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Today's Topics:
                    (spoil) Men's top 12 (2 msgs)
                (spoil) Men's top 30 [more each time!]
               (spoil) News From Aussie...Nancy Speaks
                           (spoil) response
                  (spoil) response and more details
                      (spoil) WOmen's, round two
                     (spoil) women's AA (2 msgs)
               (spoil) Women's AA after *first* session
                  Making a little progress (2 msgs)
                         NCAA Women - Prelim
                    Observations on the Worlds '94
                             Phoebe Mills
                   spoil - Womens AA First Session
            Were you ever injured? Read this please. (fwd)

This is a digest of the mailing list. 


Date: Thu, 21 Apr 94 21:32:20 EDT
From: ***
Subject: (spoil) Men's top 12

>But how many are competing AA per country?  I think it's 4 at most, right?

Only 3 per country can compete AA even in this wacky format...the only diff.
was the country could choose which three instead of the m having to qualify



Date: Thu, 21 Apr 94 21:32:25 EDT
From: ***
Subject: (spoil) Men's top 12

>Still three US men "legitimately" in the top 36 is better than the past
(where our guys could only get into finals because of the country limit

They have done much better (or so the scores would indicate) then before but
how "legtimate" is it when they didn;'t have to qualify to get in which is
where they always fell apart anyway. Just a thought, so don't kill me.



Date: Fri, 22 Apr 1994 01:14:01 -0500 (CDT)
From: <***>
Subject: (spoil) Men's top 30 [more each time!]

As has been pointed out, the better-than-usual success of the American
men is no more "legitamate" than it used to be since each country can
enter only three gymnasts.  My bad.  I do think that their finishes
are an improvement over past years, however... and to me, that's cool.
=) Rachele

>From the AP:

   1. Ivan Ivankov, Belarus, 57.012.
   2. Alexei Vorapaev, Russia, 56.924.
   3. Vitaly Scherbo, Belarus, 56.350.
   4. Valeri Belenki, Germany, 56.312.
   5. Evgeni Chabaev, Russia, 56.275.
   6. Igor Korobchinski, Ukraine, 55.812.
   7. Lee Joo-Hyung, South Korea, 55.800.
   8. Yuri Chechi, Italy, 55.762.
   9. Zoltan Supola, Hungary, 55.662.
   10. Li Xiaoshuang, China, 55.650.
   11. Hikaru Tanaka, Japan, 55.575.
   12. Alexei Nemov, Russia, 55.326.
   13. Scott Keswick, United States, 55.275.
   (tie) Yoshiaki Hatekeda, Japan, 55.275.
   15. Jordan Jovtchev, Bulgaria, 55.212.
   16. Neil Thomas, Britain, 55.200.
   17. John Roethlisberger, United States, 55.075.
   18. Nicu Stroia, Romania, 55.062.
   19. Huang Huadong, China, 55.050.
   20. Eric Poujade, France, 55.037.
   21. Jan-Peter Nikferow, Germany, 54.925.
   22. Oliver Walther, Germany, 54.887.
   23. Bret Hudson, Australia, 54.812.
   24. Chainey Umphrey, United States, 54.625.
   25. Boris Preti, Italy, 54.612.
   26. Miroslav Smetana, Czech Republic, 54.550.
   27. Ivan Ivanov, Bulgaria, 54.325.
   28. Andrea Massucchi, Italy, 54.125.
   29. Vladimir Shamenko, Ukraine, 54.025.
   30. Alan Nolet, Canada, 53.725.


Date: Fri, 22 Apr 94 02:14:39 EDT
From: ***
Subject: (spoil) News From Aussie...Nancy Speaks

Well after telling her that her cat was injured and needed $300 worth of
surgery we did discuss a bit of gym...

First off where is everyone?...answer there. Lyssenko (she has little hair
which may be the problem) was screwed over in vault qualifying and messed up
floor but is there for the AA (hasn't competed yet). Chusovitna and Galieva
are there but not competing since they failed to register in time. Oops!
Wecker and Misutin abstained from AA since their sets aren't worth enough.

