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Today's Topics:
                       (spoil) beam qualifying
                    (spoil) Men's finals! (2 msgs)
                   (spoil) quotes from Men's finals
                      (spoil) So where are they?
                   (spoil) Worlds prelims, yet more
                           Gymnastics GIFs
                          Interesting Names
                   Nadia sponsors Romanian gymnasts
                        NCAA Women's Nationals
                             ROV (3 msgs)
                           Scherbo humbled
                            stored results
                         UCLA Men's Repreive
            Were you ever injured? Read this please. (fwd)

This is a digest of the mailing list. 


Date: Wed, 20 Apr 94 22:21:05 EDT
From: ***
Subject: (spoil) beam qualifying

I am so disappointed that only one Chinese made beam and bar finals!  Does
anyone know the qualifying results of the others?

Also, even though there is no more great Sov team, it's interesting to see
the many different athletes who would not be here if there were.



Date: Thu, 21 Apr 1994 08:24:26 -0500 (CDT)
From: <***>
Subject: (spoil) Men's finals!

>From the AP and UPI:

The top male gymnast in the world is Ivan Ivankov, of Belarus.
Ivankov, "a little known 19-year-old from Minsk," scored a total of
57.012 points. Alexei Voropaev of Russia won the silver medal with
56.924.  Scherbo was third with 56.350.  Ivankov competed in the
afternoon subdivision, as did Voropaev.  Scherbo competed in the
evening session.

Scherbo messed up on rings and pbars... he missed a strength move on
rings, and apparently crashed his dismount on pbars.  He had a 9.675
for PH and 9.650 for VT, but only 8.950 for SR and 8.925 for PB.

Belenki, GER, was 4th with a total of 56.312. Evgeni Chabaev of Russia
was 5th with 56.275 and Igor Korobchinski of Ukraine 6th with 55.812.

Lee Jo-hyung of South Korea was third going into his final routine
on the pommels, but fell, scored only 8.800, and ended up 7th.

The following are the results after the *2nd Session* of 3 rounds of
competition... while they have the leads out on the third session
(thus the above info), they don't yet have the final scores on the
wires.  I'll post those this afternoon.

 Leading competitors after second of three rounds
 (floor-pommel-rings-vault-parallel bars-high bars--total)
 1. Ivan Ivankov, Belarus, 9.450-9.562-9.525-9.500-9.525-9.450--57.012
 2. Alexei Voropaev, Russia, 9.487-9.450-9.525-9.500-9.375-9.587--56. 924
 3. Hikaru Tanaka, Japan, 9.200-9.025-9.425-9.200-9.400-9.325-55.575
 4. Alexei Nemov, Russia, 9.350-9.325-9.150-8.950-9.487-9.100--55.362
 5. John Roethlisberger, U.S., 8.800-9.450-9.150-9.275-8.950-9.450--55. 075
 6. Nicu Stroia, Romania, 8.250-9.400-9.475-9.200-9.175-9.562-55.062
 7. Huang Huadong, China, 8.475-9.525-9.100-9.000-9.425-9.525--55.050
 8. Jan-Peter Nikiferow, Germany, 9.125-9.325-9.125-9.125-8.975-9.250-- 54.925
 9. Oliver Walther, Germany, 8.925-9.400-9.462-9.150-9.225-8.725--54. 887
 10. Albert Umphrey, U.S., 9.100-9.075-9.475-9.075-8.600-9.300-54.625


Date: Thu, 21 Apr 94 10:33:44 EDT
From: ***
Subject: (spoil) Men's finals!

So the Soviet men go 1-6.  What a shock. . .

but, anyone know what of Misiutin (<-- the sweetest thing that ever lived; I
always root for him) and Sharipov?


Date: Thu, 21 Apr 1994 09:51:46 -0500 (CDT)
From: <***>
Subject: (spoil) quotes from Men's finals

Comments and quotes from the UPI wire....

