a copy, or know how I can get a copy of Gordon Maddux's line about Tim
Dagget and the pommel horse?  This is a story that I have been telling
for ten years now, and I would love to have a hard copy to prove that it

Also, does anyone know anything about Mr. Maddux?  He must have been a
gymnast, but I have always wondered when and where. 



Date: Mon, 21 Feb 1994 19:15:47 -0600 (CST)
From: <***>
Subject: Gordon "quotes"

Sorry, I thought this was common knowledge.  Aside from calling a kato
hop a "flap jack", and calling a double layout on flour a "double fly
away" (these are amusing, but not totally outragious), Maddux said about
Dagget's routine, "he climbs all over that horse as though it were a
naked woman". 

After my flatulance question, am I going to get in trouble for explicitly
turning this mailing list into a nonprofessional charade of verbage?  No
hard feelings, eh...

I really am curious about his gymnastics background.


Date: Mon, 21 Feb 94 19:53:46 PST
From: "***"
Subject: Gordon "quotes"

I shall make inquiry through my friends at ABC.
He IS an ABC guy isnt he ?  (Buddy of mine has the dirt on EVERYONE !)


Date: Mon, 21 Feb 1994 23:44:00 -0500
From: ***
Subject: Gordon "quotes"

>I shall make inquiry through my friends at ABC.
>He IS an ABC guy isnt he ?  (Buddy of mine has the dirt on EVERYONE !)

Well...I haven't seen nor heard Maddux on ABC - on anywhere else for that
matter - since 1984, when Bart Connor and Kathy Johnson began handling the
bulk of the gymnastics commentary for ABC.  No one ever answered the
inquiry I made to this list about Maddux some weeks ago - perhaps someone
knows now???



Date: Mon, 21 Feb 94 10:45:44 EST
From: ***
Subject: Karoli on Nightline

Recently I read on Prodigy that Bela was a confirmed guest on ABC's nightline.
I believe it was around the week of the 12 when it was suppose to be aired.
I haven't been able to get any further info off Prodigy and was wondering if
anyone saw/heard anything.



Date: Mon, 21 Feb 1994 09:34:39 -0500 (EST)
From: <***>
Subject: Results

Some meets held over the weekend(Mens Collegiate)

Springfield 249.10  Southern Connecticut 239.65
(at Southern Conn.)

Temple 269.80   University of Massachusets 263.85  Army 267.20
 (at West Point)


Date: Tue, 22 Feb 94 16:40:46 EST
From: ***
Subject: Trivia Set #?, topic

I can't remember what set # we are on... but regardless of that, the next
topic for Trivia Sets will be floor exercise tumbling.

For this trivia set, feel free to submit questions that you don't know
answers to.  I'll see if I or another member can't research them.

However, I would appreciate answers if you know them.  =)

Appropriate questions are "Why is xxx so hard?" "Who was the first to do
xxxxx? and when?"  "What music did xxx compete with?", and also historical
questions, etc.  Not to mention, judging questions are more than welcome.

Hopefully this will be an interesting one!  I'm not sure how long this will
take to put together, so no promises on when it'll be posted.



Date: Sun, 20 Feb 94 15:57:53 EST
From: ***
Subject: Update on the Buckeye Classic

Just spoke with Mr. Dascenzo from the Buckeye Classic.  Results so far are:

1. Jenni Beathard, Brown's, 38.425
2t. Kellee Davis, American Twisters, 38.225
2t. Keri Monahan, Atlantic Coast, 38.225

Apparently there was a controversy over Kellee Davis' scores.  She was marked
low by some of the Canadian judges.  Inquiries and so forth -- but the final
scores stood.  Davis received the 2nd place medal over Monahan because of the
higher individual event score, although they officially tied for 2nd.

The teams, going into the finals, are:
1. American Twisters, 151.025
2. Brown's, 149.150
3. Gymagic, 145.825

The final session started about 20 minutes ago, if they were on schedule.

Another "controversy" in the competition: Jenni Beathard pulled a muscle in
her neck in warm-ups.  Brown's then decided to sub in Marina Bidas for
Beathard in the team competition.  This apparently was not agreeable with all
the coaches present, so a coaches' meeting was called, but the coaches voted
to let Bidas compete on the Brown's team.

On a high note, Keri Monahan was very pleased by her third place finish. This
fine gymnast, who has been recruited by Stanford, was competing in her last
Buckeye Classic and so wanted to do especially well, particularly since her
new Stanford coach was in the audience (I think -- couldn't catch exactly
what Jay told me here).  Everyone was very happy for her.



Date: Tue, 22 Feb 94 17:59:55 EST
From: ***
Subject: USAG selects new Men's Program Director

from USA Gymnastics Online!:

Ron Galimore has been named Men's Program Director for the
Indianapolis-based USA Gymnastics.  Galimore will take over the
position on March 9, 1994.

Galimore has been involved in nearly every aspect of the sport of
gymnastics.  He was a 1980 Olympian, international competitor,
international judge, coach and gym club owner.  Galimore's mission as
the Men's Program Director is to provide leadership to advance and
develop the sport of men's gymnastics in the United States.

"It's a great challenge and one that I look forward to," said Galimore.
"Being an athlete, coach and judge in the sport, I feel that I have
things to offer to help get our men on top of the rankings in world

Galimore is a 12-time NCAA All-American.  He was the first black member
of the United States Olympic Gymnastics Team and the first gymnast in
history to score a perfect "10" in NCAA Gymnastics Championships.

Galimore graduated from Iowa State University in 1981 with a degree in
speech.  He and his wife, Loree, will move to Indianapolis to begin his
position with USA Gymnastics.

USA Gymnastics is the sole, national governing body for the sport of
gymnastics in the United States.  The organization sets the rules and
policies that govern gymnastics in an effort to promote sport & fitness
to its participants.  USA Gymnastics has 164,000 members, programs in
all 50 states, 158 state and regional chairmen, and 40 staff members.


Date: Tue, 22 Feb 94 15:24:35 -0500
From: ***
Subject: What ever happened to. . . ?

Hi, folks!!  I've been a gymnastics list member for quite a few months now.
Sent my intro back in the beginning, but have otherwise been a lurker!  I do
enjoy the conversations, and the trivia questions!!

But onto my question - what ever happened to Nelly Kim?  I remember her from
the 1976 Olympics.  She was really good (IMHO), but always seemed to be
*overshadowed* by the *rivalry* between Nadia and Olga.  I also remember
seeing her in a televised competition later in 1976 or 1977, where she came in
first, but I haven't heard anything about her again.  Anyone with any info on
her?  Thanks!!