In the first round of Women's AA Hategan is leading so far and Lussac took a
bad face plant off beam. She caught her leg and rammed her knee into her face
splitting her cheek (Nance says there's been a lot of blood and guts down
under). Paul Bowler fell off rings, again - he also did in front of his home
crowd Brit's in Brummie. Buy this guy a new pair of grips!

In Scott Keswicks illustrious drive to 77th place on HB he first missed a
STALDER. Yes a STALDER!!!!! That's a good one even for Scott! Then he
continued on to ditch his Kovacs and dismount (continued the tuck all the way
to his ass). Voropaev is throwing Kovacs-hop full-Kovacs  & double double lay
off on HB and the Greek guy who tied Misutin & Korby on FX for 3rd is going
whip to double lay punch front and all other manner of gnarly things. He's
very "pretty"... if you catch my drift.   After Alexei (Voropaev) rocked his
dismount off HB in AA he did a little dance, pumped his fists, and then
jumped off the podium with a half twist to show his joy...then Ivankov went
on PH and pulled ahead.

Li Li missed a full turn on beam and the Chinese girl who made beam finals is
the same one who can do the Gaylord (she did so in prelims and then missed a
connection...which isn't that hard to imagine since Nancy said she was about
2 feet tall). Khorkina is simply spectacular and is being screwed (not the
exact term she used) big time, particularly on floor.

Oh yeah, Igor (he's my fav - everyone hates him and I feel so sorry for him)
he trashed his pommels and to avoid a fall came off with an "A" scoring 8
something or other.  He isn't, thank god, attempting the handspring double
front anymore (though Misutin's still looks fab) and opted instead for a Tusk
a 1 1/2.   He also hopped his rings dismount all of which contributed to his
6th place finish (hey it's better than last year... and he's old damn it!) 

Scherbo has had major butsu in this meet. He missed an inverted cross and
landed on his butt after his double pike off P's and that was just the AA!
He had 2 beers (only one last year) and a good attitude in the press
conference though...making jokes, speaking for know being
Vitali (anyone else remember the Indy press conference where he kept yanking
Grisha's chair back while he was trying to answer questions saying "boring"
or "too long"...there's also an amusing golf cart story...but that's off the

That's all I can remember from our rather brief chat (she was at the AA in
between sessions)...


PS-Hey this isn't something Nance shared but something I've been meaning to
mention... does everyone know that Pegan, who's in the lead on HB, does a
Gaylord Barani out. It's so stunning. He does Misutin's Gaylord (read: high
and clean) and then cracks a half and has what seems like ages to float
before he regrasps. In Brum he did all this that well and didn't even come
close to finals...what a rip! Of course, this time he'll probably fall.


Date: Thu, 21 Apr 94 21:32:15 EDT
From: ***
Subject: (spoil) response

>since when is Belenky from Germany?

Belenki left the Soviet Union after the '92 Olympics to live and train in
Germany. He has competed in their national championships the lat two years
(though his scores don't count towards the nat'l team) and has been trying to
gain citizenship for some time. His grandparents are German & Jewish  - a
lethal combo at that time which is what lead the to migrate East and
eventually, apparently, they ended up in Azerbajian. Azerbajian is a small
mostly Muslim country that is not adjusting well to life outside the Soviet
Union so it's not too unusual that Belenki has moved himself to some place
safe...not to mention beneficial for his gymnastics. 

About his "Jewishness"...In the USSR anti-semitism is very high so being
Jewish is not a popular thing. At the '91 Worlds a reporter, I'm not sure
from where, asked Belenki if there were any Jews on the Soviet team. He said
"no"... though both he and Taitania Lyssenko are ethnically Jewish it is very
doubtful that they ever practiced their relgion in the state run sports
system that was their world.  