Apparently Scherbo is suffering "a slight arm injury"...?  From the
sound of it, this is not something that happened during competition,
but rather something he had coming to Australia.  It wasn't made out
to be a large factor in his loss, though.

Ivankov said he had been too nervous to watch the last round.
"Honestly, I did not expect to win."  His score of 57.012, which
averages to about 9.5 per apparatus (!), is higher than Scherbo's
winning score last year.

Scherbo: "I did not expect to win after my mistakes. Usually I get
very upset. My coach usually gets very upset, but today I felt good. I
was in a good mood and I am glad the medal stayed for Belarus."
Scherbo indicated plans to continue competing to the 96 Games, and
then give exhibitions afterward.  He also said he'd like to work in
the US, saying "I like the people and I like the system."

(sounds remarkably humble for Scherbo, no?)



Date: Wed, 20 Apr 94 16:37:27 EDT
From: ***
Subject: (spoil) So where are they?

Okay I "found" Ivankov and Ermakov (why didn't Ivankov compete on SR he's the
bronze medalist from last year and has a gnarly tucked/ladiout Guczoghy?!)
but also noticed two other obvious  MIA's to put in their place. Where the
hell are Chusovitna & Galieva!  Couldn't Uzbekisthan afford the airfare?



Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 14:32:06 -0500 (CDT)
From: <***>
Subject: (spoil) Worlds prelims, yet more
To: gymn@MIT.EDU (Gymnastics Mailing List)

>From the AP, the Wednesday qualifiers for event finals:

   1. Yeo Hong-Chul, South Korea, 9.812 points.
   2. Vitaly Scherbo, Belarus, 9.662.
   3. Li Xianshuang, China, 9.650.
  =3. Grigory Misutin, Ukraine, 9.650.
   5. Yoo Ok-Ryul, South Korea, 9.612.
   6. Masanori Suzuki, Japan, 9.600.
   7. Murat Canbas, Turkey, 9.575.
   8. Ivan Ivankov, Belarus, 9.512.
   1. Michael Engeler, Switzerland, 9.475.
   2. Zoltan Suppola, Hungary, 9.475.
   13. Scott Keswick, United States, 9.450.
   23. Victor Colon, Puerto Rico, 9.350.
   24. Alejandro Peniche, Mexico, 9.325.
 Parallel Bars
   1. Huang Lipin, China, 9.687.
   2. Rustam Charipov, Ukraine, 9.587.
  =2. Ivan Ivanov, Bulgaria, 9.587.
   4. Vitaly Scherbo, Belarus, 9.575.
   5. Lee Joo-Hyung, South Korea, 9.550.
   6. Alexei Nemov, Russia, 9.537.
  =6. Jung Jin-Soo, South Korea, 9.537.
   8. Evgeni Chabaev, Russia, 9.512.
   1. Marius Urzica, Romania, 9.500.
   2. Yuri Chechi, Italy, 9.487.
   20. Chainey Umphrey, United States, 9.275.
   35. John Roethlisberger, United States, 9.025.
   64. Scott Keswick, United States, 8.350.
 Horizontal Bar
   1. Aljaz Pegan, Slovenia, 9.650.
   2. Zoltan Supola, Hungary, 9.550.
   3. Boris Preti, Italy, 9.537.
   4. Csaba Fajkusz, Hungary, 9.512.
   5. Chainey Umphrey, United States, 9.500.
  =5. Ivan Ivankov, Belarus, 9.500.
   7. Vitaly Scherbo, Belarus, 9.475.
  =7. Jari Monkonnen, Finland, 9.475.
   1. Lee Joo-Hyung, South Korea, 9.462.
   2. Marius Gherman, Romania, 9.400.
   14. Richard Ikeda, Canada, 9.350.
   20. Alan Nolet, Canada, 9.300.
   28. Peter Schmidt, Canada, 9.125.
   (tie) Alexander Suarez, Puerto Rico, 9.125.
   54. Mihai Bagiu, United States, 8.750.
   77. Scott Keswick, United States, 7.975.