Date: Thu, 21 Apr 1994 17:45:33 -0500 (CDT)
From: <***>
Subject: (spoil) response and more details

To David: Belenky moved to Germany quite awhile ago and
competed in the 1993 Worlds as "Unattached".  He was seeking German
citizenship at that time.  He then recently competed in the German
Nationals (placed third I believe) and I suppose has obtained German
citizenship, since he is no longer "unattached".

Now the more details:

AP reports that:

Scherbo had problems with his grip during an inverted cross... thus
the mishap.

Keswick was 13th, Roethlisberger was 17th, no mention of Umphrey.

Also, Bruce, I was going to be at men's NCAAs but couldn't make it due
to conflicting test schedules at school (believe you me, I wish I was
there!).  However, the scores will certainly come over the AP wires,
so I'll be posting the scores ASAP, and if any Gymners are there,
maybe we'll get some of their impressions next week.



Date: Fri, 22 Apr 1994 06:40:32 -0500 (CDT)
From: <***>
Subject: (spoil) WOmen's, round two

>From UPI:

After the second session of competition, one session uncompleted

1st. Gina Gogean (ROM) (9.737, 9.775, 9.762, 9.787) 39.061
2nd. Dominique Dawes (USA) (9.506, the rest all 9.8+)
3rd. Lilia Podkopayeva (UKR) ?

Dawes fell on the landing of her first vault.  "I felt OK in all
except the vault. I just pulled it too hard," Dawes said.  Kelli Hill
said she had been struggling with that particular vault all week.

And here are scores from the first session, which just ran across the

 1. Nadia Hategan, Romania, 9.699-9.700-9.762-9.675--38.836
 2. Elena Grocheva, Russia, 9.462-9.775-9.600-9.487--38.324
 3. Alena Polozkova, Belarus, 9.549-9.487-9.625-9.550--38.211
 4. Irina Boulakova, Ukraine, 9.156-9.750-9.525-9.575--38.006
 5. Larissa Fontaine, U.S. 9.637-9.700-8.975-9.575--37.887
 6. Anna Zaitseva, Kazakhstan, 9.562-9.212-9.300-9.262--37.336
 7. Arai Yuka, Japan, 9.381-9.387-8.862-9.100--36.730
 8. (tied) Eve-Marie Poulin, Canada, 9.375-9.487-9.000-8.300--36.162
 and Elisabeth Valle, Spain, 9.525-9.162-8.325-9.150--36.162
 10. Han NaJung, Korea, 9.368-8.637-8.912-9.025--35.942
 11. Annika Reeder, Britain, 8.881-8.500-8.925-9.500--35.806
 12.  Ruscha Kouril, Austria, 9.243-8.825-8.950-8.300--35.318


Date: Fri, 22 Apr 1994 08:03:28 -0500 (CDT)
From: <***>
Subject: (spoil) women's AA

Miller is the official women's World Champion for the second straight
year in a row.  Milosovici 2nd, Dina Kochetkova 3rd.


Date: Fri, 22 Apr 1994 08:09:58 -0500 (CDT)
From: <***>
Subject: (spoil) Women's AA

>From the AP:

Miller needed a 9.775 on vault to win, and produced two "spectacular
vaults" for 9.812.  She also scored 9.85 on bars, 9.862 on beam, and
9.750 on floor to total 39.274.

Milosovici scored 39.236.  Kochetkova (RUS) scored 39.125 for the
bronze.  Gogean was 4th with 39.061

Dawes' final ranking was 5th.  Apparently she scored 9.25 on her first
vault and 9.762 on her second, for the 9.506 average, which hurt her
total of 38.968.  Apparently Dawes was in tears again after her vaults
-- is this deja vu or what?

The last person to win consecutive women's AA titles was Ludmilla
Tourischeva of the USSR ('70, '74).



Date: Fri, 22 Apr 1994 01:17:34 -0500 (CDT)
From: <***>
Subject: (spoil) Women's AA after *first* session

>From UPI:

After the *first* session of competition (still two sessions to go),
Nadia Hategan on ROM is in the lead.  She has a 38.836 (9.699, 9.700,
9.762, and 9.675).  Second: Elena Grosheva (RUS).  Third: Alena
Polozkova (BLR).  Fourth: Irina Boulakhova (UKR).

The second session will have Dawes and Gogean, and the third session
will have Miller and Milosovici.



Date: Thu, 21 Apr 94 20:15:30 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Cubans

Does anyone know whether Cuba is at Worlds and if so, who went and how they
are doing?

-- Gimnasta


Date: Thu, 21 Apr 94 17:23:19 CDT
From: ***
Subject: Hello

Hello, my name is Tony. I am a coach at a recreational gymnastic
club. We are the only one in our area.  Basically what we teach is tumbling
for cheerleaders. I would like to find some books, publications, or videos;
so I can learn to teach what I know better and to learn to teach more
tricks. I know how to teach back-handsprings, back-tucks, backlayouts and a
few other ticks but all basic.. but i would like to improve... ANY
SUGGESTIONS?   Thanks Alot....


Date: Thu, 21 Apr 1994 19:40:30 -0400 (EDT)
From: ***
Subject: Making a little progress

Hey everyone, after getting all those responses as to how a beginner (Me)
should go about starting with the sport, I thought I'd just keep an update
for the other beginners out there to possibly relate to in some way. After
about a month of just fooling around, trying different things on the
different aparatus in the gym, I am starting to do more of a heavy workout
on the different equipment to build up basic strength. Because, if you
don't have the strength to do a handstand on the parallels, or a giant on
the bar, or double leg circles on the pommel horse, or an iron cross (In
the distant future) on the rings, then you will go nowhere in the sport.
So what I find myself doing now, after a month and a half getting to know
the basics, I am just practicing the same moves over and over to build up
my strength. Such as:
Doing leg cuts and circles on the horse until my arms fall off
Doing kips on the high bar until I collapse
Swinging on the rings, etc.....

      And at the end of about an hour or two, I go into a workout mode.
I do dips, pushups, V-ups, Leg lifts, pull-ups (Palms away), some pull-ups
with the palms in but palms away are more effective and useful (Palms in
looks better though, hehe), Roman chair sit-ups by locking my feet in the
pommel horse and leaning backwards so im off the horse, more pushups
(Hands close, hands at shoulder distance, hands far), more dips, etc...
you get the point. On the floor to work my legs I will do one legged
squats holding onto a bar or something (Not too far which can kill you
knees), then I will do big jumps across the floor (Frog jumps I guess)
without bending my knees too much, but bending them a little, then to jump
back, I do a bunch of mini-jumps off my toes and this uses my calves. A
lot of press headstands, push handstands, etc.... Until I can't even move.
I might be doing it a little extreme, but I think you find that it is the
people who stay after practice such as I find myuself doing now-a-days
that really make the progress. Trampoline with a lot of spotters and some
instruction can really help also with coordination and fear of being in
flight and in flips. L's and back levers are also good things to work on.

      Also, I take a day off after each workout to give my muscles a
chance to recuperate and build up and repair broken capillaries, etc... A
day of rest is a good idea in my opinion because you feel stronger the
next day you are back. So to all you beginners, keep working at it hard
enough and the results will come easier and faster, this coming from
someone who is seeing results only after a few workout sessions. (Weight
lifting is not necessary in my opinion, lifting your body weight in
different ways is good enough to give you a body that you see gymnasts on
T.V with).
      This message is open to replies, maybe my fellow gymnast E-mailers
can offer me different exercises to practice or a different method of
building up strength, etc... And also, I forgot, always stretch before
working out, nice and slow to loosten up, take a few laps, a few forward
and backward rolls, a few cartwheels, handsprings, roundoffs, etc... And
then after working out, stretch again to keep your body loose and prevent
it from stiffening up. Ok, gotta go study for finals. Good luck everyone.