 Balance Beam
   1. Dominique Dawes, United States, 9.837.
   2. Shannon Miller, United States, 9.825.
   3. Lavinia Milosovici, Romania, 9.762.
   4. Nadia Hategan, Romania, 9.725.
  =4. Qiao Ya, China, 9.725.
   6. Lilia Podkopayeva, Ukraine, 9.687.
   7. Julia Stratmann, Germany, 9.625.
   8. Oxana Fabrichnova, Russia, 9.612.
   1. Lambrini Apostilidou, Greece, 9.600.
   2. Joanna Hughes, Australia, 9.575.
   11. Amanda Borden, United States, 9.550.
 Floor exercises
   1. Lavinia Milosovici, Romania, 9.837.
   2. Dominique Dawes, United States, 9.825.
   3. Shannon Miller, United States, 9.787.
   4. Gina Gogean, Romania, 9.687.
   5. Dina Kochetkova, Russia, 9.687.
   6. Joanna Hughes, Australia, 9.662.
   7. Mo Huilan, China, 9.625.
   8. Yelena Piskun, Belarus, 9.600.
   1. Svetlana Chorkina, Russia, 9.587.
  =1. Irina Ewdokimova, Kazakhstan, 9.587.
   16. Jaime Hill, Canada, 9.475.
   17. Marilou Cousineau, Canada, 9.437.
   28. Brenda Magana, Mexico, 9.125.
   29. Amanda Borden, United States, 9.075.

"I didn't do as well yesterday as I would have liked, so today I
really wanted to hit my routines," Miller said.

"Because I had a pulled stomach muscle (last month) I didn't get as
many repetitions on the bars as I would have liked, plus I added a new
trick," she said.

"Shannon's getting better every day," Nunno said. "By Friday, everyone
will see her back in top form.  We had to come back slowly, but a
metamorphosis has taken place over the last two weeks with Shannon's
performances. She's looking good and feeling confident. She's
progressing, not just maintaining her skill level."

"These past two days have just been a warm-up for the all-around,"
Miller said.

"It was very difficult during qualifying because you have to be so
careful not to make any big mistakes," Milosovici said. "I was pleased
and now I have great expectations for the all-around."

----- For those Dawes fans, yes, they had quotes of her too, however
it was the same "I'm not getting too excited" quote from last time...



Date: Thu, 21 Apr 94 12:48:30 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Advice

Wow...what a response! Thanks very much for all your wonderful advice,
suggestions, hints and comments.
I'll keep y'all posted on how Courtney is progressing and I'm sure to have
lots more question too.
Thanks again for all your help......


Date: Wed, 20 Apr 94 21:02:31 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Gymnastics GIFs

Today's (April 20)  Brisbane gymnastics GIFs on Compuserve are:

1. Miller on B
2. Miller on FX
3. Huilan Mo (CHN) on B
4. Dan Burinca (ROM) on V
5. Kurihara (JPN) on V

All are color except #2.

SPOILER: Each GIF description contains the gymnast's score and standing on
the event.

All GIFs are copyrighted by Reuters and cannot be distributed, blah, blah,
blah (you know the rules).



Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 19:42:06 -0500 (CDT)
From: <***>
Subject: Interesting Names

Gymnasts can often have strange names, especially the men, and
especially when you get into the international arena.  Just thought
I'd highlight some of my more favorite names that have appeared from
this Worlds...

Szilvester Csollany, Hungary
  -- sounds like he should be starring along-side Tweety Bird on a
      Looney Tune comic

Yoo Ok-ryul, South Korea
  -- this name's been spelled so many different ways, I can't even
      being to keep track.  I remember being at NCAAs last year and
      people walking about pointing at each other saying "You? OK,

Ioannis Melissandinis; Georgios Papadimakis; Greece
  -- I think I just like Greek names...aren't these cool?  Seems like
      their last names are often five syllables.  (Remember Fofo
      Varvarioutou? Also, there is Lambrini Apostilidou, first
      alternate on beam at this Worlds...)