Date: Thu, 21 Apr 1994 23:25:10 -0400
From: <***>
Subject: Making a little progress


Just wanted to comment on where you said that 'lifting your weight in
different ways is good enought to give you a body that you see gymnasts on
t.v. with...' I have to disagree with you. In the beginning the exercises
which you mentioned will indeed cause muscle growth, but eventually your
body will cease to respond to the same amount of strain. In is then
necessary to add resistance to continue muscle growth. I'm not an expert but
I've read this in alot of health mags.....just wanted to pass the comment to y
you....good luck in training.....


Date: Fri, 22 Apr 1994 00:46:10 -0600
From: <***>
Subject: NCAA Women - Prelim

Hey, Gymn fans!

Here I am once again in the bowels of some godforsaken building
on the University of Utah campus, to give you this brief of
Wwomen's NCAA Nationals. (trumpets...)

Whoo, never give blood then travel to a town that's 5,000 feet.
If I pass out at the keyboard here, somebody call me a doctor, K?

It was good to see all of the old faces again.  Ron, Raul, Randy
were all her, as was the NCAA women's sorority.  But I'm sure you
want some results.

Results from the preliminary round

Here are the team scores:

1   Alabama     196.300
2   Georgia     195.050
3   Utah        194.925
4   Florida     194.250
5   UCLA        193.700
6   OSU         193.625
7   Michigan    193.475
8   LSU         193.225
9   BYU         192.325
10  ASU         190.825
11  Washington  190.525
12  N Hampshire 188.45

The teams that made it to the "Super Six" are the top seven minus
unlucky Oregon State.  The rule is the top three teams of each
session advance.  Since OSU was in the evening session with
Alabama, Utah and Florida, they won't be competing.  This is a
bit of a pity since I think OSU did a real nice job, although
it's good to see Michigan go.  I guess it doesn't matter as long
as everyone has a good time (guess I make a bad arbitrator, huh?

All Around

   1. Jenny Hansen, Kentucky, 39.45
   2. Agina Simpkins, Georgia, 39.40
   3. Meredith Willard, Alabama, 39.35
   4. Aimee Trepanier, Utah, 39.25
   5. Kareema Marrow, UCLA, 39.175
   6. Chastity Junkim, Alabama, 39.15
   7. Leah Brown, Georgia, 39.125
   8. Lori Strong, Georgia, 39.075
   (tie) Kim Kelly, Alabama, 39.05
   (tie) Kristen Guise, Florida, 39.05

* The Scoop

Looks like everyone is posturing for the best spin on the results.
Coach Youlan of Georgia chastised her women on the press podium
for falling a bit short and treating the afternoon session as a
qualifying meet.  Since the AA was determined today, I guess she
has a point.  To their credit, the afternoon session did seem low
energy for a number of reasons:  Not many fans bothered to show
up, since the meets in Utah and Utah was in the evening session;
Alabama, Florida and OSU were in the evening also.  It's kind of
hard to "run for time" when your top competitors aren't there.
Also, the three day format I think lends itself to coasting a
bit.  Combine this with the impression that the scores tend to
rise by evening (this is why they chose the even seed/odd seed
format in the first place) and it's understandable that Georgia
didn't rank first going into tomorrow's meet.  It'll be
interesting to see how things pan out tomorrow.

*The Rest of the Story

I have to confess that it's hard for me to get too into all
that scoring stuff these days.  I just like to see people
doing gymnastics.  The NCAA code of points really baffles
me, especially the women's.  I think they'd be better off
just picking scores out of the air sometimes (I'm getting
pretty good at this:  Come up with a "gut score", add .3
for inflation and voila, you too can be a judge!  I'm being
facetious of course ;^)

That said, a thousand apologies if I fail to comment on a
gymnast or two that may or may not have gotten the best
score.  With so many things going on, my eye just wandered
to what seemed interesting at the time.  If you have a
favorite gymnast and want some feedback as to how she's
doing, by all means drop me a line and I'll do the best
I can.


There are some topnotch gymnasts in the NCAA and I feel
fortunate to being able to come to this meet.  There were
some new trends that were going on and some old fads that
are still around (just a few, but I'll save those for the
"lowlights" section ;^)

Leah Homma - She's my new favorite NCAA gymnast (UCLA). It's
a pity that I didn't get to see her at CAL this year (I think
CAL traveled down to LA exclusively this year.)  She does
some really innovative things:  Flairs on beam (this always
looks so cool) as well as on FX, though she stumbled a bit
on those.  Her music was this graceful cello solo which I
felt worked quite well.  She also does these strange arches
from the floor up onto the inside of her feet.  Never saw
that before.  In all, some innovative routines.  She placed
30th and 23rd on beam and floor, respectively, so it's not
like she nailed everything down in sight, but still I thought
she was a pleasure to watch.

Charri Knight - Her beam routine still brings tears to my
eyes.  Her signature planche will be sorely missed next year.

Aparna Ray (LSU) - She had this one-armed planche on beam (9.65)
that really made people take notice.  Can't even think of how
one would attempt this.  Maybe if I saw it again.

Hope Spivey (Georgia) - She's such a dynamo jumping around
all over the place.  Someone (Raul? Randy? Ron?) already
described her FX to the group before, so I really can't
add to that.  I just want to acknowledge my appreciation.

Stephanie Woods (Alabama) - She's such an elegant gymnast.
It was good to see her beam routine again (I first saw it
at the World University Games in Buffalo).  Her press to
handstand mount is so graceful.  I know such a mount is
not the trickiest thing in the world, but who cares about

Shushanova - No, this gymnast wasn't here, but it's a cool
trick on uneven bars (Tkatchev with a full twist).  I believe
two women did it today.  It looks kind of weird when you see
it.  it certainly catches my eye.  It's good to get away from
the obligatory Yaeger and Gienger every now and then.
Similarly, the Deltchev seems to add a little spice to the
release repertoire.

Jennifer Hawkinson (Nebraska) - She had a very original
beam routine.  She mounted with a back hip-looking skill
(is there a name for this?) She also did a nice spin on
one foot from the crouch position.  Sort of reminded me
of the kind of things the Chinese girls regularly experiment

Jenny Hanson (Kentucky) - Had to put a plug in for her,
since she once again won the AA and she was here alone.
I have the suspicion that some of her scores might have
benefited from name recognition (her first vault scored
a 9.95 where she clearly took a step on her landing.
Her second vault scored her a 9.975) but these little
scoring discrepancies are what make the NCAA so endearing.
Still, she is a top form gymnast and probably fully
deserved to win the AA.

The Utah team - Man oh man were they self-destructing on
beam!  The first three up all registered falls.  Looked
like a disaster in the making, when they regrouped and
sucked it up to come in 2nd for the evening session.  It's
a good thing, too, since if Utah hadn't made it to team
finals, the auditorium would probably have been awfully
empty tomorrow!

Double layout - Anyone that used this dismount for uneven bars
was a winner in my book.  It looks so graceful when done well.
Kareema Marrow (UCLA) used it for her FX mount.

* Lowlights

Candice Kwok (CAL) really ate the mat on her FX mount.  This is
a lowlight since it's real unsettling when it looks like someone
gets hurt.  She severely underrotated her double back and landed
on her face.  She escaped, it appears, with a bloody nose
and a sore jaw, although they took X-rays as a precaution.
This was Candice's first Nationals experience and she was here
by herself.  Apparently she was pretty dinked up after regionals,
so they rested her for ten days rather than stress out her body
any more than she had to.