Dimosthenis, Greece
  -- This is how his name came across the AP wire... no first name...
      is he a Greek god or philosopher or something? (So they're not
      *all* five syllables...)

Jan-Peter Nikiferow, Germany
  -- His parents couldn't decide on a first name, maybe?

Hu So-young, South Korea
  -- I know the North Koreans lied about Kim Gwang Suk's age, but if
      the South Koreans tried that trick with this guy, I don't
      think they'd get away with it....

Huang Huangdong, China
  -- "Huang" is pronounced "wang", and means "king" in Chinese.
      Therefore, this guy is "King, King Dong".  ahem

Innocent Eragbhe, Nigeria
  -- Probably not best of friends with Mr. Huangdong...

Blaz Puljic, Slovenia
  -- This guy trains at ASU... his first name is pronounced "Blush". 

Donghua Li, Switzerland
  -- Not exactly your typical Swiss name.  =) Of course, "Valeri
      Belenki" isn't a very German name either.

Gilberto Da Silva, Brazil
  -- Two guesses as to what color medal he usually wins.

Just being a little lighthearted about our gymnastics... so easily to
be too serious about it, especially on the int'l level...  =)



Date: Thu, 21 Apr 1994 08:30:20 -0500 (CDT)
From: <***>
Subject: Nadia sponsors Romanian gymnasts

>From Reuters and UPI:

Nadia, who defected from Romania in 1989, has announced a $100,000
(USD) sponsorship for Romanian gymnastics.  The Romanian women will
also benefit from the "Nadia" line of gym wear produced by Milano

Nadia: "This is an opportunity for me to continue in the sport I love
by helping to provide children with training programmes."

"It was always a dream of mine to help gymnastics in my country. I
will always be a Romanian no matter where I live. I really want to go
back, but I want to choose a day that will be a big celebration in

Nadia said the gymnastics had changed little in Romania despite the
political upheavals. "The communists may have fallen but the
gymnastics stayed the same," she said.

President of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, Nicolae Vieru: "Nadia
is Romanian gymnastics greatest star. She was legendary as a Romanian
competitor and now her impact on the sport continues as she supports
our teams in this new way. We are very happy to be working with her


Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 16:56:10 -0600
From: <***>
Subject: NCAA Women's Nationals

Hey, Gymn fans,

I'll be covering the meet over the next few days (assuming I don't
miss my plane...)  Watch for the subject header.  I'll give you an
update tomorrow as to what's going on.  Women's Nationals will be held
the 21st through the 23rd on the University of Utah campus.  There
will be two sessions on Thursday (I believe even and odd preliminaries),
all around finals on Friday and event finals Saturday.  The
qualifying teams and their seeding are (this is a repeat of the info
that Ron Dupont sent out on April 10th):

1.  Alabama
2.  Georgia
3.  LSU
4.  UCLA
5.  Utah
6.  Michigan
7.  Oregon State
8.  BYU
9.  Florida
10. New Hampshire
11. Arizona State
12. Washington

Last year's was a grand old time and this year promises to be just as

Yours in gymnastics,



Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 17:47:56 -0400 (edt)
From: <***>
Subject: ROV

A poorly done skill is supposed to get deductions. ROV was good when it
started (1975 Code) but at the international level everyone had R and V.
At least the judges thought they did!  There was really no seperation at
the top with ROV. The new code if applied correctly does a much better
job seperating the top gymnasts.  Now you not only have to be clean, meet
requirements but you must also do the big tricks (and do them well) to
get the big scores.



Date: Wed, 20 Apr 94 22:37:38 EDT
From: ***
Subject: ROV

Just a quick correction:

>Under the current code a piked full-in is a "C' (for
girls ayway) and it's worth only so much no matter what. If  both tricks

A piked full-in is a "D" for girls.