Music - I've gotten used to some of the techno-pop stuff that
gets played a lot at the NCAA meets.  I even like a lot of it.
But, I swear that at least five (count 'em) women used the
exact *same* music!  Was somebody having a sale one day?

The 1-1/4 - It's past the point of tedium for this move (over
rotate - Slam body to the floor - Crowd cheers wildly.) It's
such a big time wrestling technique.  Can't be that hard to do
and it doesn't look the least bit elegant.  Why do it? It
should be abolished!  Let's start a movement!

Partisan fans - Why travel across the country and not come to
the sessions that your team isn't in?  What else is there to
do in Salt Lake City?

Well, that about wraps up this segment of NCAA women's.  Oxygen
deprivation prevents me from delving into the press conferrences
just now.  A couple of interesting things were said.  I promise
to write it up tomorrow.

Yours in gymnastics,



Date: Fri, 22 Apr 94 13:35:57 BST
From: ***
Subject: Observations on the Worlds '94

Lynda asked:
>Have you been watching live Clive???

Yes indeed I have, when I can at least (5 hours non stop coverage
can be a bit excessive). Its been quite good this week 5 hours of Worlds
from Brisbane then flick over the channels at lunch time and theres
10 hours of cricket from the West Indies a very relaxing day,
except I have to go to work so I miss it all. Oh well never mind
at least I can video it all.

Anyway back to the Worlds, I noticed there werent too many people there
on Tuesday infact there was an entire block of seats empty but it
seems to have picked up over the week. The thing that seems to take
the most time is the parade of the flags and judges, there are just so
many flags and they have to negotiate their way across the arena which
looks enourmous (but that could just be the camera angle). It also
sounds enourmous as well the crowd noises are really quiet and echoey
but again that could be the TV. There seems to be alot of waiting
around waiting for people to start and often they have been left
standing there waiting to go for about 5minutes, thats usually when the
cameraman gets bored and starts panning through the crowd.

It was interesting to watch some of the less well know gymnasts and
loads of complete unknowns who often attempted more difficult moves
and routines than some of the well known gymnasts but the marks didnt
reflect this trend, it brings us back to that ROV question again doesn't

I was wondering though on a side issue for the Commonwealth games
who exactly will be taking part bearing in mind most of the
gymnasts who are at the top of the sport don't live in countries
that are in the Commonwealth.

Before I forget I read in the paper the other day that the Womens
European Championships for 1996 will be held in Birmingham in the UK.
I dont know how official it is but thats what I read.



Date: Thu, 21 Apr 94 20:26:03 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Phoebe Mills

I'm told Phoebe Mills placed 5th at the US Indoor Diving Championships (don't
know which event or anything else).  It seems she keeps climbing in the ranks
-- wouldn't it be great to see her at the Olympics in another sport?  Are
there any diving experts on Gymn who can tell us how realistic that is?

-- Gimnasta


Date: Fri, 22 Apr 94 15:40:17 +1000
From: ***
Subject: spoil - Womens AA First Session

Just spoke to Nancy Raymond and she said first session was not really
impressive only gymnasts of interest were Hategan (Rom)  who looked really
good and Groshova (???)  who fell on beam.  Sorry no scores.
Dawes is in middle session and Miller is in last session.

Elodie from France had a great stack on beam during warm up (missed her
dismount) and ended up with a fractured cheek bone.  (Lots of blood and
guts when there have been stacks she said).

Other obversations:

Crowds have been great with groups of school kids coming in and cheering
for everybody and keeping the atmosphere going.
Scherbo didn't compete rings in apparatus prelims as he had a sore shoulder
and she thought he was just hurting and hadn't been warming it up real good
and he was probably not expecting to do well at it.
Dawes stepped on her landing in vault hence the low score.
'Sleep is better than medicine'


Date: Thu, 21 Apr 94 23:43:12 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Were you ever injured? Read this please. (fwd)

>| be write me at *** for a questionnaire.

In case anyone else had trouble, like I did, make that

-- Gimnasta


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