-- Gimnasta


Date: Thu, 21 Apr 94 02:57:53 EDT
From: ***
Subject: ROV

>The new code if applied correctly does a much better
job seperating the top gymnasts.  Now you not only have to be clean, meet
requirements but you must also do the big tricks (and do them well) to get
the big scores.

I must point out that front fulls are a "D" and Rudi's are an "E" (equal to a
layout full-out!). Stalder/ Endo Combos gain you 3 tenths on HB and Neil
Thomas changed his FX leaving out his ultra cool double twisting layout front
to instead include  a front front front full pass which was worth more in
bonus value (5 tenths!) even though is Thomas is an "E". John Roethlisberger
has 1 release (hello is this 1970?) and Dawes has zero because they do so
many nifty (read: over rated and boring) cheap "C"s and "D"s. Scott Keswick's
'93 2 release HB (I refuse to count that awful hop full where his hands
didn't even leave the bar as a release) and his routine came out of a 10.00
where Sergei Kharkov's with 5 awesomely high releases in amazing combinations
was worth only a 9.8 if done perfectly. Let's not even get into which of
these guys had better (or should I say "any") form and amplitude.

These are not the "big" tricks they are the cheap tricks and everyone does
the same ones. Igor Korobchinskii rocked his super dificult FX in Brum and
lost because he didn't have a  front front full pass...which is virtually
reqired by the new code.  It does NOT reward big tricks and it sure as hell
doesn't reward artistry so what's the point?



Date: Thu, 21 Apr 94 10:18:49 PDT
From: ***
Subject: Scherbo humbled

>(sounds remarkably humble for Scherbo, no?)

Yes, and it is nice to see him humble for once. His, ah, remarkable
self-assurance in other recent meetings with the U.S. media have left me
asking just who this admittedly extremely talented young man though he was.
 He appears quite impressed with himself, at any rate, and I would be
interested to see how long his humility lasts.

If this post appears a tad vituperative, it is perhaps because if any U.S.,
Latin, or Asian athelete displayed the same kind of attiude, their coaches
would see to it that the athlete received an instant lesson in humility.



Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 20:17:04 -0500 (CDT)
From: <***>
Subject: stored results

For those who'd like a cleaner and comprehensive copy of the event
qualifiers, I have stored an edited file of this on our ftp site
(, login anonymous), which can also be reached via
gopher.  It's a file in the top level directory called

Also, apologies to Hu So-young, whom I referred to as a "guy" in my
last post, "Interesting Names".  Hu is a female gymnast... ;)



Date: Thu, 21 Apr 94 03:13:45 EDT
From: ***
Subject: UCLA Men's Repreive

The UCLA men's program was granted a stay of execution when they had their
day in court. A judge ruled that the program could NOT be terminated. Several
stipulations, such as UCLA can schedule no meets at the present time,
accompany the decision and a further court date of May 16th (day after my
b-day by the by)  is set. All in all it looks like Yefim Furman will have a
job next year after all!



Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 15:22:00 -0500 (CDT)
From: <***>
Subject: Were you ever injured? Read this please. (fwd)

Hey everyone.  Here is a post I lifted from that I
thought some Gymners might be interested in.  Remember, don't write
me, write the guy who's address is below...

Forwarded message:
| Newsgroups:
| Subject: Were you ever injured? Read this please.
| Hi I am looking for men or women who were involved in a competitive sport
| as a child or young adult.  I would like to interview these people for an
| article I am writing about how athletics effect social development of young
| people. I am curious to see if it is difficult to re-enter "normal" life
| after athletics.  I am looking for runner, gymnasts, skiiers, etc... people
| who were heavily involved.  If you are interested or know anyone who might
| be write me at for a questionnaire.  Thanks,
| Shanti Sosienski


End of gymn Digest